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This quote sums up the philosophy of our Happy Teachers initiative:

...deepened empathy for teachers whose daily work is as much about climbing mountains as it is about teaching and learning.
- The Courage To Teach, Parker J Palmer

Technology may not replace Teachers but Teachers who use Technology will replace Teachers who don't...The Learning Forward India Academy assists you in delivering a structured Professional Learning Programme (PLP) with the help of visiting faculty and experts, who take time out to work with the school staff and provide in-service training. The focus is to have passionate educators train teachers to become learners. The Programme creates a learning environment, the training plan is personalised to the needs of an individual, comprising of online and offline sessions.

The Learning Forward India (LFIN) PLP is an extended and profound learning experience that immerses members in a model of enquiry and problem-based learning. Staff members work collaboratively to gain knowledge to solve significant student learning problems in their schools, states, or organisations. We seek to understand individual members' needs and then assist them in meeting objectives through a collaborative learning environment and with the support of experienced coaches. The training programme comprises of workshops, lectures, conferences, exchanges, research, outward bound excursions, summer camps, eLearning and finding solutions to not only teach but learn and help the school deliver better.
The Professional Learning Association
Sample Certificate
3-year PLP plan
(minimum number of hours per annum) 
Year 1 - 90 hours - Level 1
Year 2 - 120 hours - Level 2
Year 3 - 150 hours - Level 3
50% of the proposed time will be for the group or structured professional development and balance for self-directed professional learning. The PDP hours will not include work done as per the school timetable and duties assigned to staff beyond school hours. Stay back hours and school administrative work like corrections, preparing lesson plans and exam duty do not qualify as PLP hours. The teachers must voluntarily put in extra time, part of their leisure hour to develop professionally.

Scores and Assessment 
There is a 25 mark assessment:
10 for Participation;
10 for Industry & Innovation;  and 
5 for performance in the classroom. 
For eligibility and assessment, an educator will need a minimum of 90 hours in year 1, likewise in year two it will be 120 and in year three it will be 150. For Industry & Innovation, we have self-assessment, each needs to write a one-page essay to show innovation and progress. The process is transparent, and all self-assessments are shared with the whole faculty work group. 
Outcome and Certification
The three levels of the PDP empower an educator to deliver better in the Classroom and upgrade their skills as an educator. We acknowledge each level of achievement by the teacher with a Certificate. This offers the necessary challenge and the rewards the teachers for the extra effort put involuntarily, beyond the call of the duty at school. On the successful completion of Level 1, the educator becomes a member of Learning Forward India.

For further information, please visit www.LearningForward.IN

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