The School Weekly - 15th July 2019

EDUCATOR: Ms Monika Vaishnav was selected as the Educator this Week. She shared her views on respecting our elders, parents, teachers, seniors, grand parents, etc. She shared a very beautiful story in which a bird regrets on its decision that it didn't listen to it's parents etc.

(ED: Editor, PR: Prince Raval)
ED: Which was your batch year?
PR: 2013-16
ED: Which were your favourite classes?
PR: My favourite Class during my school years was computer class, as I am pursuing my career in Engineering only so now I feel it was beneficial for me.
ED: What do you think of the School Campus and extracurricular activities?
PR: As always my beloved campus is green, mesmerizing and unique. As per extracurricular activities I feel that they really played an important role in building my personality.
ED: How did the School prepare you for your career?
PR: Yes, I feel that the school is one of the greatest platforms where I have learnt many new skills and one of those skills is to ‘represent yourself in public’ which is today helping to showcase my personality in different places.
ED: What was your favorite spot in the school?
PR: My favorite spots in school was at the back of  the labs where we used to spent hours discussing the event and moments of the day .
ED: Did you participate in any activities? Mention them.
PR: Yes. I used to participate in various events of my interest which were associated with I.T and technology which generally consisted Annual Day Exhibitions.
ED: What message would you like to give to the students?
PR: Try to open up in public because this is one of those things which can change your future ahead.
Monday, 8th July-Friday, 12th July: Our toddlers learnt nature colour by collecting different colours of leaves and flowers and also got familiar with Table etiquette and sharing.
They had Sand Pit Activity where they learnt to make, mix and measure. 
They learnt locomotive and non locomotive skills by exercising in different ways.

Tuesday, 9th July: Solo dance competition was organized for the Primary section students.
The judges were Mrs. Deepika Soni, Mrs Twinkle Kunwar, Miss Divya Chundawat(ex student), Miss Chanchal Chaudhary (ex. student) and Miss Swati Sood. The participants won the hearts of judges by giving outstanding performances. Everyone who witnessed the event enjoyed a lot. The event ended with the Vote of Thanks by Monika Vaishnav, Primary Coordinator. The young and enthusiastic dancers moved the audience with their stunning performances.
Result of Solo Dance Competition of Primary Section
Class I - 
First- Aashi Soni ( Gandhi House)
Second - Harshil Parihar ( Gandhi House)
Third- Arvind Danesha ( Raman House)
Class II
First- Abhimanyu Singh ( Raman House)
Second- Priyanshi Prajapati ( Gandhi House)
Third- Samiksha Chouhan ( Teresa House)
Class III
First- Kanika Rajpurohit( Raman House)
First- Akshita Kanwar ( Teresa House)
Second- Harshita Rathore ( Dhyanchand House)
Third- Jeenal Kumari ( Teresa House)
Class IV
First- Mansi Prajapati ( Raman House)
Second- Divyanshi Singh ( Teresa  House)
Third - Bhanupratap Singh ( Teresa House)
Class V 
First- Nidhi Rao ( Gandhi House)
Second - Akshit Soni ( Raman House)
Second - Tamanna Solanki ( Dhyanchand House)
Second - Tiya Sompura ( Raman House) 
Third- Moksha Sompura ( Gandhi House)
Wednesday, 10th July: Election was held for Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captains etc. that day. Nominated students gave speeches and made promises and asked the students to vote for them. Students of Class VI- XII, staff and support staff voted to choose their young leaders for the Academic Session 2019-20.
Friday, 12th July: The Fabindia School held its fifth prestigious Investiture Ceremony on 12th July  with great enthusiasm and pride. The Investiture Ceremony marked a significant beginning of the new Academic Session 2019-20. It was a solemn occasion where the young students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted to them by the school. The Ceremony began at 11.00 AM. Mr. Bhopal Singh Jodha, BDO had kindly consented to honour us as the Chief Guest for the occasion.
He was escorted by Principal Ms. Rajeshree Shihag, to the OAT where the ceremony was to be held. After the Assembly the Principal gifted a plant to welcome the Chief Guest. Then the Principal  declared the inception of the Investiture Ceremony. After it the Oath Ceremony of the Student Council took place. Their names were announced by the Principal. Each student marched smartly to the stage with her/his respective School/House Flag to take the Oath. The Students Council willingly and positively promised to do their best to represent  the school. After the Oath Ceremony the Chief Guest presented the Student’s Council with sashes and badges. The Secretary and Joint Secretary of the Clubs and Societies and Class Prefects were also presented with badges. Then our dancers gave a mind blowing performance. The program ended with Vote of Thanks.
The Investiture Ceremony concluded with lot of hope and aspirations for our future leaders. It was a memorable occasion for the young leaders as they looked forward to a new and enriching Academic Session. The event was a great success with the participation of all students, teachers and admin staff; without whom it would have not been so impactful.
Heartiest Congratulations to the Student Council and Office Bearers for the session 2019-20. After the Investiture Ceremony students went about their regular classes. Ajaypal Meena is appointed as the Head Boy and Devika Choudhary as the Head Girl along with other members of the Student Council.
Volume No. 385 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal,, Ms Swabhi Parmar, Mr Jafar Khan, Mr. Usman Gani,, Anumesh Rao, Ipshita Rathore, Archana Koratkar, Meenakshi Choudhary, Vinita Sirvi, Charu Vaishnav,  Varun Malviya & Ronak Devda.

The School Weekly - 8th July 2019

STUDENT: Jatin Tripash/IX was selected as the Student this Week. He shared his views on 'How to be organised.' His said that 1.First create you daily routine. By creating a routine,it will make you punctual and you can focus on your work. 2. Make step by step plan . It will make your work more beautiful and hassle free. 3. Get enough sleep to organize your brain. 4. Make an effort not to be multi-tasker,  doing too many tasks at one time will slow your mind and can impact your ability to concentrate and make right decisions. 5. Take breaks between your ongoing work. At last ,be an organised person can also make a big change in your life ,so we should also be an organised and disciplined person.
EDUCATOR: Mr. Usman Gani was selected as the Educator this Week. He shared his views on the benefits of setting goals. He welcomed the students with full enthusiasm and encouraged them to set their goals for the new academic year. 

(ED: Editor, KV: Kartik Vaishnav)
ED: Which was your batch year?
KV: 2004 - 2015
ED: Which were your favourite classes?
KV: My favourite classes during my school years were IV, V and X because in these classes I could feel the continuous growth in myself.
ED: What do you think of the School Campus and extracurricular activities?
KV: I feel that the Campus is eco-friendly and blessed with the gift of nature and yes its unique in every way of developing a child and for extracurricular activities I feel that their contribution helps a child to built a new personality other than just being studious.
ED: How did the School prepare you for the career?
KV: Yes, I genuinely feel that the School plays a very important role in the journey of my success. And teachers were the key elements who paved me the path for my success, I am thankful to my teacher who uplifted me till the pillar of success. 
ED: What was your favorite spot in the school?
KV: My favorite spot in school was that hut, where we used to enjoy our precious moments.
ED: Did you participate in any activities? Mention them
KV: Yes, I used to participate in various activities and events which mainly consisted annual functions, sports competitions, etc. 
ED: What message would you like to give to the students?
KV: This is the greatest platform for one to develop so, never think of quitting it.

STAFF: Friday, 5th July: Educators attended a Meeting with School Executive Director Mr. Sandeep Dutt. and focus of the Meeting was on M&E Tool Sheet and how LFIN is building up.

Staff wished Mrs Sharmila Vijayvargi, Mr. Hemamt Birawat, Mrs. Bharti Rao and Mr. Prakash Dangi a 'Happy Birthday' who had their birthdays in the month of June and first week of July. May God bless them and have a bright future.

We the staff of The Fabindia School deeply condole the untimely and sad demise of the son of Mr. Ganesh Sirvi/ Support Staff and father of Mr. Kishore Kumar/ Educator, who left for heavenly abode. We pray Almighty to grant peace to the departed soul; may God bestow strength to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.

A volunteer workshop was organized by   Rajiv Gandhi Foundation  from 13th May to 17th May 2019.  Mrs. Urmila Rathore and Miss Monika Vaishnav went to Delhi to  attend this volunteer workshop.  There were people from different places like Rajasthan, Telangana, Assam, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar, Chhatisgarh and Delhi. There were sessions like  'Drama in Education with  Fun Science' and 'Art & Craft session'. There were many activities which were based on four elements, they were self, family, education and society. The activities were name games,  walk with different variations, dance, laugh, cry,  machine game, shape making, role play, drama on childhood memories, orchestra, drawing, poetry making, story telling, eyes breaking, follow the leader, rubber chicken etc. The objective of these activities is to increase children's confidence, creativity, concentration, imagination, punctuality, observation, leadership qualities etc. It would be helpful for the children to develop their skills,  to be open up to express themselves without any hesitation in life and to communicate with people. It was wonderful experience to learn new  things and  new ways of teaching through wonder room activities. We are thankful to the organization for conducting such workshop.
Monica Vaishnav/ Educator
But still I love my school
 I know it's very difficult 
 to wake up in the early morning 
and get ready for school,
But still I love my school......

I know, everyday 
I have a boring lectures 
Of my teacher,
But still I love my school..... 

I know, how bad I feel 
When I got punishment 
From my lovely seniors, 
But still I love my school.......

I know, it's very difficult 
To make 10 rounds of ground
 In the hot summer day,
But still I love my school.....
Meenakshi Choudhary/ X A

Monday, 1st July: The School reopened on 1st July'19. Campus once again buzzed with activity. So, excited students were seen exchanging information about their visits and what they did during their vacations. All in all every student looked fresh and cheerful, ready for a new term. Ms. Rajeshree Shihag, Principal and the Educators welcomed the students back to school. Students appeared for the remaining UT I from the very first day.

Wednesday, 3rd July- Friday, 5th July: Atal Tinkering Lab has started and students of Class III- XII had attended classes at the lab. Students of Class IX-XII have been given projects to make.
Friday, 5th July: The  26th Prize Distribution Ceremony was held to felicitate our brilliant students for their remarkable achievements in Academics. These awardees exemplify morals and values like discipline, compassion and zeal for learning.
Assistant CBEO Officer Mr. Deepak Vyas was invited to do the honour as the Chief Guest. He was gracious enough to give away the awards. Some Parents graced the occasion by their presence for the ceremony and too were invited to give away the awards.Prize Distribution Day started with the Welcome Speech by Devika Choudhary/ XII. Avinash Sain/ XII gave Vote of Thanks. The whole program was anchored by Kinjal Rao/ XII. Chief Guest Mr Deepak Vyas delivered an inspirational speech in which he appreciated students what they had achieved and encouraged students who didn't get any position.
He told that never give up. SMC Chairman Mr. Sulaiman Tak motivated the students with his speech. The program ended with the National Anthem.
Winners and achievers excitedly mounted the stage to take their trophies and certificates. Excitement spread among students when the announcement for the  House Trophies was done.
Winners of the House Trophies of Excellence for the year 2018-2019
Loomis Chaffee Trophy of Excellence in Skill: Teresa House
The Surana Trophy of Excellence in Study: Teresa House
Congratulations to all the winners
Volume No. 384 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal,, Ms Swabhi Parmar, Mr Jafar Khan, Mr. Usman Gani,, Anumesh Rao, Ipshita Rathore, Archana Koratkar, Meenakshi Choudhary, Vinita Sirvi, Charu Vaishnav,  Varun Malviya & Ronak Devda.

The School Weekly - 1st July 2019

Learning Forward Week
Monday, 24th June: Welcome back Readers. The School reopened for Educators. They had their Learning Forward Week. The School was buzzed with activities by the Educators who were sharing their stories of what they did in their holidays.
1) Update of School Campus was given by The Principal. Change of Staff Room, some classrooms etc. was given. Atal Tinkering Lab is setup and is ready to start. Two New Buses added to the Transport Fleet.
2) Discussion and change of dates in the two upcoming My Good School Events- Prize Giving Ceremony and Investiture Ceremony.
3) In PLP session Educators working on the filling of Personal and Social Development Form and Article Writing.
4) HOD asked the Educators to submit the work given during Vacations.
Tuesday, 25th June: 1) Meeting with Principal Ma'am regarding Annual Day. Discussion and theme chosen.
2) Theatrical Activities conducted by Ms. Monica Vaishnav and Ms. Urmila Rathore.
3) HOD Meeting was conducted. UT II & Half Yearly Syllabus and Papers were discussed.
4) Personal and Social Development Program Form filled by the Educators. Drafting of Blog posts about their learning during vacations were uploaded by the Educators.
Wednesday, 26th June: 1) Drama Activities were conducted by Ms. Monica Vaishnav & Ms.
Urmila Rathore
2) Fedena updating, documentation & maintenance of students files was done by their respective Class Teachers
3) PLP Session: Educators did self assessment and filled their KPI forms.
Thursday, 27th June:  1) Drama Activities were conducted by Ms. Monica Vaishnav & Ms. Urmila Rathore
2) Planning for New Session was done. Innovative Assembly is going to be introduced. Time Table and timings etc. were shared.
3) Educators had Section Meetings with their respective Section Coordinator.
4) PLP Session: Demo given by Educators in different subjects of different sections.
5) Feedback was given on the spot on how they could bring a change and improvement in their lessons
Friday, 28th June: 1) Drama Activities were conducted by Ms. Monica Vaishnav & Ms. Urmila Rathore
2) Fedena updating, documentation & attendance done by their respective Class Teachers
3) PLP Session: Demo given by Educators in different subjects of different sections. Feedback given on the spot on how they could bring a change and improvement in their lessons.
Saturday, 29th June: 1) Drama Activities were conducted by Ms. Monica Vaishnav & Ms. Urmila Rathore
2) Self Analysis and Self Assessment done by Educators to fill their KRA forms
3) Coaches and their team selected for PLP this year. They are to use ' 'How Your Child Can Win in Life by Mr. Mathew Ragget'
Professional Learning Program (PLP)
PLP has brought a huge transformation in the Educators. PLP has transformed blackboard using teachers into Skilled Educators. IT skills have been developed which is the need of the hour. PLP has developed confidence in the Educators, so now they are able to take the initiative of work beyond Academics. PLP has touched all areas which has brought a great change in Personal and Social Development. Moral Values have been inculcated in the Educators on reading Book of Values. Leadership quality has developed which has helped to take the initiative and responsibility to head different programs like My Good School, PLP Modules etc. in different schools. PLP has enhanced collaboration, communication, writing, reading skills in the Educators. Community relationship has increased. Writing Articles for Blog Post Brewing Knowledge has developed the quality of writing. Educators have enhanced their creative and innovative ideas due to PLP which has strengthened My Good School Program in the school.
Joy of Learning
Vacation is a precious time when we learn many new things with a relaxed and free mind. In the vacations, I learned and made new recipes during the Ramadan month. I read some articles which taught me how to take time for ourselves. During summer vacation I did many things related to my hobby and side job. I had seen many new videos on designing dresses by Amina Boutique(Youtuber) and stitched dresses for my customers. 
I went to Delhi to enjoy my vacation and some work also. My husband had to buy surgical stuff but the market was closed for 3 continuous days. So in the meantime, we decided to do sight seeing in Delhi. I visited some historical places in Delhi like Red Fort, India Gate, Rajghat, Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah, Parliament House, Qutub Minar, Indira Gandhi Memorial, and Lotus Temple. During this visit, I interacted with many new people and learned a lot. It was a very good experience. Travelling has also helped me in planning, budgeting and do some saving.
Most of the time on vacation I was with my family members and enjoyed a lot. - Ayasha Tak

Human life is a cycle of learning process. Everyday we learn so many things willingly and unwillingly but more so, it gives experiences, good or bad, so we  shouldn't stop to take risk. 
In this summer vacation I learnt and experienced lot of skills which are really connected to our daily lives. I got an opportunity by Principal Ma'am to attend a workshop based on theatre work "Drama in Education Process" at Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi.Our mentor was Rajnish Bisht Sir from NSD New Delhi.I did activities eg. role play, eyes breaking, number , name and machine game ,walking-style improvisation, recite and write poems, plantation, puppet making and many more. These activities boosted my energy level, alertness, creativity, audacity,  imagination, leadership quality, confidence, public speaking and many more skills.
I also made many friends who were from different states, spoke different languages, belonged to different cultures, and had unique lifestyle views.
I also visited some famous places like Red fort, India gate, Parliament , and Rastrapati Bhawan.It was fun learning.
After visiting Delhi, I decided to read some famous novels, one of which is  Anita Desai's first novel, "Cry ,the Peacock". Its storyline revolves around 'Maya' who is haunted by childhood prophecy of a fatal disaster. Most of Desai's novels bring into limelight, the lives of women.
Another novel which I read is "Vendor of Sweets", written by one of the famous contemporary Indian writers of English ,Mr. R. K. Narayanan. Narayan's  novel deals with "Malgudi".
R.K. Nathan's The Vendor of Sweets was first published in London in 1967.There is a huge difference between Jagan (main character of the novel) and Mali(Jagan's son). 
Third novel which I read is written by Thomas Hardy, "The Mayor of Casterbridge". The major theme of this novel is 'whatever we do, comes back to us'.
Reading is the best part of our learning so I read blog post of Chetan Bhagat , Rajdeep Sardesai , Vedpratap Vaidik from Dainik Bhasker newspaper. These current blogs keep me aware of political, social, and economic issues. It benefits a lot to improve one's knowledge of his/her nation. I also read "अस्तित्व" column which is specially written for women empowerment. Remaining valuable time was enjoyed with my family and friends. - Urmila Rathore

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