The School Weekly - 23rd July 2013

15 July : English Calligraphy Competition was organized for the students of class one to ten. The whole class participated in it. Passages for class one to three were written on the board while the rest of the classes had to see and write from their book.

Netball Training Clinic 
An organization from U.K. has come down to train our students and introduce a new sport for both boys and girls in our School. It is a five day program from 15 July to 19 July. Three volunteer coaches along with one supporting coach from the school coached 170 students. The coaches said that the kids were good, they enjoyed a lot with them but they had difficulty in engaging them because of the students low attention span Their thanks to the Fabindians for the support they got and especially to Principal Ma’am and Mr. C.P. Singh. The students enjoyed a lot learning the new sport. At first they had fear but then they overcame their fear and learned a lot of new things like to work in a team together, collaboration, equality, and special awareness tactical awareness and to mix up socially. The students have promised their coaches that they will form a good team and practice regularly.

19 July : The new computer lab was inaugurated by Mr. William Bissell. The lab has 43 computers and English Language Lab has also been started for the students.

20 July : PTM for the students of class four to six .Only 25%of the parents attended the first meeting of the new session.
Point of View
What is Secularism?
Secularism means showing due respect to all religions. In a secular state, there is no official religion and it does not discriminate anyone irrespective of any religion, caste or creed. There is no binding on anybody in observing any religious practice unless it goes against the peace, security and integrity of the nation. Everybody is equal before the law and enjoys equal rights. - Bhavika Mansion [Class-9]
Secularism is one which is an important practice in a Democratic country generally people believe in different religions so it should be free to all to follow. In the country which has one major religion usually that countries government is influenced and its impact reflects on the people who practice other religions. It will always work against democracy. Without secularism democracy will never be a success. - Mr. Byju Joseph (Vice-Principal)

Interview with the Head boy & Head girl

      1. Three things you like about school
Head boy- Good Management, friendly & good faculty, nature loving
Head girl- Equality of religion, caste, creed, best management & conservation of nature
      2. Three things you wish to change in school
Head boy- Present sports equipment is insufficient, requirement of generator set & invertors due to regular power cut & need more buses.
Head girl- There should be well established canteen, tie facility for boys & those who win in competitions should be awarded on the Annual Day.
      3. Who is a good leader according to you?
Head boy- A good leader must set up examples for others and inspire the students. He must possess high level of integrity and honesty &must be friendly and provide a supportive environment.
Head girl- A leader is one who can manage all things perfectly, solve everyone’s problems and is able to lead. Should be a good human being, behave politely capable to overcome all responsibilities, be active and be best among all. 

News and features are compiled by Bharati Rao and published every week.

Liberal Environment for kids

Mayuri Chundawat writes
"Though my stint as a teacher at Fabindia School was a short one(2002-2003) it was an experience I still cherish. The liberal environment that kids got here is really really difficult to find anywhere else. What I specially remember is the interactions with Ms Pritha Ghosh which were really helpful at that time n now also when I am having two kids of my own. Alas I couldn't find a school as good as Fabindia for my kids. So everybody at Fabindia keep the good work going n all the best!!"

Junior School Campus - Now Open

Please take a deep breath...wait and the video will load!
The campus for Juniors with a capacity of 150 children below six years of age is now buzzing with activity! Classes Nursery, Prep and Intro are housed in this beautiful property of near six acres. Built with stone and traditional materials, with large play areas, a farm and a soon to be added Art and Music Schools and more.

This new campus shares a common wall with the main Fabindia School (from Class I to XII), we hope to offer best in class environment for the pre-primary years, and will build capacity to 300 students by year 2015. Today both the campuses add up to near 850 students. Finally the junior campus will have 300 and senior 600 only. This is being done to de-congest the classrooms and offer quality education to all.

The pre-primary schools at Champabagh and Mundara have both been closed, and the students have been accommodated in the junior and main school campuses. This will help us consolidate and offer good quality education for early years, make teacher training easy and help in administering better too. There will now be no more satellite schools, and we will run only one 'The Fabindia School' on the two neighbouring properties. A big thank you to the BAT Board, the School Staff and all who made this possible in a record time to just 45 days.

My Fabindia Education - A recollection

On 18th August, last , I formally started my career as the Executive Assistant to the Managing Director Fabindia. As it happend to be, 18th August was also the day when my Alma mater; the Fabindia School, Bali was celebrating its 20th Anniversary.
I have spent all my life at Fabindia. My father worked for the best part of his career at the Fabindia school since 1990 and My uncle even before that, from 1988.Fabindia, has been an integral part of my family's identity.
When I  joined Mr. William Bissell as his assistant, life came to a full circle. I learnt the first steps of life at the Fabindia school, most of what I am today was shaped at the Fabindia School and by Mr. Bissell's vision and now I am learning my first steps in professional world  under his guidance,thus,what I will be, is also being shaped by the same vision. Hence, I proclaim myself a "Thoroughbred Fabindian".

The School Weekly - 15th July 2013

8 July : Display board competition was organised for classes one to eleven. The theme for the competition was Monsoon Magic. All the students put in their effort and drew beautiful drawings and put it up on display.

13 July : The Headboy and Headgirl Elections were held in the school. There were 10 contestants for Head Boy and 11 for Head Girl from class 10 &11. Students of Class 6 to 11 gave their precious vote and elected their representative. Bhagirath Singh is elected as Head Boy and Khusbhoo Punmiya as Head Girl.

Friday activity Language classes - compositions done to improve the students writing skills; Maths activity was  mental sums; and E.V.S. projects were done

Report  of workshop by Mr. Atul Bhatt
The teachers were motivated to build up a GLOCAL CLASSROOM. They should  develop thinking skills and make their class more interactive. Many examples of real life were given to show how we can make our classes more GLOCAL.
Point of View
What qualities would you like to see in your leader ?
  • I would like my leader to be confident,able to represent us and should be kind. - Prateek Udawat
  • I would like my leader to be kind,approachable and ready to solve our problems - Aditi Singh
What do you mean by Education ?
Education does not mean learning facts, but to learn to think and we should let the kids think instead of making them learn bookish knowledge. Remember only those civilisations survive who can construct something new  instead of repeating the old things. -  Mr. Bhaarat Parihar.

News and features are compiled by Bharati Rao and published every week.

Netball Development Trust - coaching clinit

The Netball Development Trust from London, UK is conducting a netball coaching clinic at the Fabindia School, Bali; the tour is being led by Aditya Bee who is joined by coaches Amanjit Kaur Dhaliwal and Safeer Ahmad and is supported by Fabindia School's sports teacher Mr. C. P. Singh to deliver netball training to students from classes 6 to 10 at the school. In addition, invitations are being sent out by Fabindia School principal Ms. Parineeta Ranpal to all schools in the vicinity for their students and sports teachers to join the training and learn this sport. Netball promotes equality between girls and boys and can be played by both together as it is a non-contact sport. It is played by teams of 7 players a side on a 100 by 50 feet court and can be played in rural and urban areas at a very low cost. The Netball Development Trust was founded by British Indian Monica Thandi in 2010 and has visited schools in Uganda and India to deliver the programme to over 4500 girls and boys in both countries. The Fabindia School founded in 1991, is a english medium CBSE co-ed school that has over 1000 students currently enrolled in nursery to class 12.

The Trust's Uganda 2012 tour film -
twitter: @netballtrust 
Help us to make a difference - please contribute to sustain our programme -

Netball Development Trust - Making a difference through netball
UK Charity Reg. 1145858

Good Read: Technology Is a Tool, Not a Learning Outcome | MindShift

Good Read: Technology Is a Tool, Not a Learning Outcome | MindShift
Something about this very simple list struck a chord with many educators. Author Bill Ferriter explains: “Kids AREN’T motivated by technology. Instead, they’re motivated by opportunities to make a difference in the world; they are motivated by opportunities to ask and answer their own questions; and they are motivated by opportunities to learn together with like-minded peers.”

The School Weekly - 8th July 2013

The school reopened after the summer break on 1st July'13.
Science stream has started with 21 students and Commerce stream with 9 students. 

Friday activity was carried out in all the classes. In English classes the students were given worksheets, word puzzle and a number of speech games were played. In E.V.S. classes the students drew pictures related to their chapters. In Maths classes students were given mental maths worksheet and in Hindi classes composition writing was carried out. 

Report of first workshop by Mr. Atul Bhatt
The Workshop started with an introductory session where the staff members introduced themselves and also shared their experiences. Mr. Bhatt said that the most important thing for a teacher is that he should be audible and adopt to change by updating himself timely. A teacher should always be  prepared and be connected with his students, be a motivatot that his students always remember him. A teacher should gear himself, prepare himself, start thinking, have belief and most important change himself.

Nine new teachers have joined school in July 2013.

Point of View

Poem on stars
Under the stars are little minds,
Under the stars are thoughts of all kinds,
Under the stars women sings,
Under the stars goes on the night,
Under the stars two held tight,
Under the stars I see with my eyes,
Under the stars sweet dreams survive.
Priyank Rathod, Class 8A

My Favourite Game
Silvi ,is my name Badminton is my favorite game,
Chocolates are my choice I love my lovely voice.
I love to play it When there is a net
But sometimes I play rough and break the bat.
So if you get a chance to play it
Never try to miss it
It will attract you a lot
In any weather cold or hot
Silvi Mehta Class 9A

News and features are compiled by Bharati Rao and published every week.

Introducing Mr Atul Bhatt

Mr Atul Bhatt our new Manager Training & Development for The Fabindia Schools
Mr Bhatt will conduct and supervise training and development programs for teachers. Work for developing skills, enhancing productivity and quality of work, and building the passion in the school staff to lead  young people. He will be responsible for the key areas of: Developing Partnerships, Extending the Schooling Programme of the Bhadrajun Artisans Trust (BAT) and Training in Bali Rajasthan. Will also actively participate in aspects of Strengthening the Structure and leadership development. Work closely with the Delhi based Chairman of  BAT  to ensure coordination of activity, policy and strategy.

Educational Qualification: 
B. A. (Economics, Political Science, English) Gujarat University
M. A. (Economics, Specialisation in Econometrics) M.S.U., Baroda
B. Ed. (Jiwaji University Gwalior)
Teaching Experience: 
The Scindia School
Teaching – 16 years.
Asst. House Master – 13 Years; Housemaster 3 years.
HOD Economics and Commerce – 5 years
Coordinator International Exchange – 7 years
In charge of Round Square, Cricket and Squash 
International Experience:
Accompanied the school cricket team to Aitchison College, Lahore.
Taught for a term [Four months] at Ellesmere College, Shropshire, UK.
Participated in International Round Square Conference: Ivanhoe Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia; Gordonstoun, Scotland; Collingwood School, Vancouver, Canada and Daly College, Indore, India
Co-Curricular Activities:
Attended 'A' Certificate Course in Cricket at Gandhinagar conducted by SAI.
Coached the Scindia School cricket team and organized some tournaments
Organized a Cricket Clinic conducted each by Brain Lara and Shoiab Akhtar  
Conducted a Clinic-cum-Talk for the boys with Gautam Gambhir in April 2008 
Organized a State Level Squash Tournament at Scindia School. Four boys played the Nationals then
Actively involved in Social Service:
Organized health camps with the help of social workers and NGOs.
Involved in ISA programme along with the British Council [Pilot project of the British Council in India promoting School Exchanges]
Work Experience:
Delhi Public School, Kathuwa, Jammu for a year in 2009-2010.
Taurean World School, Ranchi 2011-2013

We wish him all the best and his email address is

Communication Skill Development Workshop

Conducted by Mrs.Brinda Ghosh & Mr. Subashish Ghosh from 25th July to 29th July.

25th July:-It was an introductory session. The session started with a
prayer and then we introduced ourselves in the form of an activity. Another activity was performed to teach the importance of interaction. Next we were told that the two main components of English Language teaching was Association & Observation.
26th July:-After a silent prayer and a little bit of exercise the session started with a PowerPoint presentation on Sensory Rich Teaching and that literacy, numeracy, scientific temperament is important for sensory development. A lecture on observation was given next. We were taught the importance of Motor Coordination in Language teaching. Mr.Subashish laid emphasis on teaching through art to arise creativity and imagination  power in children.
27th July:- Mrs.Brinda started with a PowerPoint presentation which showed the importance of listening and speaking in English language. A number of activities were carried out to attract our attention and examples of many games were given which could be carried out in preprimary and primary classes to make teaching interesting.
28th July:-In language teaching LSRW is very important Mrs.Brinda gave a lecture on the functions of oral language. She told the teachers that their teaching should be receptive and expressive. The importance of phonetic language for correct pronunciation, reading was shown through a PowerPoint presentation.
29th July:- This was the concluding session. The ways to rise mindfulness in children through scanning and brainstorming is very important was said by Mrs.Brinda. Feedback was taken from the teachers. The teachers thanked Mrs.Brinda and Mr.Subashish for the workshop, this would prove very fruitful as they had now got many new innovative ways to make their teaching more receptive and interesting and activity based.

20 teachers were awarded with certificates for attending the workshop regularly. We are now looking forward to the follow up and more sessions to take us to the next level of learning.

Report filed by Bharati Rao

Flash News from Bali, 2nd July 2013

The Fabindia School re-opened on 01.07.2013
I. Preprimary section started in the new campus.
II. We welcome Class XI
  • 15 students in science stream for Class XI
  • 4 students in  Commerce stream for Class XI
III. 8 new teachers have joined
  • 3 science teachers
  • 1 commerce teacher
  • 3 primary teachers
  • 1 preprimary teacher
    We welcome Mr Atul Bhatt, as Manager Training and Development.
    The School Weekly will commence from the coming week and we will keep you updated.
    Information shared by the Principal Ms Parineeta Ranpal

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