The School Weekly - 27th July 2020

Virtual School Functioning
Senior and Middle School Sections are having their online classes on Google Classroom. Pre- Primary and Primary Sections are continuing on Whats App Groups.
Saturday's are being observed as My Good School Saturdays, with activities as GK Quiz, Sports Activities, Art & Craft Activities and Tinkering Activities.

Initiatives students are involved with:
Eight Students have registered for Tinkering with Drones Module by DRONA AVIATION.
Eight Students have registered to attend training sessions for Plezmo Mobile App Development, initiative by Niti Ayog.

Soumyajeet Solanki is leading in Asia with 19 Badges & 28386 Gravity Points at the Astronomy Observatory established by SLOOH in the US. 

Professional Development:
Along with Tech Training Educators are attending CBSE Training Programmes to stay upbeat with the changing time with the new educational reforms. 
Various Departmental Meetings are held on Google Meet to stay in sink with the smooth functioning of school activities.

                                                    Posts from our Educators
Happiness comes from Within 
We everyday come across many quotes on happiness. But, we actually don't know what
happiness is. It is different for everyone. Today, staying home is making me happy but it is so possible that tomorrow going out and enjoying it might make me happy. At times, we keep running behind things thinking that having it will make me happy but when we achieve it, our level of happiness changes! Hence, it is very important to decide what we want in life. Material things will get us happiness for a limited time and so it is the inner satisfaction that will make us happy. It is important to realize what we want and once we know that, happiness would follow. 

Let us understand this through an example: Having a big house, a fancy car is something we all aim for! But tomorrow if we don't have time to enjoy any of it or have family to live with, these objects will just be there as our asset in the financial books but in reality we will be all alone. So, that's where we know that it is family which makes us happy and the Satisfaction derived from it, will make us more confident and happier, even if we don't own a big house or car!! 

Being happy makes one more efficient as we synergies all our efforts towards delivering the best. It is a virtue. Happy people also make their surroundings relaxed and work as a catalyst in reducing stress. Thus, avoiding the unnecessary hustle and rat race and trying to be content knowing what is important is a ladder to being happy and once this inner happiness is achieved, there's no stopping success! 
Stay happy always!
Sharmila Vijayvargi

Laughter is the Best Medicine
Laughter is the best medicine for a person to be happy. A good laugh has great short-term effects. This medicine is not available at any pharmacy, is free of cost and comes with no instruction manual. In today's stressful life people have just forgotten to live in the present and enjoy the little moments. 
Laughter brings positive energy and rejuvenates the relationship. Laughter is the biggest stress buster.
When you have a good hearty laugh, the muscles move and expand the blood vessels, which send more blood to all parts of the body. When one smiles, the movement of the facial muscles sends signals to the brain.

A good dose of laughter regulates the blood sugar.  It is considered the best way to relax oneself as it reduces the level of stress hormones. Laughter allows all our senses to combine naturally and effortlessly to give a sense of peace and joy. It also  reduces the negative thoughts that weaken the immune system of the body. A happy person has a higher ability to fight diseases since he is in the right frame of mind and hence takes his medicines on time. The immune system goes into a stress free zone.

Laughter is an excellent exercise for the facial muscles. About 15 facial muscles come together to bring that glee to your face. Laughing increases the blood supply to your cheeks that nourishes the skin and makes your face glow. It tones up the face, giving you an attractive look. So always keep laughing,  smiling and stay healthy. 
Kavitha Devda 

Change your Path not Destination
'Success is a journey not a destination.' The doing is often more important than the
Made by Adam/ UKG
outcomes. Focusing on the journey also shines a light on what else you get out of trying to reach your goal. Even you might not need to reach your goal to be successful. Shoot for the moon; even if you missed you will still be among the stars.

In life things happen around us, things happens to us, the only thing s that truly matters is , how you choose to react to it and what learned out of it. Life is all about learning, accepting and converting your struggle into learning. If things go against don't confuse your destination. If plan A didn't work, so what we have 25 letters remaining try them. Just because it's stormy doesn't mean that you are not for sunshine.

Even rivers never change their destination to merge in ocean how can we do without trying. Never change yourself for anyone.  We all make mistakes, hurt, disappoint people but do not trap yourself in past happening learn from it and leave it. It's never late to start again, to do what you destined to do. Your circumstances are a reflection of your choice and they can be change through your power to wiser decision. Every morning brings a new beginning use it wisely. You need not required to do great things to be great, do small things in great ways 
Shivani Rao

प्रकृति का मानव जाति को पाठ
प्रकृति का मानव जाति को पाठ पढ़ाने का अपना तरीका है।  जब कठिन पाठ पढ़ाया जाता है , तो प्रकृति भी एक कठोर शिक्षक बन जाती है। कोविड - 19 अभी हमारे लिए प्रकृति द्वारा पढ़ाया जा रहा सबसे कठिन पाठ है। इस महामारी ने हमें यह सिखाया है कि हम यह सुनिश्चित करें कि हम शिक्षण प्रदान करने के सभी रास्ते तलाशते रहते हैं। शिक्षक कभी भी हार मानकर नहीं बैठते हैं। वह अपने विद्यार्थियों की सहायता एवं देखभाल के लिए विभिन्न रास्ते तलाशते रहते हैं। उनमें से अभी के समय में एक रास्ता जो शिक्षकों ने तलाशा वह है ऑनलाइन शिक्षा का। इसके लिए पहले शिक्षकों को खुद को सब कुछ सीखना पड़ा ,ताकि वह विद्यार्थियों को अच्छे तरीके से ऑनलाइन शिक्षा दे सकें।

 सीखने की कोई उम्र नहीं होती है और ना ही सीखने का कभी अंत होता है। सीखना - सिखाना ताउम्र चलता रहता है। अभी जो हम यह ऑनलाइन शिक्षा चला रहे है यह भी प्रकृति की ही मेहरबानी है। अगर ऐसी स्थिति नहीं आती तो अभी हम ऑनलाइन शिक्षा नहीं कर रहे होते। पहली बार ऑनलाइन क्लासरूम दुनिया पर राज कर रहे हैं। उपस्थिति हमारे लिए हमेशा सबसे बड़ी चुनौती रही है। इस कठिन समय में जब विद्यालय बंद है। उसके बावजूद भी उनके अध्यापक दिन - रात मेहनत करके उनके लिए पढ़ाने के नए - नए तरीके खोजकर योजनायें बनाकर उनको पढ़ा रहे हैं।तो विद्यार्थियों का यह कर्त्तव्य बनता है कि वे नियमित अपनी कक्षाओं में अपनी उपस्थिति दर्ज करवाएँ और जो भी सिखाया जाता है, पूर्ण ईमानदारी से सीखने का प्रयत्न करें। कुछ पाठों को कठिन तरीके से सिखाया जाता हैं ,लेकिन हमें सीखना चाहिए और कोविड - 19 सम्पूर्ण मानवजाति के लिए गंभीर रूप से सीखने वाला सबक है। 
आयशा टाक

Self Motivation
Self-motivation will always lead one to success provided that one stays committed after
being motivated. Self-motivation is of great help in fulfilling your own objectives and to make your life as you want. Let’s discuss how important self-motivation is for an individual.

The Oxford English dictionary definition of motivation is it’s a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way. It’s a desire or willingness to do something. Motivation is a psychological process reinforcing one to take action in order to accomplish one’s desired goals or objectives.

Self-motivation definition is staying motivated due to one’s own interest. One should be a self-motivated person, as self-motivation is the key to living a satisfying life. Self-motivation plays a vital role in one’s own life, as it enables one to make self-assessment as often as one can. The process of self-assessment discloses one’s strengths and weakness by which one can strengthen more one’s strengths and begins to strive for overcoming weakness. In this way, self-motivation leads one to the desired success in life.

One of the main reasons why self-motivation is important in your life is that it does not let you depend on others and you can achieve success in your own goals and objectives that you set on the basis of your abilities, while it aids you to eradicate your weakness that hinders your success. In this way, each and every objective you establish for yourself.
Urvish Singh

Be Yourself 
A few days before, I was watching a TV show and in that episode, a famous poet was invited. He was too good at writing poetries and reciting them in his own way. Meanwhile, the host asked the audience to ask questions to the guest. One boy who was sitting in the audience stood up and said, "Sir, you are a good poet, I would like to recite a few lines of your poem in your way."  The poet said, "Yes please." The boy recited and got the appreciation of the audience. Then, he said, "Give me blessings, I want to be like you, you are a famous poet, I hope I could also recite the poem the way you did." Then the poet said, "if you really want to do something in life, don't copy me or anyone else, be yourself, be like you. 

Come up with your originality, create your own version. Write your own poems and give them your own new style of reciting it. This will lead you to success.  That thing really inspired me. He meant that rather than concentrating on becoming like any stars or anyone, we need to give time to develop our own style. It's good to get inspired by others, learning good things from others but until you don't have your own talent or skills, you can't get success. 

I truly believe that everybody is blessed with some or other skills and we need to enhance it with hard work and regular practices. That thing really inspired me. We need to identify our skills and have faith in ourselves. We need to focus on our own style of performing our excellence; this will create a difference in our life. What would have happened if Sachin Tendulkar left cricket and ran for becoming doctor or engineer or what would have happened if he also played like any of the famous players of his time, would he be what is today? The answer is no. So we must observe and be ourselves to go ahead and achieve success in life. 
Monika Vaishnav

मनोबल का अर्थ है हौसला। मनुष्य समाज में रहता है उसे जन्म से ही कार्य करने पड़ते हैं। वह शिक्षा हो या
अन्य कार्य, मनोबल सीधे कार्य निष्पादन को प्रभावित करता है। मनोबल  व्यक्ति की आंतरिक मानसिक शक्ति तथा आत्मविश्वास का पर्याय है। जिस प्रकार शरीर बल को बढ़ाने के लिए पौष्टिक भोजन और व्यायाम एवं विशेष उपचारों का सहारा लिया जाता है उसी प्रकार मनोबल के लिए भी ध्यान, धारणा यौगिक अभ्यास की  जरूरत होती हैं । जिन का मनोबल गिर गया वे साधारण  कामों को भी पर्वत के समान भारी मानते हैं ।

वह उत्साह और साहस ही है जिसके सहारे सामान्य लोग बड़े काम कर दिखाते हैं। जिन लोगों के पास मनोबल होता है वह कोई भी कार्य करने के लिए तत्पर होते हैं जैसे राणा सांगा को  80 गहरे घाव लगे थे तो भी वह लड़ाई के मैदान में पूर्ववत अपना जौहर दिखाते रहे ।वैसे ही विद्यार्थियों को अपना मनोबल नहीं खोना चाहिए। कोरोना जैसी महामारी के कारण   बच्चे   विद्यालय नहीं जा पा रहे हैं  । अब ऑनलाइन क्लासेस चल रही है उसमें मन लगाकर आत्मविश्वास और मनोबल को कायम रखते हुए पढ़ाई जारी रखनी चाहिए। कार्य के प्रति उमंग रखनी चाहिए। मनुष्य को मनोबल बढ़ाने के लिए  कई उपाय बताए गए हैं उनका अभ्यास करना चाहिए।
राजेश्वरी राठौड़

Gratitude - Inner fulfillment
I personally feel that gratitude is affirmation of goodness and when we look at life as a whole, gratitude encourages us to identify some amount of goodness in our life. It leads to inner fulfillment and happiness. It makes us more empathetic towards all the living beings as well as things.

We should be thankful of each and every small thing which makes us happy, which helps us, which fulfill our needs and wants. As a human being we often forget to say thank you. Yes, we say thanks to people who help us, who solve our problems, who finds out way for us etc. But we do not say thank you to the things we use. They are also an important part of our life. For example the cup in which you drink coffee, the book in which you write, the glass in which you drink water are the things which fulfill you in the best possible way. We should give them respect and tell them thank you because they have fulfilled our needs and wants. It may sound insane, but without those things we cannot stay a comfortable life. So we should express immense gratitude to them as well.

The second part of gratitude is figuring out where that goodness comes from. We recognize the sources of this goodness as being outside of ourselves. It didn’t stem from anything we necessarily did ourselves in which we might take pride. We can appreciate positive traits in ourselves, because gratitude blocks toxic, negative emotions, such as envy, resentment, regret—emotions that can destroy our happiness. Gratitude could be magical key to inner peace as well. Once we start thanking our surroundings, our ecosystem, our people. We can eventually make the world a happy place to live in. 
Swabhi Parmar

Posts from our Students
Inspirational Story of Aryan Mishra
Hello everyone, I hope you all are safe and secure in this time of pandemic. Today, I am
going to tell you about Mr. Aryan Mishra. Today I am going to tell his inspiration story how he became an astronaut in life.  Aryan lives in a slum colony in New Delhi.He is son of a newspaper seller.He is a passionate space enthusiast.At the age of 11 Aryan was known as a psycho, people used to call him a mad and crazy child.

At 11, he bought his first telescope by skipping canteen meals and walking to school and started looking at the sky. He kept his passion hidden from his parents and observed the night sky with his telescope. Aryan wakes up at 4 o clock every morning and helps to sell newspaper before going to school. At 14, he discovered a near-Earth asteroid in All India Asteroid Search Campaign. When he discovered an asteroid, he was mesmerized with the night sky.

He shared his passion with many students, getting many interested in astronomy.His humble beginnings did not stop him from pursuing his dreams. Sharing his knowledge on astronomy with thousands across the globe through Skype.

His discovery has been designated as 2014 00372.
I have attended Aryan Sir's online classes on Zoom. I have learnt about stars, planets , formation of Nebula, how space shuttle opens in space etc. 
All the seven sessions were sponsored by ATL Innovations and NITI Ayog. These were the topics-
Basics of Stargazing; 
Origin of the Universe; 
Pluto Has a Heart; 
Getting to the Red Planet; 
Deep into the Universe; 
Getting to Space; 
Looking up at the Sky; 
M. Jhanak Devda /IX B

"Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you've got to give it" said R.C. RISCH. It is true that in present day and age, respect is slowly declining day by day. People are becoming more and more self-centered and unsympathetic to those around them whether it is a person or an animal, as a result, they have no regard for other people's right and feelings. Everyone should be respected as an individual. 

Respect is a positive feeling or attitude shown towards someone or something. It conveys a sense of admiration for good or valuable qualities. The value of respect is taught during childhood because the process of indigenous children participating in and learning about their community is an important aspect of culture.

In India, respect towards elders is shown as by touching their feet, it is believed that the feet are the source of power and love. In some areas people show respect by kissing on the hands of their parents or grandparents. 

If we accidentally touche a book by our foot, we immediately apologize it with single hand gesture done with right hand by touching the object then to our forehead (that is called Pranama) as books are the manifestations of Saraswati ji, goddess of knowledge. We do it same as for money as it is the manifestation of the goddess of wealth, Lakshmiji. 

We must respect our elders in each and every aspect as not to argue with them, help them in their work. Respect is not only meant for elders, we must respect our younger also and any animals. Animals have also the right to live in this world, we must not hurt them.
At last I want to say another quote written by Bruce Lee that " Knowledge will give you power, but character respect".
Tanya Tripash/ VI A

कोरोनाकाल में यात्रा का अनुभव
मेरे दादाजी की तबियत अचानक खराब हो जाने के कारण हमें तुरंत कलकत्ता जाना पड़ा। हम बाली से कार
द्वारा जोधपुर रेलवे स्टेशन पहुँचे। वहाँ हमें एक कतार में खड़ा किया गया और हमारी जाँच की गई कि कहीं हम कोरोना से संक्रमित तो नहीं हैं। फिर हमारे ऊपर सेनेटाइजर का छिड़काव किया गया। हम लोग रेल के अंदर गए और वहाँ पर जो हमारी बैठने की सीट थी उसको मेरे माता - पिता ने सेनेटाइज किया। फिर हम लोग अपनी सीट पर बैठ गए।कुछ ही देर में रेल यात्रियों से भर गई। हम लोग सावधानीपूर्वक सफर का आनंद लेते रहे। हम लोग घर से खाना - पानी लेकर गए थे , हमने रास्ते में खाना खाया। 

जैसे ही हम लोग मेरे दादाजी के घर पहुँचे तो कुछ लोगों ने हमें कोरेंटाइन में 14 दिन रहने को कहा और हमें हमारे परिवार वालों से अलग कर दिया व बाहर नहीं निकलने के लिए कहा गया। इधर दादाजी बीमार है, फिर भी मैं , मम्मी व पापा कोई भी उनके पास नहीं जा सकते हैं। उन्हें छू नहीं सकते , उनकी देखभाल नहीं कर सकते और ना ही उनसे बातें कर सकते हैं। मुझे इस बात का बहुत दुःख होता है। 
कोविड 19 के कारण मुझे घर में पढ़ाई करनी पड़ती है , जो की मोबाईल से होती है। वो मुझे बिल्कुल अच्छा नहीं लगता है। मुझे मेरे विद्यालय की बहुत याद आती है। मैं चाहता हूँ कि विद्यालय तुरंत खुल जाए और मैं अपने अध्यापकों व मित्रों से मिल पाऊँ। 
ज्योर्तिमय नाग/  चतुर्थ

Importance of Exercise in our Daily Life.
Exercise is very important for our proper health and fitness. Physical exercise is necessary in each and every sphere of life. The youths of our society eat a lot of junk food and thus look aged before time.Their poor health is also one of the social problems. People without good health cannot contribute to the growth of our nation. Therefore, to overcome all these problems not only youth but everyone should do exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. To succeed in life both mental and physical development is important. Exercise are really important for the overall development in one's life. Exercise improves your health and reduces the risk of developing several diseases. 
Gayatri Rathore/  XI Humanities

Covid-19 is the disease which is caused by virus named coronavirus. It has affected 213
countries in the world and 14,366,048 population of the world. In India it has affected nearly 11 lakh people and due to this disease 27 thousands of people have died. It has affected world economy also. Most of the labourers have lost their jobs and due to this, most of the people are hungry, they don't have food to eat. In this difficult time, we need to lend our helping hands to the needy one. We can help people by giving them food packets and setting their occupation at home. We can prevent ourselves from this disease by social distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands regularly. Now, in the country, the process of unlock from lockdown has started. We need to be very careful but we have to continue with our work. We all need to take care of each other and follow safety rules guided by the government. 
Somanshu Singh Rathore/ VI

Why Hope is important in Life?
Hope is the only thing that keeps you moving forward, it gives you the strength and ability to bounce back from whatever the obstacle you are going through. Even if you fail never loose hope, because failure is never permanent just keep on moving with the hope that you have and you will see new ways which will lead you even to a more grander success than the previous one. Never give upon your hope until you breathe your last breath. In this time of crisis we are very much confused that how to keep our hopes intact but hard times only teach us to be patient and hopeful. If there is no hope we will lose the feeling of being alive. So we should always hope for better days to come. This is the only key which can take us to the right path.
Tiya Sompura/ VI

Self Confidence
Self-confidence is a combination of a state of mind and a strong feeling of self-belief which
is commonly used when one needs self-assurance especially in one's personal judgment,power, ability etc. It is that voice which comes from your inside and gives you a boost to do something which fears you. In today's epoch, there is no place for those who lack self-confidence because there is no shortage of competition now. Infinite number of people possess it. And, a great many people are achieving their goals using confidence as a ladder.For students, confidence plays a key aspect of their school life. Higher the self-confidence, more the chances of success.

Anyone who has inculcated this ability enjoys various perks. One of them is that the magnitude of the difficulty of a tough job decreases. It keeps you going when you face failure in your life. It helps you to focus on the areas which laid you down. It gives a spark to your mind to improve and excel in the next try. If you are deficient in this much-needed ability then, there are chances that you would be dominated by pessimism. The absence of confidence can be the reason for your sorrow and dissatisfaction. Simple chores of daily life seem to be challenging when you lack confidence.
Bhupat Dangi/ Vlll B

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The School Weekly - 20th July 2020

Posts from our Educators

National Simplicity Day
National Simplicity Day was born out of a need to be free from the complications of the world and to allow ourselves to just be simple. This day focuses on stepping away from the technology, unnecessary stress and to enjoy life in a simple way as it is. Don't make life complicated.
“Simplicity is the essence of happiness.”– Cedric Bledsoe
“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”– Robert Brault
Tips to simplify life 
No need to complicate life, don't be stressed out, dissatisfied and unhappy. There are solutions to every problem.
- Live for purpose.
- Focus on the essential facts of life.
- Discover what is important for you and make a list which will consist of things, goals and activities. He further focuses on small achievements.
- Don't buy unnecessary things for all the wrong reasons. Identify the important thing and get rid of the rest.
- Put a ban on impulsive buying.
- To have clarity on what is important, let go of unnecessary conditions and tune into what you value most.
- Live away from technology...Unplugged your devices. Do something different.
“Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand; instead of a million count half a dozen, and keep your accounts on your thumbnail.”― Henry David Thoreau, Walden
Rahul Kumar Thakur 

Inspirational‌ ‌Message‌ for‌ ‌Students‌ 
Dear‌ ‌Students,‌ ‌always‌ ‌believe‌ ‌in‌ ‌yourself.‌ ‌You‌ ‌have‌ ‌the‌ ‌ability‌ ‌to‌ ‌do‌ ‌any‌ ‌kind‌ ‌of‌ ‌work ‌whether‌ ‌it‌ ‌is‌ ‌easy‌ ‌or‌ ‌tough.‌ ‌So‌ ‌be‌ ‌confident‌ ‌and‌ ‌work‌ ‌hard‌ ‌to‌ fulfill ‌your‌ ‌dream.‌ ‌‌Be‌ ‌a‌ ‌good‌ ‌human‌ ‌who‌ ‌helps‌ ‌everyone.‌ ‌Be‌ ‌a‌ ‌good‌ ‌partner,‌ ‌a‌ ‌good‌ ‌friend,‌ ‌a‌ ‌good‌ ‌soul‌ ‌who‌ ‌is‌ ‌honest,‌ ‌trustworthy‌ ‌and‌ ‌responsible.‌ ‌Happiness‌ ‌will‌ ‌find‌ ‌you.‌ ‌

You‌ ‌are‌ ‌the‌ ‌person‌ ‌who‌ ‌can‌ ‌change‌ ‌the‌ ‌world.‌ ‌You‌ ‌have‌ ‌a‌ ‌big‌ ‌responsibility‌ ‌to‌ ‌make‌ ‌the‌ ‌world‌ better.‌ ‌I‌ ‌know‌ ‌you‌ ‌can‌ ‌do‌ ‌this‌ ‌very‌ ‌well.‌ ‌So‌ ‌work‌ ‌hard‌ ‌and‌ ‌achieve‌ ‌your‌ ‌success.‌ ‌In‌ ‌your‌ ‌life,‌ ‌you‌ ‌will‌ ‌face‌ ‌many‌ ‌bad‌ ‌and‌ ‌hard‌ ‌times.‌ ‌Never‌ ‌lose‌ ‌hope‌ ‌in‌ ‌your‌ ‌bad‌ ‌time.‌ ‌After‌ ‌the‌ ‌heavy‌ ‌rain,‌ we‌ ‌can‌ ‌see‌ ‌the‌ ‌sunshine.‌ ‌Always‌ ‌be‌ ‌positive.‌ ‌

You‌ ‌all‌ ‌are‌ ‌very‌ ‌brave‌ ‌and‌ ‌active.‌ ‌Always‌ ‌keep‌ ‌this‌ ‌spirit‌ ‌up.‌ ‌Be‌ ‌a‌ ‌student‌ ‌as‌ ‌long‌ ‌as‌ ‌you‌ ‌still‌ ‌have‌ ‌something‌ ‌to‌ ‌learn,‌ ‌and‌ ‌this‌ ‌will‌ ‌mean‌ ‌all‌ ‌your‌ ‌life.‌ ‌Study‌ ‌like‌ ‌there’s‌ ‌no‌ ‌tomorrow‌ ‌because‌ ‌if‌ ‌you‌ ‌keep‌ ‌putting‌ ‌off‌ ‌your‌ ‌studies‌ ‌for‌ ‌tomorrow,‌ ‌you’ll‌ ‌probably‌ ‌be‌ ‌too‌ ‌late.‌ ‌
Manish Jaiswal

Benefits of Online Learning 
Online Teaching has become a hot trend in recent times. As technology has developed, so too has
the way we learn new skills. Thanks to the internet, those interested in boosting their knowledge and skills now have a wide range of options open to them. The main difference between online and offline learning is location. With offline learning, participants are required to travel to the training location, typically a lecture hall, college or classroom. 

With online learning, on the other hand, the training can be conducted from practically anywhere in the world. Learning and teaching can occur at times that are more convenient and productive for both students and teachers. Students can work at their own place within a given framework. Online education provides opportunities to access and share information more easily and readily. Teachers and students are able to join online communities of practice based on their area of interest rather than their geographic location. It's obvious that any study resource or information in digital format is very easy to be accessed and shared. 

Online teachers often report that students usually perform better and also show more participation in discussions during online classes. According to a recent survey conducted on a group of online instructors, 90% of them have reported that teaching online helps them to stay more connected with the students and also gives them the ability to have a better understanding about every student. 
Prakash Dangi
Making Mathematics Joyful 

I attended CBSE Workshop on 15th July.  The topic was “Joyful Mathematics – Creating a Culture of Mathematics.” The host center of excellence was Dehradun and the resource person was Mr. Shiv Narayan Hari Sharma.

He started with what was the general thinking of people and students about Mathematics.  It is thought of as a boring and difficult subject. But actually Mathematics is the basic of all subjects.  To make Mathematics interesting and joyful we need to keep the following things in our mind:

1. Connect all topics we teach to our daily lives. 
2. Make our lesson plan keeping in mind the learning outcomes for the students. 
3. Use different types of aids while teaching. 
4. Keep every child in our mind and while teaching keep eye contact with all the students. This will make all students to be attentive in the classroom. 
5. Activity based projects can be given as exercises to make students understand topics. 
6. By making our own tricks to learn formulas.
Different types of examples were given as how Mathematics is connected to our daily life like in our
home we need knowledge of area and volume for decoration,  white washing, making furniture, etc. Measurements and ratios are used while preparing food items. Varieties of geometrical shapes are seen in utensils. In sports, knowledge of probability, data handling, mensuration are required. When we go shopping or do investment then percentage and interest knowledge is required. In today’s world all are using mobile phones where knowledge of numbers is essential. 

Many students have difficulty in learning formulas of Mathematics.  A teacher has to find tricks, which students can remember easily. Like in integers same sign numbers we add and different sign numbers we subtract.  This can be written as S.S.A (same sign add) and D.S.S. (different sign subtract). In this way we can create our own trick to learn formulas. 
If we follow all these things then definitely Mathematics will be joyful for all students.  No one will be afraid of Mathematics. 
Prerna Rathod

                                                                प्रकृति से जुड़ाव

प्रकृति एक प्राकृतिक पर्यावरण है जो हमारे आसपास है, हमारा ध्यान देती है और हर पल हमारा पालन-पोषण करती है। ये हमारे चारों तरफ एक सुरक्षात्मक कवच प्रदान करती है जो हमें नुकसान से बचाती है। हवा, पानी, जमीन, आग, आकाश आदि जैसी प्रकृति के बिना हमलोग इस काबिल नहीं है कि धरती पर रह सके। प्रकृति हमारे आस-पास कई रुपों में है जैसे पेड़, जंगल, जमीन, हवा, नदी, बारिश, तालाब, मौसम, वातावरण, पहाड़, पठार, रेगिस्तान आदि। कुदरत का हर स्वरुप बहुत शक्तिशाली है जो हमारा पालन पोषण करने के साथ ही नाश करने की क्षमता भी रखता है।

आज के दिनों में सभी के पास प्रकृति का आनन्द उठाने का कम समय है। बढ़ती भीड़ में हम प्रकृति का सुख लेना और अपने को स्वस्थ रखना भूल गये है। हम शरीर को फिट रखने के लिये तकनीक का प्रयोग करने लगे है। जबकि ये बिल्कुल सत्य है कि प्रकृति हमारा ध्यान रख सकती है और हमेशा के लिये फिट रख सकती है। बहुत सारे लेखक अपने लेखन में प्रकृति के फायदे और उसकी सुंदरता का गुणगान कर चुके है। प्रकृति के पास ये क्षमता है कि वो हमारे दिमाग को चिंता मुक्त रखे और बीमारियों से बचाए। मानव जाति के जीवन में तकनीकी उन्नत्ति के कारण हमारी प्रकृति का लगातार ह्रास हो रहा है जिसे संतुलित और उसके प्राकृतिक संपत्ति को संरक्षित रखने के लिये उच्च स्तर की जागरुकता की जरुरत है।

ईश्वर ने सब कुछ बहुत सुंदरता से देखने के लिये बनाया है जिससे हमारा आँखे कभी नहीं थक सकती। लेकिन हम भूल जाते है कि मानव जाति और प्रकृति के बीच के रिश्तों को लेकर हमारी भी कुछ जिम्मेदारी है। सूर्योदय की सुबह के साथ ये कितना सुंदर दृश्य दिखाई देता है, जब चिड़ियों के गाने, नदी, तालाब की आवाज हवा और एक लंबे दिन के दबाव के बाद बगीचे में शाम में दोस्तों के साथ खुशनुमा पल हो। लेकिन हम अपने पारिवारिक जिम्मेदारियों के चलते प्रकृति की खूबसूरती का आनन्द लेना भूल चुके है।

कई बार हमारी छुट्टियों में हम अपना सारा दिन टीवी, न्यूजपेपर, कम्प्यूटर खेलों में खराब कर देते है लेकिन हम भूल जाते है कि दरवाजे के बाहर प्रकृति के गोद में भी बहुत कुछ रोचक है हमारे लिये। बिना जरुरत के हम घर के सारे लाइटों को जलाकर रखते है। हम बेमतलब बिजली का इस्तेमाल करते है जो ग्लोबल वार्मिंग को बढ़ावा देता है। हमारी दूसरी गतिविधियाँ जैसे पेड़ों और जंगलों की कटाई से CO2 गैस की मात्रा में वृद्धि होती है और ग्लोबल वार्मिंग का कारण बनती है।

अगर हमें हमेशा खुश और स्वस्थ रहना है तो हमें स्वार्थी और गलत कार्यों को रोकने के साथ-साथ अपने ग्रह को बचाना होगा और इस सुंदर प्रकृति को अपने लिये बेहतर करना होगा। पारिस्थितिकीय तंत्र को संतुलित करने के लिये हमें पेङों और जंगलो की कटाई रोकनी होगी, ऊर्जा और जल का संरक्षण करना होगा आदि। अंत में प्रकृति के असली उपभोक्ता हम है तो हमें ही इसका ध्यान रखना चाहिये।
उर्मिला राठौड़
Reading is a Good Habit

Reading is a very good habit that one needs to develop in life. Good books can inform you,
enlighten you and lead you in the right direction. There is no better companion than a good book. Reading is important because it is good for your overall well-being. Once you start reading, you experience a whole new world. When you start loving the habit of reading you eventually get addicted to it.  It is important to read a good book at least for a few minutes each day to stretch the brain muscles for healthy functioning.

Following are the benefits of reading:
1. Self Improvement: Reading helps you develop positive thinking. It is important because it develops your mind and gives you excessive knowledge and lessons of life. It keeps your mind active and enhances your creative ability.
2. Communication Skills: Reading improves your vocabulary and develops your communication skills. It helps you learn how to use your language creatively. Not only does it improve your communication but it also makes you a better writer.
3. Increases Knowledge: Books enable you to have a glimpse into cultures, traditions, arts, history, geography, health, psychology and several other subjects and aspects of life. You get an amazing amount of knowledge and information from books.
4. Reduces Stress: Reading a good book takes you in a new world and helps you relieve your day to day stress. It stimulates your brain muscles and keeps your brain healthy and strong.
5. Boosts your Imagination and Creativity: Reading takes you to the world of imagination and enhances your creativity. Reading helps you explore life from different perspectives. While you read books you are building new and creative thoughts, images and opinions in your mind. It makes you think creatively, fantasize and use your imagination.
6. Develops your Analytical Skills:  It involves questioning what you read. It helps you develop your thoughts and express your opinions. New ideas and thoughts pop up in your mind by active reading. 

The habit of reading is one of the best qualities that a person can possess. So it is very important to develop a good reading habit. We must all read on a daily basis for at least 30 minutes to enjoy the sweet fruits of reading. It is a great pleasure to sit in a quiet place and enjoy reading. Reading a good book is the most enjoyable experience one can have.
Nikita Rajpurohit

Defender of our Borders: A salute to Indian soldiers

In the honour of our Indian soldier today I want to share a poem. 

Words can never describe.
What a soldier and his sacrifice.
They put on hold their dreams and lives.
They die so that we can survive.
They are the most disciplined persons.
On them, depend.
The security and stability of our nation s,
They are the true son of our country,
Who fight to protect is from all the enemies
They are the real heroes of the nation, serving the motherland is their only passion.
Whether it's the blood-freezing cold 
Or the scorching sun's rays,
They are protecting us without holidays. 
They are the pride of our nation,
Their life is a source of inspiration.
Away from the mother, kids and wife 
They are fulfilling their duty for the sake of our life.
We are grateful to the mothers
Who gives birth to these soldiers,
We are obliged to the wives and kids.
Who sacrifice their rights for national deeds
Punita Chouhan

Virtual School Functioning
Senior and Middle School Classes are active on Google Classroom. Pre- Primary and Primary School is active on Whats App Group.
Skill Activities were organised on My Good School Saturday, Quiz Competition was of Saturday Activities.
Six students participated in ATL Webinar Series by Jigyasa on Youtube Live.
Eight Students participated in Print your Ideas by Dr. Guruprasad Rao on Youtube Live 
Thirteen teachers  have been registered to attend CBSE Training Program in different fields.Ten teachers have already attended the training sessions. 
Training to use OLABS (Virtual Labs) were carried out for Maths & Science teachers
HOD (Head of the Departments) and Coordinator’s Meetings were held on Google Meet.
Posts from our Students

Sports play an essential part of our life. It teaches us how to stay strong and healthy and test our physical abilities. Usually, when going for sports we compare with other people in order to get some entertainment. In the same time physical exercise all kinds of sports can bring strong physical health, great team abilities, and strong organizational features. The physiological and physical advantages obtained within sports activities result in enriched physical stamina and improve reflexes. 

Since sports is a competition it also brings numerous possibilities and allows improving ability to build proper tactics and strategies. The lockdown has got all of us getting used to and adopting new schedules as far as our daily routines are concerned. Sleep patterns have changed, meals in the case have become more frequent while in the case of others have reduced one way of doing. So to revisit the game we used to play as children in school we have selected a number of Indoor games, which you can play with those you are spending time with in the house not only do they help pass the time but are great fun. These are: lava, dump Charades, musical chairs etc.) Sports improve our live significantly and make us stronger and clever
Ravindra Singh/ XII Humanities

Lessons from Corona
With the coming of the Novel Corona Virus, initially I didn't realize that something gross had happened, till the situation grew serious. It seemed like a system error that would eventually be resolved like it happens every other day. But it's impact affected me when all of a sudden our remaining exams for which we have been preparing for the whole year were suspended and our centers  of   learning were closed down. 

First of all, it was unbelievable that something so intimidating has crept up in the world around us that has limited our reach to every other human being. We of course have restrictions in our classrooms but having restricted or rather  " locked down in our homes kind of life " was actually unacceptable. But then I realized that why not treat it as an opportunity in disguise to learn and try out  a lot of new things. I turned over to a variety of things and this way my 'to – do list ' expanded. I learned a lot of new skills like gardening, embroidery, cooking, typing, etc. 

I started doing yoga and other exercises for maintaining physical and mental fitness. I did a lot of calligraphy, paper craft and dancing that I was already interested in. We played a lot of those forgotten games ( as my parents say ) like ludo, bingo, checkers, etc. with my parents and grandparents. Another  development was the advent of online studies conducted by the school which maintained the flow of learning, thanks to our teachers. Maintaining hygiene and physical distancing but being socially connected is the best thing to learn. So, the biggest part is that according to me, what I thought abnormal and unusual then  has started to seem perfectly normal and usual now. 
Tamanna Solanki/ VI


Corona Virus is very dangerous and harmful for human beings as well as animals. The whole world
has witnessed it in 2020. It was spread from Wuhan, China to all over the world. 

COVID-19 is a communicable disease. Everyone is facing many difficulties because of this virus. Poor people have more problems because they have no earnings to pay for food and shelter. There are some steps that save everyone from this virus, if they are followed properly. They are social distancing, quarantine routine, wearing a mask, lockdown, washing your hands from time to time, and when you sneeze cover your mouth with tissue or napkin. 

When you are going somewhere you have to keep a minimum of 1 m distance from each other. At last but not the least I would like to say “ We inside then Corona outside.”
Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy
Divya Chouhan/VIII A
Outcomes of Online Study

Hello everyone, I hope you all are safe and secure in this time of pandemic. Today, I am going to tell you the outcomes of online classes. If we see from one eye it is very beneficial to teachers, students and parents. Teachers get free from the headache which they face at the time when they are in class. Parents have to just buy a computer or laptop or Smartphone with an internet connection which would not cost as much as the fees of school. No uniform other things, the money is saved. 

Students are always depending on their teachers to study and understand the concept. This time has come to make students self- dependent. To realize the student that they can study on their own. Students enjoy the learning process as compared to classroom learning but online learning will not give as much as knowledge which the student gets from classes at campus.

Online study has been found to reduce the workload on the tutors. Most of the online notes and books are available to the students and this reduces the teacher’s workload. Students always search the internet for every doubt and lesson. One fact about it is that not all the matter which is on the internet is true. Make sure you first share it with your subject teacher to get it verified. From day to day technology and systems are improving and it is getting better from day to day. Previously students and teachers who didn't know how to use gadgets are using them perfectly. 

Though online learning has several challenges such as lack of the proper technology to effectively conduct online learning. At last, it is not the wrong option but a better option is this time of pandemic. We will have to adjust and do according to the teachers and adults guidelines.
Mangilal Dewasi/ IX B

Temporary Gain and Permanent Happiness

Temporary gain means the things which you had but you will not gain that happiness which you
want ." Happiness is always temporary. You can't find it, you can't make it, you can only enjoy it when it happens to you.”

 I believe that to know happiness one must also have known sadness. All states of mind are temporary & are relative to other emotions. Permanent happiness means you will work hard for that happiness and when you will get success you will find inner relief within you i.e your family from where these things will get . In short, happiness that depends upon other factors is temporary happiness. The happiness that arises due to self contentment and clear understanding of objects and happenings is permanent happiness because it does not depend upon outside objects or events . 

There are two kinds of people that come into our lives , they are temporary and permanent . Temporary people come to teach lessons like heart , pain , selfishness , heartbreak , dishonesty and disloyalty but permanent people come to live in your heart  , they are the one that give you strength , confidence , and loyalty .  Real love is found here and your family can give all this to you which is permanent . They will not leave you alone which temporary people always do .

"The truth is you need the two because one teaches values over the other " Our family is the proverbial egg that we were hatched from .  Everything about who we are . Both our nature and nurtures comes from our family .  Often in the western society , we stay far from our family and may not talk to them for years at a time . We may feel that we have nothing in common with them . We may choose to run away from our roots because they are too painful to face . Ultimately however our past holds the key to our future . If we do not face where we come from we will have difficulty understanding our present and future.

Temporary gain will never lead to permanent happiness . Temporary gain last from only shorter period of time but permanent happiness last for longer period of time and it is permanent.
" What you are living right now is an important step  to what you will be living soon . Embrace it . It will soon take you to heaven " .
Lochita Gupta / XII Science

"A Quitter never Wins and a Winner never Quits"

Vince Lombardi, a famous American football coach, once said, “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits”.
A winner is someone who is determined to reach his goals, no matter how arduous the journey may be. A winner is ready to face challenges and obstacles that may come in between him and his goals. On the other hand, a quitter gets perturbed by challenges, and in the midst, gives up. Because he is not determined to face the difficulties, he never reaches his goal and is declared a quitter.

Most of us are not born with talent and skills. We develop them over time. Pandit Ravi Shankar was a world renowned composer and musician who played the sitar. He was so passionate about music that he did not stop learning the sitar. Although he faced difficulties initially, he did not lose hope. He was determined to succeed, and he practiced day and night to attain a high position in the international music industry.

Similarly, scientists like Issac Newton and Albert Einstein never gave up pursuing their dreams and interests just because some of their experiments failed. They strived hard to reach their goals and only rested when success touched their feet.

To give up midway is easy but to continue despite challenges is difficult. That is why only winners are remembered for a long time. They are our role models, who teach us that it pays to never quit. Success only knocks on the doors of winners because they are determined in life. On the other hand, a quitter lives most of his life in regret because of his lack of motivation and dedication.
Tushar Diwakar/ XI Science

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