The School Weekly - 25th November 2019

STUDENT: Omprakash Mobarsha/ VI A was selected as the Student this Week for diligently performing his duty as a responsible scout. He thanked Principal Ma'am and his teachers for giving him this opportunity as the student this week. He shared that he is in the Scout and Guides Club. On Annual Day, he was on duty in the Learning Forward India Campus. He shared, " I willingly helped and guided the guests, parents etc. to park their cars and other vehicles in the right parking area. It was a new experience for me as I feel that it is everyone's duty to do something for the School. I thought everything should be managed to avoid any confusions. So I, myself did this duty." In the end, he quoted 'Hard work is the key to success.'
EDUCATOR: Mr Parkash Dangi was selected as the Educator this Week. He shared his views on Time Management. He shared that time management is very important in a student's life.  Time management makes a student successful and leads a happy life. He shared that through time management one can make his or her life beautiful and happier.
Tuesday, 19th November: A group of students went to participate in Scout and Guide Camp at Jodhpur escorted by Mr Jaffar Khan and Mrs Sharmila Vijaywargi. They all were rewarded with certificates in the Assembly by Principal Ma'am for participating in the camp.

Friday, 22nd November: Inter Class Story Telling Competition was organised. The students narrated beautiful and interesting stories both in Hindi and English.

Saturday, 23rd November: 
Staff: Staff had enriching engagements during Learning Forward Saturday. We all worked towards understanding the expected  learning outcomes developed by CBSE. Teachers-Educators from classes I to VIII had circle time with their subject HODs, did; Read-a-loud sessions, discussions, research work and writing of assignments for better understanding of their subjects.
StudentsBoard Classes attended school and solved sample papers. 

Educators wished Mr.Ajay Vijayvargi & Ms Sharmila Vijayvargi a Happy Wedding Anniversary and Ms Prerna Rathod Happy Birthday. May God bless them for a bright and prosperous future.

Volume No. 403 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal, Ms Swabhi Parmar,, Anumesh Rao, Ipshita Rathore, Archana Koratkar, Meenakshi Choudhary, Vinita Sirvi, Charu Vaishnav, Puran Choudhary, Jatin Tripash, Khush Rajpurohit, Diksha Choudhary, Tammana Solanki, Kesar Sompura & Uma Choudhary

The School Weekly - 18th November 2019

27th Annual Day Celebrations
Friday, 15th November: School celebrated its 27th Annual Day. Chief Guest Mr. Rajkumar Rodla (Trustee), Board Members, SMC Members and Parents arrived at 4:00 PM and went around the exhibitions. High Tea for the guests was followed by the inauguration of the Annual Day Exhibitions at 4.00 PM.
EXHIBITIONS: The concept of the Exhibitions was on My Good School Philosophy. My Good School Exhibition focused on Skill from its 4S - Service, Skill, Sport & Study.
The exhibition started with the Lighting of the Lamp in the Learning Forward Campus which housed the Atal Tinkering Lab Exhibition, Information Technology Exhibition, Photography Exhibition  & Art and Craft Exhibition.
John L. Bissell Block housed Young Entrepreneurs Exhibition, Quiz Exhibition, and Class I & II Exhibition.
The area between John L. Bissell and Bimla Nanda Bissell Block was housed by the Dramatics Club where they enacted skits and exhibited their acting skills
Bimla Nanda Bissell Block housed Primary Section Exhibition in which they exhibited their Conversation and Story Telling, Scientific Skills. 
Surana Block housed Science Exhibition is which they made various projects and exhibited their Scientific Skills.
Hendon Chubb Block housed Organic Farming. Students exhibited the use of Medicinal Plants and made products out of it, compost pit and use of vermiculture. They even made pesticides by using various herbs.
Chief Guest Mr. Rajkumar Rodla, Board Members, SMC Members and Parents went around the exhibition at great length and deeply admired the hard work of the students.

Cultural program started with the School Song followed by Raagmala by the School Orchestra it was an awe-inspiring performance.
Head Girl Devika Choudhary & Head Boy Ajaypal Meena welcomed the Chief Guest. The School expressed their enthusiastic gratitude by felicitating their Chief Guest Mr. Rajkumar Rodla, Guests Mr. Lakhmaram Choudhary, Municipal Chairman, Special Guest Mr. Inder Raj Bhandari, Brig. Karan Singh, Mr. Sulamian Tak, SMC Chairman and Board Members Mr. William Bissell, Founder of The Fabindia School, Mr. Sandeep Dutt , Chairman,  Ms. Prableen Sabhaney, Ms. Poonam Singh Chauhan, Mrs. Anjana Batra, Mr. Yogendra Singh Mertiya (CEO Organic Farming, Alumni) and Ms. Ajaydeep Deora (Alumni).    
Pre-Primary students staged mind-blowing dance performances, Mr. Rajkumar Rodla addressed the gathering and shared the story of how Bhadrajun Artisans Trust and The Fabindia School was established in this area. He also shared the vision and mission of the school to impart quality education and empower girl education in the area. Alumni Ajaydeep Deora shared her success story and memories from the school time.
The Cultural Bonanza consisted of Kalbeliya Dance, Cheri Dance and Nartiya Natika which depicted the transition of Siddhartha to Lord Buddha. The stage show was anchored by Avinash Sain, Mahendra Parihar, Priyanka Kunwar & Krithika Rajpurohit.  The students captivated the audience’s attention with their eclectic performances and effervescent energy.
The event saw an impressive gathering including invitees,
parents, guardians, alumni and students gracing the function. The meritorious students were felicitated with awards and trophies.
The Concert ended with the Grand Finale and Vote of Thanks by Principal Ms. Rajeshree Shihag. 
Trophies of Excellence for the year 2019-20 were awarded to the following: 
Trophy for Excellence in Service: Kinjal Rao
Trophy of Excellence in Skill: Gajendra Singh 
Trophy of Excellence in Sport: Parikshit Singh
Trophy of Excellence in Study: Nitesh Choudhary
Parineeta Ranpal’s English Proficiency Prize: Devika Choudhary  
Congratulations to all the Winners!
Saturday, 16th November: The School observed a holiday. 
A Crichet Match was organized between Alumni and the School Cricket Team. Manju Ji W/O Mr Mukesh Sompura and Family inaugurated the Cricket Pitch and did the opening batting of the Cricket Match. 

Interviews of award-winning students:
Excellence in Service – Kinjal Rao
(ED: Ipshita Rathore, KR: Kinjal Rao)
ED:  How did you start working in the field of Service?
KR: I always used to hear that whatever deeds one performs , it returns to him or her back and as I grew up this thought grew stronger with me and still I don’t know when it became a desire in me to serve my society in every possible way to serve the nation one day. And when I became a part of The Fabindia School slowly by slowly this desire came into Action.  
ED: What challenges did you face while performing such deeds?
KR: When I started serving people around me, some people criticized me and some appreciated me but yes, as it is said that “Nothing is easy to get one needs to pay a price to earn it” .And after every criticism my will grew more and more stronger and today because of those taunts I have a path to walk on.
ED: How has the school helped you to inculcate these qualities?
KR: I am very thankful to my school for inculcating these qualities in me by organizing various service projects inside and outside the school which helped me to lighten the true spirit of a responsible and a noble citizen. With that I am very delighted to be a part of My Good School Program at our school which provides various opportunities to every child in the school to build better communication with the society.
ED: How will you encourage more and more children to participate in service projects?
KR: I would organize various service activities to popularize this field and with that I would also make children aware about the importance of service in their upcoming life because it is necessary for the young generation to understand their role as a good human being in honor of their nation.
ED: What have you achieved in this field?
KR: I have achieved lot of respect and recognition from the society, a proud feeling for my parents, I stand as a good human being and most important the happiness after doing something good for others and all this is the greatest achievement for me.
ED: What are your future plans to continue in this field?
KR: After passing out from the school I will continue being a part of my Good School Program and with that I will spread my knowledge to develop the society in a better manner and would arrange campaigns to collaborate with other people to keep my self-engaged in helping others.

Excellence in Skill - Gajendra Singh
(Editor: Archana Koratkar, GS: Gajendra Singh)
ED: Since when have you been practicing in art activities and competitions?
GS: I am practicing in art since 2014 when I participated at the school Art and Craft Exhibition.
ED: How did you learn to draw or paint? 
GS: I learned art from the help of the resources available on the internet. I drew them on the paper, with a desire to always draw better from the original one. 
ED: Who helped you to flourish in this skill? 
GS: There has been strong support of many people. Internet was most helpful. The support from Usha Ma'am, the art teacher, was really really good. She gave me lots of opportunities for showcasing my talent. Parth Sir, ex-art teacher taught me what art was.
ED: Did your family support you?
GS: Yes. There was a huge support from my family's side to my art talent. Saroj di, my sister, helped me a lot. My family's contribution towards my art is a lot.
ED: Till now, what have you achieved in this field? 
GS: I have a great fan following on the social media because of my art talent. I have created my own YouTube channel where I post my art videos. I post my drawings on my Instagram page.
ED: Who influenced you to play with colours and drawings?
GS: The inspiration for working in the art field rose from being a part of the school Art and Craft Exhibition. My interest in drawing also rose when I saw the drawings of my seniors, Richa di and Kirti di.
ED: What were the challenges faced by you during your journey as an artist?
GS: I faced many challenges when I tried to make a new colour combination. While coloring the drawing, I kept wondering about the colour adjustment needed for a particular art form.
ED: What message would you like to give to the students?
GS: When I tried to draw a picture taken from the internet, I always tried to make it better than the original one. Many times, it happened with me that I was disappointed and discouraged by myself that I could not make it. But still, I used to try and surprisingly, it became very good. So, I want to tell that one should never give up. Always keep trying and never lose hope.
ED: What would you do more for the development of art? 
GS: I would definitely do more in this field. I'll choose art as my career. I have planned to take part in the famous art exhibitions held in big cities like Ahmedabad etc. I'll do college plus art business. I'll try to take part in the foreign exhibitions.

Excellence in Sports: Parikshit Singh
(ED: Meenakshi Choudhary, PS: Parikshit Singh.)
ED: Why this trophy is necessary for you?
PS: This trophy will help me in my future for admission in NDA.
ED: This year have you played any national level sport?
PS:  Yes, in Squash, organized by Indian Squash Academy.
ED: In which game are you perfect?
PS:  I am not perfect in any game but I want to be perfect in Football and Squash.
ED: If you ever get choice to choose either sports or study, what will you choose?
PS:  I will definitely choose sports because it will definitely make me healthy and fit and it will help me make a career in sports.
ED: What do you want to do in future?
PS:  I want to be a sportsman and I want represent India.

Excellence in Study- Nitesh Choudhary 
(ED: Vinita Sirvi, NC: Nitesh Choudhary)
ED:  How do you feel in getting this trophy? 
NC: I feel so proud, happy and confident.
ED:  Were you expecting this trophy?
NC: Yes, I was sure that I will definitely get this trophy because I think that I deserve this as I was the topper of class XI.
ED:  What are your suggestions for those who are contesting this next year?
NC: I only want to say that for this trophy they require subject certificate, Olympiad certificate and toppers certificate. 
ED:  Was there any competition and competitors for this trophy?
NC: Yes, there was competition for this trophy. Parikshit and Devika were strong competitors for me.

Parineeta Ranpal's English Proficiency Award: Devika Choudhary
(ED: Charu Vaishnav, DC: Devika Choudhary)
ED: How did you gain proficiency in the field of English?
DC: First of all, I started delivering speeches in the School Assembly. By that I gained confidence, later I started participating in Inter School Competition like Debates and Speech.
ED: What is the value of this award in your life?
DC: This award is very important for me as it will help me in admission to a good college and for my future.
ED: What were the challenges faced by you during this journey of achieving thus award?  
DC: There were many challenges that I faced.  Speaking English in front of my classmates is such a tough task. I participated in many competitions and there were many tough competitors but I worked hard and tried to be the best.
ED: How did you choose between this award and the Excellence in Skill Trophy? Are you happy about it?
DC: Yes, I am happy for picking the English Proficiency Award rather than the trophy because English is the medium of instruction in every field and is more important. This will be helpful in future when I will face interviews etc.
ED: Who inspired you the most?
DC: I was inspired most by my parents, Principal Ms. Rajeshree Shihag and English Teacher Ms. Bharti Rao. They have always motivated me in all aspects. 
Volume No. 402 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal, Ms Swabhi Parmar,, Anumesh Rao, Ipshita Rathore, Archana Koratkar, Meenakshi Choudhary, Vinita Sirvi, Charu Vaishnav, Puran Choudhary, Jatin Tripash, Khush Rajpurohit, Diksha Choudhary, Tammana Solanki, Kesar Sompura & Uma Choudhary

The School Weekly - 11th November 2019

                                                           News and Events
Monday, 4th November Friday, 8th November Annual Day’s practices and preparation for Board Exams is in full swing. The school is buzzed by the practices of the Annual Day.

Thursday, 7th November - Tuesday, 12th November: A
group of students escorted by Ms. Sharmila Vijayvargi & Mr. Jaffar Khan went to participate in the Block Level Scout Guides Competition Rally, Chopasani (Jodhpur) escorted along with different schools. The rally was inaugurated by the Chief Minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot. All the students exercised different exercises and did social work. They also participated in competitions like march past, color party, tableau display, community service project, adventure activities. They also participated in cultural activities like folk dance and song. They were dressed in cultural dresses.

Friday, 8th November: Class XII Meeting was held with the Principal, Vice Principal and Dean of My Good School was organised where the criteria of the Trophies of Excellence were shared with the students. They applied for the trophies and presented their certificates and trophies in front of the Judging Committee.

                                                            मै क्यों हूँ  उदास                                               
                                             मै क्यों हूँ  उदास, मै क्यों हूँ  उदास | 
                                                 मेरी कली क्यों नहीं खिली ?
                                           मै आसमान क्यों नहीं छु पाई,
                                                 मेरी  मंजिल कहाँ है, मुझे  रास्ता दिखा | 
                                           मै भी उड़ना चाहती,  मै भी उड़ना चाहती | 
                                                 मै बेटे से भी बढ़कर, बेटी हूँ | 
                                          मुझे एक बार उड़ने का मौका दो ,
                                                 मै भी उड़ना चाहती हूँ , मै भी उड़ना चाहती  हूँ 
                                          ये ना समझे कोई, की मैं दोनों घर से पराई हूँ  | 
                                                 मैं पराई नहीं हूँ , मै दोनों घर की मंज़िल हूँ | | 
                                          मै भी उड़ना चाहती हूँ , मै भी उड़ना चाहती  हूँ | 
                                          संदेश : बेटियों  को  दुःख सहने मत दो,
                                          बेटियों को आसमान में उड़ने का मौका दो | 
                                                                                 - उर्मिला सुथार /X
Volume No. 401 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal, Ms Swabhi Parmar,, Anumesh Rao, Ipshita Rathore, Archana Koratkar, Meenakshi Choudhary, Vinita Sirvi, Charu Vaishnav, Puran Choudhary, Jatin Tripash, Khush Rajpurohit, Diksha Choudhary, Tammana Solanki, Kesar Sompura & Uma Choudhary

The School Weekly - 4th November 2019

Learning Beyond the Four Walls of the Classroom
“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach of us more than we can ever learn from books.” ...
Saturday, 19th October- Wednesday, 23rd October: School organised Excursions to Rajgarh, Shimla, Agra & Fatehpur Sikri and Haldighati, Udaipur
Sharing with you experiences of students:

Archana Koratkar/ X: It was an Adventurous Trip with activities like trekking, bamboo bridge, zip line, ladder climbing, obstacle crossing, rocking climbing, rappelling, and commando net. Eighty-seven students escorted by nine educators were part of the excursion. All the students and educators enjoyed and had great learning experience.

The adventure camp; The Peach Valley taught us the basic safety skills, gave us the opportunity to participate in the activities like free falling, Mowgli crossing, triangle crossing, night trekking, which I had never experienced earlier. It made me self confident to complete all the activities. It gave me a chance to take care of myself when I was alone, without my parents. I learned to be punctual, everything was carried out exact on time. The free-falling experience was best as well as helpful in getting rid of fear. The time spent with Rohit sir, Amrit ma'am, Rahul sir, Dhirendra sir and all the other instructors was experiential and loving. Night trekking and bhangra dancing with Rohit sir was a fresh activity experience for me. Interacting with instructors, playing with Jojo, Coco, Yoyo and being all of them is unforgettable. This period taught me to mingle with friends and experience nature closely. I collected wrappers and garbage while trekking, I learnt to be self responsible as well as responsible towards animals, nature and newly met people. This trip taught me to be peaceful, to have patience, relax, to be silent and calm and to be disciplined. The greatest experience was to live with nature so deeply that it made me forget the absence of a cell phone. The trip was memorable and emotional for me, without cell phones but with nature and the calm environment.
Anumesh Rao/ XI: This trip has been a great learning experience for me. The activities conducted gave a healthy risk-taking experience. When I was on the bamboo bridge and zip line I was scared, but as I stepped on the ground, I felt successful, empowered and triumphant that I had overcome my fear. This trip helped me with my self-esteem and confidence. The mentally and physically challenging tasks helped me to come out of my comfort zone and take up challenges. I learnt to be more interactive and collaborative. These adventurous activities helped me to take risks. The beautiful nature is deep down in my heart's core. I felt relaxed in this beautiful nature. This was a great and memorable experience for me and I will cherish this throughout my life. 
Ajaypal Meena/ XII: Shimla trip was one of the greatest and most memorable adventurous trip. It was full of thrill which overcame my fear of height. I did so many activities like bamboo bridge, Mowgli walk, rock climbing, rappelling, triangle bridge, commando net.  The Peach Valley was surrounded with the nature which helped me to connect even more better with nature. I learnt to face obstacles which come in hilly areas. Also, by viewing the lifestyle of Himachal Pradesh people, I observed that the life is very tough, at the same time they are very strong and happy with nature. Learning of zip line, commando rope and rock climbing, etc was so adventurous and fearful but it helped me to overcome my fear. It was just a learning and memorable experience.
Puran Choudhary/ VII B: My experience was funny and motivational. It was five days trip from 19th to 23rd. From this trip I learnt to build a new team for any action. I was   confident enough so I left no tasks incomplete. If we have a wish to do, then we can do anything. There was a temple of Durga Ma at the top of a mountain which I reached after a long trek. I was scared to cross the bamboo bridge but it failed because of my confidence. I learnt how to be independent and take care of myself during my train journey. At last I want to quote that: 'Nothing is impossible, with confidence and hard work everything is possible.'
Uma Choudhary/ XI: It was a memorable experience. I learnt lot of things in five days. I overcame my fear. I interacted with new people and observed that they are so hardworking, tough, quick and helpful. The most important thing which helped me was that practice makes a man perfect. There was an activity named bamboo bridge in which I was unable to do but I did not give up. Amrit ma'am encouraged and helped me to do that activity and at last I completed that activity. Everyone there was so hardworking and brave. At last I would like to say that this was a wonderful adventurous trip. I learnt to be punctual, be disciplined, loyal, etc. I learnt that if we motivate someone then he or she will definitely complete their task.
Ipshita Rathore/ X: It was a journey of marvelous beauty and thrilling adventures which lightened my heart and soul with new refreshment and joy. Moreover, as it is said that "Whenever one meets new surrounding one learns something new". As per this quote I also gained learning not just by performing activities but also by adapting to the surroundings. It pushed me to communicate with new people, bind with nature, overcome my darkest fears and welcome my new thrills. Lastly this trip will unforgettable in my memories.
Jatin Tripash/ IX: We had a great experience at the educational camp organized by the school at Shimla and Rajgarh. We enjoyed and learnt a lot. It was a great experience because of the beautiful environment which creates happiness.  We had various adventurous activities and we learnt team work, discipline and got a chance to cooperate with others and to exchange our thoughts and some basic safety rules. The activities which we did were rock climbing and rappelling, bamboo walk and rope & ladder. That short period of days made me punctual. and self dependent. We also learnt that we should not panic in difficult situations or problems, whereas we should be patient and should find a correct way to solve the solution which satisfies our mind. We played many games which made our thinking capacity sharp. The experience for me was remarkable in cold surroundings.
Excursion to Agra & Fatehpur Sikri 
Kesar Sompura/ VI: I was eager about the trip to Agra because it would give me a chance to become independent in life. It gave me the experience how to explore alone without parents and how to take care of myself being away from the family. I took care of my luggage well. I learnt many new things from the trip like I came to know about the history of Taj Mahal which was built by Shanjahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz and Fatehpur Sikri which was made by the Mughal Emperor, Akbar.  I was happy to visit the Taj Mahal, the national monument of India which is one of the seven wonders of the world. The architecture of Taj Mahal and Bulund Darwaja was amazing. I had interaction with people from different countries. I enjoyed a lot with my friends.  I am thankful to my teachers and Principal Ma'am for being with us and for organizing this unforgettable trip.
Devansh Rajpurohit/ VI: I was fortunate of being a part of the trip to Agra.  It gave me an opportunity to feel independent as it helped me to become self dependent while taking care of myself, my luggage and small amount of money I had. It refreshed my mind, it helped me to develop creative thoughts in life. I saw two new places the Taj Mahal which was built by Shanjahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Fatehpur Sikri, Shahi Darwaja, Bulund Darwaja, Jodha Bai's Mahal and Kitchen, Diwan- e- aam, Diwan- e-Khas. I was surprised to see the immense artifact made on the stones; it was really amazing. I came to know about Mughal Empire Akbar's life.  This trip improved my social and communication skills. It helped me to boost my confidence and to gain experience of real life. I learnt to buy things with little bit of bargaining without anyone's help. I had fun with my friends. Our educators took care of us and guided us during the trip.  It was a memorable trip for life long. I am grateful to the school for organizing this educational trip.
Tamanna Solanki/ V: The trip to Agra has definitely been a big learning experience for me as this gave me a learning that none of classroom teaching or activities could. It helped me to start walking towards decision making, leadership, collaborating and communicating with others and managing my money. My mom says I have been a bit organized this time, happy to learn that. I could handle a digicam. So, it's surely a step ahead in the path towards independence. It was a historical trip so helped me in getting insight of the history that we'll start learning next year. I learnt a lot about coping and communicating with all kinds of people. I learnt about managing my small amount of money and bargaining on the trip. I had an experience of talking to a variety of people of different background and of different nationalities too. As a team leader, I learnt decision making and taking care of my team mates.
Vishal Rathore/ X: Our School organized an educational trip to Haldighati, Udaipur. On the morning of 20th October, we started our journey at 6 AM.  First, we visited Charbhuja temple of Lord Krishna. The idol of Lord Krishna has four hands so it is called Charbhuja.  Architecture and sculpture of ancient era was what attracted me the most. Our next visiting place was Haldighati which is famous for Haldighati War. This war was fought between Mewar Rajput Emperor Maharana Pratap and Mughal Emperor Akbar on 9 May 1527. The place where many soldiers were killed from both the armies is called Rakttalai. It was not a religious war because the head of the Mughal army was Man Singh and Mewar army was Hakim kha Suri that's why this war was known for Pratap's Self-Respect.
We visited the museum related to Pratap's life & saw war equipment and swords. We enjoyed a lot and the most important thing that I learnt was Rajasthan’s history. I also learnt about the culture and tradition of the people and the main crop that they grew was the Chetri Gulab a variety of rose.
Thursday, 31st October: School reopened with excitement and happiness after ten long days of Diwali Vacation. Now Annual Day’s practices and preparation for Board Exams is in full swing.
Volume No. 400 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal, Ms Swabhi Parmar,, Anumesh Rao, Ipshita Rathore, Archana Koratkar, Meenakshi Choudhary, Vinita Sirvi, Charu Vaishnav, Puran Choudhary, Jatin Tripash, Khush Rajpurohit, Diksha Choudhary, Tammana Solanki, Kesar Sompura & Uma Choudhary

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