The School Weekly - 23rd December 2013

16th to 21st December 13: Second Terminal Examination were conducted for the students of Class Nursery to Class V and Class XI.

21st December 13: The Trustees and Staff  organized a farewell for our most honorable principal Mrs. Parineeta Ranpal. Former President of Coco-Cola UK Mr. Sanjay Guha was the guest of honour at the farewell program. Mr.Sandeep Dutt Chairman BAT presented a token of appreciation to Mrs Ranpal for her distinguished service  of  seven and a half years.

23rd December 13: The school organised a trekking trip for  the students of Class IX to XI. The trekking venue was near The Ranakpur temple. First the students went for a three and a half kilometer hike, they participated in adventurous games and visited the Ranakpur Dam. they saw a crocodile too! The students cooked sweetmeats, snacks, fast food without using fire and returned back home by 5:00 PM.

24th December 13: Results were declared for the students who appeared for second term examination. The students of the senior section organized a short program for the farewell of their much loved principal Mrs Parineeta Ranpal. The Head Girl & Boy presented a bouquet and garland to the Principal. There were speeches, songs, poems by the students to show their love for their Principal. The teachers also said a few words. On the occasion of Christmas, Christmas Carols were sung by the students.
Point of View
School is the learning center
School can make us a good painter
School gives us knowledge
To go to college
School is one's best thing
Where we study and sing
School is like a temple
Do you have its sample
I like my nature
School is my future
I like my school very much
There is no school as such.
 - Sanju Kanwar (Class VIII)
Girls Education
Flowers the beauty of the garden soon vanish
As well as if we ignore the girls
The world will soon vanish
Don't play with the girl's life
We have to educate the girls
We have to give her respect
Because she is the pride of OUR COUNTRY
    - Kritika Mansion (Class VIII)
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
The School Weekly will not be published for the next two weeks please. We are on Christmas & Winter Vacation from 25th December 2013 to 4th January 2014.

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The School Weekly - 16th December 2013

13th December 13: Friday Activity was carried out in all the classes. In English story writing, lnterview writing were carried out, in Science the students were taken to the lab and did practical, in Maths they did mental arithmetic and in Social Science they made charts according to the topics given.

14th December 13: Class Tests were carried out in all the classes. Arrangement for second terminal exams was done for nursery to fifth classes which are going to start from 16th December.
Point of View
Technical Education
So far we have laid more and more emphasis on liberal or literal education. The aim of education is to give training in subjects like philosophy, history, literature but it gives us only a superficial knowledge without any practical training in the art of making the art of living. Technical education on the other hand it trains the body and teaches us how to earn our living. Technical education is the only method by which we can drive the ghost of unemployment among the educated people. More and more technical schools have opened. Technical education has been introduced in many schools. Formerly artisans made things mainly with their hands but with the progress in science improved machines have been invented and manufactured which can produce things on a larger scale in a short time and at a smaller cost. This is the importance of technical knowledge. It enables to earn their living and solves the baffling problem of unemployment.
 - Aditya Pratap Singh (Class VIII)
Our Principal
P - Perfect in everything
R - Regular in coming to office
I  -  Intelligent in all aspects
N - Never willing to do wrong
C - Careful to watch all activities
I  -  Intends to do good
P - Pays attention to all problems
A - Anxious to keep discipline
L - Loves all members of the school 
    - Pooja Koratkar (Class X)
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The School Weekly - 9th December 2013

2nd December 13: The Netball Team returned back from Lonavla near Pune, after winning  the national tournament.

3rd December 13: Students were awarded certificates for their academic performance, participation in projects and participation in the annual function. Teachers were awarded certificates for their efforts to make the annual function a success.

6th December 13: Friday activities were carried out in all the classes. In science the students were taken to the labs to do practicals. In other subjects mental sums, story writing, diary entry and a documentary film was also shown to the students.

7th December 13: Class tests carried out in all the classes. Parents Teacher Meeting for the pre primary classes was organised.
Point of View
Success is a great feeling of any human life. It can bring a great change in life. If we desire to get success then we must try our best irrespective of subjects. It may be in studies, games, music or other activities. Without achievements we can't get success. Without success we can't get the goal of our life. Success gives us popularity. After all a successful person becomes the'ideal of nation '. I can say success means :-
S- Serious
U- Ultimate
C- Capable
C- Creative
E- Energetic
S- Simple
S- Sober
- Bhavika Mansion 

Teenagers and their pursuits
The recent state of teenagers is very pathetic. Most of the children are spending the maximum time of their formafive years glued to the idiot box watching melodramatic movies or serials , which are by no means beneficial to them. Physical activities appear to take a backseat. They are not interested in creative pursuits or hobbies due to the extreme pressure of studies. The habit of reading books is on the decline. There will come a day when the habit of reading books will become extinct. Amidst the stress and strain of studies talking to friends on cellphones appears to be their only respite. Nowadays chatting on Facebook and what's up has become a trend for the teenagers.God save them.
- Pooja Dutta
Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.   

Big thank you to our Principal

Dear Parineeta,

It is not often that we come across people with care, compassion and more so a deep concern for young people. We at The Fabindia School have been very fortunate to have you with us for a very wonderful term from 2006 to 2013. You have been a real 'servant leader' and have been one of the best mentors we could have had for the young people of Bali.

As we start thinking of days post the 31st of Dec 2013, we wonder how we will be able to hold the hands of the young people, mentor the teachers and work to help the leader flower in every individual in our community. Am sure you will always be with us in our hearts and even post your retirement will be there as a guide and a consultant for the Bhadrajun Artisans Trust. Your good work has been brought to life in the school video released on the Annual Day in Nov 2013.

On behalf of the Trustees, the Friends of the Bissell's, the community of Bali, and the students we wish you well always and hope you will keep in touch for years to come.

Look forward to meeting you in Bali on my next week and celebrating your good work.

With best wishes,

For Bhadrajun Artisans Trust

Sandeep Dutt

The School Weekly - 1st December 13

23rd November to 1st December 13: Five students with their coach have gone to Lonavla to participate in the Netball Tournament.

26th November 13: Students of class one to three went to Rata Mahaveer today for picnic and class four and five went to Dantiwara for picnic. They enjoyed a lot there. Five teachers escorted easy group.

 27th November 13: Students of class six & seven went to Kambeshwar Mahadev, class eight & nine went to Muchala Mahaveerji ,class ten & eleven went to Ranakpur Temple for picnic today.

 28th November 13: Students of pre- primary classes went to Ranakpur Temple for picnic today.
Children's Day was not celebrated in the school due to Annual Day's preparation so after Annual Function picnics were organized for the students on the occasion of Children's Day. The students enjoyed a lot there.

29th November 13: Class tests were taken in all the classes.

What is life
Life is to live, to live is to act
To act is to do something good
To do something good is to love God
So to live is to love
The difference is of only 'I' &'o'
I stands for self 'o' represents zero
Nothing & universe. So in the real sense of word
Life is to merge 'I' into "O'
- Darshan Rajpurohit    X

You can feel her innocence in your daughter
You can feel her passion in your beloved
You can feel her dedication in your wife
You can feel her love in your mother
Yet her heart is very strong but naughty
She is born to give you happiness Woman is wonderful creation of  God
- Mrs. Bharti Rao
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