The School Weekly - 31st March 2014

24th March 14: The staff and management committee welcomed our new Principal Ms. Deepika Tandon to The Fabindia School, Bali. She comes with a vast international experience, has taught in the best schools of India like Mayo College Girls School - Ajmer, Mayo College – Ajmer and The Scindia School – Gwalior. She has been founder Principal of G. D. Goenka School - Jaipur, Shri Ram Global School - Delhi NCR and CEO of Mount Litera Zee School - Karnal with 25 years of experience in education field. She believes in empowering people for their growth and the growth of the institute. She is a Rajasthani from Ajmer. She met the staff where she shared her vision for the school. The school looks forward to gaining greater heights with her leadership.

25th March 14: Final Examination for non - board classes ended.

26th March 14 - 30th March 14 : Sports Coaching Camp was organized for students of Class VI to XI. Coaches Mr. Safraaz & Mr. Lokendra from LNIP, Gwalior and Delhi Nehru Stadium trained students in basketball and cricket. In all 60 students participated attended the Coaching Camp for the duration. The students learned different skills like dodge, throw, catch, bounce and how to chase target of victory in both games.

The School Weekly - 24th March 2014

18th March 14: Today the final term exams started for class nursery to VIII and XI.

21st March 14: CCE Exams for class IX and X ended today. Today they had their last paper of Science and Social Science.
Due to examination no activities have been carried out so there is no news to share about the happenings in school.

Point of View

My Letter to God
Dear God sometimes the whole day long
I don't know why I do things wrong
My mother calls and I don't heed
I turn my back when friends in need
I don't do work what I ought to do
I even fail to think of you
I'm sorry God for days like these
And hope you will forgive me please
And grant me God a chance I pray
To do my best another day
- Jaswant Singh (Class - VIII)
Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.   

The School Weekly - 18th March 2014

10th March 14: Today home board CCE of class IX and X started.

14th March 14: On the occasion of Holi an art & craft competition was organized for class VI to VIII. Students made beautiful charts & drawings and displayed it on the display board. Students of class I to V did EVS projects. Seating arrangement was done for all the classes as their final term examination is going to start from Tuesday.

Point of View

Importance of time management
The word time management means fixation of priorities according to time. Time management is of great importance in a person's life & career. It is essential in every field of life as it is a resource to accomplish any task. It helps us to do our task in time and to identify the useless tasks which can be avoided and time can be saved. It helps us to give proper time to a task & perform it more efficiently. Time management also makes us disciplined which is very necessary to get us name, fame & money which each and every person wants in his life. A very single moment which passed once will never come back to be availed. At last I want to say that it is better to utilize the present time more efficiently then crying for past in future. So we as students should take a pledge that we will learn to manage our time for a better life.
- Harshita Dalawat (Class - IX)
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The School Weekly - 10th March 2014

3rd March 14: On this day board exams of class X & XII have started.

8th March 14: Women's Day was celebrated in the school. The teachers gave speeches, recited poems, read article, sang songs and spoke thought for the day to show the importance and significance of women in society.
Saturday activities were carried out in all the classes. Class I had game activity. Class II to V saw a movie. girls of class VI to VIII learnt handball skills. Boys of class VI to VIII & XI had inter house basketball & volley ball matches.
Point of View

Women is a true picture of love, faith, happiness and affection. Women are the best creation of god. She shows the mind of a child with a variety of thoughts like the garden with different flowers. In other
words, it can be said that the beauty of life and love exists because of the existence of women. She is an epitome of sacrifice. She is a reservoir of love that keeps flowing endlessly. She is a fresh flower
which spreads its fragrance everywhere. Honour them as they are the one who will teach to take each and every step in life.
- Bharti Rao
Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.   

The School Weekly - 3rd March 2014

28th February 14: Science Day was celebrated in the school. Students gave speeches relating science & technology and its new developments. They also performed many experiments on C. V. Raman effect. Mr. Byju Joseph & Mr. Atul Bhatt also spoke a few words on this day.

1st March 14: Saturday activities were carried out in the last two periods. Inter house Cricket tournament was organized for the senior section. Chanakya house won the match. In rest of the classes music, library, art & craft & computer activities were carried out.

Point of View

Girls Education
Today we live in modern age. Education is very useful for every child, it makes our life. Education is most valuable gift to a child. Now people have understood the importance of girl education. Our country has agreed to this idea. There are many benefits of girl education. Education gives us knowledge which has changed the world history since ancient time. By female infanticide our people realized that they had lost many intelligent girls. The present age can be also called as the girl's age. A mother gives us birth and a teacher gives us worth & makes us perfect. To educate a girl is a great service to mankind. 
My ambition is to become an ideal teacher. I thank my teacher who has made me perfect. I thank my parents for giving me life, the best gift for me in my life which every mother gives to her daughter.
- Shivani Rao (Class VIII)
Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.   

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