The School Weekly - 23rd December 2019

STUDENT: Pushpendra Singh/VII was selected as the Student this Week for his benevolent behaviour towards school. He shared his real life incidents with the students. He shared with the students that they should always help others . He quoted that “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

EDUCATOR: Ms. Punita Chouhan/Educator. She shared her views on the importance of creativity. She said it is significant to have creativity in vision to achieve your passion. She shared a beautiful example of Albert Einstein. She quoted “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

PARENT: Mrs. Isha Agarwal M/O Arshi & Tanay Agarwal was selected as the Parent this Week. She addressed the Assembly. She shared that winning is not important participating is more important. Whether you win or lose give your best. She quoted 'Sportsmanship is knowing that it is a game, that we are only as a good as our opponents, and whether you win or lose, to always give your 100 percent.'

(ED:Editor, IA: Isha Agarwal)
ED: What do you do?
IA: I am a housewife.
ED: Your many  of your wards are studying here?
IA: My two wards are studying here Archi Agarwal and Tanay Agarwal.
ED: What do you expect from the school?
IA: We feel from the School we have got more than we expected. Everything is so good.My wards are achieving good results. School is keeping a good balance between academics and activities. My wards are focusing on studies and improving day by day. The School is trying to explore the hidden talents of the students. We appreciate whatever the School is doing.
ED: What do you expect from your child?
IA: We want our child to choose the field of their choice.They should participate in each activity.Whatever they want they can do, no one will force them to choose a particular field. But they should learn some basics.
ED: Have you achieved your goal?
IA: No,I have not achieved my goal.
ED: What message would you like to give to the students?
IA: I want to say that participate in each activity and they must respect their elders. 

                                                           NEWS & EVENTS
Monday, 15th December: Sports week was celebrated the whole week. A number of activities were organised the whole week round. It started with Inter-House Cross Country Race. Ms. Mohini Devi, Mother of Tehsildar Saeveshvar Nibark and Principal Mrs. Rajshree Shihag flagged of to mark the beginning of the race. Classes from IV to XII participated in the race and there were total 297 students. 
In this 16 km race Harshvardhan Singh of Class IV was the first to reach at the finishing point.
Group I (Class IV)
I Taruna Dewasi (DH)
II Divyanshi Singh (TH)
III Vedhvii Solanki (TH)
I Harshwardhan Singh (DH)
II Bhanupratap Singh (TH)
III Rudrapratap Singh (GH)

Group II (Class V and VI)
I Yukti Kansara (DH)
II Pratiksha Kunwar (GH)
III Bhumika Rajpurohit (DH)
I Nitesh Dewasi (TH)
II Prasenjit Rajpurohit (GH)
III Sailesh Choudhary (TH)

Group III (Class VII and VIII)
I Yashoda Choudhary (DH)
II Yamini Rathore (GH)
III Apoorva Singh (GH)
I Mukesh Choudhary (RH)
II Harsh Badwar (GH)
III Chandan Sirvi (RH)

Group IV (Class IX and X)
I Meenakshi Choudhary (TH) 
II Heena Sirvi (DH)
III Ravina Rajpurohit (GH)
I Bhavesh Choudhary (TH)
II Rahul Choudhary (RH)
III Kamal Asarsa (GH)

Group V (Class XI and XI)
I Uma Choudhary (TH) 
II Neetu Deora (GH)
III Harsha Suthar (DH)
I  Pushpendra Singh (DH)
II Ajaypal Meena (GH)
III Jagdish Choudhary (DH)

Wednesday, 18th December: Flea Market was organised for students of Class Nursery-IV. With an objective to create and educate children about importance and consumption of fruit and vegetables in regular diet Fruit and vegetable market was set up by Pre Primary section on 18th December.
The event was inaugurated by Principal Ms. Rajeshree Shihag. Some students were dressed as vendors and were taught how to deal in market and rest  were to buy vegetables and fruits Children and teachers sang the fruit and vegetables rhyme. The children took great delight in seeing and touching the fresh fruits and vegetable in baskets. Salad was made and disturbed among students. 
The students were introduced to one seed and many seeded fruits. Also they were shown how to peel and cut fruits.  Teachers explained the value of each type of fruit and vegetable for good health, and also importance of washing fruits
and vegetables before eating or cooking and about the benefits
of fresh fruits and vegetables. 
All the children were found to be quite thrilled and were positive on the fact that vegetables and fruits are better than junk food. 
Aryan Mishra / India's Youngest Astronomer visited our school and shared his real life experiences and incidents which were very fascinating. He is a versatile personality. He plays basketball and knows the art of beat boxing. He encouraged the students to follow their passion. Students of the Astronomy Club had a night camp. Aryan Mishra helped them to view the night sky with the help of the telescope.

Cycling was organised. Cycling is a means of staying fit. It was inaugurated by Mr Aryan Mishra the astronomer. Aryan and the kids
enjoyed the event.
Thursday, 19th December: Cooking Activity was organized for students of Class I-XI They were excited about it. The students of each class were divided into groups. Each group made different items like Sandwich, Fruit salad, Sev puri, Bhel Puri, Macroni etc. Students used those ingredients which had nutritional value. They enjoyed doing this activity and made tasty food items. Their presentation was also splendid. Their excitement could be seen on their faces. They not only shared their food items with their classmates but they asked their teachers and other class students to taste the items that they had made.
Class Nursery-IV had Christmas celebrations. The school saw Christmas Father too jingle-a-ling while students. He hugged, shook hands and gave presents to wish all a Merry Christmas! The students of Pre Primary- II gave a group dance performance. The students of Class II- IV sang Christmas Carols. Chocolates were distributed to all.
Friday, 20th December: Class Nursery-IV had their Annual Sports Day. In a solemn opening ceremony Vice Principal, Mrs. Bharti Rao declared the Meet Open; Uma Choudhary administered the solemn oath to the Houses. Fun Races were organised for the Pre-Primary students. Track Events like 50 M, Obstacle Race, 4x50 Relay Race metre organised for the students of  Class III-IV.  Many parents witnessed the Sports Day. Certificates were awarded to the winners by the Parents & Teachers.

Class V put up a Nativity Tableau on Christmas celebrations. The school saw Christmas Father too jingle-a-ling while students sat watching the play. After the skit the students of VI-VIII gave  dance performance. The students enjoyed a lot.

Saturday, 21st December: The School organised a Carnival
in the Learning Forward Academy Campus. Students with the help of their teachers put up games and food stalls. Some parents and Alumni were also a part of the Carnival. The Students enjoyed a lot.

Alumni Day was organised. About eighty Alumni from batch
1998-2018 were a part of the function. They interacted with the students of Class X-XII. They related their memories and also gave suggestions to the students for their future plans. Musical Event and Dinner was organised for the Alumni. They thanked Principal Ma'am for taking up the initiative for their reunion.

Sunday, 22nd December: School celebrated its 11th Annual Sports Meet on Sunday 22nd 2019. In a solemn opening ceremony Principal, Mrs. Rajeshree Shihag declared the Meet Open; school parade was conducted; the Sports Instructor Mr. Rahul Takkar, Principal Ms. Rajeshree Shihag lit the Sports Torch and was handed over to Avinash Sain who ran with it on the track while each House Captain took the torch and completed the auspicious round to start the Sports Day. Avinash Sain administered the solemn oath to the Houses.  Track and Field events had put up the students in high spirits, each house member cheered for their representative houses. 
Track events like 100 M, 200 M, 400 M, 100 X 4 Relay races, Long Jump, Shot Put of both Junior and Senior Boys and Girls took place. Thanks to all those parents who came to witness the events. 
Parents, Educators gave away certificates and medals to the winners. It was a great day full of fun and frolic.

Best Athlete:
Group II (Class V and VI)
Yukti Sirvi (DH)
Devansh Rajpurohit (GH)

Group III (Class VII and VIII)
Yashoda Choudhary (DH)
Gaurav Sirvi/ GH

Group IV (Class IX and X)
Meenakshi Choudhary (TH) 
Kamal Asarsa (GH)

Group V (Class XI and XII)
Uma Choudhary (TH) 
Dilip Singh (TH)
The School is closed for Winter Vacations from 23rd December to 5th January 2020. We will be back with more news and views on 13th January 2020. The School Weekly wishes its readers A Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year. Keep smiling and keep healthy.
Volume No. 407 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal, Ms Swabhi Parmar,, 
Chief Editor: Diksha Choudhary, Secretary: Uma Choudhary, Joint Secretary: Mansi Choudhary, Anumesh Rao, Krisha Dave, Puran Choudhary, Jatin Tripash, Diksha Choudhary, Tammana Solanki , Uma Choudhary, Priyanka Deora, Krithika Rajpurohit, & Kunal Rajpurohit.

The School Weekly - 16th December 2019

STUDENT: Uma Choudhary/ XI was selected as the Student this Week for her exemplary sportsmanship. She shared her views on sportsmanship. She quoted that 'The strongest people aren't always the people who win, but the people who don't give up when they lose'.

EDUCATOR: Mr. Kishore Kumar was selected as Educator this week. He shared his views on the power of gratitude. He believes that gratitude is an emotion to thank everyone. He said we should be thankful of each and every element present in this nature and even we should respect it whole heartedly. He quoted that Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.” 

PARENT: Mr. Shaktipal Singh Ranawat f/o Kritika Rajpurohit was selected as the Parent this Week. He addressed the Assembly and related two stories. He gave the message that you should always obey and respect your elders.

(ED: Editor, SR: Shaktipal Singh Ranawat)
ED: What do you do?
SR: I am a businessman.
ED: Have you achieved your goal?
SR: Yes, I have achieved my goal; my goal was to become a businessman.
ED: How many of your wards are studying here?
SR: From my family four children are studying here.
ED: What is your opinion about the school?
SR: My opinion about the school is that the standard of the school is much better than other schools, school is providing better faculty for students. The way of communication is also very good.
ED: What are your expectations from your children?
SR: I want them to study well and achieve their goal using the right path.
ED: What are your expectations from the School?
SR: The way the school is working for the development of the students, I’ll advise them to continue it, and follow the same learning pattern in the future.
ED: What message would you like to give to the students?
SR: I would like to tell the students that the school is providing better education, teachers are motivating students and guiding them for their bright future and they should take advantage of these things.
Monday, 9th December- Friday, 13th December: UT III were conducted for Class I-XI. 

Monday, 9th December: Editorial Board had their meeting to elect the Chief Editor for the Editorial Board . Editorial Board members identified qualities of a Chief Editor, Secretary and the Joint Secretary prior to the election, to choose the right candidate. The identified qualities are:

1. Responsible
2. Leadership - who can compile & edit the work.
3. Creativity
4. Language command
5. Innovator
 The badge bearers are:
 Chief Editor: Diksha Choudhary/ XI 
 Secretary: Uma Choudhary/XI 
 Joint Secretary: Mansi Choudhary/XI 

Pre-Primary students celebrated Christmas Week; made snowman, stars, Christmas tree and did decorations. They enjoyed a lot!

Friday, 13th December- Saturday, 14th December: Two days night camp was organized on the school campus for the students of Classes IV- XI. In the evening the students were divided into different groups and then they played various sports like football, lagori, kho kho, cricket etc. At night they had bonfire and around it they exhibited their talents in singing & dancing. They viewed the night sky, moon and the stars with the help of the school’s telescope. Next morning they had sports and art activities before lunch. After lunch they watched ‘War’ in the ATL Lab. In the night they watched another movie ‘ Shera Narsimha Reddy’. The students exhibited leadership qualities and teamwork. They also learnt helping each other, sharing and caring.

Report of the Night Camp
My school organized a two day night camp for the students of class IV-XI. The camp was organized from 13th December’19 to 15th December’19. This camp was indeed a very innovative way to make students learn and gain experience.
On 13th December, we stayed in school after giving our last unit test. First we were divided in groups and then we had sports. We played lagori in which my team won. At night, we had camp-fire. It was an indescribable experience. There was bonfire and it was surrounded with chairs. Students were singing, dancing, and showing their talents in many ways. We viewed the moon and night sky with the help of telescope. I with my classmates learnt to take responsibility of children as we were the senior most. We managed the students. The camp was unforgettable.
After the camp fire, we had great fun in our room. We were not able to sleep because of excitement. We slept late in night and woke up early. We had break-fast then we had sports & art activity. After bath we had lunch. Then we saw War movie and in night we saw Shera Narsimha Reddy. I learnt discipline, self responsibility, teamwork. At night we danced and then went to sleep. Next Morning we arranged everything and returned home with a lot of learning. – Anumesh Rao/ XI 

Saturday, 14th December: Jatin Tripash / IX, Dhruv Parmar/ VIII, Dakshita Sirvi / VII and Puran Choudhary/ VII cleared the first level of Compudon Junior India exams under the guidance of Mr. Usman Gani. They have gone to represent at the National Level competition at Delhi escorted by Mr. Jitendra Suthar.

Volume No. 406 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal, Ms Swabhi Parmar,, 
Chief Editor: Diksha Choudhary, Secretary: Uma Choudhary, Joint Secretary: Mansi Choudhary, Anumesh Rao, Krisha Dave, Puran Choudhary, Jatin Tripash, Diksha Choudhary, Tammana Solanki , Uma Choudhary, Priyanka Deora, Krithika Rajpurohit, & Kunal Rajpurohit.

The School Weekly - 9th December 2019


STUDENT: Khush Rajpurohit/ X was selected as the Student this Week for his benevolent behaviour towards his peer group. He shared that helping others is beneficial to the learner as well. Helping people is important because it is good to help each other. It's good to help because it makes you feel good about yourself and will make you a better person.  Helping others can also help develop your mental and physical health. 

Last but not the least I would like to say that one act of kindness always turns into countless acts of kindness.  He quoted that “If you want to lead a pleasant life, be good to yourself; if you want to lead a happy life, be good to others; and if you want to lead an exceptional life, be good to everyone.”

EDUCATOR: Mr. Abhay Singh was the Educator this Week. He shared his views on 'Willpower'. He  shared that to achieve any goal one must have strong will power and determination. He quoted that “Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear.” 

यह बुरा भ्रष्टाचार 
इस देश का नाम डुबाएगा 
इस देश पर कलंक लगाकर
देश को नीचा दिखाएगा 

यह बुरा भ्रष्टाचार 
औरत की इज्जत लुटाएगा 
औरत को रुलाकर,
परिवार को बरबाद कर जाएगा 

यह बुरा भ्रष्टाचार 
मासूम की जान ले लेंगा 
उसका भविष्य खराबकार,
उस पर भी छाप लगा लेगा 

यह बुरा भ्रष्टचार 
उस गरीब को रुलाएगा 
उसका पैसा खाकर 
उसे कभी अमीर बनने देगा 

यह बुरा भ्रष्टाचार 
कलंक है इस देश पे 
इसको मिटाकर 
हम जिएँगे ख़ुशी से 
हिना सीरवी / IX 

Many of us take the stress of marks we have gained, but the word marks is nothing more than practice. We can obtain more marks by doing regular studies of whatever we have studied in our school. If we have scored less marks then there is no other option, but we can change things by practicing. So to overcome your depression like talking to negative people, eating too much, staying alone and cursing yourself is not a solution for your better result but instead of it build a company of like minded people around you who are better in studies and can help you. Every situation in life is temporary, only things will go as per time goes.God always takes you to low and helps you to reach the high. There is always a low before you reach the highest; so work hard to achieve the high. And the other main thing is to think in a positive way. Failures defeat losers but inspires winners. So, we should not be depressed or become sad but we should be ready to fight the failures to achieve success or gain better marks. 
Uma Choudhary/ XI

                                                                          NEWS & EVENTS
Thursday, 5th December: The institution believes that the alumni of the school carries immense potential and this potential can serve as the lifeblood to nurture the tree of education for future students of the school. We had a chit chat chai with some of our alumni. We are planning to host a musical event for our cherished alumni on the 21st of December 2019. It is a small step to harken to our Fabindians who have passed out of the school and have gone onwards with their journey of scaling new heights of excellence in their lives.
Monday, 2nd December- Friday, 6th December: The Week was celebrated as Math Week. A number of activities were conducted in Class I- IX the whole week by the Math Department. 
Activities and Learning Outcomes
Class - I
1-Numbers from 1-100.

2-Skip counting of 2,5,10.

3-Pattern(cut and paste using colour papers.

4-Showing things of 2D and 3D shapes and speaking about them.
Class - II
1.Skip Counting of 2,3,5,10,and 11 on the basketball court. We have learnt the tables by this

2.Cut and paste the 2 D shapes and explanation of 3 D blocks. We learnt about the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.
Class - III
1.Game on tables and patterns. We learnt many new patterns by our body movements.

2.Finding measurements of different objects. We learnt to find the measurement of different objects like length of a table, pencil, eraser,etc.
Class - IV

1. Magic triangles.

We gained knowledge of arranging the numbers. We developed our thinking ability by this activity.

2. Decoding the secret messages.
Through the alphabets and numbers, we learnt to write and read someone's secret message.
Class - V A
1. On 2nd December, we were shown a trick to make a Magic Square of 3x3 where sum of all line vertical, horizontal and diagonally is same. In Magic Triangle, we had to fill numbers in such a way so that sum of each line is equal to the number given in the center.
2. On 3rd December, we played a game in our Math lesson. It was on multiples and factors. We were given a number whose multiple we had to remember. We clapped while counting numbers starting from 1 and if we came across a multiple number then we had to snap our fingers and not clap or we would be out of the game.
We enjoyed a lot on both days.

Tanya Tripash and Tiya Sompura

Class - V B
1. Game on multiples and factors.

We learnt the multiples and factors of different numbers. We have increased our listening skills and concentration by this activity.

2. Magic Squares and triangles.

We developed our thinking ability and this activity was very interesting. We learnt the arrangement of class.
During Math  Week first day we had to make mirror images using poster colours.  All
students made their own  designs on half part of the A 4 size paper. Then we folded the paper from the middle. The design got printed on the other side of the paper. Then in second activity we drew mirror  images of word Math. Next day we had Quiz Competition. We were divided into two teams, Team A and Team B. Ma'am asked questions and  we students answered. In our quiz competition the score of both teams was same. We had fun loving activities and enjoyed a lot.
Devansh Rajpurohit /VI A
During the Math Week, activities were conducted in our class. First day, 2nd December "Figure Me Out" activity was conducted in which there was an answer and we had to form questions using two mathematical operations to get the correct answer. We had to make  questions for our age, birthdate, birth year and present year. It was very interesting and we enjoyed a lot. In the second activity we learnt the trick to make a Magic Square of 5x5 in which the sum of all rows, columns and diagonals should be same. We created two Magic Square of 5x5.  Second day we solved many maths puzzles and riddles. While solving riddles, my classmates and I enjoyed a lot and each one took interest to get the correct answers. It sharpened our minds. Both days we learnt and had fun too.
Ritu Parihar /VII A
Two activities were performed in the class with the students a) Two find square of numbers ending with 5 without calculations and b) a quiz on Chapters from the syllabus was conducted for the students by dividing the class in two groups(teams). The students participated with great excitement and performed well. We learnt to find square of a two digit number and a numbers ending with digit 5 without actual calculation.
The next day we played a quiz game. 
Meenakshi Sirvi/VIII A
Today we practiced the concept of chapter circle under the guidance of Ajay Sir and Negi Sir. We understood the concepts of circles with the help of Geo Board. Geo Board is a board used for geometry. With the help of that board we were able to understand theorems and concepts easily. It was great fun to study it practically otherwise it becomes a bit boring and also today we were curious to study Math. I was very happy because it helped me to understand the concepts so easily and now with the help of the Geo Board my concepts of circle chapter is clear.
Priyanka Deora/ IX A

Wednesday, 4th December: The students were awarded certificates who had participated in the 64th District Level Handball Competition. Those who were selected for the State level were Pushpendra Singh Ranawat/ VII and Harshit Rajpurohit/ IX

Saturday, 30th November: Inter House Kabaddi Match was organised on 30th November. There were interesting matches between various houses and a separate match was organized for girls.
IH Kabaddi Match:
Senior Section

I Teresa House
II Raman House
III Dhyanchand House

I Gandhi House
II Raman House
III Dhyanchand House

Junior Section (BOYS)
I Teresa House
II Gandhi House 
III Raman House

I Dhyanchand House
II Raman House
III Gandhi House

Saturday, 7th December
My Good School Saturday 
The day started with quizzing and map filling. Then Inter Class English Elocution was organised for students of Class I-VIII and Inter Class Hindi Elocution was organised for Class IX- XI. Sports Activities were organised for the Primary Section.
Inter House Lagori Match was organised for the Middle & Senior Section. The Students enjoyed a lot.

Junior Section
   I  Raman House
   II Teresa House
   III Dhyanchand House

Senior Section
   I Dhyanchand House
   II Teresa House
   III Raman House 
Artwork by Ankush Sirvi/ VII
Volume No. 405 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal, Ms Swabhi Parmar,, Anumesh Rao, Krisha Dave, Puran Choudhary, Jatin Tripash, Diksha Choudhary, Tammana Solanki , Uma Choudhary, Priyanka Deora, Krithika Rajpurohit, & Kunal Rajpurohit.

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