The School Weekly - 28th December 2015

Temperatures have shot down tremendously to 3°C.  Due to severe winters  Government has declared holidays till 10th January 2016. Hence schools will open on 11th January 2016. Students are seen clinging to their sweaters and prefer to sit in the sun. The school has registered Maximum temperature at 21°C & Minimum 6°C. Humidity rose to 34%. Chilly winds blew at 8 km/hr.
My school days 
The most memorable days of life
Recollecting those days I feel a pride.
My friends were my heart and
My teachers were my soul.
How someone can forget those days
When we enjoyed the most.
Helping  friends and playing nicely
But sometimes fighting with friends and make them angry.
Our daily routine of going to school
Only that person can forget who is the biggest fool.
Enjoying different occasions in different ways
If I could get those days I only pray.
Those cute tricks on friends
Can never come back,
But those sweet memories and dream
Take me again and again back.
Varsha Solanki/X/TH
Everywhere are mountains snowy
Birds have to make a fly
Houses are only three
Lights are twinkling on the tree
"Santa Santa" children are shouting
People of the land are waiting
Santa Claus is giving gifts
Children are ready to receive the gifts
Dinner is ready to eat
Children are ready to eat chocolates
In the cold ice deserts
All are enjoying the Christmas
Divanshu Bhati/X/GH
Breakfast as a healthy food habit
Breakfast adds a healthy meal to our diet. It pretends to be a proper and improved light meal and provide energy and nutrients for the proper start to the day. This can be considered as a healthy habit that has a beneficial importance in maintaining the nutritional level of our body.
It is a great trend in the modern world of keeping this healthy habit of taking the breakfast regularly as it is linked to improved nutrient intakes and may help to maintain the healthy body weight. It helps to fulfill the necessary components of food needed in our body and maintains the fitness of our body.
In a student's life the habit of taking healthy breakfast is necessary for keeping the brain healthy and alert. It is particularly important for children as breakfast appear to support learning and school performance especially one with poor nutritional status.
Adityapratap Singh/X/GH
मुझे अच्छी लगती है गुडिया रानी
वो हो गयी है पुरानी
लेकिन लगती है नई नवेली
उसको प्यार से बुलाते है सयानी

वो कपड़े पहनती है अलग-अलग
कभी लाल, कभी पीला और कभी हरा
वो पलक झपकती है तो लगता है
सारी मुसीबत हो गई हल

वो  हमेशा हँसती है और सबको हँसाती है
नाचती है और नचाती हैं
वो कभी नहीं खाती कभी नहीं पीती
वो है इतनी अच्छी कि सबको भाती

गुड़िया रानी तुम कहीं मत जाना
तुम्हारे बिन सब काम पर फिर जाएगा पानी
अगर तुम होगी तो
काम करने में होगी आसानी।
Kreena Rao/VII/DH
Exchange Program at Maharani Gayatri Devi School, Jaipur (December 15 to December 19, 2015)
This trip to Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School Jaipur was a very enriching experience for me and for my friends. From this school we came to know what life is once you live away from home. How one has to make decisions all alone- without help of parents. We observed many new things about science and technology. The five day program was full of enthusiasm, discoveries, experiences, fun and frolic. It was a great learning experience for both the Escort Teacher and students.

On 16th December, we woke up at 6:00 AM,  then we  got ready for breakfast. After breakfast we went for Assembly and there we introduced ourselves. Afterwards we went around the School Campus. We went to the quiet corner to see Maharani Gayatri Devi‘s guild. Then we attended the lessons in VIII Class. Our Ist lesson was English Class, II lesson was Hindi and III lesson was Math. After three lessons we all went for brunch.  After brunch we again attended the classes.  IV lesson was Science, V lesson was S.ST and VI lesson was Computer. After school we went for lunch and then we went to hostel to change. At 3:00 PM we all went to Albert Hall and there we saw an old mummy named Tutu. It is about 250 years old. After that we went to Bapu bazaar for shopping. And At 8:00 pm we returned back to M.G.D School.

On 17th we went to Science Park and Regional Science Center. At 9:00 A.M we visited Science Fest. And there we visited the Astronomy, Physics lab, Chemistry lab, etc .It was so interesting. There we took part in Collage Making and Graffiti. Our presentation was not that much good in comparison to others because of less material, but we enjoyed a lot and had a great experience. And then at 1:00 PM we returned to MGD .And at 4:00 PM we went for evening games and there we Inter House Basketball Match was going on .We too participated in the match and had fun.

On 18th we visited the Amhar Fort and there we saw many things. After that we visited City Palace in the evening with the Principal of MGD School. There we saw many beautiful paintings of Maharajas of Jaipur.

On 19th we attended Assembly and shared our experiences with them. After that we went for Art class and at 9:15 am we attended the Alumni Function. In that function Silver Jubilee and Golden Jubilee Students came and they shared their experiences. After that we went for Kathak Dance Classes.  After that we attended music classes and learnt how to play violin. At 3:00 pm we went to the dining hall for lunch. After that we had a photo session with Maharani Vidhya Devi. In evening we spent some time with our buddies and had great fun with them and I miss those 5 days which I spent in MGD.
They had a fixed routine for everyday. Right from Assembly, which was a fun exercise, where students prayed to God along with getting updated with the latest happenings around the globe.

The students of MGD school were friendly by nature, so we easily connected with them. There were about 4000 students and about 150 teachers. The best thing that I like was that the whole school live like a joint family. Thus it was a lifetime experience and we will never forget this trip.
Deepika Parmar/VIII/GH & Harshita Chouhan/VIII/RH

Tuesday, 22nd December: Class III-V put up a Nativity Tableau on Christmas celebrations. The school saw Christmas Father too jingle-a-ling while students sat watching the play. He hugged, shook hands and gave presents to wish all a Merry Christmas! The birthdays of the students from Nursery to Class VII that fell in the month of November and December was celebrated in the Main School Campus. The birthday students partied by cutting the cake, dancing and distributing chocolates.

Photos of the School Weekly - 28th December 2015
Posted by The Fabindia School on Monday, December 28, 2015
Pradeep Singh/XI/GH: The play was fun and interesting. Santa was fantastic and fun. Thank You for the presents that we got.
Divya Solanki/XI/TH: The play and Father Christmas was awesome . We had fun the whole day long.
Manmanvendra Singh/IX/DH: It was fantastic. I enjoyed a lot . Principal Ma’am made our day by giving us presents, thanks a lot for it.
Krisha Dave/VII/GH: The day was unforgettable for me. I enjoyed both the play and the birthday party celebrations. Santa Claus was awesome.
Mayur Singh/XII/TH: The smaller kids acted really well and they were fantastic, but to some extent the PA system spoilt the show. The choir sang very beautifully.
Kinjal Rao/VIII/ DH: I enjoyed the play a lot. My choir group gave a beautiful performance. Smaller kids enjoyed a lot. Some were scared to see Santa but others had fun.
Anumesh Rao/VII/GH: This day was the most enjoyable day for me because my birthday falls in the month of November and this time I also got a chance to cut cake in the School and I really enjoyed it. The play was awesome. Santa was fun.
Chanchal Choudhary/IX/DH: It was fun seeing the children run after Santa to shake hands with him and wish him a merry Christmas. I was happy to receive the present because it was for the first time that we got presents on Christmas.
Monday, 21st December: Exchange Program girls returned to School after their five days visit to MGD Girl’s School, Jaipur. The girls shared their great experience with everyone in the Assembly. Class XII’s Pre Board I ended today. Students felt relaxed after a fortnight for continuously they had two exams- First Half Yearly and then Pre Board I.

Wednesday, 23rd December: Parents Teacher Meeting was organized for Class Nursery to XII. The meeting was not a success for only 5% of Parents turned up for the meeting.

The School is closed for Winter Vacations from 24th December to 10th January, 2016. We will be back with more news and views on 18th January 2016, till

The School Weekly wishes its readers A Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year. Keep smiling and keep healthy.
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The School Weekly - 21st December 2015

A must watch, the Annual Day 2015, had phenomenal energy and the musical was beautiful! #happyteachers #affordablequalityeducation #MyGoodSchool #brewingknowledge

Posted by The Fabindia School on Monday, December 21, 2015
The skies were covered with stratus clouds off and on during the week, as a result of which temperatures have run down. Mount Abu recorded -1°C on Saturday night. The school has registered Maximum temperature at 22°C & Minimum 7°C. Humidity was at 25%. Winds blew at 6 km/hr.
Annual Day’s Chairman’s Speech 
Thank you dear children for giving us the opportunity to be amongst you! Yes, we need to thank all the people who helped us reach here, but without the joy and the fun you have has no meaning. This is the only school that I have come across (as I visit thousands of schools) where they make fresh air, the forest behind you makes the fresh air. This is the only school which actually makes fresh air this is the only school that perhaps gives you the cleanest water. This is the school where you can see the stars above and feel the mud under your feet. This is the school where you can hear the children sing, this is the school that has grown where you grow with care, love and affection.
Thank you Mr. Bissell, for you, we are very happy to be here today. We are grateful to you for having us all together on a mission, a mission which started almost   25 years back and more, so all the board members, parents, friends who all are participating in making the mission a success. What you see here is the journey partially complete, this is just the beginning. I often say and for us the happiest day will be when we see a Fabindian lead us in every sphere of life .
It is our dream that we have a Fabindian lead us not only in Study but also Sport, Skill, Service and what else? Absolutely! We want the Fabindian’s to excel in all the four fields: Service, Skill, Sport and Study. With this motive we feel the quality of education which the school offers is far superior to even main stream school in the country. I travel all over the country, I have come just from Delhi, I have been to many cities but I tell you that no where do you breath the clean fresh air, that you breathe here. I will say in Hindi:
जो खाओगे वही बनोगे। जो हवा पानी आपको यहाँ मिल रहा है वो आपको आगे ले जायेगा। जो शुद्ध हवा पानी बाली में है वो आगे बढ़ाएगा। आप और हम मिलकर इस छत्र - छाया में आगे बढ़ेंगे।
Thank you Principal Ma’am, thank you Chief Guest for joining and doing everything to make this evening a wonderful one. And it is wonderful to see young people like our Head Boy, Head Girl, the Prefects all taking charge. It is wonderful to see them being part of the society who are now leading to give us various skills, sports. It is wonderful to see a boy reaching at district level in soccer, It is fantastic to see children cycling all the way to Ranakpur. It is even great to see children work on Service project. The Social Service league in the school is a noble idea, we don’t have a Social Service League in any school in Bali. The Art and Craft, the Music and the Orchestra only The Fabindia School gives us. Let me assure you, it is all to give your child the necessary space. It is all to give your child the necessary opportunity to excel. It is for your child, of your child and by your child. Children love having fun and we hope they continue to have fun. Teachers love teaching and the joy only spreads when children have fun so let us all be together in the joy of learning and all the best.
Thank you everybody.

My best friend, my cool friend
He teach me how to make friend and how to be a good friend
He solve my problem in nice and simple way
Be with me I always pray
In problem selfish friend leave us but he is the only one guide us
When society stand against us
Then he give strength to fight with truth, which is good for us
Helping is her moto
No matter group dual or solo
He teach me reading, learning, performing and somewhat how to cook
I call him' The Book'
Radhika Singh/X/GH
One moon many stars
Playing hide and seek
Every night in the sky
Shining like diamonds
Various star, different shapes
One moon having
Sometimes round, sometimes crescent
Lightning the Earth
Without them everything is dull
Night looks like day
Rising with the sunset
And sleeping with the sunrise
Muskan Rathod/IX/TH
Digital INDIA is a project started by the government of India on 1st of July, 2015 in order to transform India into a complete digitally empowered as well as knowledgeable country of the world. This project is interconnected by the various governmental departments such as IT, education, agriculture, etc in order to achieve promising bright returns. It is headed and planned by the ministry of communication and information technology. It is like golden opportunity for India when got implemented properly. In the very starting of the project launch, there was a plan by the state government to make available high speed internet connection in almost 250,000 villages, and other residential areas of the country. The crucial role played by the' Bhaarat Broadband Network limited' in this project is really appreciable.

In the digital India there would be easy digitalization of data which will help in making things much more efficient and fast in the future. It will reduce paper work, save man power and save time as well. This project will take a speed by tying the knot between government and private sectors. Huge number of villages interconnected with high speed network will really undergo a huge change from back word regions to compete digitally equipped areas.
Krithika Mansion/X/GH
For Class I to V
  1. What is the full form of CPU and ROM?
  2. Which is the national tree of India?
  3. In India children's day celebrated in memory of whom?
  4. India became independent in which year?
  5. Which is the Indian national game?
For Class VI to VII
  1. Who first gave the concept of an atom?
  2. Which plant does not have roots, leaves and flowers?
  3. In which country was paper money first introduced?
  4. Who was the first Muslim president of India?
  5. Name the two Nobel prize winner who have also been awarded the Bhaarat Ratna?
  1. Bubblegum was invented in 1928 by an accountant.
  2. The sloth is the world slowest mammal, so lazy that algae grows on it's furry coat.
  3. If you eat too many carrots, your skin can turn orange.
  4. 60 tonnes of paint are needed to paint the Eiffel Tower.
  5. Seahorses can see in two different directions at the same time.
In order to commemorate the 128th birth anniversary of Dr. Srinivasa Aiyangar Ramanujan on 22nd December, 2015, the CBSE invited schools affiliated to it to celebrate GANIT (Growing Aptitude in Numerical Innovations & Training) Week. For this purpose, our school conducted the following activities during the GANIT week.
16.12.2015: Mathematics Relay Race (I to VIII)
17.12.2015: Solving Mathematical Puzzles such as solving Rubik’s cube and creating magic squares (VI to VIII)
18.12.2015: Interactive Session on Mathematics (IX to XII)
19.12.2015: Quiz competition  (I to XII)
21.12.2015: Mathematical games such as Sudoku and Kakuro (VI to XII)
22.12.2015: Innovative Projects on Mathematics such as the Golden Ratio (I to XII)
These activities were performed by the teachers in their respective classes. The students enjoyed the activities.
  Prerna Rathod
एक पंछी
उड़ता-उड़ता एक पंछी आया
दूर देश का संदेशा लाया
भाईचारा साथ वो लाया
स्वतंत्रता को याद दिलाया।
चोंच में छोटा खत लाया,
आकर जिसे हमें थमाया,
उड़ता-उड़ता एक पंछी आया,
दूर देश का संदेशा लाया।
देश त्योहारों का है हमारा,
जग में लगता सबसे न्यारा,
आज़ादी को सहेज कर रखो,
इसमें कोई समझौता न कर दो।
उड़ता-उड़ता एक पंछी आया,
दूर देश का संदेशा लाया।
सूरज की किरणों के संग आया ,
आते-आते बड़ा हरषाया,
दूर देश का संदेशा लाया।
   Bhagyashree Mewara/IX/TH
Monday, 14th December – Tuesday, 15th December: In-house workshop under PDP was conducted on both days. Mr. Byju Joseph conducted workshop on preparation of Lesson Plan and its format.
Mr. Gajendra Mewara and Ms. Monika Vaishnav conducted the workshop that they had attended in Pali.
Mrs. Prerna Rathod, Mrs. Raj Ranawat and Mrs. Bharti Rao conducted the CCE workshop on FAs that they had attended in Vidhyawari.

Monday, 14th December: FA3 was conducted in Class III- X. Half-Yearly started in Class XI and Pre board I in Class XII. Junior Classes were busy in Christmas Play practice.

Tuesday 15th December: Pooja Dutta/ XI/GH  and Blessy Maria /XI/ DH participated in the Inter School Debate Competition hosted by K. S. Lodha School, Falna. The topic of the debate was “In the age of Information Technology the Institution of school is redundant”. Sixteen CBSE. Schools from Jodhpur, Udaipur, Falna and Bali and from the surrounding areas participated in the competition. The winning teams were from Jodhpur and Udaipur. Girls felt recharged on returning as though they hadn’t won but it was a rewarding experience to know how a debate should be spoken!

Harshita Chouhan/VIII, Deepika Parmar/VIII, Noorani Tak/VIII, Kirti Malviya/VIII, Priyal Dave/VIII, Tanisha Champawat/VIII, Chanchal Choudhary/IX, Rounak Chouhan/IX and Himantika Chouhan/IX escorted with Ms. Usha Pawar went for an Exchange Program to MGD Girls, Jaipur. They attended the ‘SCIENCE FEST’

Photos of the School Weekly - 21st December 2015
Posted by The Fabindia School on Monday, December 21, 2015

Wednesday, 16th December: FA 3 ended that day. Junior classes were busy in their Christmas practice.

Thursday, 17th December: Mark Sharks Workshop for the Science teachers was conducted on that day. Mr. Aditya Tripathji, Ms. Aakanksha Gulati (resource person), Komal Sood (Ex Principal and advisor) and Manas Chakrabati (Advisor and board member Doon School) from Mark Sharks visited the School to take a feedback  with Science teachers. Forty Minutes Intro Session was conducted with Class VIII students. Mr. Byju Joseph and Mr. Rahul Choudhary.

The School Weekly - 14th December 2015

Due to western disturbance and snow in Himachal cold wave has gripped Northern India. Bali has not been spared too. Chilly winds kept students indoors. The strong sunshine was a welcome relief and students were seen studying in the sun. Rain in Chennai has thankfully stopped. Chilly winds from North blew at 3 km/hr. The School has registered maximum temperature at 22°C and minimum temperature at 9°C, dipping to its lowest in the night at 6°C. Humidity has increased by 3°C, now it is 42%.
भँवरों का आहार फूल,
तितली आवास फूल,
फूल होते हैं, कोमल,
कर जाते मन पावन।
वसुधा का श्रृंगार फूल,
देवों को भाता फूल,
जीवन भर देता प्रेरणा,
प्रेरित रहो यही है कहना।
हम भी बन जाएं फूलों जैसे,
काम करो जीवन में वैसे।
भँवरों का आहार फूल,
तितली आवास फूल।
Himantika Chouhan/IX/GH
The Use of Library
A library is a centre of knowledge. We should be proud of having a good library in our school and locality. It is also a cultural centre. People go to library to read newspaper and magazines, books, poetry, drama, short stories, novels, scientific books etc. We become great by reading books. Books not only increase our knowledge but also help us to think better. “Reading makes a full man”. A good library can turn the whole village or town a place of good men and women. The society itself becomes developed. In addition to this we can give informal education to the adults with the help of libraries. Visiting the library should become the habit of an individual for the growth of his/her personality.
Aditya Pratap Singh/X/GH
Answers of Math Quiz
1. 5050 2. (1) 3. (2) 4. 3πr2 5. πrl 6. a/3 7. 2(lb+bh+hl)  8. 2πrh 9. 1/3 πr2h 10. 2/3 πr3 
11. Aryabhatta 12. May be positive or negative 13.( 1) 14. 97 15. (2) 16. (2) 17. (1) 
18. Protractor 19. Pyramid
Assembly was conducted by DhyanChand House

DEAR program was conducted as usual in all the classes on Monday and Wednesday

Sunday, 6th December: Three teachers Mrs. Raj Ranawat, Mrs. Prerna Rathod and Mrs. Bharti Rao attended CCE workshop which was conducted on 6th December at LPS English Medium School Vidhyawari.

Report on CCE Workshop for FAs
A CCE Workshop was conducted on 6th December at LPS English Medium School Vidhyawari. The workshop lasted from 9.00AM to 3.30PM. Mr. Gulsan Manoriya from Juana Technology was the resourse person from CBSE. Mrs. Raj Ranawat, Mrs. Prerna Rathod and Mrs. Bharti Rao attended the workshop from the school. There were 23 teachers from LPS, Vidhyawari including our school. All teachers were asked to introduce themselves to begin with. Each person had to give their colleague’s introduction. Then Gulsan Manoriya introduced himself and informed that CBSE had hired 18 Agencies and divided the area of work so this agency Juana Tech. had to conduct a workshop for FAs.
All participants were divided into five groups. Each group had to form questions about problems that teachers facing during FAs. Then he gave examples of activities by conducting some critical thinking activities. He also gave examples of how activities can be made interesting and about Time Management. Then another activity was conducted in which associated key words of CCE were given out of which we had to find the correct definition. After the activity each key word was explained in detail with the help of projector.
Group activity was conducted. Two classroom scenarios were given in which both objectives and procedure was through the activity. It was explained that a teacher should prepare rubrics before conducting FAs and share it with the students. Documentation of FAs is necessary and feedback should be given to students directly and immediately. A teacher should also conduct diagnostic assessment that helps the teacher to channelize a student’s energy. A student’s portfolio should be prepared over a period of time.
Tools and techniques of how to assess FAs were provided. The workshop ended with a feedback session which was given to Gulsan Manoriya of how he can improve his workshop.

Tuesday 8th December:  Remedial lessons were eliminated as the school timings changed from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM. due to severe cold.

Thursday, 10th December: A Special Assembly was organized on the occasion of World Human Right’s Day. Mr. Byju Joseph and Mr. Dinesh Bharti spoke at length on Human Rights, to bring awareness among students and how to use their rights in the correct manner without manipulating anyone else.

Friday, 11th December: For the whole week. FA III was conducted for Class III to X. A number of activities, projects and creative writing were carried out to evaluate students.

The School Weekly - 7th December 2015

Maths Week at The Fabindia School
It is turning cold by the day due to sudden showers in Northern Rajasthan which has brought chilly winds blowing at 5km/hr to School with very weak sunlight. It is predicted that weather will only become cold further. The School has registered Minimum Temperature at 10°C and Maximum at 23°C. Humidity has increased by 2°C, it is now 39%.
A Helping Hand
Sightful, delightful, or rightful,
At least a serving hand,
With a glorious hope,
For retaining our antique sand
Says "The colours of dreamy wonders,
now again going to live,
solving our massive-enclosed blunders,
while giving a long-lasting belief
A restless joy gonna encore curiously,
For proving his consisted bloom,
And for glowing the dim-lighted future,
Once again this event will show the relation of cultural cloak"
This grateful practice will shine up the old given value sense
With regards as our nation is greeted with,
Since each one has motive of obedience,
That is how our natives are titled with a helping hand.
                                                                                                                            Nikhil Soni/ X/TH
     याद आते वे दिन 
याद आते है वे दिन जिनको मैं,
सीने से लगाकर सोया था। 
दोस्त मिले कुछ ऐसे जिसने 
हँसने का अर्थ बताया था। 
 याद आते है वे दिन जिनसे मैं,
 भरी नींद में जाग गया। 
 साथ मिला शिक्षकों का जिन्होंने, 
 जिंदगी जीना ठीक से सिखाया। 
याद आते है वे दिन जिनसे मैं, 
खिल-खिलाकर हँस पड़ता हूँ। 
जिन मित्रों से लड़ता था मैं,
उनको दिल से याद करता हूँ। 
  याद आते है वे दिन जिसमें,
  अपनों का अपनत्व झलकता था। 
  दिल करता है फिर से जी लूँ ,
  जिनको आज याद करता हूँ। 
                                                              भानु प्रताप सिंह/दसवीं/ GH 
Math Poem
Addition, Division, Multiplication, and Subtraction
These are four mathematical operations
If you are not good in these operations 
You are not good in calculation
If you are not good in calculation 
You can’t solve simple mathematical problem
Due to this problem you have tension,
Due to this tension you go to tuition
But now a day’s tuition is a fashion
So, my dear students don’t go for tuition
Take help from your teacher and follow his/her instruction.
                                                                                              Ms. Priyanka Mahatma/ Math Dept.
Math Quiz
What is the sum of the first 100 natural numbers?
The total number of even prime number?
The least prime number?
Total Surface area of a Hemisphere?
Curved surface area of a cone?
Diagonal of a cube is?
Surface area of a cuboid?
Lateral surface area of a cylinder is?
Volume of a cone?
Volume of hemisphere?
Who was the first mathematician to use the concept of 0?
The difference of any two negative number is?
Who am I?
I am neither prime nor composite.
I am the only prime number between 90 and 100.
I am the only even prime number.
I am the HCF of any two consecutive even numbers.
I am the HCF of any two consecutive numbers.
I am the instrument to measure angles.
I am the solid with polygonal base and triangular faces?
Assembly was conducted by Gandhi House
Dear Program was conducted on Monday and Wednesday
Tuesday, 1st December: World AIDS Day was celebrated in the School. In a Special Assembly, Mr. Byju Joseph/AD (Academic Dean) spoke at length on HIV-AIDS, to bring awareness among students. Mr. Hitendra Singh Chundawat/ English Dept. told us about AIDS and its immune deficiency process. Vaishali Rao/XII, Bajrang Singh/XII and Mayur Singh Rathore/XII put batches on teachers and students, to depicting the importance and awareness of HIV AIDS.

Maths Week celebrated. 
A Special Assembly was held every day for students to speak about Mathematics. Mr. Ajay Vijaywargi spoke about use of Math in daily life. Radhika Singh/GH/XA spoke about Ramanujan on whose name the Math Society runs. Suryaveer Singh /DH/ IX spoke about Facts of Ramanujan. 
Wednesday, 2nd December: Day 2 Math Week.
Students from Senior as well as Junior Section spoke on Great Mathematicians.
Khushi Rao/X/GH: Spoke about Bhaskaracharya
Aditya Pratap/X/GH: Spoke about Pythagoras
Nikhil Soni/X/TH: Introduced the great mathematician Euclid.
Jaswant Singh/X/RH: Gave a short description on Aryabhatta.
Avinash Sen/VIII/RH: Gave a short description of George Philip
Vijay Bhati/VIII/GH: Gave a short description Albert Ainstein
Dhruv Ojha/VIII/RH: Gave a short description Augustus De
Ajaypal Meena/VIII/GH: Gave a short description Paul Erdos
Thursday, 3rd December: Day 3 Math Week
 Special Assembly organized by the Math Dept and students in their guidance. Students from Class VI to X presented activities based on games and tricks.
Uttam Suthar/X/GH: Explained volume of 3D-shapes
Priyank Rathod/X/DH: Verified identities through models
Aditya Pratap/X/GH: Verified identities through models
Divanshu Bhati/X/GH: Proved an equation
Manmanvendra Sonigara/IX/DH: Explained properties of Parallelogram
Lokendra Singh/IX/TH: Taught properties of Triangle
Diksha Choudhary/VII/GH: Taught properties of Cuboid
Kreena Rao/VII/DH: Taught properties of Cylinder
Friday, 4th December: Day 4 Math Week 
Students played the role of types of numbers.
The role of Natural Numbers was played by Meet Soni/VI/RH
The role of Whole Numbers was played by Tushar Divakar/VI/DH
The role of Positive Integers was played by Charu Vaishnav/VI/ DH
The role of Negative Integers was played by Harshita Kunwar /VI/RH
The role of Integers was played by Mahendra Parihar/VI/ DH
The role of Rational Number was played by Yug Bhati/ VI/RH
The role of Irrational Number was played by Archana Koratkar/VI/GH
The role of Real Number was played by Meenakshi Choudhary/VI/RH
The role of Prime Number was played by Vinita Choudhary/VI/ GH
The role of Composite Number was played by Vinay Raj/VI/RH
The role of Even Number was played by Khushboo Jodha /VI/RH
The of Odd Number was played by Piyush Solanki/VI/ DH
The role of Complex Number was played by Vishal Rathore/VI/ DH
Saturday, 5th December: DAY 5 Math Week
Assembly started with Math prayer by Ms. Prerna Rathod.
Ms. Priyanka Mahatma: recited a very beautiful Math poem
Mr. Suresh Negi: Quizzed the assembly.
Mr. Ajay Vijayvargi ended the Math Week by complimenting the students and Math Dept. for putting in their hard work to make the week a success.

The School Weekly - 30th November 2015

Drastic change in weather has taken place due to the snowfall in Himachal Pradesh. Temperature fell down by 7°C. As North India is reeling under Cold Wave School is facing spate of winds and cloudy days. Gusty draft from NNE blew at 8km/hr. Sky was seen covered with cumulus clouds and weak sunlight. Maximum Temperature recorded was at 25°C and lowest temperature recorded was at 11°C. Humidity was at 37%.
A simple smile
And a smiling heart
Shines all over miles
As it is a type of art
As you travel up and down
Remember it's quite true to say
One smile has a value of dozen frowns
Among the world’s expensive things
A smile is very cheap
And when you give a smile to any human beings
You get one back to keep
So when friends have sadness on the face
And troubles round them piled
The world will seem a better place
And all because you smiled.
Jaswant Singh/X/RH
शिखरों से बहती नदियाँ
सागर में मिल जाती हैं
नदियों को माता हम कहते
रक्षा इसकी नहीं हम करते
धरती पर बहते अमृत की
पहचान न कर सका कोई
दूषित कर दिया अमृत को
व्याकुल हैं हर प्राणी तो
प्यास बुझाई जिसने इनकी
इसी को कर दिया दूषित
होगा जब प्रलय धरा पर
तड़पेगा यह मानव
धरती पर बहते अमृत को
अब हमें बचाना होगा।
Divyanshu Bhati/X/RH
गर्मी गई वर्षा आई
साथ में वो हरियाली लाई
भर गए सारे ताल तलैया
नाचे मयूर छम्मक छैया।
खेलें तो हो जाते गंदे
फिर पड़ते है हमको डंडे
आसमान में कभी गर्जना
कभी कभी जोरों से बरसाना।
नहीं आने पर छाती उदासी
आ जाने पर उल्लास जगाती।
Muskan Rathod/IX/TH
Monday, 23rd November: Principal Ma’am congratulated everyone on the success of Annual Day. First two lessons were used for removing the exhibitions and arranging the classes. Then regular lessons took place along with Remedial lessons.

The School celebrated its 23rd Annual Day on Friday, 20th November. Congratulations to students and staff for putting up such a successful presentation both in Exhibition and the cultural program.
Posted by The Fabindia School on Monday, November 30, 2015
Tuesday, 24th November: Mark Sharks Workshop for the Science teachers was conducted on that day. Aakanksha Gulati, Komal Sood and Manas Chakrabati from Mark Sharks visited school to conduct a workshop with Science teachers. They had an hour session with Mr. Byju Joseph, Mr. Rahul Choudhary and Mrs. Raj Ranawat. Demo and lesson planning exercise was conducted to incorporate Mark Sharks into the classroom. Forty Minutes Intro Session was conducted with Class VIII students. Teachers’ and students’ survey was also conducted.

Tuesday, 24th November - Saturday, 28th November: Tuesday, 24th November was celebrated as the Hindi Literary Day. The whole week was celebrated as the Hindi Literary Week. A number of activities were organized by the Hindi Department both in the Assembly and classes. The activities carried out in the classes were Poetry Writing, Quiz, Extempore etc. In the Assembly speeches were given, articles were readout, poems were recited and quiz was organized by the students and teachers all through the week.

Tuesday, 24th November: हिन्दी सप्ताह प्रारंभ
इस हिन्दी सप्ताह को प्रारंभ करने से पहले हमारे हिन्दी अध्यापक  कृष्णगोपाल सर इस विषय के बारे मे बताते है कि १० जनवरी १९७५ को नागपुर  में  विश्व हिन्दी दिवस मनाया गया|  अभी तक ९ विश्व हिन्दी दिवस मनाए जा चुके है| चीनी भाषा के पश्चात हिन्दी भाषा बोलने वालों की संख्या अधिकतम है| २००१ की जनगणना के अनुसार ४२•२ करोड़ भारतीय अपनी मूल भाषा हिन्दी को मानते है| यह सप्ताह विद्यालय में हिन्दी साहित्य सप्ताह के रूप में मनाया जाएगा | जिसमें कई गतिविधियाँ आयोजित की जाएगी| आज दिनांक २४-११-१५ को कक्षा  ६-१२ तक के लिए कविता लेखन प्रतियोगिता होगी|
आज प्रार्थना सभा में हिन्दी सप्ताह  के अवसर पर बच्चों ने कविता सुनाई-
उदघोषक/हम पंछी उन्मुक्त गगन- अर्चना  कोरटकर/VI/GH
भारत के गाँव- वरुण मालविया/VI/DH
समय का  महत्व - विनेयराज/VI/RH
मेरी भावना- विशाल राठौड़/VI/DH
Thursday, 26th November: आज पूजा दत्ता/XI/GH ने आदि कालीन काव्य तथा कवियों के संदर्भ में जानकारी दी । यह हिंदी साहित्य का शुरुआती युग था जिसमे डिंगल , पिंगल अपभ्रंश आदि में साहित्य रचना हुई। कुछ छात्रों ने कविता पाठ किया :
एक एक प्रश्न- अभिलाषा मेंशन/II/GH
सारी  दुनिया गोल मटोल- जीनल  मीणा/III/DH  
भारत के बच्चे- विनिता  सीरवी/VI/GH 
हिंदी का अस्तित्व- खुशबू राजपुरोहित/XI/TH

Friday ,27th November: आज प्रार्थना सभा में हिंदी साहित्य के रीतिकाल तथा भक्तिकाल के बारे में बताया तत्कालीन कवियों तथा उनकी रचनाओं के अलावा सामाजिक स्तिथियों पर भी चर्चा की । भक्तिकाल हिंदी साहित्य के लिए स्वर्णंयुग था । सबसे अधिक रचनाएँ उसकाल में मिलती हैं तःथा मुसलमानों ने सूफी काव्य भी लिखे । रीतिकाल में छंद अलंकारों का सर्वाधिक प्रयोग मिलता हैं । कवि अपनी विद्वता दिखाने में लगे रहे तःथा अधिकांश कवि दरबारी कवि । अंत में कृष्णगोपाल सर ने ब्रज तथा अन्य बोलियों से हिंदी उद्भव पर चर्चा की ।
कुछ बालको ने कविता पाठ किया:
खज़ाना - दीपिका सोनी/IX/GH
बादल तो आते जाते है- भाग्यश्री मेवाड़ा/IX/TH
पेड़ की कहानी- मुस्कान राठौड़/IX/TH

Saturday, 28th November: आज अंतिम दिन कविता पाठ आयोजित हुआ तथा श्रीमान दिनेश भारती ने हिंदी सप्ताह को सफल बनाने के लिए सभी को धन्यवाद ज्ञापित किया और हिंदी के महत्व को प्रकाशित किया। लेखन तथा बोलने में शुद्धता रखना आवश्यक है तभी शब्द कोश में वृद्धि होगी। हिंदी अपनी है इसे सहेजना भी अपना ही काम है। हम अपने कार्य से मुँह नहीं मोड़ सकते इसके विकास के लिए अग्रसर होना पड़ेगा।
विद्यार्थियों द्वारा कविता पाठ किया गया -
ऋतुराज बसंत - कसक चौधरी, भूमिका राठौड़, मनीषा कंवर, प्रियंका कंवर/V
आँगन में फुलवारी महके - जानवी पुरी, रितु परिहार, कार्तिक सांधु/III
सीखो मिलकर रहना- रिया चौहान/IV
वन  शोभा - उदिता सांधु/IV
मेरा देश - हिमांशी राजपुरोहित/IV
माँ - जतिन त्रिपास/V

Saturday, 28th November: Half Yearly Examination for Class XII started that day. XII Science had Chemistry Paper and XII Commerce had Economics Paper.

Wednesday, 4th November: Mr. Gajendra  Mewara, Ms. Monika Vaishnav  and Mrs Kavita Deora attended a workshop conducted by Rohini Bhatt(Orient Black Swan  Private Limited) at St. Pauls School, Pali for the Primary teachers of English Department.

A workshop for English department was conducted by Rohini Bhatt (Orient Black Swan Private Limited) at St. Pauls School Pali. From the Fabindia School Mr. Gajendra Mewara, Ms. Monika Vaishnav and Mrs Kavita Deora  attended the workshop. The new techniques and methods of teaching English were introduced in the workshop.
The workshop started with an activity to complete a story. The teachers must encourage the students to read and speak English. Some interesting activities like puzzle, storytelling and describing pictures were done to improve listening, reading and speaking skills of students.  Most of the activities were done in a group. English should be used as a communicative language at a wide scale. The techniques of teaching English should be more creative to make it more interesting.
In second session after the break, the books published by Orient Blackswan Publication were introduced. The features of the book like content, grammar, MSQs, listening and speaking activities were explained in detail. We enjoyed the activities and learnt many things in the workshop. These activities will be applied in the classroom to make our teaching more effective.
 - Ms. Monica Vaishnav/English Dept.

The School Weekly - 23rd November 2015

Winter has stepped in. Students have begun to wear sweaters. Days are sunny with 28°C to 30°C temperature. Difference in day and night temperature is increasing with lowest falling to 15°C. During the week it was mostly clear. Humidity is at 40%. Wind direction was from S to SE at 3 km/hr.

The School celebrated its 23rd Annual Day on Friday, 20th November. Congratulations to students and staff for putting up such a successful presentation both in Exhibition and the cultural program.
Thursday, 19th November: Participants were called to school at 4:30 pm. Grand rehearsal took place from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Friday, 20th November: School celebrated its 23rd Annual Day. The Board Members, Chief Guest and LMC members arrived at 4:00 pm for High Tea hosted by School, followed by the inauguration of the Annual Day Exhibitions by Mrs. Tulsi Bhatia, Chief Guest.

John L. Bissell Block housed Junior School and Art and Craft Exhibitions.
Bimla Nanda Bissell Block housed Department of Languages, Commerce Department and Social Studies Department.
Hendon Chubb Block housed Math Department and Science Labs.
Mathew Horvitz Block housed Primary Section Exhibition
Learning Resource Centre housed Computer Department.
Chief Guest Mrs. Tulsi Bhatia, Principal Heritage Girls’ School, Udaipur went around the exhibition at great length and asked questions in details related to their models, material used and information collected. She deeply admired the hard work of the students.

Annual Day started with the Lighting of the lamp. The show started with the School Song. The School song now has a proper music composed by our Music teacher from Jaipur Mr. Tony Lobo and it has been written by Ms. Lui.
School Orchestra gave an awe inspiring performance.
Head Girl Vaishali Rao welcomed the Chief Guest.
The Cultural Show included a Junior English Musial Play, Hindi Ballet and a short video clip of the School’s history, vision, mission and activities.
The staff mesmerized everyone with their beautiful song ‘I have a Dream’.
Kushagra Singh, Head Boy gave Vote of Thanks.
In her speech Mrs. Tulsi Bhatia elaborated upon ideas to spread the good work that the school is doing. She held School Exhibitions in high esteem, keeping in mind the detailed models made by students.
A big thank you to Mrs. Tulsi Bhatia for the great effort in coming all the way to Bali and join us for our Annual Day!
Trophies of Excellence for the year 2014-15

  • Trophy for Excellence in Service: Chandu Gaur
  • Trophy of Excellence in Skill: Vaishali Rao 
  • Trophy of Excellence in Sport: Kushagra Singh
  • Trophy of Excellence in Study: Mamta Chouhan
  • Parineeta Ranpal’s English Proficiency Prize: Bajrang Singh

Congratulations to all the winners! Well done girls you are one up!!

Keynote Speaker Chief Guest Mrs. Tulsi Bhatia’s Speech

Founder Mr. William Bissell, Chairman Mr. Sandeep Dutt, Trustees, Head Boy Kushagra Singh, Head Girl Vaishali Rao, invitees, Parents, and students I am overwhelmed after these two hours that I spent in the school. The moment I entered, the kind of positive vibes that surrounded me was amazing. As Mr. Sandeep Dutt said how this place is filled with fresh air and clean water and dust below the feet, it is joy, happiness and positive vibrations that emanate from every corner.

When I was walking through the exhibitions, the way children and teachers were speaking with such pride about what they had learnt was really, really amazing and overwhelming. I am sorry; that I had to listen to every one of them because there was so much eagerness and enthusiasm that I had to! I couldn’t help, but, go through every little bit of work that they had done. My Congratulations to all the teachers here, for the wonderful job that you have done, of course, under the stewardship of Mrs. Tandon. After now, I had only known Fabindia for the past two years. I only knew Fabindia as the company who made exorbitantly expensive clothes which I could not afford, but beautiful clothes nevertheless. But after visiting this school, I am deeply humbled and touched by the kind of work that Fabindia does, hats off. The Fabindia School, the school with a heart as the children sang, heart, soul, joy, happiness, wonder, amazement, everything.

In my school I have an English Teacher who does wonderful work, but she is always in tears. This is due to her migraine, she is completely heart broken. This is what happens when you give the power of your happiness in somebody else’s hands. It is very common in India to have external focus of controlling. It is very common in India when we, whenever something wrong happens  blame it on outside forces like Shani Grah or we say my name has only four letters that’s the reason why I have not done well or earthquakes took place because of god’s anger or black magic. Why should we, when we do such a thing, when we attribute blame to the outside forces, we are not looking inside, we are not trying to find out what is actually going wrong. In the west when hurricane Katharina hit and caused disaster, mayhem everywhere, they looked inwards that is the internal focus of controlling, they looked inwards and tried to find what was wrong in their system. They tried to make amends, put things in order, in order to ensure that such things don’t happen again. That is the power that gives, that taking charge gives you. Taking charge. Be the captain of your own ship. Being on the driver’s seat of your life is what makes everyone effective. My appeal to all the Parents sitting here is, teach your children to take charge, allow them those little decisions that make them better, that are important. Let them start early so they know how to do it, let them start with what subjects they want to study, what course they would like to do. Let them make these little mistakes, they will be responsible adults, they will become more and more effective. Let them be proactive young people to take charge of their own lives and that is the most empowering gift that you can give your children. Thank you everyone for this wonderful opportunity that you all have given me.

Principal’s Annual Report 20th November’2015
Respected Principal Mrs. Tulsi Bhatia, The Heritage Girls School, Members Board of Governors, Old Boys and Girls, dignitaries from the city, Parents, guests, my dear colleagues and students, it is my privilege to welcome you all to the 23rd  Annual Day of the School.
We are indeed honoured to have among us as our honoured this evening Mrs. Tulsi Bhatia, Principal at Heritage Girls’ School, Udaipur. Nothing could be more appropriate than to have among us a person who is devoted to the cause of education. Her tenure of services has defined her vision through her work for students and her belief to help the children grow in a happy environment has been recognised in best public schools of India as my Head Girl stated- Thank you Ma’am for consenting to be with us this evening.
I cannot start my report without paying homage to the School’s founders and their vision that lives through the spirit and ethos of the school. And that is to provide affordable education with special encouragement to extend facilities to the girl child.
This evening, therefore let us pay the highest regard to the memory of Late Mr. John Bissell who has set this school apart from the rest, in its delivery and vision. At the same time the school is thankful to Mr. William Bissell for sharing and furthering the vision of his father - his unstinted support to the spirit of service and vision of girl child stands apart against the best stalwart schools of the country.

I am once again privileged to address parents on this very special occasion. Annual Day is once a year occasion which gives an opportunity to students and teachers to showcase their talent before a selected audience. While I know that everybody is waiting with bated breath for the cultural evening to start I will take but a couple of minutes to help you take a walk through the corridors of various scholastic and co-scholastic activities of the session gone by.
The Fabindia School follows a vibrant, structured and creative co-scholastic calendar integrated with the scholastic syllabus throughout the year. . Various Intra Class and Inter House Competitions are organized to expose its students to different formats and give them a platform to present their idea, creativity, talent and hone their presentation skills. These co-scholastic activities make students proactive and help develop confidence in them. These activities prove beneficial in the holistic development of our students.

One of the pillars of the school is Study. Students would perform their best for Class X and XII exams.
In Class XII 6 Students achieved distinctions in all subjects out of 23 students:

In individual subjects:
9 Students got distinctions in English
10 in Hindi: 1 in Physics; 2 in Chemistry; 3 in Biology; 2 in Economics; 3 in Buisness Studies; 2 in Accountancy;

Overall highest percentage 94.60 was achieved by Khushboo Punmiya in Commerce
81.20%  achieved by Soharsh Parihar in Commerce
And third highest 78.80%  was achieved by Shraddha Kansara Commerce)

Khushboo is a live example of accomplishing our mission. She topped Pali District  with 94.6%!

In Class X out of 23 students 12 students scored between 70 to 90%.
Damini Chouhan, Khushboo Rajpurohit, Harsha Dalawat, Aditya Kansara, Silvi Mehta, Dipendra Sonigara and Krishna Choudhari…..scored 10 CGPA.

School average score was 6.9 CGPA. Out of47 students there were 13 A Grades with highest in Science and SST.

Remedial Classes were introduced to help students with extra mentoring in studies. Each class has been divided into strengths and weaknesses in their respective subjects and the whole school attends coaching in the last 40 minutes according to their needs.

English Readiness Program (ERP), Hindi Readiness Programme (HRP) and Science Exploration Programme (SEP), DEAR (Drop Everything And Read & Reading Cards were implemented to develop basic concepts for Spoken Skills.

In September and December counseling session were held for students and parents. Mr. Neeraj Sharma, Ms. Veenu Paliwal and Dr. Shipra Vajpei took separate sessions with parents and students to detail them with opportunities in each subject to help choose in Class X and the scope they have  with it in colleges. This was the first time ever that the students and parents were exposed to such an exercise.

All Blocks have been christened to honour all those families and individuals who, over the years, have quietly contributed and helped the school all these years.

Photography Club was a big hit this year and it sold 10 out of its work in the last exhibition.
Students continue to participate in Green Global Olympiads and Math Olympiad at National and School level.
Saturday continues to be an Activity Day with music, Art & craft, dance, embroidery, stitching, singing etc. as activities. This year we have a full fledged Music School for our students the commendable work done by the Music Department was efficiently exhibited to you a while ago. School plans to extend this art to the residents of Bali too in the coming years.

New Societies and Clubs were formed for the first time in the School. They will take a while to run efficiently on their own as students suddenly find a lot on their plate.

The Disciplinary Committee with representation from staff, students and Admin was formed to make transparent decisions on any disciplinary issue. I must say, so far they have conducted themselves very transparently.

In August School’s Football Team escorted by Mr. Tarun Mishra participated in the 60th District Level Football Tournament. After very stiff competitions among 16 schools they qualified for Semi-Finals, but unfortunately lost the match against Raj Public School, Sojat.
Shashank Singh/X/DH and Pradhuman Singh/IX/GH went to play State Level as they got selected to represent Pali District.

School played 60th District Level Girl’s Badminton Championship and secured third position in the district.

Here also Vaishali Rao was selected as standby to represent District Pali for State Level Badminton Championship.

School’s first Inter House Debate took place this year. Students warmed up to the process very easily. I am sure we shall soon have students participating at Inter School Level.

Various trips related to subjects for hands on learning continued during the year for Pre Primary and Senior classes.

This year 24 students and 5 teachers completed their cycling expedition to Ranakpur and covered 30 Kms in a day! Their next step is to cycle to Udaipur in December or January. I am looking for schools to host us on the way and in Udaipur. I am proud to declare among these 24 cyclists there was one brave girl Vaishali Rao our Head Girl who cycled to Ranakpur them. They all need your good wishes for Udaipur now.

Loomis Chafee students and Class XI students conducted a survey in a Dhani near Sewari Farm to complete a project on rural mapping. Thanks to Mrs. Kamini Prakash our Board Member for arranging such a rewarding programme of 5 days for the students!

In December 10 girls will go on an Exchange to MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur and in return Girls from MGD will come before April.

Ten Students escorted by Ms. Usha Pawar visited The Scindia School, Gwalior on an Exchange Program to develop their skills in Art & Craft. We look forward to their students visiting us this year.

This year we are tying up with Harvest International School, Ludhiyana for student and staff exchange.

School enjoyed its picnic to Thandi Beri and Ranakpur.

School has just submitted its Green School certificate submission report for audit. We hope to achieve our target be one of the first schools to be completely green in this area.

Mr. Jackson Wagner from Sacramento volunteered to teach Physics as an Exchange teacher. He stayed for six months in the School and went back rewarded with lots of Hindi. He came to explore his teaching potential here at school and promised to become a teacher!
School’s first investiture Ceremony was held in July to induct its school council for the academic year 2015-16

As part of the mission of the school to support girl child in education school disbursed 71 scholarships out of which there are 64% girls. The School has only focussed on need based students and selected only those who had filled the form. School has a Scholarship Committee comprising teachers and Admin staff who audit the monetary conditions of families before they present their case to School Managing Committee.

This year the school has added a new fleet of teachers: Mr. Hitendar Singh Chundawat (PGT English), Mr. Prakash Dangi (Music), Mr. Tarun Mishra (PGT, Physical Education), Mrs. Anuradha Rajpurohit ( PRT), Mrs. Kusum Sharma (PGT SST), Miss. Payal Paliwal (PRT ), Mr. Dilip Inda (PGT SST), Mrs. Harsha Suthar. (Librarian) joined the school. In Admin we have Miss. Swati Sood as HR and PA to Principal and Mr. Pralay Nag joined us as our new Accountant. Congratulations to Miss. Kusum Dangi who will get married in December and join us back after her marriage.

Ms. Julie Bhauguna from Welham Girls’ School conducted a three days workshop on Mind Mapping and innovative teaching in classrooms for both English and Hind Departments.

Ms. Paramjeet Kaur from Welham Girls’ School audited the School Library and trained our new librarian on systems to keep a library up-to-date. She will return this year to continue to help us in managing the Library to run it well and we shall send our Librarian in turn to have a better learning through visiting their Library.

This year teachers completed 138 hours of training in summer, in English Speaking Proficiency conducted by Mr. Mithilesh Patro, a soft skills trainer from Jodhpur. He will continue to complete this training into 240 hours during the year with doing audits and observations in class delivery for the rest of the year.

Similarly SKS continues to train teachers in IT development to make class delivery a better experience for students.

I am glad to announce here that the whole school system now works on a software Fedena. School has begun with its sms services through this software. Parents are requested to keep a look out for school’s information through sms as we will stop paper work in this regard. Thanks to all the teachers, Chairman Mr. Sandeep Dutt and Mr. William Bissel for this upgrade.

Every year school is graced with visitors for various reasons. Sometimes it is for exchanges while at other times for other reasons:
In the Academic Year 2014-15 Miss. Angela De Giacomo (Member of the Board for Foradian); Mrs. Sukey Wagner (Our Exchange teacher’s grandmother, who wished to see her grandson teach in The Fabindia School) and Mrs. Aylette Jenness (Member of Board  JBSF); Mrs. Barbara Powell from US (our mentor and trainer for Leadership Development Project) and School’s founder teacher Mr. Arif Sama (who taught here for a month) visited the school to contribute in one way or the other.
75 US students escorted by Mr. Nicholas Booker CEO IndoGenius visited the school.  The students were on a Project on Socio Diversity on Rajasthan. They held a special focus on The Fabindia School.

We are thankful to Ashley Madson and Carson Madsen for fundraising to cover the cost of solar panelling on all blocks. Thanks to their father Mr. Jackson Madson for acting as the Project Manager and personally looking for vendors and negotiating with them to help us strike the  best deal.

Our grateful thanks to  Mr. Dilip Surana for donating to build this theatre, toilets behind it and repair the existing Surana Block. Thanks to Mr. Ravi Kaimal for all the guidance in construction.

Many many thanks to Loomis Chaffee School for contributing towards Art School. This is coming up in the Junior Campus. It has been named as The LC Art School. School looks forward to extending the services of this Art School to the rest of Bali by running classes in the evening for other children who are deprived of any guidance.

School is thankful to Room to Read and GROW (Girls Right to Opportunity Worldwide) in US for sponsoring 8 girls this year with scholarships.

Our many thanks to Mrs. Bim Bissell for donating a thousand books to the school Library. They have been very thoughtfully selected for children’s read!

Our grateful thanks to Dr. Babli Saraf for donating INTER HOUSE SERVICE TROPHY in her father’s name- Dr. Manotosh Moitra, who was known to extend service and his kindness to all in need.
School now has established a new set of trophies for Inter House level competition under the 4 Ss:
Loomis Chaffee Trophy
Excellence in Skill

Dr. Mantosh Moitra  Trophy
Excellence in  Service      

The Surana Trophy
Excellence in Study

The Bissell Trophy
Excellence in Sport

School has formed and registered its Alumni Society. We have the first few member registered online.
Dilip Rajpurohit, Yogendra Singh Mertiya and Vimmy Rajpurohit.

Dilip Rajpurohit (EX DH/2008) is the first batch of The Fabinida School; passed out in 1998. Presently he is holding the medical charge of a primary Health Centre in Denda which is some 20 Kms from Pali.

Yogendra Singh Mertiya (Ex Sir CV Raman House) is studying Public Policy at the Jindal School of Government. He is an Open Society Grantee for Rights and Governance. He has recently returned from Kenya doing a research project under it.

Vimmy Rajpurohit (ExGH/2007) is an MBA and has chosen to return to her alma mater to teach. She is with us as a PRT teacher for past one year.

Old Boys who visited school were
Karanveer Adha (Ex DH/11) visited the school. He is doing IISER from Kerala.
Dhruv Rajpurohit (Ex.GH/04) is doing MBBS from US.
Yogendra Singh Ranawat (Ex GH/12) is doing B. Com Final year from JB College of Commerce and
Ashish Sahrawat (Ex GH/12) is doing Hotel Management from New Zealand

SMC has formed Parent Teacher Association (PTA) this year. I request more parents to come forward to volunteer to be part of the PTA.
Vimmy Rajpurohit: Secretary unanimously been agreed to hold the posts of President and Secretary.

It is not enough to make a meaningful end but there is always progress where there is meaningful means to make beautiful ends. Our School is one such school where we wish to provide the best means for the growth of its students in the little corner of this wilderness. If in a parched land a school can grow to be this green, I assure you this school will produce better citizens to be best artisans in life.

To conclude I’d like to thank my students, teachers and parents for all their initiative, encouragement, support, advice and guidance to make this a happy school.

I am thankful also to the electricity Department, Water Works Department, Municipal Office, BO Office, DEO Office, the police Department the Principals of Vivek School, Vidhywadi School and St. Paul’s School for their guidance. Not the least I am grateful to my Admin staff and Class IV staff for their unstinted and untiring support at all times.  Inevitably, we depend on the kind help of the local administration and our well wishers in the city. My report would be incomplete if I did not offer my indebted thanks for their support.  I am indeed grateful to our civil administration, officers for their  timely guidance and help.

Finally I wish to thank my Board for bearing with me. The freedom that they give me helps me to shape the school. I am grateful for their continuing support and encouragement.  They are one set of educationists whom I see never interfere with the work here. Their advise and guidance is invaluable at every step. I testify to their dedication and commitment to the cause of their mission and vision here.

The School is on an upward path and to boost and fast-track the process, we shall have leadership development programme, scientific performance appraisal procedures, further enhancement of I.T. capability and widening of scope of activities for students in future. While we celebrate the present, we can all look into the future with robust optimism.
Thank you

Saturday, 21st November: The School observed a holiday.

The School Weekly - 9th November 2015

Sky was clear during the week. Students were seen wearing sweaters-indicative of approaching winter. School experienced moderate weather with pleasant mornings. Difference between day and night temperatures dropped to 15°C.  Highest temperature stayed at 33°C and lowest at 18°C. Cool winds blew SE at 11 MPH. Humidity fell to 35 %.
निमित्त मात्र
जान किसी की जागीर नहीं
ये तो कर्मवानों की दोलत है|
जिसने जानी जान की महिमा
पाई उसने शोहरत है|
वक्त किसी के हाथ नहीं
सब वक्त के साथ होता है|
'मैं' जो करता हूँ, वो मैं नहीं
वक्त जो करता, वही तो होता है|
मेहनत करने वाला मजदूर नहीं होता
मजदूरी करने वाला मजदुर नहीं होता
हर कोई पाता है परिश्रम से
वर्ना कोई कभी अमीर नहीं होता|
मतभेद भले हो, मनभेद नहीं
तकरार भले हो, नफरत नहीं
साधन बनाओ किसी को साध्य नहीं
नहीं बाध्य है कोई मजबुर नहीं
जो दिखता है, जानो, वो सत्य नहीं
तुम भी तो एक निमित्त मात्र हो
समझो सब कुछ, पर लेशमात्र भी नहीं
Jaswant Singh/X/RH
A message to disgracing youth,
Whatever, be ready to face the responsible oath.
Since the holidays are spent a lot,
So, submerged the enjoyment and all your sloth.
None gonna come to sort your living sums,
Neither past nor your blossoms.
The bounded time had came, how to mould your future,
So as to give relief to the elder tutors.
In any condition you has to serve,
Without it, you would having an emptied derv,
That doesn't seems to long last,
For which the world would be calling you a non- sensitive nerve.
For every living there would be no sympathy,
Since each youth has a sense of maturity.
And the coming world is so luxurious and digital,
That each has to function very hard for vital.

Nikhil Soni/X/TH
In the International year of the child, when the whole world is taking important steps to improve the life of children, India neglects its young and bright children. Child Abuse is much more in our country. Poor children are seen working in small factories, hotels, garages, etc. Many of them are seen picking garbage, cow dung. Some of them are begging at bus stand, in railway station and in front of temples. These children should be in schools but are abused. Poverty, Ignorance, Economic compulsions, etc. is some factors that make them work. Public awareness and total ban on child labour can only save this situation. So, stop child labouring because children are the future of the world.
Kirti Malviya/XI/DH
  1. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
  2. 'Rhythm' is the longest English word without a vowel.
  3. If Jupiter were about 80 times bigger it would have become a star.
  4. After Venus, Jupiter is almost the second biggest planet in the sky from Earth.
  5. African lung fish can survive without water for several months.
  6. The length of the day is gradually slowing down.
  7. The cabbage derives its name from an old French word meaning ‘head’.
For Class I to IV
  1. Which is the biggest continent in the world?
  2. How many states are there in India?
  3. Who is known as the father of India?
  4. How many colors are there in a rainbow?
For Class V to VIII
  1. What is the formation of blood cell called?
  2. Which continent have the highest number of countries?
  3. In which country did the game of Chess originated?
  4. Who is known as 360 degree in cricket?
For Class IX to XII
  1. Which animal has three eyes?
  2. Which state of India has a separate constitution?
  3. Name the founder of Pakistan?
  4. How many languages are considered as the official languages in the constitution of India?
Aryan Sirvi/VI/DH
Class I to V
1. New Delhi 2. Goa 3. Hockey 4. 365 ¼  days 5. Karnataka
Class VI to XII
1. Mumtaz Mahal 2. Bachendri Pal 3. 14th august 1947 4. Rakesh Sharma 5. 10th December 6. Sarojini Naidu 
7. Rabindranath Tagore.

When present is good past is repaired and future is prepared.
Set your goal first stay focus and then you'll succeed.
Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second,
more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck”.
Forgot the past, it's dead and gone. Live for the future, it's arrived and full of potential.
DR. APJ Abdul Kalam
Saturday, 7th November: After a long wait and practicing for a fortnight the day came when the students went on their cycling expedition to Ranakpur. It was 29 km run from School. They were flagged off by the Principal Ms. Deepika Tandon, with best wishes, tilak and sweets. They enjoyed a lot and had fun on the way. All returned to school at 2.30 PM safe and sound.

Cycling Expedition to Ranakpur - 2015-16
Posted by The Fabindia School on Monday, November 9, 2015

Report of Cycling Expedition
Class VIII-XII spent a considerable chunk of time since Dussehra holidays to raise their energy levels to cycle to Ranakpur. At last after a long wait the day came when they went on their expedition. This expedition was for pleasure and adventure. 29 km run started from school at 8.30 AM. School cheered the students by giving their best wishes for the trip. Ms. Deepika Tandon flagged off the Cycling Trip with her best wishes and sweets. She escorted and lead them cycling till Bali. There were about 25 students and 6 staff members on the trip. On the way they stopped at Kot, Mundara and Sadri for refreshments. The cycling students were given printed T-shirts and caps with "Cycling To Ranakpur 2015-16. A bus escorted them with refreshments, first aid box and drinking water facility. All the students cycled at normal speed. They reached Ranakpur at 11.30 AM. They took rest for awhile, then had lunch and visited the temple. After that all the cycles were put on the bus and students returned to school at 2.30 PM. It was for the first time that a Cycle Trip was organized in the School. Students enjoyed a lot. Students' confidence level has gone up as now they wish to cycle to Udaipur. Now they are eagerly waiting for their next trip to Udaipur as promised by the Principal. This expedition has motivated many other students that cycling is fun and good for health and all should participate in it.

Comments of students who went for cycling:
Cycling is the best exercise. I enjoyed a lot. It was my first experience to go cycling and covering 29 km.  I want my friends to practice cycling everyday because it is beneficial to us. If we want that our next generations to enjoy riding vehicles then use cycle and save fuel.
AdityaPratap Singh/X/GH
Thank You Ma’am for this adventurous trip I hope we get such more opportunity. I enjoyed a lot. It was a great experience.
Ichuchhuk Soni/IX/DH
I was very happy to go cycling to Ranakpur. It was my first time. I really enjoyed a lot. I am very happy that Ma’am included our class afterwards and gave us this opportunity. Thanks to Principal Ma’am and all the staff members who helped to make our trip enjoyable.
Mateen Tak/VIII A/RH
Today we went to Ranakpur on cycle. There were 23 students. I want to thank Principal to allow Class VIII for this trip. I enjoyed my trip. While cycling many people asked us that what school we were from. We indicated our T shirts to them. My first trip on cycle will always be unforgettable.
Raghvendra Singh/VIII A/RH
In my life, it was for the first time that I had cycled approximately 30km. I enjoyed a lot. This trip was something new for me. Our confidence level was doubled by the cooperation of my teachers. We did photography and the trip ended with a delicious lunch given by the school. I liked this trip to Ranakpur.
Devyanshu Yadav/X/DH
I was very happy to go cycling to Ranakpur and enjoyed a lot. I thank my teachers who supported me and, it was for this reason that I could go for cycling. I can never forget this day and I enjoyed with my friends.
Subhash Suthar/VIII B/DH
My first cycling trip is what I can never forget. I enjoyed a lot. I love cycling and I cycle everyday to Bali from Shri Sela to my friend’s house but I had never thought that I could go on a trip. I was very happy when I got this opportunity to go on a cycling trip. I will remember this day always and want to go for more trips like this.
Yuvraj Singh/VIII A/RH
Even in my wildest dreams I had never thought that I could go cycling to Ranakpur and travel 29 kms. I am really proud to be the only girl student out of the 23 students to go on a cycling trip. When I did not see any girl for cycling, I was a bit disheartened and wanted to quit but thanks to Principal Ma’am and my mother who kept on motivating me to go on this trip. I am grateful to all to give me this opportunity. It was for the first time in my eleven years in this school that I saw such a trip being organized in the school. I enjoyed this day and it was my most unforgetful day. Now my confidence level has boosted up and I can participate in this type of activities. I enjoyed a lot.
Vaishali Rao/XII/GH
Assembly was conducted by Dhyanchand House Whole week students were busy preparing for exhibitions and practicing for Annual Function.

Note: The School is closed for Diwali Vacations from 9th November’15 to 13th November’15.
"We wish all our readers a Happy and Pollution Free Diwali and a Prosperous New Year".
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The School Weekly - 2nd November 2015

Weather has become increasingly cooler. Winter is slowly stepping in. Temperatures have begun to slide. Nights have become colder and days are cooler and pleasant. Due to Western Disturbances (WD) North East Rajasthan experienced heavy showers and hailstorm during the week. Night temperatures have come down to 21°C. While day temperatures stayed at 33°C. Humidity was at 48%. Wind direction was from E to SE at 11 km/hr.
  1. The range of a medieval long – bow is 220 yards.
  2. “Stewardesses “are the longest word that is typed with only hand.
  3. It takes 492 seconds for sunlight to reach the Earth!
  4. Only 55% of Americans know that the sun is a star.
  5. Giraffes are unable to cough.
  6. In Haiti, only 1 out of every 200 people own a car.
  7. Justin Timberlake’s half – eaten French toast sold for over $ 3,000 on eBay!
  8. A slug has four noses.
  9. Snails can live up to 15 years.
  10. An ounce of platinum can be stretched 10,000 feet.
Anumesh Rao/VII/GH
दिल की गहराइयाँ
दिल की गहराइयों में राज़ छुपाकर रखना ।
किताबों के पन्नों में मेरा नाम छुपाकर रखना ।
आँसू की कीमत बड़ी अनमोल होती हैं
इन्हे पलकों में छुपाकर रखना
देख न सके इन गहराइयों को कोई कभी
चेहरे पर वो मुस्कान सजाकर रखना
लाख चेहरे बनाए दुनिया मगर
ऐ भानु चेहरे पर नकाब ही सही ।
हँसी का सेहरा सजाए रखना ,
हँसने को तो सभी हँसते है हँसी में ,
किसी के दुख में रोने का जज़्बा रखना ।
कश्तिया तो कई डूब जाती है मझधार में
तूफानों से पार निकलने का दम रखना ।
ये तो जीवन के चार - पाँच दिन है ,
जीवन को जीवन की तरह जिन्दा रखना ।
क्या फर्क पड़ता है कोई साथ तुम्हारे
पर तुम हर किसी के कंधे पर हाथ रखना ।
Bhanupratap Singh/XB/GH
Air is one of the most important thing that is required to survive. We breathe air thousands and millions of time in a day. If we will not breathe a single minute then we will die. The pollution of air is due to over use of vehicles, etc. had led to this air being polluted. The pollution of air is  a major problem rising all around the world. It is not only causing damage to environment but also causing a number of disease and major damage to National heritages and monuments. It is tit for tat, today we are not caring for environment but soon a day will come when environment will laugh on us and will not care for us. So it is better that we change with time otherwise time will change us. We should at least plant one tree in a year and care for it. I guarantee that soon 121 crore people of India will give rise to 121 crore trees in an year which will not only free us from pollution but also will give us fruits, paper, etc. So we should understand our duties and take steps towards it to save mother Earth and humanity.
Priyank Rathod/XA/DH
For Class I to V
  1. What is the capital of India?
  2. Which is the smallest state of India?
  3. Which is the national game of India?
  4. How many days does Earth take to go around the Sun?
  5. In which state of India is gold found?
For Class VI to XII
  1. In whose memory was the Taj Mahal built?
  2. Who is the first Indian woman to climb up the Mount Everest?
  3. When did Pakistan became a free country?
  4. Who was the first Indian space man?
  5. On which day the International Human Rights day is celebrated?
  6. Who is the first woman governor of an Indian state?
  7. Who was the first Noble Prize winner for literature in India?
Archana Koratkar/VI/GH
1. Snow White, 2. Humour , 3. Adventure, 4. William Shakespeare, 5. Palindrome, 6. Jawaharlal Nehru, 7. Mark Twain,
8. Midsummer’s Night Dream, 9. Rudyard Kipling , 10. Jim Cobertt

Three things never come back, the wasted time, neglected opportunities and spoken words. So think twice and act thrice.
Success is a vehicle which moves on the wheel name. But the journey is impossible without the fuel name.
If a drop of water falls in a lake it has no identity but if it falls on a flower it shines like a pearl. So choose best place to shine.
If you want peace, do not find fault with others, rather see your own faults. Learn to make the world your own No one is a stranger, the whole world is your own.
Just as gold is tested by fire, in the same way a great man is tested by difficulties.
Monday, 26th October: Class VIII-XII students went practicing cycling every morning to prepare for their cycling trip to Ranakpur. 24 students escorted by Mr. Surendar Singh cycle to Mundara to develop strength. Mr. Dilip Singh Inda and Mr. Suresh Negi are other teachers who have joined the expedition.
Assembly was conducted by Gandhi House

Monday, 26th October: Annual Day practices are in full swing. There was a change in Time-Table. School will observe one hour activity lesson to get started with exhibition preparation. The campus is abuzz with hectic activity and cheer in preparation for school exhibitions.

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