CBSE Class X Results

Class X Results online - click here

Himanshi Chouhan (girl) -  Grade A1
Combined GPS 9.8  & Aggregate Percentage  93.10
Best performer

All 38 successful and the lowest Aggregate Percent 64.10
Over all Average CGPA for full batch of 35 is 7.5, and implied above average performance
Girls lead the way again!

Full 10 

English - Bhanendra Kunwar & Himanshi Chouhan (both girls)
Hindi - Khusboo Punmiya, Naushad Ali and Prachi Agarwal (two girls)
Maths - Himanshi Chouhan (girl)
Science - Himanshi Chouhan & Prachi Agarwal (both girls)
Social Science - Bhanendra Kunwar  Himanshi Chouhan, Khushboo Punmiya, Prachi Agarwal and Tamanna Singh (All five girls)

Information provided by the Principal Ms. Parineeta Ranpal, email

CBSE Class XII Results 2013

100% result with all 23 students passing the Exam, click the link below for details please.

CBSE Class 12 Results to the full list

  • Swabhi Parmar scored 95% in English
  • Payal Paliwal scored 87% in Hindi
  • Shefali Jain scored 83% in Economics
  • Shefali Jain, Shaily Jain & Swabhi Parmar all scored 95% in Business Studies
  • Shaily Jain scored 91% in Accountancy
  • Prasann Vaishnav had the best aggregate of 86%
The girls seem to be out performing the boys!

For further information  please email 
Ms Parineeta Ranpal, The Principal of The Fabindia School, Bali Rajasthan INDIA

IT and Web initiatives at School in 2013

1. Blog - for News and Updates
2. All school staff are on email
3. GoogleApps Services in use - Mail and Docs
4. Website (the updated domain for
5. GoogleGroups introduced but we will push this next term for discussion & sharing forum
6. 9 teachers have completed the Full English Lab programme, and this will be rolled out for all the students next term
7. Fedena Pro - ERP (online School Management System) is being installed and should be running from June 2013
8. Facebook group for ex-students and community support
9. For numbers - Blog reaching 10,000 views (
10. Free Internet WiFi access with full time on campus training and support.

Wide Angle Films to execute the School Video Project

We are happy to share that after an extensive search the School Video Project is on the roll! Our shortlisted partner is Wide Angle Films, happy to share their work on the Brewknowledge Youtube Channel.


To showcase the work that BAT Education is doing through the Fabindia Schools, by providing affordable quality education with a local context to students from low-income backgrounds, in the Bali area of Rajasthan. This education is specifically aimed at empowering rural youth to transform their own lives and in turn, that of their communities.

Students involvement
Rather than hold a separate workshop for the students, Wide Angle Films will involve the students with the film making process. This will add a lot of excitement and a sense of ownership to the project. 

The video will attempt to capture the spirit of the Fabindia Schools – a warm, endearing film that reflects the hope, the joys, the aspirations and the achievements of the young children.

A big thank you to the friends, bidders, the BAT Advisory Board and the JBSF advisors for making this possible. The filming will be done in the coming term and we hope to release the Video on the 22nd of Nov 2013, the Annual Day of the School.

The School Weekly - 9th May 2013

9th May'13 : Talent Competition was organised for the students from class prep to X . Forty students participated in this competition to show their talents in dancing, singing, playing musical instruments
like guitar, congo etc. The best talented students were awarded certificates by Mr. Sandeep Dutt.

10th May'13: The students were given holiday homework, the school will now remain closed from 11th May to 1sf of July.The students look forward to  enjoy their holidays and  keep  in touch with studies by doing their homework.

The School campus will be undergoing some improvements and upgrade of the infrastructure and the whole community looks forward to the school opening in July 2013.

Obesity in children
Nowadays in cities, children are suffering from obesity because of eating junk food. It  is mostly due to dietary habit of taking too much of spicy items,other snacks and cold drinks. Children often eat those  food items which are not correct for their metabolic type. The fast food that the children eat is harmful for them and many parents also do not stop them from eating it. Large quantities of fructose cause the liver to pump fats into the blood stream which may damage arteries. Rewarding children with junk food, candies, cookies, ice-creams, etc. is very dangerous and we are the ones who are responsible for their obesity and bad health.
Richa Solanki  VIII B
News and views contributed by Students and Staff of the school, compiled by Bharti Rao

The School Weekly - 7th May 2013


Last week the students of class 9 &10 did a project 'Organic Food'  with  the guidance of Mr. Bhaarat Parihar, Mr. Byju Joseph, Mr. Suresh Negi and the Principal Ms. Parineeta Ranpal. The students were divided in six groups. Each group had one topic to present.

1) Benefit of Organic food 
2) Effects of Pesticides
3) Organic farming and marine culture 
4) The food that we eat 
5) Water Purification 
6) How to minimize use of inorganic food.

The students collected a lot of information from the internet and reference books, made charts and displayed them beautifully on the display boards.

On Friday the 3rd of May 2013, the students enjoyed doing worksheets, creative writings, projects, and more activities, assigned to them by their teachers in their classes.

Point of view

Should video games be banned or not
According to certain people, violent video games should be banned: they feel that violent video games are the source of today’s violence amongst children. I strongly disagree with them. Video games like movies, music and any other form of art, are there to entertain people and to enjoy, not restrict. What most people fail to realize is that the video game industry, like film industry, is heavily regulated with a strict code of parental guidelines already in place. Even the game consoles to play these violent games have parental controls. What I fail to understand is that some parents believe its okay to give their children  18+ rated games even though they are well under that age, and say that these games are the source of violence between children. If parents would not let a ten year old watch 18+ rated horror movies, then why would parents let a ten year old play God of war, or Grand Theft Auto with its gang.
Kritika Mansion, Class 8th
Should boys learn cooking
When we think about the cooking the only idea comes to our mind is girls because every time we see in our house or other place always girls do cooking. But it’s not true why cooking is only considered for girls it should be for the boys also. Boys should also learn cooking so that in the absence of their mother and sister they can cook their own and eat. They can make new delicious dishes for their family. They can also participate in the cooking competition. Many boys nowadays are taking interest in cooking and making their career in cooking. Now we can see in many hotels the famous chefs are also boys. Many restaurants are also run by boys only. If these boys can achieve a big success in cooking then why not all the boys in the world. They must also give some time to learn cooking. At last in my opinion boys should learn cooking.
Raksha Solanki, Class 8th

News and features contributed by Staff and Students and put together by Bharti Rao  

Join us as Manager Training & Development

Conduct and supervise training and development programs for teachers. Work for developing skills, enhancing productivity and quality of work, and building the passion in the school staff to lead  young people.
Summary and Main Purpose:
The post will be responsible for the key areas of: Developing Partnerships, Extending the Schooling Programme of the Bhadrajun Artisans Trust (BAT) and Training in Bali Rajasthan. This post will also actively participate in aspects of Strengthening the Structure and leadership development. Work closely with the Delhi based Chairman of  BAT  to ensure coordination of activity, policy and strategy.
The role has overall responsibility for the key areas of:
  1. Work closely with the Chairman, to set and meet the mission and objectives with particular regard to the Training, Developing Partnerships, Quality Assurance and Extending The Fabindia Schools Programme.
  2. Design, develop and implement the capacity building and  training, particularly in the developing and facilitating of best practices, develop training programmes and plans.
  3. Maintain and develop effective and productive relationships with key delivery partnership organisations and others.
  4. Proactively develop and support the alumni throughout the country
  5. Work for fund raising, events and activities to help make the BAT Schools Programme sustainable in India.
  6. Build partnerships and work with Government bodies and institutions to roll out the BAT Programme for youth development as a part of the social agenda of the institutions.
Scope of work
Training specialists - plan, organize, and direct a wide range of training activities. Conduct orientation sessions and arrange on-the-job training for new employees. Help rank-and-file teaches to maintain and improve their job skills, and possibly prepare for jobs requiring greater skill. Help supervisors improve their interpersonal skills in order to deal effectively with students and the school community. In order to identify and assess training needs within the school, the trainer may confer with the management  and supervisors or conduct surveys. They also periodically evaluate training effectiveness.
Training methods include on-the-job training; classroom training; and electronic learning, which may involve interactive Internet-based training, multimedia programs, distance learning, satellite training, videos and other computer-aided instructional technologies, simulators, conferences, and workshops.

Inviting Applications from Youth Leaders

Community - the Youth Collective (CYC) and Pravah invite you to nominate or refer participants to the Changelooms - Learning and Leadership Journey Change Looms-Learning and Leadership Journey is a leadership programme that encourages, recognises and supports young change leaders who have started social change initiatives with a focus on youth development. This year we will also select at least 8 youth led initiatives with a specific focus on preventing Gender Based Violence (GBV) among young people.  The programme offers opportunities for intensive personal and organizational development.

We are looking for leaders between 18-35 years, who have started a social change project and wish to:
·      Strengthen their social change initiative and learn from experienced mentors
·      Ignite change within to set off an inside-out leadership process.
·      Deeply engage and work with diverse youth leaders.
·      Contribute to youth development in their communities
.      Bridge the gap across social divides, including gender, caste, class and religion
The programme is being offered by Pravah and Commutiny- The Youth Collective (CYC)  jointly. Pravah is a registered non-profit organisation that has been working to build leadership for social change amongst young people for the past 16 years.  CYC is a collective of like-minded professionals from diverse organizations that has come together to develop a shared understanding on youth development and active citizenship and create a common advocacy agenda through the use of alternate and mainstream media.

We encourage young people to apply latest by May 15th, 2013
For any further information, contact Kanika at 9810926641  or Ramneek Banga at 011-26447609; or mail at:

Posted by Kamini Prakash
Kamini is one of the founders of  Pravah & member Bhadarjun Artisans Trust

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