The School Weekly - 23rd February 2015

Due to hot afternoons students have stopped wearing sweaters. Students have started using fans in the classes. The whole week round, the sky was clear and mostly sunny. Autumn is here early.  School campus is covered with dry leaves. Due to bright sunshine in the morning the Assembly has been shifted from the stage to the ground between Block I and II. Wind velocity was 3 km/hr. Highest temperature was around 32°C and minimum was at 19°C. Humidity stood at 27%.
Saturday, 21st February: According to CBSE notice Matrabhasiya Diwas (Mother- tongue Day) was celebrated in the school. A number of activities were carried out in the classes. Students sang songs in different languages of the country.

Achu A. K./IX sang a song in Malyalam
Radhika Singh/IX sang a folk song in Marwari
Silvi Metha/X and Muskan Rathod/VIII sang a bhakti song in Gujarati
Pooja Dutta/X sang a folk song in Marwari
Anish Solanki/V sang a bhajan in Marwari
Avinash Sain/VII spoke on language Marathi in Marathi
Devendra Kunwar/X, Prachi Soni/X, Krishna Choudhary/X, Urvashi Joshi/X and Ms. Prerna Rathod sang a Marathi folk song.
Mimansha Kunwar/X spoke dialogues in Marwari
Ms. Deepika Bhatt spoke dialogues in Gadwalli
Mr. Dinesh Bharti & Mr. Krishn Gopal Dave sang a folk song in Marwari
जिंदगी जी ले मेरे भाई
अब मत खेल तू छुप्पम-छिपाई
आँधी आएगी ,तूफान भी आएगा ,
तब तू दुनिया छोड़ चला जाएगा।  

जिंदगी  आज है कल ना हो ,
जिंदगी छोड़ तुम चलते बनो।
अपने लिए ना जीकर दूसरों के लिए जियो ,
जिंदगी के दुःख दर्द आपस में पीयो।

लेकिन कुछ लोग ,गलत ही समझते है
कहते है चार दिन की है चाँदनी ,
हम तो उड़ाएँगे अपनी आमदनी ,
कर लेंगे सब शौक पूरे ,
हम तो है  खानदानी।

लेकिन कौन उनको  समझाए ,
हमने जिंदगी जीने के  लिए कहा
बेवज़ह पैर कुएँ में मत फँसा ।
जिंदगी आती है और जाती है
इसी कारण से ही तो दुनिया पछताती है।
Bhanu Pratap Singh/IX B

I love the nature
Because God is its creature .
Nature is unique
In which bird sing tunes
When I want to see colour
I see the nature’s jewels
The nature is all natural
Because nothing is artificial
In nature there are many plants and birds
As a big herd.
Aditya Pratap/IX A
Tuesday, 17th February: Nine students, Vaishali Rao/XI, Kushagra Singh/XI, Anshul Choudhary/VIII, Suryaveer Singh/VIII, Ajaypal Meena/VII, Dependra Singh/VII, Dhruv Ojha/VII, Harshvardhan Singh/VII, Mateen Tak/VII escorted by Ms. Usha Panwar our Art and Craft teacher, They will attend regular school and, went on a week exchange to The Scindia School, Gwalior. They have gone to learn paper mache, tie & dye, carpentry, stone carving etc. The students will stay with the students in the boarding  houses and and experience residential school life. Their new routine would be waking up in the morning, have breakfast in Dining Hall; attend classes; lunch; sports; afternoon hobby classes; prep and dinner. They will return on 23rd February.

Thursday, 19th February: The Edu-Global English Olympiad was held in the month of January. Students who participated in this Exam were given certificates and two students won gold medals.

  1. Anumesh Rao/VI B Secured 84% and Second Position in State (Won a gold medal &Certificate).
  2. Axita Soni/II B Secured 76% and Fourth Position in State (Won a gold medal & Certificate).
  3. Jeenal Sirvi/II B Secured 68% (Certificate).
  4. Prayagraj Singh/II B Secured 56% (Certificate).
  5. Manjeet Mansion/VI B Secured 52% (Certificate).

Friday, 20th February: Thirty eight students of Classes VIII, IX and X had participated in the Green Olympiad organized by TERI in the month of September. Today all the students received certificate of participation.

Aditya Kansara/X B and Khusbhoo Rajpurohit/X B  secured 60% in this examination.
Publisher: The Principal, The Fabindia School, Bali
Staff Editors: Ms Bharti Rao, Ms Deepika Bhatt, Mr. K.G. Dave, Mr. Dinesh Bharti, Ms Usha Pawar
Editor in Chief: Kushagra Singh, Vaishali Rao
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Art Editor: Kushagra Singh, Vaishali Rao
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The School Weekly - 16th February 2015

Looking at the temperatures it seems summer is not far behind. With plummeting temperatures and increasing differences in day and night temperatures, Swine Flue is taking its toll on human life. Students are warned to watch for cold and bad throat symptoms. Due to hot afternoons there is cloud cover in the mornings, though they clear off with the rising sun. Wind velocity was 4Km/Hr. Highest temperature was around 32°C and minimum at 16°C. Humidity stood at 49%.
Monday, 9th February: Exchange students Angela Williams, Rashi Sharma, Surbhi Mayach, Kirti Singh, Pankhudi Jain and Saniya Agarwal and their escort teacher Ms. Pawan Darbari from Maharani Gayatri Devi School, gave their introduction and sung their school song for Fabindia students. Escorted by some of our students, they were given a tour of both campuses.
In the evening cultural night and dinner which was organized for the Guest School girls. The Fabindian girls put up a Rajasthani folk dance and the MGD Girls put up a dance on the theme “Save Girl Child”. Our girls had prepared a group dance on “Morni Baga Ma”. Mr. Arif and his family were special invitees besides other staff members. Since dinner tool a bit long students played Antrakshri to while away their time. No one seemed in a mood to leave even after dinner. Their escorts had to push them into buses to be back at Sewari Farm House.

Tuesday, 10th February: Marked the last day of the MGD girls; they shared their experience of The Fabindia School of best lived five days. The farewells were bid in tears and endless hugs; promises of returning and catching up. It was an extremely rewarding experience for Fabindia students as this was their first exchange with an Indian school. Thank you Principal MGD School, Mrs Suniti Sharma for sending your students to be with us.
Kirti Singh: My experience is fabulous. It was the first time that I had traveled by train, I suffered in the train with my breath high and low simultaneously. Bali is such an amazing place and so is the school and you guys. I will ‘MISS U ALL’
Angela N. Williams: My experience here was just awesome. I love it here and I don’t wanna leave!! I am gonna miss everyone. I am glad I got on the train. Will visit soon! With lots of love
Surbhi Mayach: You all are just awesome and I will never forget you! Love you lots! Miss you people! Come to Jaipur for an Exchange program. Will miss all of you a lot!

दोस्ती है क्या !
रिश्ता या बंधन ?
नाम है अपनेपन का ,
रिश्ता है ,
अधुरेपन का।    
सहयोग है विश्वास का ,
नाम है
आत्मविश्वास का ,
खेल है
खिलौनों का
मेल है दिलों  का
एहसास है ,
कदमों का
बाधा है
मंजिलों की।
दर्द की दवा है
मर्ज़ का हल है।
निभाने का रिश्ता है
रखने वाला फ़रिश्ता है
स्वार्थ, छल, कपट ना हो
ऐसा पवित्र बंधन है।
Suryaveer Singh/VIII A

Tuesday, 10th February: The school campus saw Board members, distinguished guests and trustees arrive for the Budget Board Meeting.

School held its first formal and a serious Inter House Debate Competition. Chairperson Prateek Udawat/XII Commerce conducted the whole debate with confidence and control. Students seemed to have worked a lot on preparing their debates as all seemed too prepared to refute the other’s points. Classes VIII to XII were the audience the rest of the classes attended regular time table. Special Guests for the debate were Ms. Sukey Wagner (Jackson Wagner’s grandmother) and Ms. Ayellette Janesse JBSF donor and a cousin of Late John Bissell. After the debate Class XI, IX, VIII students presented a Rajasthani folk dance for the special guests. Mr. Arif Samma, Mr. Atul Bhatt and Mr. Jackson Wagner judged the debate.

I       Gandhi House
II      Raman House
III     Teresa House

I Khushboo Punmiya/XII/Raman House
II Shradda Kansara/XII/Gandhi House
III Pooja Dutta/X/Gandhi House 
Wednesday, 11th February: Inter House Badminton (singles) took place between Gandhi House and Dhyanchand House. Doubles took place between Dhyanchand house and Raman House.
I Gandhi House
II Dhyanchand House
III Raman House

BEST PLAYER: Vaishali Rao/XI Commerce

RESULTS: (Doubles)
I Gandhi House
II Teresa House
III Dhyanchand House
Friday, 13th February: Counseling was organized for parents to guide them and counsel them as to how to judge their wards and guide them in order to choose subjects for Class XI. Dr. Shipra Vajpei (a freelance counselor from Jaipur) took three hour session with parents. Out of 77 students 25 parents attended the workshop. At great length parents were detailed on what all options can be had for jobs through the streams chose now. Besides science and commerce they w.ere explained how arts has a wider range of jobs for students today. Parents asked a lot of questions regarding their child’s capability.
Saturday, 14th February: Class X attended their session. They were made to answer some High Order Thinking Skills questions. They were given games and exercises that judged their decision making skills and showed a bend towards certain areas of subjects. They enjoyed these sessions to such an extent that they wanted Dr. Shipra Vajpei to come again as this session had helped them in knowing themselves.
Publisher: The Principal, The Fabindia School, Bali
Staff Editors: Ms Bharti Rao, Ms Deepika Bhatt, Mr. K.G. Dave, Mr. Dinesh Bharti, Ms Usha Pawar
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Art Editor: Kushagra Singh, Vaishali Rao
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The School Weekly - 9th February 2015

Weather in Bali has suddenly changed. It has become cool. Mornings and evenings are cold, but the days have become hot with bright sunshine. Some of the students have stopped using their sweaters. On Monday, it was a little cold but now from Thursday, the cold has started decreasing. It seems as if winter will soon go away.SE winds blew at 19 km/ hr
School instruments recorded:  Maximum  25°C
                                                 Minimum  15°C
                                                 Humidity   31%
Ms. Vimmy Rajpurohit's Interview
(Ed: Editor; V.R: Vimmy Rajpurohit)
Ed: What is your name?
V.R: Vimmy Rajpurohit.
Ed: What is your qualification?
V.R: MBA and Masters in Journalism and Mass communication.
Ed: In which year and class did you join the school?
V.R: I joined the school in 1998 and in class 1st.
Ed: Who was the Principal at the time?
V.R: Mr. Vishnu Kant was the Principal of the school.
Ed: How many students were in your class and out of them how many were girls?
V.R: In my class there were 20 students in and from them 7 were girls.
Ed: How many buses were there?
V.R: There was only 1 bus and 2 jeeps in the school, and then we had 1 mini bus and two big buses.
Ed: What inspired you to join the school now?
V.R: This school has given a lot, my sweet memories of the school, Teachers who taught me, everything inspired me to be a part of it.
Ed: What are the changes that you see in the school and what changes you want in the school?
V.R: The school has developed a lot not only in sports or study but also in different fields. The school has more facilities, new blocks, more classes, more teachers, and more number of students over all a good school.  The environment of the school is now more beautiful.
Ed: How you like it now?
V.R: Every day I am more and more in love with the school.
Ed: Will you continue teaching in the school?
V.R: Yes, I would love to be the part of the school and do all what I can for the school.
Ed: How would you like to see the school in the future years?
V.R: I want the school to be first choice of all the parents. It should be the best school in the near by area.
Kushagra Singh/XI Science, Vaishali Rao/XI Commerce
Wednesday, 4th February: Certificates and medals were awarded to the students who had participated in the Global Math Olympiad (GMO) and Global Science Olympiad (GSO) which had been organised in the month of November and December. Thirty students were awarded certificates for participation in GMO and nine students in GSO. Out of thirty students three students also won gold medals as they secured 64% and eighth rank in the state based on percentage. The three winning students were:
Dhruv Ojha/VII A 
Jitendra Chipa/VII A 
Dipendra Singh/VII A
Saturday, 7th February: Nine students of Class X and XI participated in the Inter School Drawing Competition organised by the Interio Academy (Institute of Interior Designing) . Thirty Schools of the surrounding areas participated in this competition. The students drew beautiful pictures and their creativity and imagination was put down on the paper. The participants were: Aditya Kansara/XB, Pooja Solanki/XA, Damini Chouhan/XA, Blessy Maria/XB, Vaishali Rao/XI, Bajrang Singh/XI, Mamta Chouhan/XI, Neeraj Panwar/XI and Khushagra Singh/XI. Prize distribution ceremony took place on Sunday. Students of the School bagged first and second position and two consolation prizes.
Aditya Kansara/X B: I (Awarded 10gm Silver medal, Certificate & Drawing Kit )
Pooja Solanki/X A: II (Awarded 7.5gm Silver medal, Certificate & Drawing Kit )
Consolation Prizes: Blessy Maria/X B (Awarded Certificate, Drawing Kit & Mementos)
Damini Chouhan/X A: (Awarded Certificate, Drawing Kit & Mementos)
Rest of the participants received certificates, brochures and mementos for participation.

Use Of Vehicles In India
Today as the population of India is increasing rapidly, vehicles are becoming a basic need for the people. But this need is only for people above the age of 18 years, but nowadays children are also using it for their enjoyment. Our government never gives permission to children to use vehicles. We can see many people riding bikes and scooters without helmets which is illegal. In our country the ratio of accidents is increasing day by day. Everyday we see and hear news of accidents. Today China has more population than us but yet the ratio of accidents in China is less than India because of the proper traffic rules that people follow. Our government has made many rules regarding road safety. But people are not interested in following rules. They do not understand that breaking the rules is illegal, but when they are caught by the police and meet with an accident, at that time only the feel the importance of rules.
Mukesh Choudhary/IX A

Discipline means to do correctly or to follow rules. Discipline is very necessary whether it is at school, home, office, etc because there everyone has to make progress and to do work properly.
Absence of discipline is harmful for others. Discipline should come from heart. It is necessary for every person. A disciplined man is admired and liked by everyone. The life of great man are examples of discipline like Mahatma Gandhi who was a disciplined person. He was very great and achieved  his goal, only because of disciplined life. One should obey the rules and regulation. This is necessary for man to develop, grow and to progress.
Aditya Pratap/IX A
Saturday, 7th February: Finals of the Inter House Badminton Doubles Match took place between Teresa House and Gandhi House. Gandhi House defeated Teresa House and secured first position and Teresa House came second. Teams were as follows:
Gandhi House: Pooja Dutta/X B and Richa Solanki/IX B
Teresa House: Krishna Choudhary/X A and Lavina Champawat/X A
Matches for third position have yet to be organised which may be in the next week.
Report: MGD Girls Exchange Program in Bali
The MGD students arrived in Bali on 6th February escorted with their teacher Mrs. Pawan Darbari. They were welcomed by Ms. Bharti Rao and Ms Rajeshwari Rathore at the Falna Railway station. Then they straightway went to the Sevari Farm House where they are staying. On Saturday they visited the school and nearby places. Firstly they went to the industrial area and saw the manufacturing of umbrellas. Then they  went to Dantiwara and experienced Organic Farming. They were excited to see the historical fort of Bali, from Dantiwara they went to the Bali Fort and were extremely happy after the visit. They enjoyed a lot with our teachers Mrs. Bharti Rao, Mrs Aysha Tak, Mrs Rajeshwari Rathore and three of our girls Silvi Mehta/XB, Tanvi Parmar/VIII and Vaishali Rao/XI. They all together captured each and every beautiful moment.
Monday, 2nd February: Today the Pre Boards of Class X started. They were tensed and concerned about their Pre Boards. The day was as regular, everybody else except Class X were busy with their regular lessons.

Tuesday, 3rd February: It was the second day of Pre Boards. Classes of first to fifth started their Formative Assessment. Other classes had their regular lessons.
Publisher: The Principal, The Fabindia School, Bali
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Senior Editor: Aditya Kansara, Silvi Mehta
Art Editor: Kushagra Singh, Vaishali Rao
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The School Weekly - 2nd February 2015

Republic Day Special
For the whole week Bali experienced cold winds blowing from South East. The sky was clear with bright sunshine. Due to the chill in the air, temperatures lowered to 8°C and Maximum at 21°C; Humidity was 46%; SE winds blew at 11 km/hr.
Monday, 26th January: 66th Republic Day celebrations took place. One of the founder teacher Mr. Arif Samma was invited to be the Chief Guest for the occasion.  He was introduced to the Faculty at the commencement of the programme, wherein he hoisted the flag. After the National Anthem, he inspected the parade. Then the whole school marched, followed by a P.T. Display. The marchers were inspected by the Chief Guest, Principal and Mr. Narayan Singh (a retired PTI). After the P.T. Display the Chief Guest addressed the School which was followed by Vote of Thanks by Mr. Byju Joseph. Once the whole function got over sweets were distributed among the students.

Class XI and XII students represented our school in Inter-School Parade competition and bagged 2nd position out of fourteen schools at the Government Sen. Sec. School, Bali.
Kushagra Singh/XI was awarded as the best group leader in the March Past.

Results of March-Past
Gandhi House: I
DhyanChand House: II
Teresa House: III

Pooja Dutta/X, Silvi Mehta/X, Apoorva Mathur/X, Aditi Singh/X, Lavina Singh/X and Vaishali Rao/XI participated in Inter-School Dance Competition at the Republic Day celebrations though our school did their best but alas we could not get any position.

Keynote Speaker Chief Guest Mr. Arif Samma’s Speech
Good morning Principal Mrs. Deepika Tandon, staff members and my dear students.

It gives me immense pleasure in greeting you for the Republic Day of our beloved country. 26th January is celebrated in India as Republic Day. Another important day is 15th August and we call it Independence Day. India achieved Independence after a hard fought freedom struggle in which thousands of people went to jail for many years. Hundreds of people gave their lives, many of them were put in British prison for many years and many of them were tortured by the British Police. We got independence on 15th August; that is why we call 26th January, Republic Day.

Now let me put a simple question: ‘What is the meaning of Republic?’

I have been teaching Social Science from the last 17-18 years and I will tell you that many of our brilliant students, even my own students, are unable to tell me what as to what is the meaning of ‘Republic’. The word’ Republic’ means “A country where the head of the nation is not hereditary - is elected. This is the meaning of the word ‘Republic’.

26th January 1950 - we adopted India’s Constitution and a new era began; a new chapter began in India’s destiny and we followed our own Constitution. We embarked upon the path of building our nation. Indian Constitution was the hard work of the constituent assembly in which the best brains of India, the leading lights of India, some of the top freedom fighters, legal experts drafted this Constitution and that took more than two years to be formed. It is one of the lengthiest written Constitution of the world and its worth the hard work! Its importance has been proved as we see that by following the Indian Constitution we have upheld the democratic traditions. We have nurtured it further. Today, India stands very tall, in the committee of country’s nation that today American President Barack Obama is in India. India and China are the two most emerging economic strengths in the world and I am very hopeful that we will surpass China.

We have made tremendous progress. But at the sometime we need to do a lot of things in basing the gap between the very rich and the very poor. I was reading an article few days back that 8% families in the world control the world’s economy and the same case is in India. Few very rich people control and have a lot of say in India also. When I go to Chandigarh, Delhi, Bombay and big cities, I see so much of progress, development, big moulds, hi-fi markets, clean roads and whenever I come back to my hometown Bali or whenever I travel in rural areas there is a complete gap! But let us hope that India, after achieving more economical progress, will definitely brace this gap, will work for the betterment of the country.

Now few words about The Fabindia School- Just like in last 65 years or since1947 India has progressed in the same manner I feel so happy and satisfied to see that the school which we started with eleven students in 1992 has progressed this further.

I have a very sharp memory and I recall lot of things which went in making this school. Mr. William Bissell never treated us as his employees. We were like his team members, comrades or friends. Long discussions used to go on. It was very difficult to get students in the beginning, but later after just one year of hard work, suddenly not only from Bali but from nearby areas parents started sending their kids to our school happily with high expectations Fabindia stores are very famous in whichever  cities, in fact they are available in Dubai and world over for then very high quality fabric clothes. I hope in future this school also progresses in such a manner, it has progressed but we much work further to come to the expectations from parents.

In this changing world the expectations of parents, the expectations from teachers, from educators also change. They demand new ideas and inputs. This is what I feel that the school has a task. I am so thankful to Ma’am Deepika. I met her four five days back as a courtesy visit to my old school. I found her as a very compassionate, caring and a very kind, at the same time a very thorough professional person with a vast experience in various schools and I am very happy that the school is in very capable hands. She will take this school to further glory.

In the end again, I hope and I seek all my regards, blessings for the beloved country of ours for Bali and in Bali for our school all the students and faculty members Lastly, I will conclude with a very famous couplet. Some of you must of have heard Muhammad Iqbal’s poetry:

Yunan-o-Mishr-o-Rome, Sub Mit GayeJjahan Se,
Ab Tak Magar Hai Baki Naam-o-Nishaan Hamara.

Kuchch Baat Hai Ki Hasti Mit’ti Nahi Hamari,
Sadiyo Raha Hai Dushman Daur-e- Zaman Hamara

I will translate it into English:
Egyptian Civilizations and Roman Civilizations have all vanquished from this world, but even today we Indians are here,
There is something in this soil that helped us (India Culture to a large extent)  to survive from innumerable enemies.

Jai Hind, Jai Gantantra.

Articles on Republic Day
Before starting to understand the importance of the Republic Day we need to understand the meaning of 'Republic'. We can simply understand it that it is a nation where the head is an elected representative. India fully fits in this definition.
In 1930, India had declared its independence on 26th January. Since then, it has come to be a very important day that is observed in India. When India got its real independence in 1947, it felt a need for a constitution. It took 2 years, 11 months and 18 days to make the constitution for the Constituent Assembly of India. The constitution was ready on 26th November 1949 but to keep 26th January as an important day, the Indian government regulated the constitution on 26th January 1950. It is very important to note that India is the largest democracy and it has been 65 successful years of republic India.
Aditya Kansara/X B

We Indians are very proud to celebrate Republic day. Don’t think it just a public holiday. Hear me, I have just few things to say. Reading this you may decide your own way.

I salute the leaders who had fought Azaad, Bhagat singh, Rajguru and Bose.
Do not forget the current protection given by the brave BSF collection.
The day we called our country Republic, that time many lives were sacrificed by the public.
When I hear the media ‘flash news’ and end up in tear
Will there be more news of bomb blasts?
I hear horrible living under terrorism and war.
To this what the great Mahatma dreamt for?
In, 1947 we got our freedom.
But yet India is fighting for wisdom.
Let us not watch the cricketers’ zeroes
Stay away from the corruption bureaus.
Our great jawans have nothing but let us bow our heads for those real life heroes
Shall we take this oath? By girls and boys both India will automatically change
Under India the biggest power will also be drained.
We, youth, let’s speak the truth Satyamev Jayate.
Happy Republic Day

Silvi Mehta/X B

Saturday, 31st January: Inter House Hindi Dramatics was held from Class VI- XI participated. The theme was Patriotism. One could clearly see new talent on stage. The most commendable part was that Mr. Gajendra Mewara, Mr. K. G Dave, Pooja Dutta/X A and Aditi Singh/X A had written the wonderful scripts! Mr. Byju Joseph and Mr. Sandeep Singh judged the competition.

Dhyan Chand House: I
Teresa House: II
Raman House: III
Saturday, 31st January: Inter House Girls Badminton Tournament was held. Quarter Finals and Semi finals of both Singles and Doubles were played on the same day. In singles match Vaishali Rao/XI of Gandhi House and Blessy Maria/X of Dhyan Chand House has reached the finals. In Doubles Santosh Paliwal/XI and Radhika Singh/IX of Gandhi House and Khushboo Rajpurohit/XI and Divya Solanki/X of Teresa have reached the finals.
Finals will be held on Saturday, 7th February.
Friday, 30th January: The School observed Martyrs’ Day. A Special Assembly was held. Ms. Punita Chouhan spoke a few words and told the students why we celebrate this day as Martyrs’ Day. Two minutes silence was observed at 11.00 am in the school.

NOTE: Due to some constraints Santosh Paliwal has left the Editorial Board. We are happy to invite Vaishali Rao as the Chief Editor.
Publisher: The Principal, The Fabindia School, Bali
Staff Editors: Ms Bharti Rao, Ms Deepika Bhatt, Mr. K.G. Dave, Mr. Dinesh Bharti, Ms Usha Pawar
Editor in Chief: Kushagra Singh, Vaishali Rao
Senior Editor: Aditya Kansara, Silvi Mehta
Art Editor: Kushagra Singh, Vaishali Rao
Correspondents: Kritika Mansion, Bhanupratap Singh,  Priyank Rathod, Adityapratap Singh, Jaswant Singh, Khushi Rao, Nikhil Soni
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