The School Weekly - 30th Sept 2013

26 Sept : Friday Activity was carried out in the primary and pre-primary classes. Activities like creative writing, mental arithmetic, drawings, etc. were carried out in all the classes.

28 Sept Summative Assessment was going on for class VI to XI, so no other activities were carried out. Today was their last exam.
 Point of View
Hygiene for children
Practicing good hygiene is one of the best ways to protect ourselves from illness, and so it is important to teach children how to practice good hygiene. Hygiene means handling food carefully, correctly storing food, regularly washing your hands and body thoroughly, avoiding coughing or sneezing on other people, using appropriate protection to avoid infections. Children may ignore or tease children who smell bad or look dirty which can affect their self esteem. When children start the day with clean hair, body and clothes, play mates and caregivers respond more positively. It’s important to spend time with young children practicing and teaching good hygiene both in school and at home. The best way children learn to assume positive health habits is by including them in their daily routine.
Good hygiene is more than just looking neat and clean – it also reduces the spread of disease. Therefore, good hygiene affects the health and well – being of children as well as people with whom they spend their day.  - Swabhi Parmar

Good Habits
It is said that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Early to bed and early to rise is a good habit. A habit means repetition of the same action in similar circumstances. All man have habits. There are good and bad habits. They are of different kinds. Habits are acts which men indulge in to satisfy their needs. Man is a social animal and he can’t live in isolation. Respecting elders, wishing ‘Good morning’, ‘Good evening’, and ‘Good night’ are good habits. Serving the cause of poor and needy are good habits.

The School Weekly - 23rd Sept 2013

19 Sept : Summative Assessment - I for classes VI- XI have started from today.

20 Sept : Eight of our students who had played Under-14 football tournament were selected to represent Pali district in State Football Tournament. Today they played against Bharatpur team and won by 8-0.

21 Sept : Today parents teacher meeting for Class IV-V was organised and only 10% parents turned up for the meeting.
 Point of View
Child Labour
One day when I was going to school, I saw a child of my age selling flowers on the street. His clothes were worn out and were shabbily dressed. I felt very bad for him. In his age of going to school, he was earning money for his family. I went near him and gave him some money I had. He thanked me and gave me a bouquet. I asked him the reason behind doing this work. He told me he is an orphan and he only has a younger sister who is too small to earn. If he won't earn then they would have to stay hungry for the whole day. I appreciated his love for his sister. There are a lot of children like him who have to do work for their living. We must do something for them so that they can also get educated. They all are our brothers and sisters and we ought to think seriously for them.  - Nikhil Soni (Class X)

My School
I love my school, 
I think I am in a pool, 
That much nice is my school.
My School is very beautiful,
My school is very wonderful,
My school is very lovely,
So I love my school.
My school is first in education,
My school is first in games, 
My school is first in studies,
My school is amusing, 
So I love my school a lot.
- Krithika Mansion (Class VIII A

Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.

The School Weekly - 16th Sept 2013

10 Sept : Once again the Fabindians have won the under-14 football tournament that took place in Bijowa against Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Dadai by 2-0. Five students of our school have been selected to represent the Pali district in state football tournament.

11 Sept : Science lab was inaugurated on 11th Sept by Mrs. Indu Choudhary the chairman of Municipal Board, Bali. There are separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Now the students have started their practical in the labs.

12 Sept - 14 Sept : A film was shot in the school campus by Wide Angle Films, a Delhi based production house. The film was directed by Ms. Sujata with her team. The team shot interviews of students, classrooms, football match, Rajasthani dance, horse riding, etc.

13 Sept : The Fabindians who have gone to play the under-19 state football tournament have won first position in March past and have reached the quarter final.

 Point of View
Preparation for Examination  
Examination time is important time of our life and most important thing is how we prepare for it. Many times we do not prepare well and we get nervous & fail in exams. Most students prepare by learning the answer by heart & pass. But it causes difficulties in higher classes we should prepare by understanding every day.

SMB Meeting 13th Sept 2013

The Fabindia School  has a local School Management Board (SMB) from the Bali area which is comprised of local parents and community members. The Board meets periodically to review the development of the school and help convey the needs of the people of Bali. The SMB has three Sub-Committees:
i)   Scholarships
ii)  Campus Development
iii) Alumni and Community Relations

The meeting on the 13th of Sept was held at the school campus and the following were present:
Mr. Veeram Dev Singh Sonigara, Advocate
Mrs. Meenu Jain, Parent and a resident of Bali
Mr. Jaswant Singh Sonigara, Physical Education Trainer
Mr. Vikram Singh, Cultivator and eminent resident of Bali
Mr. Krishan Gopal Dave, Teacher at The Fabindia School
Mrs. Bharti Rao, Teacher at The Fabindia School
Mr. Atul Bhatt - Manager Training & Development, The Fabindia School
Ms. Parineeta Ranpal, Principal & Hon. Secy of the SMB Mr.

In addition, Sandeep Dutt the Chairman and Executive Director of The Fabindia Schools was present at the meeting. The members approved the Scholarship Programme, made plans for the Annual Day and reviewed the School Development Plan.

The School Weekly - 9th Sept 2013

Teacher's Day Special
5 Sept : Teacher’s day was celebrated in the school. The students had organized a short program. The program started by the giving of compliments to the teachers which were prepared by the students. The students performed dances and the program ended with some games which were organized to be played by the Teachers. Students also decorated their display boards with articles, poems, thank you cards and pictures were drawn of their favourite teacher. The theme for the display board competition was ‘Teacher’.
The finals of the 58th Under 19 District Football Tournament was hosted by The Fabindia School was played on 5th September. The final match was played between The Fabindia School and Govt. Sen. Sec School Sojat and our school won the match by 1-0. Five students from The Fabindia School are selected in the team who are  going to represent district Pali in the State Tournament. After the final match the closing ceremony and the prize distribution took place. After this program we had our Teacher’s Day Celebration.

6 Sept : The School’s Under 14 football team went to Bijowa to participate in the Football tournament. The team has defeated the host team and has reached the semi finals.

7 Sept : On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, a survey was conducted in Class X to find out 'Who would be a better teacher: Man, Woman or Both?. 

 Point of View
Teacher's Day  
Teacher’s day in India is held on September 5 on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, India’s second president and an extremely respected scholar and teacher of philosophy. It is the day that Indians honour the teachers for their immense contribution to the country and the community. When Dr. Radhakrishnan became the president of India in 1962, he was approached by some of his students and friends and requested him to celebrate 5th September his “Birthday”. In replay, Dr. Radhakrishnan said “Instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my proud privilege if September 5 is observed as “Teacher’s day”. The request showed Dr. Radhakrishnan’s love for the teaching profession.

Teachers mold the lives that they influence because the lessons learned from teachers remain with their students throughout life. We should always respect our Teachers. Teachers need encouragement and support from the community to feel that their devotion to student is appreciated.
- Khushboo Punmiya (Class XI)

Role of teachers in modern world
Day by day generation is changing. Due to this change, environment and surroundings has also changed . There was a time when Teachers were respected and more honorable than God but now Teachers are just for the name sake. Technology has empowered the humans and students are following technology. Students now prefer digital classrooms compared to Book of Knowledge ‘Teachers’. Before students used to respect their teachers but now students just ignore their teachers. Actually this is because of the changing in generation. But hats off to our Teachers who know very well that it will not affect their self respect and they try their best and many of them have proved to be the role models of their students. Students till today respect their teachers who are efficient and update themselves with the changing time. Generally trouble comes for those teachers who are inexperienced and still stick to their old theory. Teachers should try to be good, change with the time and update themselves, then really the students will respect them.                     
- Mimansha Kunwar (Class IX) 

God’s second face is our teacher
No one can ever compete their feature.
Makes us a real human,
Shows terms like respect and discipline
A life without guidance of teacher,
Is like a pilot flying a wooden plane
School is a temple,
Books are incense sticks
Knowledge is the Prasad
Which we interestingly lick
If there are no teachers,
No knowledge will be there
We should respect teacher
And live life without fear. 
- Akshay Rajpurohit (Class X)

Compiled by Bharati Rao and published every week.

District Football Champions

Well done Team Fabindia, we are very happy to share the news ...
58th District Football Tournament won by The Fabindia School!
Well done CP Singh and the great footballers at the School!!!

Teacher who swims through a river everyday to get to his students

"A wonderful story which we hope you can share with our teachers.  Please give them - each one of them - the best wishes and thanks from each of us from the John Bissell family because they have helped us nurture this dream that John and William had of having a dream school in Rajasthan....and our congratulations to you." - William, Anjali, Monsoon and Bim Bissell

Reported by Sneha Mary Koshy, Edited by Shamik Ghosh. Sep 05, 2013 20:13 (IST) NDTV

Malappuram: At 9 am on a weekday, Abdul Mallik is busy wading through neck-high water, a tyre-tube around his waist, his tiffin box and shoes held in one hand above the muddy river.
It's hardly the average morning commute, 40-year-old Abdul Mallik, a primary teacher, wades through neck-high water everyday to reach his school! This is what it takes Mr Mallik to get to the primary school where he has been employed for 20 years in a village in the Malappuram district of Kerala.

"If I go by road, it takes me three hours to cover the 12-kilometre distance, but swimming through the river is easier, faster and I reach school on time," he says, after he emerges from the river 15 minutes later. He changes into a dry set of clothes on the river bank, and then treks uphill for 10 minutes before he reaches school.

An average salary for government teachers like him is around Rs 25,000. The compensation, he says, lies elsewhere. As he arrives at his classroom, a bunch of excited students surround him with their offerings of cards and letters for Teacher's Day.

Companies Bill: New legislation to govern firms enacted

NEW DELHI: The landmark Companies Bill has been enacted, replacing the nearly six-decade old regulations that governed corporates in the country. After being approved by Parliament last month and receiving assent from President Pranab Mukherjee, the new laws have been now Gazetted. "The historic new Company Law in the country has been enacted with the President of India giving his assent to the Companies Bill, 2013.
"It has now been published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part-II, Section-1, dated the 30th August 2013 as Act No. 18 of 2013," the Corporate Affairs Ministry said in a release today. The new laws bring in substantial changes in regulations that govern companies registered in the country. The legislation, which had to wait for the Rajya Sabha nod for about eight months after getting passed by Lok Sabha in December last year, would replace the Companies Act 1956.

The ministry is in the process of finalising rules for the implementation of the new legislation. Once the draft norms are ready, they would be put on the ministry's website for up to 60 days for comments from various stakeholders.

Among new aspects, the new legislation requires certain class of companies to shell out at least two per cent of their three-year average annual profit towards social welfare activities. Besides, various new clauses have been introduced to empower as well as protect investors and bring in more transparency in corporate governance.

~ The Economic Times - 2nd Sept. 2013

The School Weekly - 2nd Sept 2013

29 Aug : Jodogyan’s Math workshop was conducted in the school for the teachers of pre-primary and primary section by the Jodogyan Organization. Total 29 teachers had participated in the workshop.

31 Aug : There was regular school for Class VI to Class XI. Declaration of the results of the first terminal examination for Class Nursery to Class V. Parents came to take their Child’s result. Though it was a result day yet only 30% of the parents turned up for the meeting.

Interview with Ms. Kirti (Jodogyan Organization)

Q: Tell me something about yourself?
Ans: My name is Kirti. I am working for JodoGyan Organisation from the last five years. Our organization is in Shakurpur, New Delhi and we are 60 people working in it. We prepare and produce the Teaching Learning Material (TML). There is a school team who goes to different schools and conducts workshops.
Q: How do you make Mathematics interesting?
Ans: We do hands-on-activity with the help of TML and take the students from the concrete to the abstract situation.
Q: Why do students not take interest in Mathematics?
Ans: We enjoy Math when we are able to solve a problem by seeing the pattern. We should teach in such a way that children can connect themselves to the pattern and think logically, and then only they will enjoy learning Math.
Q: Why do students fear Math and how do you help them in this process?
Ans: Their confidence is stolen so they fear Math. It should be presented with the situation so that they can enjoy and imagine and it should be of their world. It should not be presented in problem or definition way.
Q: How did you find our teachers?
Ans: They are involved in their work and that is why they want to know and learn. They are not detached from their work. They have no attitude problem, are able to imagine and that is why they are able to think ahead.

SchoolEducation.Com: Innovation and Design

SchoolEducation.Com: Innovation and Design
Is the Education system helping us innovate or are we simply preparing the students to do assembly line work? The more we put in place uniform systems, curriculum and structure, our education will deliver less innovation and design. When you give a block of wood, with two basic tools like a mallet and a chisel to a young person, you will make the person think design and evolve. If you give Lego blocks, a kit to assemble an aero-model or simply use templates, you will stifle design and creativity. The kits and uniform building blocks are good business sense for marketeers, less effort for teachers and easily help build prefab models which are misinterpreted as creation in our education system...

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