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Teacher's Weekly - 25/02/13 - Issue No. 2

Luck is not in your hand but work is in your hands. Your work can make luck but luck can't make your work. - Daksha Jain

Change is natural in life, but challenge is the aim of life........ So always challenge the changes........But don't change the challenges. - Suresh Kumar

Do work without aiming the reward. - Byju Joseph

"Bada Aadami hona achi baat hai" LEKIN "Achaa Aadami hona usse bhi badi baat hai"
"your nature is your future". - Suresh Negi

The man who learn the art of sharing is the richest man in the world,
He may be poor but his inner being is rich. - Bhawna Arya

We are good lawyers for our mistakes and very good Judges for other's mistakes. - Ritu Rajpurohit

Be simple but look stylish Be tough but look soft Be tense but look cool Be a beginner but look winner. - Kavita Devda

If you cant forget some things in life, make sure you dont give yourself time to remember them...!!" - Imran 

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.....! - Surendra Singh

Success does not depend on making important decisions quickly, but it depends on taking quick action on important decisions. - Gajendra Mewara

To start a day just like painting, draw the line with prayers, erase the errors  with forgiveness, deep the brush with patience and colour it with love. - Bhavika Ozha

You have to dream before your dreams can come true. - Awdhesh Chaurasiya

Golden words of success see the clock only when you don’t have work, don’t see clock when u r working. 
Clock is a lock for success. - Sapana Puri

Discussion is an exchange of knowledge, argument is an exchange of ignorance....! - Urmila Rathore 

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. - Monika Vaishnav

Some people dream about success while some people work hard to achieve success. -Om Rathore

Desire and hard work is the key to success. - Prerna Rathod 

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain may to succeed is always to try just one more time. - Neelam Malviya

Whenever you feel weak remember the things that made you strong whenever you start to doubt your self remember those who believe in you. - Bharti Rao 

A negative thinker sees difficulty in every opportunity but a positive thinker sees opportunity in every difficulty - Himani Chouhan

Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so. - Nikita Rajpurohit

People will always throw stons in your path. It depends on you what you make from it, A WALL OR A BRIDGE. Your decision will change your life - Usman Gani

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Compiled by Nikita & Usman

Good Parenting

Longing for itself – Kahlil Gibran – The Prophet

Your child is already in the process of becoming the kind of person he or she is eventually going to be. So to bring them up right and to make them proud of you, live by these six principles:

1) Assure them of your love. They need to know your love is given, and it will never be withdrawn because of their appearance, achievements, or actions. Let them know they are loved for who they are, and that their worth in your eyes is never in question.

2) Build strong character and ingrain values. 'Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it' A Proverb

3) Establish clear boundaries. And be consistent in maintaining them. Do children like rules? No. But your first goal is not to make your child happy, it's to teach them responsibility, and happiness will follow.

4) Help them to discover their potential. That means listening, observing, and once their talents are identified, helping to develop them. 'We have different gifts, according to the grace given us...'

5) Don't try to duplicate yourself through them. God gave each of your children their own unique makeup and personality. So don't try to make them something that God and the rest of us don't need one more of.

6) Encourage them to pursue their life's vision. Don't pour cold water on the fire of their enthusiasm, fan it. Get out of the critic's seat and become their greatest supporter. If you do, you will make them proud of you.

This lesson is courtesy Mr Anupam Vaid of www.traveltolearn.in

Abha Adams our illustrious Board Member

Abha's web

Abha Adams has created an enviable reputation as an innovative educationalist of integrity and intelligence.

Before starting the Abha Adams Consultancy Abha spent over 30 years in education in India and the UK. With her wealth of distinguished service Abha is ideally equipped to help you develop your school or college.

"An educational system isn't worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn't teach them how to make a life."

-- Source Unknown


BAT Board Member Honoured

I am happy to share with you that I have been appointed to the UNICEF Child Friendly Cities International Advisory Board for a period of 12 months commencing on the 1st March 2013. 
The Advisory Board has been formed to support the project team who are conducting the research  to support UNICEF to revamp the Child Friendly Cities initiative by developing tools that local governments can easily monitor their progress and work concretely  with local partners around health and child survival issues to achieve measurable results for the children in their cities.

Sudeshna Chatterjee, PhD
CEO, Action for Children's Environments (ACE)
Partner, Kaimal Chatterjee & Associates (KCA)
New Delhi, India

Education and Experience

"in every child the world begins anew"

There is a difference between education and experience. Education is what you get from reading the small print. Experience is what you get from not reading it!

But isn't it true that great learning comes from both education and experience? Let me tell you a parable:

A young school teacher had a dream that an angel appeared to him and said, "You will be given a child who will grow up to become a world leader.

How will you prepare her so that she will realize her intelligence, grow in confidence, develop both her assertiveness and sensitivity, be open-minded, yet strong in character? In short, what kind of education will you provide that she can become one of the world's truly GREAT leaders?"

The young teacher awoke in a cold sweat. It had never occurred to him before—any ONE of his present or future students could be the person described in his dream.

Was he preparing them to rise to ANY POSITION to which they may aspire?

He thought, 'How might my teaching change if I KNEW that one of my students were this person?' He gradually began to formulate a plan in his mind.

This student would need experience as well as instruction. She would need to know how to solve problems of various kinds. She would need to grow in character as well as knowledge. She would need self-assurance as well as the ability to listen well and work with others.

She would need to understand and appreciate the past, yet feel optimistic about the future. She would need to know the value of lifelong learning in order to keep a curious and active mind. She would need to grow in understanding of others and become a student of the spirit.

She would need to set high standards for herself and learn self discipline, yet she would also need love and encouragement, that she might be filled with love and goodness.

His teaching changed. Every young person who walked through his classroom became, for him, a future world leader.

He saw each one, not as they were, but as they could be. He expected the best from his students, yet tempered it with compassion.

He taught each one as if the future of the world depended on his instruction.

After many years, a woman he knew rose to a position of world prominence. He realized that she must surely have been the girl described in his dream. Only she was not one of his students, but rather his daughter.

For of all the various teachers in her life, her father was the best.

I've heard it said that "Children are living messages we send to a time and place we will never see." But this isn't simply a parable about an unnamed school teacher. It is a parable about you and me -- whether or not we are parents or even teachers. And the story, OUR story, actually begins like this:

"You will be given a child who will grow up to become...." You finish the sentence. If not a world leader, then a superb father? An excellent teacher? A gifted healer? An innovative problem solver? An inspiring artist? A generous philanthropist?

Where and how you will encounter this child is a mystery. But believe that one child's future may depend upon influence only you can provide, and something remarkable will happen.

For no young person will ever be ordinary to you again.

And you will never be the same!!!

With compliments,
Anupam Vaid

Good to Great...Teachers Centre - 16.02.2013

The Workshop - Need for a Teachers Centre
1. What is the aim of setting up the Teachers Centre ?
2. Give your 12 months plan for the Teachers Centre.
3. What activity / visit would you recommend to connect teachers with the outside world?

Group Response

I . A Kumar
Aim :- To develop the educational tools for language speaking, computer knowledge and personality development.
Plan :- Improve the all educational creativity by teachers center.
Recommendation :- Visiting to CBSE New Delhi and Hotchkiss school.

II. C Singh
Aim :- All over development, thinking power increase, improve communication level.
Plan :- Cookery and camping in the school campus. Discussion on language lab.
Recommendation :- Visit to woodstook school Masoori.

III. P. Bharti
Aim -To develop teachers confidence,To remove teachers hesitation and develop teachers personality.
Plan -Art and craft competition,Personality development workshop and creative thinking workshop.
Recommendation -To visit DOON School and Riverside school

IV. E. Imaginative 
Aim - Overall personality development of the teachers and more coordination among teachers.
Plan:- Competitions should be held for teachers also, inspirational movies to be shown to the teachers
Recommendation:- Visit to Doon School, cultural monuments, handicrafts and small scale industries.

V. N Singh
Aim :- To prepare a best and confident teachers. To make a teacher who can easily understand the psychology of students. 
Plan :- Games for teachers, at least one tour should be in one year.
Recommendation :- To visit Doon school dehradun.

VI. B Singh
Aim:-   1. To improve the confident level of teachers.
           2.To train the teachers, to improve the qualities of teaching.
Plan:- Debate, speech on different topics. 
Recommendation:-A visit to Indo American School in Udaipur.

Google Use Workshop - 16.2.2013

Today a workshop was held by Sandeep Dutt, in the computer lab at The Fabindia School in Bali.
Practical knowledge of computer use was given and we learnt:-

(1) The use of Google Chrome
(2) How to use the email app on mail.fabindiaschools.in
(3) To send emails and open emails
(4) Use of the Bateducation.org website
(5) To post comments on the blogger - www.bateducation.org
(6) To use calender.fabindiaschools.in
(7) To send Thought of the Week every Saturday 

- Gajendra Mewara

Teachers Weekly - 16.02.2013

Teacher's Weekly is the newsletter of The Fabindia School       Issue No. 1

Cold heart and  hot mind never solved anything. - Dinesh Bharti

'Little Adjustment is always better than a lengthy argument". - Urmila Rathore

Problems are non-stop sign they are guideline.- Usman Gani

Success does not depend on making important decision quickly but it depends on taking quick action on important decision.- Usman Gani

Whenever you do something new please check with your uplines.-Kavita Devda

Always forget the problems that you face in life but never forget the lesson that problems taught you.- Om Rathore

I am not afraid of death, I just don 't want to be there when it happens.- Chandra Pal Singh.

"My silence doesn`t means that quit .....It simply means that I don`t want to argue with people who just dont want to understand.....!!" - Bhavika Ojha

 Be honest and hardworking..- Gajendra Mewara

Don't think too much; don't wait for others to certify you. If you are right... go ahead and just do it. - Neelam Malviya

Fear is the main reason for every failure and confidence is the main reason for all success.So be confident, success will come to your way. - Nikita Rajpurohit

Confidence comes naturally with success,but success comes only to those who are confident. - Himani Chouhan

The most and the best beautiful things can not be seen or even touched. It must be felt with the heart. Ritu

Life and time are the world's best teachers because life teaches us to make good use of time and time teaches us the value of life.- Monika Vaishnav
We don't know anything is not the main problem, the real problem is that we don't want to learn anything. - Suresh Kumar

I don't want to be better than anyone else,all I want is to be better than MYSELF.-Daksha Jain
Compiled by Nikita Rajpurohit and USMAN GANI.
Please send articles and information for circulation to Nikita & Usman.

It feels like am back in my school, and the teaching being given to me is never ending, thank you Sandeep Sir for all this! 
Awadesh Kumar Chaurasiya

Walk Through Google Apps

Kavita Devda - Class Teacher Prep B. 

Today I have learnt  to use Google Chrome. 
I have learnt to check email and reply.
Always be ready to learn.

Innovative and comprehensive learning process

I want to share some thoughts on innovative and comprehensive learning process for students:

1. Good time management.
2. Do meditation.
3. Study early in the morning.
4. Try to avoid disturbance.
5. Take a short break during study.
6. Be ready mentality to study.
7. Early to bed, early to rise.

Contributed by:
Bhawna Arya <baa@fabindiaschools.in>

CBSE schools to undergo mandatory accreditation from September

Manash Pratim Gohain, Times of India Jul 23, 2012, 01.26AM IST

NEW DELHI: Come September and all CBSE schools will have to undergo mandatory accreditation. And going by the results of the pilot run conducted by the Board, the process is not going to be a cakewalk. Just one of the 42 schools assessed in February-March managed to pass the review. CBSE has shortlisted 12 agencies for the next round of the pilot run and given them a month to assess 54 schools before actual evaluation begins in September.

The 12 empanelled agencies that will conduct CBSE School Quality Assessment and Accreditation (SQAA) include ACE Edutrend, Noida, Education Quality Foundation of India, New Delhi, Academy For Global Education Services, Mulund, and CFBT Education Service, Hyderabad. The 54 volunteering schools include 31 schools from the Chennai region and 12 from the Delhi region.

"While CBSE gives affiliation to schools on the basis of availability of infrastructure, the accreditation is meant to evaluate how that infrastructure and resources are being used for sustained qualitative enhancement. Schools will be judged on seven parameters — scholastic processes, co-scholastic processes, infrastructure, human resource, management and administration, leadership and beneficiary satisfaction. Schools should at least get 50% marks in each arena and an overall of 75% to clear the process," said the CBSE official.

The seven parameters are divided into 250 sub-domains such as life skills, value systems, attitude, work education, visual and performing arts, co-scholastic activities, health and physical activities, health cards, classrooms, library, laboratory, computer labs and ICT facilities, playground, transportation facilities, girls' rest rooms, infirmary, water and sanitation and health management facilities.

All schools have to apply for accreditation within three years. In case any school fails in the assessment, it can reapply within five years. But if it fails twice consecutively, it will lose CBSE affiliation. Also, this isn't a one-time exercise as schools will have to get accredited every three years. "At the end of the assessment, schools will receive a report highlighting areas where they need to improve," said the official.

CBSE has 13,018 schools under its fold and this will be the largest accreditation process to be undertaken. The aim is not to rank schools, but provide quality benchmarks in the concept, establishment and running of effective systems.

Courtesy: Ravi Kaimal

Invest in better teaching

Bill Gates: Invest in better teaching - CNN.com

Investing in better teaching is the only way to build an equitable world.
Follow the link above and read on CNN.com
Ravi Kaimal

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