The School Weekly- 30th March 2020

Positive Attitude Develops Positive Thinking
I would like to share my views on “Positive Attitude Develops Positive Thinking”
All the stories of great failures had their ability to bounce back in terms of time to become successful.
You don’t lead your life; your patterns are leading your life.
You don’t take your decisions; your patterns are influencing your decision.
From where do you get motivation, what is the real source of motivation, how a human being should remain always motivated. 
If money was the motivation then organization which is giving the highest salary should have zero employee turnover but even their people are living, money is not the highest motivation.
If success is your motivation, whenever success will come in your life you will remain motivated but when you will not get success from where you will get motivated.
Motivation should not be outside in. It should be inside out.
The real source of motivation is ‘Belief System’. Your belief system is the right way to stay motivated
Arunima Sinha was pushed out from a running train by some robbers in 2011; as a result, her legs had to be amputated below the knee. Rods were put in her legs and there were multiple fractures in the spinal cord. She felt that she had become disabled for her whole life. While sitting in the hospital she said if God has saved me then definitely to create history. Now her aim was to climb each of the continents highest peaks and hoist the National Flag of India. She contacted Bachendri Pal, the first Indian women to climb Mount Everest and signed up for training under her, and you know not only Mount Everest, one by one she climbed all the seven peaks of the world. She was awarded the Padma Shri Award. This was only possible because of her belief in herself.
This mind is very powerful.
It can break you, it can make you.
You can become strongly mental or you can become mentally strong.
You can have a hopeless end or you can have an endless hope.
So, be positive and the result will be always positive. 
Rahul Kr. Thakur/ Educator

Importance Of Character Formation In Childhood
Character is not just we show before others. It is the sum of many qualities, feelings, moral values etc. Character formation is an integral part of education. Parents always wish their children to achieve knowledge and to reach high positions. Most of the parents are not bothered about the inculcation of good behaviour and moral values. School being the second home of children has an important role in this regard. In view of this, teachers are always ready to help children in all aspects. At the same time children are also having certain duties and rules to be followed. They should obey their parents, teachers and elders, practice good manners and respect for each other.
Wordsworth said, “The child is the father of the man”. Our childhood experiences are the basis of our character. It is the character that formed in the childhood that decides our behaviour as an adult. Whatever things we learn in our childhood only we follow and that only reflect in us. If children lead a disciplined life, they will be disciplined gentlemen when they grow up.
Learn to select good practices and follow them for becoming good citizens of our country.
Byju P. Joseph/ Educator
Importance of Moral Values
I would like to share my views on the 'Importance of Moral Values' through the story ”The Dedication of Eklavya”
Eklavya was a young boy living with his tribe deep inside the forest. His aim in life was to become the finest archer in the world. He wanted to become a student of Guru Dhronacharya. When he asked about it, he was refused due to the low status of his birth. Despite this Eklavya created statue of Guru Dhronacharya and practiced archery everyday in front of it . Soon he became a good archer.
One day when Guru Dhronacharya learnt about this that a tribal boy is better than his best student Arjuna
So he called Eklavya to donate his right thumb as guru dakshina . without any hesitation Eklavya cut off his right thumb and gave his guru dakshina to his guru.After that day he was unable to become the best archer in the world but even today he is praised as a devoted student
So moral of this story is always love and respect your teachers and elders
Kusum Sharma/ Educator

Work from Home: New Learning
Due to the pandemic, spread of COVID- 19 virus, everyone was faced with a situation like never before. A complete lockdown in more than 22 states with postponement of exams in schools, colleges etc gave new learning opportunities to educators which involves greater use of technology while implementing Social Distancing. At this time of Social Distancing to protect everyone from disease, we need to assign our students daily work and stay tuned with them to get the feedback, solve their difficulties, keep them away from rumours and update them with important information issued in public interest by the government.
If we look at the larger positive side of this situation,  this has given us an opportunity spend the much awaited time with our closed ones and has also given us opportunity to try our hands at new learning opportunities, strategies using the technology and implement them in our teaching and learning styles effectively.
While social distancing requires staying aloof but need of the hour is to stay connected with our family, relatives, work place, colleagues, students and school leadership through alternate modes of communication(s) by simple calls, Whats app group chats, group calls, video recording of lessons prepared by yourself or by using any other apps – You tube, Khans Academy, Zoom, Skype and many more.
Let’s pray for everyone’s well being while being connected and safe.
Let’s fight it together.
Ajay Vijayvargi/ Educator
Be Focused
Today, I wish to share my views on what should we do  to be focused during our study in
order to attain success.
1. Discover inside you what you want to become.
2. Break the aim /target down into parts.
3. When you finish your daily target,reward yourself by giving time for your favourite sport or your hobby.
4.Make a study routine and paste it in your study place.
5. Be clear about why you want to get good marks.
6. Use a mind map to organize the information in every subject like flow chart or tree diagrams etc.
7. Make a “boring” subject interesting by watching its short videos or doing its objective questions & checking score.
8.We cannot learn or memorize everything so try to understand the topics.
9. Never hesitate to ask your doubts to your teacher .
10. Study in short breaks not to loose interest in subject.
11. Organize your time as per priority of topics .
12.Schedule weekly relaxations like Sunday etc
13. Give time to do exercise / cycling/ outdoor jogging as a good health helps in sound study.
14. Focus on the process, not the result.
15. Get rid of distractions like mobile, tv , outing with friends, etc by deciding a fixed time for them say 1-2 hrs.
16. Stick to some values of a good student like honesty (sincere hard work) , perseverance(hard work with patience) , self commitment (work as determined) , introspection(to look back to your work) , self confidence(belief on own work), awarenesss(attentiveness toward one's aim)
Dear students, always remember what our great Scientist & President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam said for students-:
“ If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L. means "First Attempt In Learning"
- End is not the end, if fact E.N.D. means "Effort Never Dies"
- If you get No as an answer, remember N.O. means "Next Opportunity".
So Let's be positive. 
Manish Jaiswal/ Educator

किसी भी काम को करने के लिए साहस होना चाहिए। यदि आपके अंदर हिम्मत नही होगी तो आप कुछ नही कर पायेंगे। हर चीज के लिए आपको हिम्मत चाहिए। चाहे वह छोटा कार्य ही कयों नाहो। जो आदमी यह महसूस  करता है किसी महान निश्चय के समय वह साहस से काम नहीं ले सका ;जिंदगी की चुनौतियों को कबूल नहीं कर सका; वह सुखी नहीं हो सकता है। बड़े मौके पर साहस नहीं दिखाने पर आप अपना वह लक्ष्य प्राप्त करने में विफल रहते हैं। विश्व के 95% व्यक्ति अपने लक्ष्य को या कार्य को प्रारंभ इसलिए नहीं कर पाते हैं कयोंकि वे इस बात से  डर जाते हैं की वह कहीं कोई गलती कर बैठेंगे या  असफल  हो जाएंगे । केवल 5% व्यक्ति ही अपने लक्ष्य प्राप्ति हेतु जोखिम लेने की हिम्मत जुटा पाते हैं ।अंतत अपने लक्ष्य को प्राप्त कर उन 5% महान व्यक्तियों की श्रेणी में सम्मिलित हो जाते हैं ,जिन्हें  यह विश्व महापुरुष के रूप में जानते  हैं । वर्तमान में विश्व में कई चुनोतियाँ  मुंह फैलाये खड़ी हैं ;जिनसे वे ही जीत पाएंगे जो इनका मुकाबला करने की हिम्मत दिखा पायेंगे । विद्यार्थियों को भी हर चुनौती का सामना करने का साहस रखना चाहिए । तभी वह अपने लक्ष्य को प्राप्त कर पाएंगे।
राजेश्वरी राठौड़/ Educator
Learning during Isolation
These days, people are at home, not going out as the whole world is facing the threat of Covid- 19.  I think all of us are seeing such disaster first time in life.  But if we are careful and responsible, we will overcome  soon. In this circumstance, we need to think positive and utilize this time to  make ourselves engrossed in some creative and constructive work which can enhance our skills and can give positive outputs. We can write, read books or newspapers, draw, paint, sing, dance, play indoor games, learn cooking, strengthen our vocabulary, watch news, help your mother in house holding chores, recall good memories through photos or videos etc.
There are many things you can do which you generally can't do during working days. Apart from that, you have time to take care of yourself and your family well. During this lockdown, mobile and TV ( technology) are also playing a big role in our lives, we can use them to increase our knowledge, for online learning and to get connected to each other and  to the outer world also.  We must take healthy food and fruit to stay healthy, wash our hands properly and regularly, maintain social distancing and keep our surroundings clean to stay safe as it is very well said, 'Prevention is Better than Cure." Actually, this is the time to be yourself at home, so know yourself better and strengthen your abilities and hobbies.
Monika Vaishnav/ Educator

Social Media during  Lockdown
Social media is a medium which is used by maximum number of people. It is a medium through which people talk to their family,friends etc., become members spend their time and share their current mood with the public. 
Many people use this medium in a beneficial way,where they get something to learn but some misuses these apps.
In our country India earlier people were given 1GB data for a month , so people used to use data as much as minimum they could use so, that rest of the month they can have something for time pass, but now people are given 1GB data for a single day, then also some people say that it's not enough.
As all over the globe except some countries COVID-19 is spreading very fast, to prevent this lockdown has been done, that's why people are using more technology but not in a proper way.
Many people are sharing unverified information and rumours that by doing this corona will not enter in your house, but people are not understanding that it is not a monster that who will not enter to your house.Many people are misusing social media.
People should understand that by sharing these all things they will not get a solution to this problem but people will do anything which can cause them harm.
So, people should understand and should support our government to defeat Corona Virus .
Stay home Stay safe.
Lakshika Rajpurohit/ X
Modern Technology
Today we are living in the world of science and technology. Technology is the greatest gift for modern civilization and society. Technology is used in all sectors of our life.The most significant thing is that technology is getting modernized through nonstop research on science. Science has always been useful for us. We cannot think of our modern lifestyle without the blessings of science and technology. Today,  technology is being used in education, industries, medical fields, communication, house hold activities and space research.The use of technology has made our lives easy. Many products are made with the help of technology such as medicines, cosmetics products, automobile etc. Computer, television, radio, airplanes, etc are some common example of modern technology. Technology has changed our lives.It should be used wisely for welfare of mankind 
Abhinav Singh/ VIII A
                                         Student's Artwork during Quarantine

Volume No. 419 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal, Ms Swabhi Parmar,
Chief Editor: Diksha Choudhary, Secretary: Uma Choudhary, Joint Secretary: Mansi Choudhary, Editors: Anumesh Rao, Krisha Dave, Puran Choudhary, Jatin Tripash, Diksha Choudhary, Tammana Solanki, Uma Choudhary, Priyanka Deora, Krithika Rajpurohit, & Kunal Rajpurohit.

The School Weekly- 23rd March 2020


Date with Self

Social interactions have its ups and downs and can impact self-esteem. But solitude has invaluable benefits.  Solitude gives us the opportunity to discover our self, it also allows you to recharge.

We live in a “go! go! go!” society. One that seems to have trouble slowing down. Fortunately, or unfortunately we have received this opportunity to rejuvenate and indulge in self-care activities.

Solitude Fosters Self-awareness and Self-care.

To experience solitude, set aside time, as if you were going on a date. If you can stay at home; maybe on Sunday, 22nd March and spend that day with yourself, that would be a great idea!

“A Date with Self”, let’s find solitude at home; express gratitude for yourself, your home, the people in your life. Make a list of your positive qualities. An exercise in solitude reveals to us treasures within us, treasures that can be uplifting and healing. 
A small list of things we can do for self-care:
·      Paint your nails
·      Follow a Skin/ Hair Care routine.
·      Cook or bake
·      Watch TV
·      Do yoga
·      Pick up a new hobby
Be alone. It’s good for you. You deserve to know yourself better. Don’t save these things for your downtime; instead, flag off Sunday, 22nd March as self-care day, “A date with the self”.
Rajeshree Shihag /Principal 

Believe in Yourself

"Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit."

एक बार एक व्यक्ति अकेला उदास बैठा कुछ सोच रहा था कि तभी उसके पास भगवान् आये। भगवान् को अपने समक्ष देख उस व्यक्ति ने कहा हे भगवान् मुझे जीवन में बहुत असफलतायें मिलीं हैं, अब मै निराश हो चुका हूँ। अब आप ही मुझे बताओ कि मेरे जीवन की क्या कीमत है।

भगवान ने उस व्यक्ति को एक नीला चमकदार पत्थर दिया और कहा, "जाओ इस पत्थर की कीमत का पता लगालो, तुम्हे अपने जीवन की कीमत का पता चल जायेगा लेकिन ध्यान रहे, इस पत्थर को बेचना नहीं है"; वो व्यक्ति उस नीले चमकदार पत्थर को लेकर सबसे पहले एक फल वाले के पास पहुंचा और बोला, "भाई ये पत्थर कितने का खरीदोगे ?"
फल वाले ने पत्थर को ध्यान से देखा और कहा,"मुजसे एक दर्जन केले ले जाओ और यह पत्थर मुझे दे दो" लेकिन उस व्यक्ति ने पत्थर को नहीं बेचा और फिर वह एक फल वाले के पास गया जिसने उस पत्थर की कीमत एक बोरी प्याज बताई ,इसी तरह से सुनार ने उस पत्थर की कीमत एक लाख रुपये और अंत में एक हीरे के व्यापारी ने उस पत्थर को देखा और कहा यह अनमोल है, अगर मै अपनी पूरी दौलत भी लगा दूँ तो भी मै इस पत्थर को नहीं खरीद सकता। यह सब बातें सुनकर वह व्यक्ति वापस भगवान् के पास गया और उन्हे सारी बात बताई और भगवान् से पूछा, "हे भगवान् अब तो बताइये कि मेरे जीवन की क्या कीमत है"

भगवान् ने कहा जिस प्रकार से अलग-अलग लोगों ने उस पत्थर की कीमत बताई ठीक उसी तरह से तुम्हारे जीवन की भी कीमत है। इस दुनिया में हर एक मनुष्य के पास कोई न कोई हुनर है जो समय के साथ निखर के सामने आता है, लेकिन उसके के लिए कड़ी परिश्रम और धैर्य की जरूरत है। इसलिए निराश मत हो और अपने आप पर विश्वास करना सीखो क्योंकि यही विश्वास तुम्हें तुम्हारे जीवन की असली कीमत बतायेगा।
Suresh Negi/ Educator 

                                 JUST DROP OUT
I would like to share my views on the virtue of ‘Drop out’ through the story of ‘Crow and Garuda’ from the ‘Yuzur Puran.’  I think, it may lighten your mood and be much more useful for our children.
Once a Crow, holding on to a prey (piece of food), was flying to a place to sit & eat. However, a flock of Eagles were chasing it. The crow was anxious and was flying higher and higher, yet eagles were after the poor crow. 
Just then "Garuda" saw the pain in the eyes of the crow. Coming closer to the crow, he asked: "What's wrong? You seem to be very "disturbed" and in "stress"?"
The crow cried "Look at these eagles!! They are after me to kill me".
Garuda being the bird of wisdom spoke "Oh my friend! They are not after you to kill you! They are after that piece of meat that you are holding in your beak". Just drop it and see what will happen.
The crow followed the instructions of Garuda and dropped the piece of meat, and there you go, all the eagles flew towards the falling meat.
Garuda smiled and said "The Pain is only till you hold on to it" Just Drop" it.
The crow just bowed and said "I dropped this piece of meat, now; I can fly even higher..."
The message for us from this story is that:
1. People carry the huge burden called "Ego," which creates a false identity about us that we create for ourselves saying "I need love, I need to be invited, I am so and so... etc..Just drop your ego and you will be saved from the burden and pain that it gives.  
2. People get irritated fast by "other's actions". It can be their friend, parents, children,  colleague,  wife , husband or due to property and knowledge... and they get the fumes of "anger ". Just drop your anger and you will never be irritated by other’s actions.
3. People compare themselves with others... in beauty, wealth, life style, marks, talent and appraisals and feel disturbed.  We must be grateful with what we have.  Comparisons and negative emotions should be just dropped. When we drop our negative vibes we will get happiness.
Bharti Rao/ Educator

                                Positive Parent Partnership
The importance of forging a quality partnership with parents is consistently reinforced by academics, journals and at training events. In essence teachers whole heatedly agree in working productively and closely with parents. There are great benefits for pupils but as we know all too well, sometimes it is not so simple.
What do parents know?  Parents know about school life and they will say so. In fact some regard themselves as `experts`, How can this be explained?
a) Parents draw on their own experiences of school. 
b)  Parents may be involved in school life.
Stepping stones not building walls
If there are regular ongoing informal opportunities for parents to engage with class
teachers, parents feel reassured that they have access if need be. When a problem arises it can then be addressed in an atmosphere of trust and understanding –a positive partnership rather than a case of `us` and then teachers and parents also should be themselves, as laying down stepping stones-not putting up walls.
Sharmila Vijayvargi/ Educator

Information Technology is a developing technology that aims at obtaining the maximum information with minimum resources, labour or time. I would like to share my  views on  use and importance of technology in our daily life. According to the dictionary, Information Technology is the study or use of electronic equipment especially computers, for storing, analyzing and distribution of information of all kinds, including words, numbers and pictures. 
Ever since the appearance of Man on the earth, information has been the major cause of his progress and development.  But information alone is not enough.  Information has to be processed, put to use by logic and reason before it becomes useful knowledge.Technology is a technique.  Khel method and process is used as the production of good services or in the  accomplishment  of objectives. We should use technology in the proper way and we should not misuse technology. If we misuse technology, it will harm us. We cannot take the biggest example of technology for our daily life that is artificial intelligence (AI). AI is used in  healthcare, finance, data security ,social media,etc. Last but not the least I want to share that we should use technology productively.
Phulesh Sirvi/ X

Gratitude is Greater 
In my life, there are many people who have helped me in my journey of academics; my parents, teachers and friends. They all have motivated me to do well in all spheres of life. But the most important people in my life are my parents who have  sacrificed everything for me. They are the ones who have always supported me in every situation and have stood by me. If they had not been in my life, it would have been difficult for me to work towards achieving my goals. They sacrifice, adjust for me, so that I don't get distracted from my goals. They work hard to pay my fees, sacrifice their own happiness for my happiness. I want to thank my parents from the bottom of my heart for whatever they do for me. Along with my parents, my teachers and friends also play an important role in my life for the betterment of my future. I would like to express heartfelt gratitude towards  my parents, my models.  I am grateful to all those who contribute towards my journey of success. I will try my best to make my parents and teachers proud on me.
Rajal Sonigra/ X

World Water Day

You are perhaps aware that 22nd March was celebrated as World Water Day and it is also about climate change. Using water more efficiently will reduce greenhouse gases. . Our school also celebrates this day by using least water in school and by giving messages to people near around us. Our parents or teachers very often advise us not to waste water . 
We should celebrate this day to attract the attention of everybody towards conserving water. The amount of water recommended by the United Nations for drinking , washing , cooking and maintaining proper hygiene is a minimum of 50 liters per person per day. This amount is about two or half buckets of water per person. Only 3 percent of drinking water is available. In some countries water is expensive than petrol . 71 percent of water is stored in oceans,lakes,rivers and ponds. This water is not comfortable for drinking. I want to say that if we are getting enough water in our daily life than don't waste it, as water is precious. In some places people struggle for a drop of water. I want to end with the slogan; "JAL HAI TO KAL HAI"!
Dhawan Choudhary/ VII A

Smile is a quite funny thing,
it wrinkled up your face .
When its gone you never find,
its secret hiding place.
But for more funny it is to see,
What smile can do?
You smile at someone, he smiles at you and one smile makes two.
Priyanka Deora/ X

Volume No. 418 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal, Ms Swabhi Parmar,
Chief Editor: Diksha Choudhary, Secretary: Uma Choudhary, Joint Secretary: Mansi Choudhary, Editors: Anumesh Rao, Krisha Dave, Puran Choudhary, Jatin Tripash, Diksha Choudhary, Tammana Solanki, Uma Choudhary, Priyanka Deora, Krithika Rajpurohit, & Kunal Rajpurohit.

Dr Vasudha Neel Mani: Let Us Understand Ourselves

Lets understand ourselves first and spread the awareness...

The country right now is in a state of despair. There has been a complete shut down in 75 corona virus hit districts. The list includes the major states of the country. It started with a lockdown and moved to shutdown and there are chances of curfew too. Lets understand the difference between all three:

Lockdown is a preventive measure during an emergency from leaving or entering a building or premises.

Shutdown is shutting down and termination and suspension of operations, services or business activity.

Curfew is a regulation  and strict mandate from the government that requires people to stay indoors completely and keeping them off streets to address an emergency situation. Any violations are met with a fine or arrest.

It has been on very rare occasions, where the government takes these measures together and our country is facing this right now. Most of us as citizens of our country are not taking this seriously. According to a recent data, we had 84 cases on 13th March that has risen to 428 cases today as I write this blog. In just 10 days, these numbers have grown exponentially. Sadly, we still don’t understand the gravity of the situation.

My this blog is an effort to reflect and introspect on the human’s tendency to follow the rules imposed on them. There is no proactive approach or measures on its own. There had been a tendency and thought that Corona will not affect us and because of this thinking we have landed in this situation. This is the time to stay indoors and spend time with family. Follow your passions, hobbies, read, write paint in your leisure time and if very necessary, please work from home. Please don’t venture out unless its an emergency.  Avoid home deliveries of online food, couriers. Sanitise the fruits, vegetables and groceries before use.

I urge the parents to spend quality time with their children, let them read ,paint or explore the creative streak in them. Discuss the current affairs and news with them. Respect their view points in the discussions and make them aware.

Let us all be sensitive to our neighbours or known people who have travelled abroad and not create any kind of panic and pressure on them. Stay positive and don’t hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Lets be in gratitude for all those medical professionals, govt officials, district administration, local police, traffic police and many more who have put their life at stake for us so that we are safe in our houses and protected against this virus. My this post is a tribute to all of them and an expression of gratitude for working tirelessly for the citizens and society without fearing of the consequences for their health.

Stay safe, stay indoors and keep praying and chanting so that we are able to defeat this pandemic and overcome this situation as a society, country and human population.

Forwarded courtesy 
Dr Vasudha Neel Mani
Vice Chairperson Learning Forward India

The School Weekly- 16th March 2020

STUDENT: Divya Chouhan/ VII was Student this Week for her zeal and genuineness towards class activities. She narrated a story on 'Being Helpful'. There was a small boy named Shankar, he belonged to a small and poor family. One day, he was crossing through the forest carrying some wood, he saw an old man who was very hungry. Shankar wanted to give some food to him, as he had no food he continued walking.  On his way he saw a deer who was very thirsty, he wanted to give him some water but again as he did not have water he continued walking. Then he saw a man who wanted to make a camp but he did not have wood, Shankar gave him some wood and in return got some food and water. He was very happy to help the man and to receive food and water. Now he went back to the old man and gave him some food and gave some water to the deer. The old man and the deer were very happy. Shankar then happily went on his way.
Few days later Shankar fell down a hill, he couldn't move as it pained a lot. There was no one to help him come up, the old man whom he had helped saw him and rescued him.  He was badly wounds and to his surprise the deer whom Shankar had fed water got herbs from the forest to heal his wounds. Like this the old man, the Deer and Shankar helped each other in time of need. This way they all became happy.
 She quoted 'The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable and to be compassionate'. 

EDUCATOR: Ms. Prerna Rathod was the Educator this Week. She shared her views on
'Happiness'. She shared that happiness is used for describing mental and emotional state of a person. It is also used in context of life satisfaction, and it's well being. Our happiness is largely related to the people we love and adore, i.e., family,  friends, etc. Happiness is evaluated on the basis of "How happy you are with your life as a whole?"
Happiness might have different meanings for different people, i.e., happiness might vary from person to person.
For example some people get happy by small things that are done by their near and dear ones. While the others seek happiness in materialistic things like gifts, surprises etc. For a child it is seeing their parents happy,
for a teacher, it is seeing their students succeeding. Similarly for parents, it's just the happiness and well being of their child.
But the most important thing is; Nobody can make you happy until you are happy with yourself first. So be happy and make others happy too. She quoted "The true secret of happiness lies in genuinely taking interest in all small and big details of everyday life.”

Monday,9th March: School Exams and Board Exams have been in process.

School will remain closed till 30th March, so we will be back with more news and views when the school reopens.

Volume No. 417 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal, Ms Swabhi Parmar,
Chief Editor: Diksha Choudhary, Secretary: Uma Choudhary, Joint Secretary: Mansi Choudhary, Editors: Anumesh Rao, Krisha Dave, Puran Choudhary, Jatin Tripash, Diksha Choudhary, Tammana Solanki, Uma Choudhary, Priyanka Deora, Krithika Rajpurohit, & Kunal Rajpurohit.

The School Weekly- 9th March 2020

STUDENT: Kunal Rajpurohit/ X was the Student this Week for his dutiful & responsible behaviour. He shared his views on 'Responsibility'. He said that winners may analyse, sympathize but they never rationalize and justify non-performance.You might have heard self-made success stories but have you ever heard  a self-made failure story, never.  Those who fail will always blame something or someone outside. They will blame teachers, trainers, the star of the horoscope but never accept responsibility. Success is a matter of luck, ask any failure. Winners perform inspite of problems, not in absence of it. Losers make excuses. You give them everything in life but they will still not perform.  If you go through the history, all success stories are stories of great failure. Edison failed 10000 times before he invented the light bulb.He motivated the students to keep positive attitude towards life. He narrated a story about four people. “Everybody”, “Somebody”, “Anybody” and “Nobody”. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody would have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody would have done it, but nobody realized that. Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when actually Nobody asked Anybody. Through this story he motivated the students to be responsible towards their work. He shared that winners  accept responsibility while losers make excuses. Excuses will take you nowhere other than making you feel very sorry for your own self. We have excuses all the time, and all sound quite similar. The list is endless. We must remember that while reasons are endless, they do not count. Results do. Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently. He shared accept responsibility , stop excuses and blames.

EDUCATOR: Mr. Krishan Gopal was the Educator this Week. He shared his views on
'उद्देश्यपूर्ण कार्य.' He inspired students to stay focused.
बिना उद्देश्य के मार्गहीन हो जाना तय है।  जो जीवन के उद्देश्य को जानते हैं, उनका मार्ग भी तय होता है।  बिना उद्देश्य के एक रचनाकार अपनी कृति नहीं रचता। कलाकार का भी अपना उद्देश्य होता है।  ठीक इसीप्रकार बिना उद्देश्य के हमारा जीवन बिना डोर की पतंग बन जाएगा। वर्तमान में ज्ञानार्जन का उद्देश्य रोजगार प्राप्त करना मात्र रह गया है।  महत्वाकांक्षी अपने महत्व को प्राप्त करना अपना उद्देश्य समझता है।  सुख प्राप्त करना उद्देश्य माना जाता है।  सुखी रहने के लिए अनेक दुःख झेलते हैं।  अपना अस्तित्व बनाए रखना भी एक अन्य उद्देश्य माना जा रहा है।  उद्दंड बालकों को लगता है किसी को चोट पहुँचना या किसी का अहित करना, उसका उद्देश्य है।  जीवन का उद्देश्य लघुतर नहीं बल्कि वृहदतर होना चाहिए।  गलत राह उद्देश्य पूर्ति में कभी सहायक नहीं हो सकती। गलत सोच और विचार जीवन के उद्देश्य की पूर्ति नहीं करवा सकते। हमें अपने उद्देश्य को पकड़कर सही दिशा में कदम बढ़ाने चाहिए। एक शेर इस बात को सिद्ध करती है -
उम्रभर ग़ालिब यही भूल करता रहा 
धूल चेहरे पर थी और आईना साफ करता रहा। 
हर व्यक्ति विशिष्ठ है, कोई भी सामान्य नहीं।  जब हम विशिष्ठ है तो हमारे कार्य भी विशिष्ठ होने चाहिए।  ज्ञानार्जन करें, संचित ज्ञान का सदुपयोग करें।  किसी को चोट पहुँचाना हमारा उद्देश्य नहीं हो सकता।  प्राप्त ज्ञान से सफलता पाने का प्रयास करें।  प्राचीन काल में संसाधन कम होते हुए भी मनीषियों ने अपने उद्देश्य को पाकर सफलता अर्जित की।  किन्तु हमारे पास तो संसाधनों की कमी कतई कमी नहीं मुद्रित सामग्री और इंटरनेट जैसा ब्रह्मास्त्र हमारे पास है, जिसका निशाना कभी नहीं चुकता, यदि सही दिशा में चलाया जाए।  उद्देश्यहीन व्यक्ति कभी सफल नहीं हो सकते। 
जीवन का उद्देश्य नहीं है, केवल खाना-पीना 
जीवन का उद्देश्य है, जगना और जगाना।
My School
My school is good,
Sometimes we have activities to cook.
It is surrounded with trees,
To feel the beauty of nature there is no extra fees.
We don't only have studies,
But also co-curricular activities.
Talents of the children are exposed,
Love from the teachers is always showed.
It is a place I will never forget,
Because of the values I get.
I love my school very much,
And I bet that I will not have any nice experience like such.
Priyanka Deora/ X

Thursday, 5th March: Final Examination for Classes Nursery to VIII  began from 5th  March. School is going through very serious time of exam. Students hardly run around and play. The teachers are busy in correction work . Children were seen nervous for their first final examination. Best of Luck to all of them for the rest of the papers.
Students of Class VI-XI had participated in SOF Math Olympiad. Ronak Upadhya/ VI and Neeraj Suthar/ IX received a gold medal, other participants received Certificate of Participation.

Saturday, 7th March: Holi Celebration was arranged in the school. They were accompanied by their class teachers and once the celebration started the kids sprayed colours on one another. They even sprinkled colours on their teachers as they too joined them in the celebration. They wished each other for safe and exuberant Holi and enjoyed it a lot. Even music was also played and everyone danced on various songs.

Volume No. 416 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal, Ms Swabhi Parmar,
Chief Editor: Diksha Choudhary, Secretary: Uma Choudhary, Joint Secretary: Mansi Choudhary, Editors: Anumesh Rao, Krisha Dave, Puran Choudhary, Jatin Tripash, Diksha Choudhary, Tammana Solanki, Uma Choudhary, Priyanka Deora, Krithika Rajpurohit, & Kunal Rajpurohit.

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