The School Weekly - 27th July 2015

Monsoon has been excessively active the past week. Bali experienced rains continuously for 48 hours and otherwise in heavy downpours for long spells. There is suddenly a growing chill in the air due to rains. Students have been seen enjoying outdoor games. School Campus has magically turned green. The School harvesting system in the forest is over flooded. Fresh grass has cropped up, trees look greener. Lowest temperature was recorded at 24°C and highest temperature was recorded at 29°C. Humidity was at 84%. Wind blew at 11 km/hr.
Thursday, 23rd July: Tear and Paste activity was organized in the Junior Campus. Students enjoyed creating jars, flowers, fishes, fish tank etc with waste paper and pencil waste.

Saturday, 25th July: Inter House Poster Making Competition was organized for Class IX-XI. The topic for the competition was Global Warming. Four students from each house participated in the competition. Each house participants made two charts. Results are awaited.
School’s water tank has been shifted to the hut near the entrance. Since it is under construction school is receiving water from the market. Hope the whole water area comes up fast so that students can make use of it.

Photos of Tear and Paste Activity, Inter House Poster Making Competition, Three-legged race and Tree plantation.
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हो गया है भ्रष्टाचार पर्वत जैसा
अब तो पिघलना चाहिए ।
कही पर भी निकले मगर
ईमानदारी की चिंगारी निकलनी चाहिए ।
पत्तों की तरह हिलती है, डोलती है
सच्चाई की दीवारे ।
कही पर भी हिले, डोले बुनियाद मगर
भ्रष्टाचार का स्तम्भ गिरना चाहिए ।
गाँव - गाँव शहर - शहर
बने भ्रष्टाचार मुक्त प्रशासन ।
आगे बढ़कर किसी एक को,
थोड़ी सी आवाज़ तो उठानी चाहिए ।
बूँद - बूँद कर घड़ा भरता है
पर बूँद तो टपकनी चाहिए ।
हरी भरी इस पावन धरती के क्षितिज पर,
अब तो नया दिनेश निकलना चाहिए ।
क्या चाहती है प्रजा
सुशासन, सुप्रशासन, सुविधा
शांति - प्रेम, सौहार्द, भाईचारा
और कुछ नया नहीं मांगा
हमारा जो था वो ही तो हमें चाहिए ।
Khushi Rao/X/GH

Save for Mankind
Trees, a gift of god very special
For the life very essential
Water, save each drop
Will yield life to new trees and crops
Trees, water and wind
Save for mankind.
Priyank Rathod/X/DH

Environment is the surrounding in which we live. It is very useful for us, because it helps us to be with nature. If we want to be with nature, first we have to protect the environment. Here are some points:

1] We should not use plastic bags.
2] We should not waste water.
3] We should plant more and more trees and we should not cut trees.
4] We should not throw garbage anywhere.

If we throw garbage anywhere it will cause pollution. Pollution makes holes in ozone layer which can destroy our environment. So to conserve our environment, 5th June was selected as World Environment Day.  We should protect the Earth because our Earth is our home . We should water the plants every day.  My advice is to plant a tree everyday if you can’t water it everyday.
Archana Koratkar/VI/GH
Saturday, 25th July: Three-legged race was organized for the students of the Primary Section. The race was not completed due to rains. It has been postponed to next Saturday. Hope they will be able to complete the races next Saturday.
Monday, 20th July: DEAR program was conducted for 20 minutes in which students read novels and story books to enhance their reading skill and vocabulary. It is picking up day by day.

Tuesday, 21st July: To develop writing skills and sentence formation paragraph writing was organized for the students of Class VI-IX. Students used their imagination and creativity and wrote beautiful paragraphs.

The School Weekly - 20th July 2015

Bali experienced a hot and humid weather during the week. The humidity in the air is making life uneasy for everyone. All are eagerly waiting for the Monsoons to arrive. The temperature has increased by 3°C. Highest temperature recorded was at 37°C and lowest recorded was 28°C. Humidity was 40%. The sky was partially covered with clouds. Wind blew at 16 km/hr.
Monday, 13th July: Karanveer Adha (Ex DH/11) visited the school. He is doing IISER from Kerala.

Interview with Karanveer Singh
Ed: What is your aim?
K.A: I want to be a Scientist. I want to study Optics (illusion)

Ed: At present what are you doing?
K.A: I am studying in Trivandrum.

Ed: How did you reach there?
K.A: I first completed my 12th from Career Point and in the 2nd attempt I cleared my IIT Exam.

Ed:  When you were not selected for IIT at first attempt what were your feelings at that time?
K.A: At first I was a little depressed, but then I tried and worked hard and got selected.

Ed: Which subjects do you study there?
K.A: There is no choice of subjects. I have to study all four subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math.

Ed: Do you see any change in the Education System of the South?
K.A: Yes, their education system is better than ours. Their standard of studies is very good .In Rajasthan you can take Biology or Math, but in Kerala you have to take both, you can’t say that I don’t want to opt this subject. They have reached ahead of us in each and every aspect of Education.

Ed: Is your institution Co-Ed.?
K.A:  Yes, we all study together. If my lab mate is a girl and if I don’t talk with her then my grades are deducted. We can’t discriminate and we have to talk to girls whether we wish or not. The people there are frank and helpful.

Ed: What message would you like to give the students of Science Batch?
K.A: According to me Science is the best subject, it has the maximum scope .Most of us see it as complicated subject, but in reality it is not. If we find any topic difficult we should simplify the topics, to understand it more easily. We should not feel scared of any subject. We should not be frustrated, work hard, simplify things don’t make anything complicated. Work hard and you will achieve success.
(Ed: Editor, K.A: Karanveer Adha, D.R: Dhruv Rajpurohit)

Tuesday, 14th July: Dhruv Rajpurohit  (Ex GH/03) visited the school. He is in Medical  School, Sweden. He was of 2003 Batch. In Fabindia he did his study from 1996-2003.

Interview with Dhruv Rajpurohit
Ed: What is your aim?
D.R: My aim is to be a good and efficient doctor.

Ed:  If you would not have been a doctor then what would you have been?
D.R: I exactly didn’t have any other choice, but if I would not have been a doctor, then I would have researched on wild life and animals. All I want is to stay connected with Science.

Ed: What are your hobbies?
D.R: To spend time with family friends, going for movies etc., and I like to play football

Ed: You are in America, so tell us about American culture and people.
D.R: People are very helpful and American culture is very vibrant and best thing is you have many opportunities there.

Ed: You took admission in Class 8th in America so. How do you feel about staying so far away?
D.R: I was nervous because it was a new place, but I was good in English and Fabindia had helped me in this.

Ed: Oh! That’s nice to know! What was your favourite subject and who was your favourite teacher here in school?
D.R: My favourite subject is Science and at that time Mayuri Didi taught us Science and my favorite teacher was Mr. Shailendra Joshi.

Ed: What changes do you see in Fabindia now?
D.R: At that time we had only 4 blocks. Now the campus has completely changed, there are many blocks and more facilities.

Ed: Do you like India? Will you practice in India?
D.R: I love India. It is good to come every year to meet friends. And in future I hope personally to practice in India.

Ed: Who is your role model or ideal?
D.R: Mahatma Gandhi- for his sacrifices and Malcolm X.

Ed: What message would you like to give to the students?
D.R: Work hard, if you work hard you can achieve anything in your life.
(Khushboo Rajpurohit/XI/TH, Pooja Dutta/XI/GH)
बोल क्या चाहता है तू।
क्या है तेरी चाह।
जहाँ होती है चाह
वहाँ मिल जाती है राह।
पाना चाहता है जो भी
तू इस जीवन में,
आ मेरे पास
सब कुछ मिल जायेगे
बस याद रख मेरी बात
सारी दुनिया होगी तेरे साथ।
समय है बड़ा बलवान
इसकी शक्ति पहचान,
समय पर कर्म कर,
कर्म पर विश्वास कर,
कर्म समय का जोड़ा निराला
पहचाने योगी और विरला।
जोड़े धन-यश अपार।
तेरे जीवन तेरी मुट्ठी में
कर्म का पहिया, समय की धूरी
दोनों का होगा  साथ
तेरी हर चाह पूरी।
Khushi Rao/X/GH

Environment is the word which we use in our daily life. It means the condition around us, in which the people, animal plants etc. live. Nowadays, it is polluted by us. Each person is the reason for the environmental pollution. We only can save our environment by giving our contribution in this. We are only alive because of the environment.
If there is no environment, there would be no plants, no animals, no people and no atmosphere. Atmosphere is the part of our environment, but we are polluting it by burning plastics and other harmful substances. Due to which, there is a beginning of a hole in the Ozone layer and the atmospheric temperature is increasing. We can save the environment by throwing garbage in the dustbin, not turn the plastic bags, recycle the newspaper, old notebooks, books and the other thing which are of no use.
And make a habit of recycle, reuse, reduce each and every thing which is useless. Craft is the best example of reuse, newspaper we can recycle and we can reduce the use of plastic bags. We all have to plant more and more trees and also have the habit of doing this, because it give us benefit.
At last, I want to tell that please plant a tree in year to protect environment.
Surayaveer Singh/IX/DH

Environment and Us
The word environment refers to our surrounding .Whatever is present in our surrounding that is called environment. Environment includes plants, trees, animals, birds, rivers, mountain etc. Environment is a gift of nature in which we live. Our environment was created very beautifully and we must not damage our environment. Now days, because of water pollution, pure water is very less in the environment.
We cut trees for our need but if cut more and more trees then the eco-system will become unbalanced and due to this more carbon dioxide will be formed and it will result in Global warming and Green House Effect. Due to pollution created by our vehicles, many diseases occur and create problems in our environment. We have many natural resources which we use and over-utilized them.
A phrase is there that a man’s need can be satisfied but a man’s greed never satisfies. We can save our environment by using our resources judiciously and by planting more trees. Then we can live healthy and pollution free life. As a citizen of India we must not pollute our environment.
Our prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi also started a movement on 2nd October 2014 called the ‘clean India (Swachya Bhaarat Abhiyan). We must also become the part of this and help to reduce garbage.
Krithika Mansion/X/GH
Monday, 13th July: DEAR program was conducted for 20 minutes in which students read novels and story books to enhance their reading skill and vocabulary. The week was celebrated as the Environmental Week. Students of Eco Club read articles, poems, etc. in the Assembly to raise issues that surround the school; ask questions to help us see the truth on our wastage and some revealing fact about our actions towards damaging our own environment.

School celebrated Environmental Week. These charts were made by the students of Class VI to XII for the environmental week.
Posted by The Fabindia School on Monday, July 20, 2015
Rajveer Singh/X/RH: Spoke on environment. Humans depend on environment and it is the only source of life. Society is responsible for spoiling the environment and human actions have a direct impact on the ecosystem.

Amrit Choudhary/X/RH: Spoke on causes of environment pollution. Increasing population is one of the reason causing global warming as land is being used for building houses and industries. For this trees are cut continuously resulting in loss of forests. So people must be made aware of healthy and safe environment.

Pooja Dutta/XI/GH:  Spoke on environmental problems like world population, depletion of natural resources, extinction of animal species, pollution of air and water, thinning of ozone layer and poisoning of rivers and seas. These problems have risen due to environment pollution.

Aryan Sirvi/VI/DH: Read a poem on importance of trees. Trees are our life and we must save trees and grow trees to have a healthy and happy life on Earth.

Tuesday, 14th July: Bhagyashree Mewara/IX/TH spoke on how environmental pollution is now a global phenomenon. The rich and powerful nations are the biggest polluters.
Divya Sonigara/X/GH: Recited a poem in Hindi on Dharti Hamari Mata Hai.
Deepika Soni/IX/GH: Spoke on the importance of environment.
Diaries and School Calendars were distributed in all classes.

Wednesday, 15th July: On the occasion of Environmental Week Krisha Dave/VII/GH Spoke on ways to save environment.
Mansi Choudhary/VII/DH spoke on need to protect environment.
Kreena Rao/VII/DH: Gave a speech on threat to environment
On the occasion, the students of Class 10 contributed towards plantation. They dug pits and planted fruit and flowering trees.

Thursday, 16th July: Rajveer Singh/X/RH and Pooja Dutta/XI/GH quizzed students. After the Assembly an Essay Writing Competition was organized for students of Class VI to XII.
Results of Essay Writing Competition on Environment: The competition was Intra Class Essay Writing Competition and the following students bagged off the first position.
I  Archana Koratkar/VI B/GH
I  Aman Singh/VII/RH
I  Avinash Sen/VIII/RH
I  Muskan Rathod/IX/TH
I  Suryaveer Singh/IX/DH  
I  Kritika Mansion/X/GH
I  Khushboo Rajpurohit/XI/TH
I  Mamta Chouhan/XII/GH
School welcome Mr. Rahul Chaudhari as our new Biology teacher. School wishes him a rewarding time with us!

The School Weekly - 13th July 2015

Bali experienced a hot and humid weather during the week. Heavy rains poured down on Tuesday night, but it has not given relief to anyone. Humidity in the air has increased from 41% to 46%. There is a fall of 5°C in temperature. Highest temperature recorded was 34°C and lowest recorded was 26°C. Weather is hot during the day and humid at night. The sky is partially covered with clouds. Wind blew at 16 km/hr.
Friday, 10th July: A Puppet Show was organized for Class Nursery to Class III in the Junior Campus. The show was organized by Ms. Kusum Sharma, Mrs. Ayesha Tak and other correspondent teachers. The story of this show was based on ancient Kings and Queens. Many puppets to represent different roles were made by teachers for the show. The juniors enjoyed the show and happiness could be seen on their faces.

Saturday, 11th July: Inter House Story Telling Competition was organized for the Junior Section. There were two participants from each house. The students had to tell an animal story with a moral. Students from Class I to V participated in the competition. Students narrated interesting animal stories with actions and also used props to make their story more alive. The judges for the competition were Mr. Ajay Vijaywargi/Academic Dean and Mrs Bharti Rao/Coordinator.

I             Siddhi Vyas/V B/GH
II            Mimansha Chouhan/V B/DH
III           Riya Vaishnav/IV A/DH

मैं बरसाती हवा हूँ
मैं बरसाती हवा हूँ। मैं दवा हूँ। सूखे की। हरियाली हूँ
बगीचे, खेत खलिहानों की।
मुस्कान हूँ
मुरझाए किसानो के चेहरों की।
मैं बरसाती हवा हूँ।
बहती हूँ मै
होकर मस्त, गाते हुए तराने।
शहर, गाँव, खेत और विराने।
ना कोई डगर न डर
ना किनारा, ठौर न हार
मैं ख़ुशी भी लापरवाह हूँ।
मैं बरसाती हवा हूँ।
मेरी आहट सुनकर
डरता है कोई
हँसता है कोई
जल्दी-जल्दी घर जाए कोई
जल्दी-जल्दी सामान समेटे कोई
बच्चे वो कर रहे नहाने की तैयारी
मैं कितनी न्यारी  हूँ
मैं बरसाती हवा हूँ।
Bhanu Pratap Singh/X B/RH

Photos of The School Weekly - 13th July 2015
Posted by The Fabindia School on Monday, July 13, 2015
Monday, 6th July: DEAR program was conducted for 20 minutes in which students read novels and story books to enhance their reading skill and vocabulary. Classes were set up and arranged for Remedials in the 8th lesson. Regular classes took place in the rest of the lessons.

Tuesday, 7th July: Math Awareness Day was observed. Special assembly was organized. Radhika Singh/X/GH and Suryaveer Singh Jodha/IX/DH spoke about the importance of Math in daily life, why everyone should learn Math on Math Awareness Day.

Wednesday, 8th July: Yogendra Singh Ranawat (Ex GH/12) and Ashish Sahrawat (Ex GH/12) visited the school. Yogendra Singh is doing B.Com final year from JB College of Commerce, Ahmedabad. Ashish Sahrawat is doing Hotel Management from New Zealand. They saw many changes in the school. They were very happy to be at the School. They met their teachers and juniors. Both of them went to Class XII and counseled the students for their future. They observed that the school has improved a lot. And were certain that the school will be one of the best School in Rajasthan. Yogendra Singh wished that if he'll get an opportunity to work as a Sports Teacher in the school, he will take it.

Thursday, 9th July: Seventy five US students escorted by Mr. Nicholas Broker CEO of IndoGenius visited the school. The students were on a Project in which they were visiting Rajasthan to understand its diverse culture of India. Students of Class VIII-XII showed them the school and forest and also interacted with them. Students and staff were invited to lunch with them.

Saturday, 11th July: First Parent's Teacher Meeting was organized for the students of Pre- Primary Section in the Junior Campus. Only 20% Parents came for the meeting. The teachers informed the Parents about their plans, assembly, oral work and remedial classes for the Academic Session 2015-16.

The School Weekly - 6th July 2015

Weather in Bali has become a wee bit pleasant, due to cloud presence and showers in the surrounding areas. Highest temperature recorded at 37°C and lowest recorded at 27°C. Humidity is 41%. Wind blew at 24 km/hr.
Saturday, 4th July: The Investiture Ceremony was conducted with the morning Assembly. For the first time in the history of The Fabindia School, Investiture Ceremony has been conducted, office bearers for the school, the houses and  societies took the oath and were presented their official badges. 

Report of the Investiture Ceremony
The Fabindia School held its first prestigious Investiture Ceremony on 4th of July with great gusto, enthusiasm and pride. The Investiture Ceremony marked a significant beginning of the new Academic Session 2015-16. It was a solemn occasion where the young students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted to them by the school. The Ceremony began at 8.30 AM. Mr. Sandeep Dutt, Chairman BAT had kindly consented to honour us as the Chief Guest for the occasion. He was escorted by Principal Ms. Deepika Tandon, Academic Dean Mr. Byju Joseph and Bajrang Singh Rajawat to the OAT where the ceremony was to be held. The Chief Guest was welcomed with a bouquet. The Principal declared the inception of the Investiture Ceremony. After it the Oath Ceremony of the Student Council took place. Their names were announced by the Principal. Each student marched smartly to the stage with her/his respective School/House Flag to take the Oath. The Students Council willingly and positively promised to do their best to represent school. After the Oath Ceremony the Chief Guest presented the Student’s Council with sashes and badges. The Secretary and Joint Secretary of the Clubs and Societies were also presented with badges. The Investiture Ceremony concluded with lot of hope and aspirations for our future leaders. It was a memorable occasion for the young leaders as they looked forward to a new and enriching Academic Session. The event was a great success with the participation of all students, teachers and admin staff; without whom it would have not been so impactful.

For the first time in the history of The Fabindia School, Investiture Ceremony has been inducted, where office bearers for various societies, school level and houses took oath.
Posted by The Fabindia School on Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Student Council
Head Girl: Vaishali Rao/XII Com.
Head Boy: Kushagra Singh/XII Sci.

Teresa House
Captain: Khushboo Rajpurohit/XI
Vice-Captain: Nikhil Soni/X
Joint Secretary: Lokendrapal Singh/IX

Gandhi House
Captain: Pooja Dutta/XI
Vice Captain: Khushi Rao/XI
Joint Secretary: Pradhuman Singh/IX

Dhyanchand House
Captain: Blessy Maria/XI
Vice-Captain: Priyank Rathod/X
Joint Secretary: Kirti Malviya/XI

Raman House
Captain: Manvendra Singh Champavat/XI
Vice-Captain: Jaswant Singh/X
Joint Secretary: Krishika Ojha/IX

Office Bearers
English Literary Society
Secretary: Yash Soni/XI
Joint Secretary: Shivani Rao/X

Hindi Literary Society
Secretary: Bhanupratap Singh/X
Society Joint Secretary: Dushyant Choudhary/X
Math Society Secretary: Radhika Singh/X
Math Society Joint Secretary: Suryaveer Singh/XI
Science Society Secretary: Adityapratap Singh/X

Science Literary Society 
Joint Secretary: Divanshu Bhati/X
Eco Club Secretary: Rajveer Rathore/X
Eco Club Joint Secretary: Amrut Choudhary/X

Page to Stage Club
Secretary: Yaksha Kumawat/XI
Joint Secretary: Muskan Rathod/IX

Computer Club 
Secretary: Pradeep Singh/XI
Joint Secretary: Ahmed Raza/XI

Social Service League
Secretary: Chandresh Choudhary/IX
Joint Secretary: Gourav Rajpurohit/IX

Philately Club 
Secretary: Priyal Dave/VIII
Joint Secretary: Harshita Chouhan/VIII

Electronics Club 
Secretary: Shashank Singh/X
Joint Secretary: Suryabhan Singh/VIII

Quiz Club 
Secretary: Kapil Bansal/X
Joint Secretary: Anirudh Singh/VIII

Photography Club 
Secretary: Tanvi Parmar/IX
Joint Secretary: Prahlad Rawal/XI

Editorial Board
Chief Editors: Krithika Mansion/X, Neha Bhati/IX

Heartiest Congratulations to the Student Council and Office Bearers for the session 2015-16. The School was excited to unveil the House Trophies for SERVICE, SKILL, SPORT and STUDY at the Investiture Ceremony.
After the Investiture Ceremony students went about their regular routine of an activity Saturday.
Wednesday, 1st July: Welcome back readers! The School reopened on 1st July’15. Campus once again buzzed with activity. This time it was new classes and new teachers. So, excited students were seen trying to figure out their classrooms and exchanging information about their visits and what they did during their vacations. All in all every student looked fresh and cheerful, ready for a new term. All classes are given their new time-table. Teachers welcomed the students back to school, asked them to submit their Home Work.

Since the SURANA BLOCK is still under construction the classrooms have undergone an overhauling for 3 months:
Classes ( Left Wing)
Classes (Right Wing)
X A, B
XII Commerce, XI
Under Construction

VI B, XII Science (Bio. Lab)
Physics & Chemistry Lab
V A, B
Library, Staff Room
Computer Lab, AV Room
Class I A, B shifted to Junior Campus till construction work is over

School has fallen back to their daily routine

The Editorial Board has chosen its new correspondents after the promotion of the correspondents to editorship in the month of May.

Our Congratulations to:
Chief Editors: Krithika Mansion/X,  Neha Bhati/IX
English Editors: Priyank Rathod/X, Adityapratap Singh/X
Hindi Editors: Bhanupratap Singh/X, Jaswant Singh/X
Art Editors: Khushi Rao/X, Nikhil Soni/X
New Correspondents:     Blessy Maria/XI, Pooja Dutta/XI, Khusbhoo Rajpurohit/XI, 
                                        Radhika Singh/X, Suryaveer Singh/IX.
We welcome Mr. Hitendra Singh Chundawat to the Editorial Board.

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