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Twenty years ago, our founders and visionaries set out to open the first English medium school at Bali village in Rajasthan. Today students from our school are scoring 80% and 90% in English in the CBSE XII Exams. Thank you Aylette and all our supporters, who have made the dreams of the people of Bali come true and worked to provide 'affordable quality education'.

The School Weekly - 26th Aug 2013

Raksha Bandhan Special
19 Aug : Rakhi Making Competition was organized for students of Class IV to XI. The students were excited and they made beautiful rakhis and displayed it on the display board. Class VIII B stood first, Class VIII A stood second in the senior section while Class V B stood first and V A stood second in the junior section.

24 Aug : A Survey was conducted in class X and this was the Outcome. 

First Terminal Examination is being conducted for Class Nursery to Class V from 19th Aug to 27th Aug. in the school. The rest of the middle and senior section will have their examination next month.

Point of View
History and Significance of Raksha Bandhan  
Raksha Bandhan is a term from the Hindi language which means a relationship or an association based on protection. This is a festival which has a long standing Indian heritage. More commonly known as Rakhi, this Indian festival signifies the sacred bond of love between a brother and sister. 

The School Weekly - 19th Aug 2013

Independence Day Special
15 Aug : Like every year the school celebrated its 67th Independence Day. 
The program started with the hoisting of the flag by The Principal. The students participated in a the Parade on the ground. This was followed by a short program. 

First Vishal Singh of Class X gave a speech on this day and then Mimansha Kunwar of Class IX also gave a speech. We had Inter-house Patriotic Song Competition in which all the four houses participated. 

Our Training & Development Manager Mr. Atul Bhatt and Principal Ms Parineeta Ranpal addressed the gathering. The results of the competitions were announced. Blue House stood first in both March Past and Patriotic Song competition. The program ended with the distribution of sweets to one and all present there. 

This Independence Day was very special for Fabindians. We bagged off three trophies at Senior Secondary Government High School Bali. The first trophy was won by our students for securing first position in the Republic Day Parade organised in High School. Prasann Vaishnav of Class XII won a trophy for securing 85% in 12th boards and Himanshi Chouhan won a trophy for securing 9.8 CGPA in 10th Class board exams in Bali. 

The School Weekly - 12th Aug 2013

5 Aug - 8 Aug : Mr. Ashok Hazra conducted Art Workshop in the school from 5 Aug to 8 Aug. The participants of the workshop were students of class I to class IX. He has also kindly agreed to assist in setting up an Art School at the new campus in Bali. Mr Atul Bhatt organised this event.

9 Aug : A Survey was conducted in class X and this was the Outcome.

10 Aug : The new Editorial Board was formed with 22 students with 11 students in each section. Nikhil Soni and Hema Choudhary are elected as the chief editor for the English Section and Shraddha Kansara & Naushad Ali for Hindi Section. Rest of the students are given their respective duties.

Interview of Mr. Ashok Hazara

Q : Tell us something about you
Ans : I am one of the 15th contemporary artist of the country. Nowadays I am educating children art after retirement in various
school to promote child art. Bonsai Plant is my passion. I also love to collect stamps.
Q : How has art changed from your childhood days till today?
Ans : Lot of things have changed. Religious, subjective and landscape paintings have changed in modern time in a very contemporary manner so now art is individual perspective. It can be identified who the artist is , whose style and subject matter. This is very important not only in art, but also in drama cinema , even in literature to have an individual perspective.
Q : What are the qualities of a good artist?
Ans : The quality of a good artist is the sense of visual art & in performing art it should totally creative outlook and individuality should be there. It should not be copied or sheep walk. Definite style should be developed.
Q : Can children make career in art ?
Ans : 100% they can make career in art.

Q  : How did you find our children?
Ans : Creativity is already there. They need to be motivated, nurtured & their creative ability has to be framed.

Greeting Cards made by Students in the guidance of Mr. Ashok Hazara. 

Point of View
According to me happiness means giving space to good things and to learn from bad experiences. Happiness is not a goal which says come and achieve me but it is a thing that comes from the bottom of the heart and we have to feel it .Happiness opens the door for love and joy .If we are happy the whole world looks beautiful Happiness gives us good memories while the other aspect of life that is sadness gives us good lessons.  - Bhavika Mansion (Class X)

Happiness is the situation in which everyone should be satisfied and not hurt anyone else .Happiness is very important for life The person who is always sad can never make anyone else happy ,he is always in deep melancholy  So we should always remain happy and also make others happy. - Akshay Rajpurohit (Class X)

Compiled by Bharati Rao and published every week.

Art Workshop for Students

Mr Ashok Hazara conducted an Art Workshop commencing  5th August to the 8th of August 2013 for our students. He has also kindly agreed to assist in setting up an Art School at the new campus in Bali. Mr Atul Bhatt organised this event and more details will follow.

Mr. Hazara is a storyteller, except his stories are told on the canvas and he celebrates the age-old family traditions of India in his paintings. His paintings reflect the attributes of the old Indian artists, minute in detail and lavishly painted and textured. Striving to keep alive the myth of the great Indian family, with its close knit relationships and ethos of mutual aid, he paints what he feels with conviction. A great teacher, and uses art as a medium to educate young people.

Upper House passes New Companies Bill into law 08 Aug 2013, 05:48 PM

Companies Bill is to enhance corporate governance. We must be very severe on noncompliance. The Bill is compliant with innovations in technology and markets.

The Bill also intends to nurture entrepreneurs, artisans, craftsman and ensures that no effort is spared to consult every single stakeholder. The Companies Bill will usher in a new era for our economy.

Sachin Pilot added that he will seek comments on forming rules and address imbalance towards women in the corporate sector. For the first time CSR is part of the statute.

The 2-percent CSR mandate is not a tax or a cess and corporate India is more than willing to spend money on CSR initiaitives, he highlighted.

The Bill allows companies the freedom to choose areas of work for CSR and the mandate of a rotation in auditors every 5 years gives the process added credibility.

The School Weekly - 5th Aug 2013

30 July : Elocution Competition was organized for Senior and Junior section. There were 16 participants in each section. Four participants from each house in each section. Everyone gave a beautiful performance and spoke their articles confidently. There was more girls participation than boys.

31 July : A Survey was conducted in class X and this was the Outcome.

2 Aug : On Friday different activities were carried out in the middle section.

3 Aug : On Saturday in Mr. Atul Bhatt’s workshop we discussed on the point : Who a good teacher is?
Mr. Atul came to the conclusion that a good teacher is one who is a good communicator, has subject knowledge, is committed, is a motivator, multi-talented, good behavior and can generate interest in students.
Point of View
Monsoon Cloud  
This monsoon time with darkening sky and weepy clouds,
I started raining; nights long blowing warm winds,
Cry waiting dreaming on,
I came with the monsoon to bring happiness,
And greenery everywhere
To make fields happy and people too.
As a monsoon cloud,
With thunder and lightning too. - Mahima Gehlot (Class X)

Teachers are like stars
Who shows the path to go far
Teachers  are like birds,
Who  always say sweet words,
Teachers  are like cloud.
Who make us feel proud.
Teachers are like trees
Who take great care to handle.
Teachers never allow us to get depressed
In their company we get refreshed .
Teachers are like flowers,
Whose blessings are like showers  - Vaishali Rao (Class X)

Corruption is one of the things in today’s world which is destroying the world and also life of people. Corruption is a thing which is done by people to get their work done by wrong means. It is also called bribing where one person tempts the other to do something wrong. Many people do this to make their life better and earn more money. But while doing this other peoples life is affected. It is because of corruption that deserving candidate do not get what they really deserve corruption is seen everywhere in politics, colleges, offices, hospitals , schools, etc. If this continues there will no happiness in the world. Nobody will feel secure. So, every attempt should be made to stop corruption each one must do his/her part to stop it.  - Mrs. Prerna Rathod

Compiled by Bharati Rao and published every week.

The School Weekly - 29th July 2013

22 July : Formation of  Students’ Council
Bhagirath Singh             :  Head boy
Khusbhoo Punmiya       : Head girl
Shinu Philip                     : Red House Captain
Harshita Bhatnagar       : Vice Captain
Prachi Agarwal              : Green house Captain
Naushad Ali                    : Vice Captain
Prateek Udawat             :  Blue House Captain
Hema Choudhary          : Vice Captain
Shobha Choudhary       : Yellow house Captain
Soharsh Parihar             : Vice Captain

26 July : A number of activities were carried out in the class like composition writing, mental sums, practical, etc.
27 July : A PTM was held for classes VII to XI .Due to heavy rains only 10% of the parents attended the meeting.

Point of View
Modernisation vs Westernisation
Modernisation is a culture in which everything is new. We get new ideas for our society. Everything which takes place in making our life much more comfortable is example of Modernisation. Urbanisation & industrialisation as well as to the spread of education are also good examples of modernisation. - Pooja Dutta (class IX)

Westernisation is a change that has taken place in Indian Society to a major extent. Westernisation follows the adoption of different lifestyles, cultural ways, working styles, organising styles even the behaviour pattern of western countries. Modernisation means to innovate new ideas and to utilize new techniques to improve your society whereas westernisation means to adopt western culture. There is no harm to adopt western patterns but it is really harmful when in shade of adoption of western culture we start condemning our great culture, patterns & society. So be modern not western.  - Harshita Dalawat (Class-IX)
I would like my studies to be 60% sports to be 25% & co-curricular activities to be 15%. I think that studies have a great significance in our lives. My future depends on my studies. In this competitive world your intelligence counts, but along with mental abilities you must be physically fit too. Sports also help the body to grow and develop a well mannered way. Co-curricular is also important for all round development. By participating in competitions we become confident and we also become a good speaker which is required for any interview.  - Nikhil Soni (Class- X)

According to my opinion study should be about 50% for it is compulsory for students to study. Sports should be 40% for it is necessary for our physical fitness and we should get more chance to participate in sports activities. Co-curricular activities should be 10% as it also helps to remove our stage fear & become confident.  - Rishiraj Champawat (Class-XI).

Compiled  by Bharati Rao for The Fabindia School.

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