The School Weekly - 28th April 2014

Bali has begun to experience high temperatures since Saturday. On the 26th April. maximum temperature was 41 degree Celsius with humidity at 35%. Whole week was dry with scorching heat producing mirages on the roads! Sudden showers on Sunday, 27th April, were a reprieve from this blistering weather. 

Congratulations to students and teachers for completing one year of The School Weekly. Thanks to our Chairman, Mr. Sandeep Dutt, who initiated the idea and pushed us into producing it. Sir, thank you! We are more techno savvy now! So far we had news, articles, and letters, now we are coming up with a series of interviews to record history of the school.

DEAR is catching up on a snail’s speed. We are in its third week now. So, the teachers are not expecting any magic. Staff is also gradually getting used to this exposure to books. Unconsciously, students are absorbing information as they read about stories by different writers.

22nd April 14: International Earth Day was celebrated at the School. A Special Assembly was conducted by the Principal, where students were asked its importance. Two bright sparks Kapil Bansal IX A and Jaswant Singh IX B surprised the school by giving the right answer as to why we celebrate Earth Day. The school took a pledge to create a sustainable healthy environment by reducing pollution and conserving energy on the school campus. Students and staff switched off all fans and lights from 11.00 AM to 2.00 PM. All laptops and computers were also shut down during this time.

24th April 14: A workshop on ‘Child Abuse’ was conducted for the staff by the Principal. The topic was introduced through a video by “Arpan”. The video was discussed in great length. Different peer group related problems and pressures were explained. The staff learnt how shouting is also a kind of abuse. Asking students to stand outside the class is another abuse. Alternative ways and means were shared with them to help child retain her/his honour. At the end of the workshop the staff was asked to be aware of their ways of deal with children, so that they change their old ways and extend respect to their students.

25th April 14: A new entrance has been opened at the corner of the boundary wall, opposite main school gate for the students to enter the main campus. So far the students had to walk along the Junior School boundary wall to get to their own campus. The main entrance of the Junior School has school buses enter the same gate at the same time, the entry to Junior School has been shifted near the main school gate for its students’ safety.

26th April 14: As usual Saturday activities were carried out. All the four houses met to discuss their forthcoming competitions. Then students of Class VIII, IX and XI attended dance classes with Mr. Ravi Gaud. The other students played their games sets and went for art and craft work. Mr. Kishorelal Rao an expert in Origami visited the school. He exhibited his beautiful craft work and embroidery work to students. His work was highly appreciable.

Mr. A. N. Dar, Ex-Principal of The Scindia School, Gwalior, conducted a workshop for staff on pastoral care. Through slide shows he discussed what is “pastoral care”. He emphasised on the qualities of a school teacher. He insisted that school teachers must have a belief of their own and that being a teacher is a real treasure. The belief for a Fabindia School teacher is to improve communication and relationship and make good human beings. A teacher should be multi-functional and hard working and make sacrifices like mothers. We should be patient to observe that over a period of time they improve and reflect qualities inculcated by a schoolmaster. The teacher should make a difference to the life of human beings. The schoolmaster is a divine creation who should help the students to be diligent; be able to evolve his/her application of mind; help them to throw out their fear and not be hesitant. We look forward to his association with us as we found him very understanding for our role.

Point of View
The School Weekly has successfully completed its one year on 22nd April’14. A very big thanks to all students and staff for their contributions. We celebrate the completion of year one of The School Weekly, here are excerpts of an interview with Mr Sandeep Dutt our Chairman.

Q: What was your intention in starting the The School Weekly?
A: Communication is the key and the only way we can share our thought and vision with the world. For a successful person or any great organisation, it is imperative they convey their mission to a large audience and work in a transparent manner. The School Weekly is our way of connecting with the world, sharing our contribution with the society, as well as celebrating the achievement of our children at school. 

Q: What was your perception when you joined this school?
A: The school to me seemed to be another world in itself, way to far from the mainstream and perhaps not as urban looking as I had imagined.

Q: How come you living in Delhi thought of coming and leading this school in the rural area?
A: To be honest I have never graduated from school, as in my over 30 years of work life have always been involved with schools as a service provider or a volunteer! This time around was very keen to look at what a school does for an average person and more so was keen to see how the school experience really transforms lives. I volunteered for my first trip to Bali in the fall of 2012, and have since become a part of the community. For me outdoor and adventure were a part of my life and this is another reason why life in Bali excites me.

Q: What are the changes and developments that you wish to see in the school?
A: At a personal level am committed to mainstream our school and showcase what we have as a model for affordable rural quality education. The object of our trust is to make The Fabindia School the best English medium school in rural India.

Q: What changes have you seen after joining this school in the past year?
A: It is too soon for me to really list out the changes, the work has just started and we are keen to grow this school into a learning organisation with the best use of technology and have high regard for human relations.

Q: What is your wish list for the school's future?
A: Have the best training for the teachers and offer the best possible learning experience to help our young people grow up into great human beings.
The interview was done over email by our Staff Editor.

Campus Survey
A survey was conducted in the school and the students of class 6 to 12, were asked about what hair style they prefer!

Survey done by: Vaibhav Bhatt & Pradeep Dalawat(Class X)

Compiled by Bharti Rao for The Fabindia School. Thanks to Ms. Deepika Bhatt and our Principal Ms Deepika Tandon for their support.   

The School Weekly - 21st April 2014

The Fabindians wish all its readers a very Happy Easter.

14th April '14:  Temperature at Bali has risen to 38 °C and humidity is at 41%. This is precursor of higher temperatures and drier weather. Students prefer to stay indoors and play indoor games during the Games period.The campus has begun to look a little dry due to autumn and dry winds. School pets can be seen lazing in the corridors due to the rise in heat. On the other extremes bougainvillea is in full bloom, though it hangs in balloons due to heat.Typical storms that would rant May and June apart and ring in monsoon rains have begun early this year. Rajasthan has begun to experience sand storms and sudden showers in April itself. 

Bhopat Singh the new security gaurd, has been posted at the gate to keep a track of visitors. He maintains a register of entry and exit of all visitors, including teachers and admin employees who go out for any official work. He has been advised not to let students walk out unescorted.

15th April '14: DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) activity was carried out again in all the classes under the guidance of The Principal to enhance the reading ability of the students. Further the Principal is observes teaching in classes, to help raise teaching delivery levels in the classrooms. The observation is empowering the teachers as the Principal shares her feedback with them, to help them with further planning.

16th April 14 : Escorted by Mr. Atul Bhatt six students Rajesh Choudhary, Mehul Sehua, Nikhil Soni, Maharaj Singh & Koshik Soni of Class IX, attended a workshop at Sushant School of Designing, Gurgoan on 17th April' 14. They returned on 18th April'14 .The workshop was held on “Changing Trends In Education”. Mr. Atul Bhatt felt it was a rewarding experience for students to observe how other schools were far ahead of us in the field of modern education today and how we must approach for it. They also got time in the evening to venture out in the malls.
Photography Trip to Shivani Reservoir
Ms. Neha Parmar a photographer visited us. She was invited to share some of her photography work on wild life.  In order to expose students to such a hobby as photography the school and inspire tem to discover themselves in this filed Class IX, X and XI students were sent with Neha to venture out in the wilderness and shoot nature, birds, animals; and even learn to handle a camera that has different speed limits and lenses etc. I was lucky to escort them as I happened to enjoy as much as my students did!
- Harshita Dalawat (Class - X)

On 14th of April we set out for a trip to Shivani reserve area and its reservoir. The wild life photographer was also with us. When we reached there we got down from the bus and had a view of the place. The place was surrounded by tall trees .The place was shady and peaceful.  Few people could be seen moving on the narrow kuccha road. I saw my students bursting with joy at the surprise trip! They were not told about this trip and I didn’t know of it either. But both teachers (Prerna Rathore also went with us) and students alike were not bothered to seat it out in the sun out of sheer joy of a trip. 
We sat under the trees because Neha wanted us to look at some of the photographs of wild life in the screen on the lap top. So we had a close view of it. Animals, birds, flowers and trees were seen. She explained each and every picture to the students. I could easily see keen eyes move on the screen-observing her talent. Perhaps wondering themselves that one day they would also take such shots!
After this little class we stood up and proceeded towards the reservoir which was close by. We had to climb up a mound and then walk down to a long path strewn with autumn leaves and thorns that must have flown away due to the wind. After walking for a few meters we reached the reservoir. Neha took out her camera and looked at the lake through its lens. Through her camera she showed students, the birds wading in the lake. There were Cormorant and Lapwings.
Along with the camera work, she also showed a picture book on birds. So, one by one every student saw picture of birds – Cormoron and Lapwings. We saw some other birds in the book which we often see around us. We saw Sparrows, Woodpeckers and species of their kind.
It took us two hours to go through the book and recognize birds of different species we also took time to shoot because children were many and each one wanted to look through the camera and take camera in their hands. I also handled the camera and looked at the lake and the birds. We were told that the best time for bird watching is in the early morning and in the evening before sun set. Birds come out into the open in the early morning hours out of their hiding places. 
It was a learning experience for the students and me. We came back to the school around two in the noon. Recharged and daring the sun, recently refueled by a new experience. Neha told the students that the next time when she comes, she will take them in the early morning hours to watch them again so that more birds could  be seen. 
We thank Neha and school authorities for bringing such a wonderful experience in our lives.
We  hope to see Neha soon.
   - Deepika Bhatt (Teacher)
Workshop at Shushant School of Design (Ansal University), Gurgaon (Delhi/NCR) 
On 17th April, we visited the Ansal University in Gurgoan. We enjoyed a lot there. We were excited to see the university. When we entered the university we saw many buildings inside it where construction and architecture was luxurious and the nature around was beautiful. Then we entered the boys hostel to bathe and breakfast. The dining room was well furnished. After having our breakfast we went to the workshop room. The room was full of students from different schools and universities.

We  introduced ourselves in the introductory session. The instructor of the workshop talked about changing education in the modern time and what is the need of the students in today’s world. As we were very young compared to the other students we were advised to observe the exercises which were carried on by the other students.
After the exercises were over he laid emphasis on the importance of goal setting and how to achieve it. The second instructor spoke about creativity, innovation and marketing a product. He told us to form smaller groups and told the groups to make a product and to promote it. We were given a project on paste and it was about how to marketing it.
Suggestions were given by our group that our paste should have chocolate flavor as chocolates are very popular among the children and all will buy such a paste.
During the evening we ventured into malls. It was a memorable experience for all of us. We will never forget this workshop. We hope to attend many more workshops like this.
- Nikhil Soni, Maharaj Singh, Koshik Soni (Class - IX)

Celebrating history The Fabindia School News Weekly will now publish interviews of all its employees from the oldest to the newest to try and record history of the school from their perspective and experience. Please note at the facts and figures printed in the interviews are opinions of the employees. They cannot be challenged for disparity as they are personal. In this issue we begin with Amararam Dewasi the oldest employee of the school. The interview was conducted in Hindi. Here it has been published in Hindi and English for readers.
इंटरव्यू - अमराराम 
सवाल : आपका नाम क्या है?
जवाब : अमराराम। 
सवाल : आपकी उम्र कितनी थी, जब आपने इस स्कूल में काम करना शुरू किया?
जवाब : 18 साल। 
सवाल : स्कूल में आपकी नियुक्ति कब हुई?
जवाब : सन् 1993 में। 
सवाल : उस समय स्कूल के डायरेक्टर कौन थे?
जवाब : कल्याण सिंह जी।  
सवाल : उस समय स्कूल के प्रिंसिपल कौन थे?
जवाब : विष्णु कांत सर जी।
सवाल : उस समय स्कूल का बुनियादी ढांचा क्या था?
जवाब : उस समय स्कूल में सिर्फ एक कुआँ  था, जो अभी प्रिंसिपल ऑफिस के पास में है। और एक रूम था जहाँ पे अभी ये एडमिन ब्लॉक है जो 4 साल पहले बना था।
सवाल : स्कूल कब शुरु हुआ था और कितने बच्चे थे?
जवाब : 17 अगस्त 1992 और 17 बच्चों के साथ।  
सवाल : उस समय आप की सैलेरी कितनी थी? 
जवाब : 800 रूपए प्रति माह।  
सवाल: उस समय स्कूल में कितने लोग काम करते थे?
जवाब : कुल 5 लोग काम करते थे।   
सवाल : उस समय स्कूल में कितने टीचर थे ?
जवाब: 3 टीचर थे।
सवाल : स्कूल की शुरुआत कहाँ से हुई?
जवाब : सबसे पहले स्कूल चम्पाबाग़, बाली से शुरू हुआ।  
सवाल : क्या सारे बच्चे बाली के ही थे?
जवाब  : हाँ सारे बच्चे बाली के ही हुआ करते थे।
सवाल : कौन से साल में स्कूल यहाँ पर शिफ्ट हुआ?
जवाब :   1995 में।  
सवाल : तब स्कूल में कितने ब्लॉक और बस थीं?
जवाब : तब  स्कूल में एक ब्लॉक और पहली बस 1998 में लायी थी।
सवाल : उस समय प्रिंसिपल कौन थे ?
जवाब : मीना पाण्डे जी।
सवाल : और डायरेक्टर कौन थे ?
जवाब : वरुण कान्त जी।  
सवाल : वे दोनों कैसे थे और स्कूल के लिए क्या करना चाहते थे ?
जवाब : वे दोनों अच्छे थे और बच्चों से  प्यार करते थें। स्कूल की फैसिलिटीज भी इम्प्रूव करना चाहते थे।
सवाल : उस समय आपको स्कूल से कोई शिकायत थी?
जवाब : वैसे तो नहीं। पर पिछले 5-6 सालों में दो बार परिणीता मैम से सैलरी बढ़ाने की बात कही थी।
सवाल : परिणीता मैम ने क्या कहा ?
जवाब : मैम ने जवाब दिया की मैं जल्द ही आपकी सैलरी बढ़ाऊँगी।  
सवाल :  सन् 1998 में कितने टीचर थे ?
जवाब : उस समय 15 टीचर थे।  
सवाल : मीना मैडम के समय कितने ब्लॉक थे?
जवाब : उस समय 3 ब्लॉक थे।  
सवाल: वे किस पर ज्यादा ध्यान  देतीं थीं ?
जवाब: वे पढ़ाई और खेल दोनों पर ध्यान देते थे और उस समय लड़कियों की टीम भी थी।   
सवाल : क्या परिणीता मैम भी ऐसी थीं?
जवाब : वे भी खेल पर ज्यादा ध्यान देती थी लेकिन उस समय लड़कियों की टीम नहीं थी।
सवाल: हमारे यहाँ अभी तक कितने फिजिकल ट्रेनर रह चुके हैं?
जवाब : यहां पर 4 फिजिकल ट्रेनर रह चुके हैं। उनका नाम है अशरफ भैया, राकेश जी जोशी, गजराज सर और 2002 में चन्द्र पाल सिंह।  
सवाल : क्या इन चारों के समय अच्छी टीम रही थीं ?
जवाब : हाँ इन चारों के समय अच्छी फुटबॉल, क्रिकेट और हॉकी टीम रह चुकी है।
सवाल : जयंत सर के समय किस चीज़ पर ज्यादा ध्यान दिया जाता था और उस समय कितने ब्लॉक थे ?
जवाब : जयंत सर के समय पढाई पर ज्यादा ध्यान दिया जाता था और उस समय चार ब्लॉक थे।  
सवाल: परिणीता मैम कब आये थे?
जवाब: 2006 में।
सवाल: परिणीता मैम ने स्कूल के लिए क्या- क्या किया?
जवाब: मैम ने तीन नई  बसें लीं, तीन नए ब्लॉक बनवाए और एक प्याऊ बनवाया।
सवाल: आज हम जितने शैतान हैं क्या पहले भी बच्चें उतने शैतान हुआ करते थें?
जवाब: हाँ बच्चें उस समय ज्यादा शैतान हो गए थे और यहाँ तक की वे शिक्षकों से भी नहीं डरते थे। उनकी शैतानियों के चलते सबका आपसी लगाव भी कम था। पर आजकल की दुनिया ऐसी ही बनी हुई है। आपसी लगाव तो परिवारों में भी कम हो गया है।  
सवाल: क्या परिणीता मैम ने टूर करवाये थे?
जवाब: हाँ दो एजुकेशनल टूर करवाये थे।
सवाल: क्या आप भी जाते थे ?
जवाब: हाँ, लेकिन परिणीता मैम के समय  हमें नहीं  ले जाया जाता था।  
सवाल : उन्होंने और क्या-क्या करवायें?
जवाब : उन्होंने लुणावा, मुंडारा, नाना और नेत्रा में छोटी -छोटी स्कूल खोली थी। लेकिन अब वे बंद हैं। 
सवाल: आपके हिसाब से क्या यह स्कूल अच्छी प्रगति  कर रही है?
जवाब : अभी तक तो स्कूल को जितनी प्रगति करनी चाहिए थी उतनी यह स्कूल प्रगति नहीं कर पायी है क्योंकि बहुत लम्बे समय तक बाली  में यह एकमात्र  इंग्लिश स्कूल थी। आशा करता हुँ की अब  स्कूल प्रगति करेगी। 
You can read the english version too...

The School Weekly - 14th April 2014

7th April '14:  In today's world of technology, enjoying reading is losing its charm in students. They have lost the patience to relax and read and empower their minds with knowledge. Keeping this in mind the school has started with a new programme called DEAR (Drop Everything And Read ). This takes place every Monday, right after Assembly for 20 minutes where teachers and students are expected to sit and read either their favourite book or story or even read the newspaper. But it is compulsory for all to read. DEAR is a way to increase vocabulary; improve pronunciations; be able to read better and increase one's comprehension.

Students looked hesitant initially on the first Monday but after two Mondays gone by, this is being seen as a tool to help improve school's campus language.
10th April '14: School started yet another new programme for parents- Open House. All parents were sent invitation to attend Open House from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM but it went on till 7:30 PM. It was but obvious to see this happen as for the first time in the history of school parents were invited to voice their suggestions and feedback on the development of the school. About 200 parents attended the Open House. First the New Principal Ms. Deepika Tandon was introduced by the Chairman of the Local Managing Committee Brig. K. S. Chauhan; then school Chairman Mr. Sandeep Dutt briefed the parents of the purpose of Open House and the vision we wish to work on with parent's help. It was followed by Principal speaking about her vision of the school.

Thus the house was announced open for all to discuss, ask and give feedback for all that concerned their wards. The discussions went on till late but one could feel very positive vibes and bonding between the parents and the school. Through this issue the school would like to tremendously thank its parents for giving inputs, ideas and help for the upliftment of the school. 

To take ahead the agenda and connect more with the parents, the Principal announced that the second Saturday of the month would be an open day, all are welcome to meet the Principal and the management team.
11th April '14: The school has been witness to a number of visitors including our own Chairman, who was on campus from 10th April to 13th April. Brig. K.S. Singh Chariman of the Local Management Committee to attend a meeting with the school Chairman, Manager Development and Training and Principal. Ms. Neha Parmar a entrepreneur photographer on 10th April, who will visit us during the year to help build a strong photography club; Ms. Vijaya Sethi and Promil Pande on 10th April from Sushant School of Design, who came to explore possibilities of employment and encourage our students into exploring options for their college and invite our students to a workshop to be held on 16th and 17th April; Ms. Vaishali Agarwal on 12th April, who is trainer in pastoral care. She sat through a staff meeting to observe responses and reactions of teachers on daily issues of a school life.

Escorted by Ms. Deepika Bhatt and Ms. Prerna Rathore, Class IX, X and XI students were sent on a surprise visit to the famous Ranakpur Temple & its nearby places to shoot birds and other animals.  The trip helped students discover their trust in photography. Students came back rewarded as they were given to handle the camera and to take their own shots. They were then shown those shots and explained how they could have done better.
12th April '14: Primary section students participated in English Calligraphy Competition. But the most interesting part came after the competition when all classes were given material to decorate their classes with their Class Teacher for the new session. One could see a lot of creativity in small ways. On the other hand students were seen excitedly hide their creations so that other classes did not copy them!

Principal held a staff meeting in the Resource Centre to discuss the calendar for the year 2014-15. Each teacher was given ideas as to how to carry out the competition or activity. Many teachers shared their ideas to make the activity more challenging and how to bring out the best from students.

Ms. Praveena Jha, Principal Vidyawadi School, visited the campus. She has been invited to the Local Management Committee as a community member. We look forward to her contributions towards both the schools.
Point of View
Education with a value system
The best part of the person is her learning period during her childhood. The prime learning environment is from a child's fifth to sixteenth year. Most of her time during the day is spent in preparing school's homework, studying, eating, playing & sleeping. These hours are not boring as they help one find out their potential and qualities, which otherwise were not discovered.

School hours for children are the best time of learning and the best environment to inculcate value system. During this stage they need value based education in school and at home to be good citizens.

For parents and teachers the school campus and home should have an integrated mission- education with a value system. If the child misses the value based education in the school campus then no one can lead the child to be an enlightened citizen. If the child misses the period of teaching for any reason the nation loses an enlightened citizen so education should have a value system.
- Vishal Singh (Class - XI)
Compiled by Bharti Rao for The Fabindia School. Thanks to Ms Deepika Tandon for her support.

The School Weekly - 7th April 2014

31st March '14:  After much awaited excitement and apprehension, School declared its results on Monday, 31st March, clubbed with a PTM. Parents visited the school with their wards to collect results. Class Teachers and Subject Teachers counseled parents on the future improvement on their performance. 99% parents attended the PTM. One could see smiling faces as well as apprehensive faces walking out of the campus with results in hand.
2nd April '14: TFS saw its new session begin on Wednesday, 2nd April. Bright faced students with a spring in their feet were seen bouncing towards their classes for a new beginning. Students were seen flipping through the pages of their new books and surfing a cursory glance either in appreciation or apprehension! Teachers had a real difficult time keeping the students quiet in the classes. One to see a mix of keen face ready to study and those interested in whiling away the time as a way of celebration for the beginning of a new year!

Our New Principal Ms. Deepika Tandon joined on Tuesday, 1st April. Since the school was closed for that day, she was welcomed by Mr. Atul Bhatt (Manager Training and Development).

On her first assembly on Wednesday, 2nd April, after introducing herself, she related her own student life and the lessons she has learnt from those years. She encouraged all to change the campus language to an English speaking one. Whether in broken phrases or sentences, she encouraged all to support each other in this effort by not laughing on those who would try to speak in English. She comes from a rich background of 25 years - she has taught in schools like The Scinda School, Mayo College, Mayo College Girls School, India International School, Jaipur and few ore. Her passion is teaching and empowering teachers and students to drive the school to new heights.  Apart from running the newsletter for Scindia for 10 years, she has done the Round Square newsletter called Echo for 5 years. TFS welcomes her and wishes her a very rewarding tenure.

The whole week has been a busy one with everyone getting new books, new classes and new teachers for a new session. Book store has been a hub of activity with parents buying uniforms and books and submitting fees in office. 
3rd April 14 : TFS has started with a new system at the school gate. Now a guard has been posted at the entrance gate to keep a check on visitors. Visitors are given an I Card; they are asked to enter data in a register like-the person they would like to meet/time/contact number/ purpose and time of leaving. This is specially to keep a track on visitors and give a more secure environment to students. 
5th April 14 : The Khan Academy videos on a Raspberry Pi computer were installed in the Learning Lab. Raspberry Pi is a plug and play, simple, server solution to play the Khan Academy videos where no internet access is available. Students of Class IX & X have enjoyed the session and looking for many more such session.

TFS welcomes the new dance teacher Mr. Ravi Gaud, students of Class V to VIII started their dance classes with the new teacher. Students danced to endless music; they learnt new steps on certain beats; they were taught the difference between a tap dance and regular dance. Students responded energetically to the new activity. Other students were seen peeping in the room to see what was being taught. It was heart warming to see student response to this new activity. Other classes attended games sets, music, computer, art & craft, moral science and G.K.
Point of View

Everyone knows it is a subject for the one who is interested in literature but I know and you also know that today art is considered a subject for losers. Is literature for losers? Is learning literature, a wasteful thing? If it is so, then why do we study English and Grammar? Teachers always tell us that whatever we learn is useful. Here or somewhere else, in one's life these things will help. Many of us would like to take Arts as it is the subject of interest but parents want us to take Math or Science for they say that there is no scope in Arts? It is only for those who do not want to study. Our society has labeled a statement that "Arts is for losers". Whatever the people say I am going to take Arts as I want to become an actor when I grow up.
- Akshay Rajpurohit (Class - XI)
Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.   

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