A day in the school forest

Hello Everyone,

I thought I'll just share some photographs that were taken by the students on our first foray into the school forest. It's a great effort and quite a good attempt at their first shots. The images are all by the students.

Best wishes,
Neha Parmar
Photography Club Mentor
The Fabindia School
Trustee and Co Founder Mr Ravi Kaimal writes:
Hello Neha,
Thank you for sharing this. These are beautiful photos. It is wonderful to see the students enjoying the "wild zone" in the school. This was exactly the idea behind keeping some part of the school land in a natural, wild state so that the students would enjoy and appreciate having some natural environments near by.

In fact, sometime soon after the "wildzone" started becoming green ( because of the rainwater collection pond which we created at the lowest point in the land) and filled with trees, a Nilgai (large Asian antelope) came there and gave birth to a baby Nilgai. It was very exciting for the students, and everyone at the school.

Hope there will be more beautiful natural experiences at the school. Perhaps a birdwatching routine could be started , and list the birds seen at the school .

with thanks and best wishes,

Ravi Kaimal

Job openings at The Fabindia School

If you want to be a great teacher and work to partner us in helping young people become leaders in their fields of choice, join us at The Fabindia School in Bali. The school's mission is to provide access to affordable quality education in rural areas using English as the medium of instruction. The school views education as a major stepping stone towards social mobility, equality and employment opportunities.

We have over 800 students and the school starts from Nursery. For +2 CBSE we offer Science, Commerce and will soon add Arts too. Our staff team size is 50 and the classrooms are designed for 30 students from class 1 to 12, while in the preprimary years we work with classes as small as 20 plus students.

We offer great opportunities for individual growth and  freedom to work. The Schools Programme is set to expand from 1,000 to 10,000 students, there will be openings in leadership positions in the near future for our committed teachers.

We are hiring a Manager Training and Learning

Conduct and supervise training programs for teachers. Work for developing skills, enhancing productivity and quality of work, and building the passion in the school staff to lead  young people.

Summary and Main Purpose:

The post will be responsible for the key areas of: Learning, building resources and Training in Bali Rajasthan. This post will also actively participate in aspects of Strengthening the Structure and leadership development. Work closely with the Principal of The Fabindia School to ensure coordination of activity, policy and strategy. 

The role has overall responsibility for the key areas of:
  • Design, develop and implement the capacity building and  training, particularly in the developing and facilitating of best practices, develop training programmes and plans.
  • Maintain and develop effective and productive relationships with key delivery partnership organisations and others.
  • Proactively develop and support the staff and students at The Fabindia School Scope of work
    Training specialists - plan, organize, and direct a wide range of training activities. Conduct orientation sessions and arrange on-the-job training for new employees. Help rank-and-file teaches to maintain and improve their job skills, and possibly prepare for jobs requiring greater skill. Help supervisors improve their interpersonal skills in order to deal effectively with students and the school community. In order to identify and assess training needs within the school, the trainer may confer with the management  and supervisors or conduct surveys. They also periodically evaluate training effectiveness.

    Training methods include on-the-job training; classroom training; and electronic learning, which may involve interactive Internet-based training, multimedia programs, distance learning, satellite training, videos and other computer-aided instructional technologies, simulators, conferences, and workshops.

    In addition to the role as a Trainer and mentor to the school staff the individual will have added responsibilities:


    Proactively manage and staff the development activities and calendar. This includes the managing of visits  of guests and invitees and from time to time connect with the  alumni, friends and outside groups.

    Work with the Principal, relevant faculty and staff, establish development objectives and priorities for the School. She will also be responsible for updating and maintaining official documents of the school at one source.

    Will be required to travel with the Principal for meetings, training and development programs.

    Other leadership accountabilities include:
    • The incumbent must have the requisite experience and expertise to effectively lead and make substantive impact in an environment with both indirect and direct reporting relationships and highly varied stakeholders.
    • This position requires strategic planning plus strong interpersonal skills and the ability to influence at all levels of an organization.
    • Strong negotiation and motivation skills as well as innovation and self-confidence are success factors for this position.
    • This position requires a forward-looking, strategic mindset with the imagination and foresight to conceptualize new ideas and opportunities, as well as the implementation skills to bring those ideas to fruition.
    • The incumbent must demonstrate the ability to inspire and lead a team of dedicated professionals.
    • This individual should be both a confident leader and roll-up-your-sleeves contributor as needed.
    Read on for more details and to see if you can make it....

The School Weekly - 12th May 2014

The School is closed for Summer Vacations from 12th May’14 to 30th June’14. We will be back with more news and views when the school reopens on 7th July’14.

Bali has experienced highest temperature 41 degree Celsius and minimum has been 30 degree Celsius this week. But temperatures came down tremendously on Sunday due to dust storms followed by heavy showers, humidity rose to 44%. 

New benches are being constructed under the trees to help students sit during break time and eat their food. But it seems students find it more useful to play around the benches, like going under it and coming outside from the other side. .

Assembly format has been changed to the following. Parents to note please.
1. Duties:
    •   Mondays: Prayer by Principal Ma’am.
    •   Tuesday and Wednesdays: Teachers
    •   Thursdays and Friday: Houses
2.  Process:
    •   English Prayer and Hindi Prayer
    •   Song (English)
    •   Thought for the day (students)
    •   News Headlines (this will only be done by Classes IX, X, XI AND XII)
    •   Teacher on duty shall speak on something that she/he believes in.
    •   National Song on Thursday
    •   National Anthem on Frida
    •   Announcement

6th May 14: To help educate, stimulate, research knowledge and information, entertain, develop creativity, render services to society, provide avenues for learning; help spiritually and morally build character strengths and most importantly be able to take independent decisions, for the first-time in the history of The Fabindia School, clubs have been  formed . Inception for A.V. Club, Photography Club, English Literary Society and Hindi Literary Society took place this week. Photography Club had the maximum takers-100 students became members of this Club. A. V. Club had 30. Whereas English Literary Society and Hindi Literary Society will wait for more members to join it; more such clubs and societies will be formed in the coming year to help students find choices of their interest.

7th May 14: The School witnessed a closely contested Inter House Volleyball Competition on Saturday. The campus echoed with slogans to encourage their house teams. It was wonderful to see the teams were a mix of girls and boys!

10th May 14: The School witnessed a closely contested Inter House Volleyball Competition on Saturday. The campus echoed with slogans to encourage their house teams. It was wonderful to see the teams were a mix of girls and boys!

House Position

Class Picnics were organized for all classes on the last day. It was fun to watch all students peep in each other’s lunch boxes! Students sat together with their Class Teacher .They played games and had their lunch. The students enjoyed a lot. On the occasion of Mother’s Day children even made beautiful cards for their mothers to surprise them when they returned home.

Classes VI to VIII have been given Summer English Reading Project. They will do a project on their return.

The School Weekly - 5th May 2014

28th April 14: Bali has begun to experience high temperatures and severe heat. So far highest temperature has risen to 40 degree Celsius and minimum has been 29 degree Celsius. Humidity at 25%. Considering this the DEO, Bali has ordered all school authorities to reschedule the schools and run them between 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

29th April 14: The whole week was a busy one with parents and wards coming to collect retest results. Class Teachers and Subject Teachers counseled parents on how to build marks and develop concepts in the week subjects to help overcome losing marks. Since school is falling short of a classroom for Class XI, they have been shifted to the hut near the academic block. Students are enjoying the change as this is an open classroom. 

3rd May 14: The first Inter House Talent Competition for the academic session 2014-15 took place. Students showcased their talent in folk dance, folk songs, instrumental and mimicry. 40 students from all the three pools (Junior, Middle, Senior) participated in the competition. Maximum winners appeared from Chanakya House.

Point of View
Kailash Kumar’s Interview (the second older employee)
सवाल : आपका नाम क्या है?
जवाब : मेरा नाम कैलाश कुमार है। 
सवाल : आप इस स्कूल में कब आये?
जवाब : मैंने फरवरी 2000 में स्कूल में काम करना शुरू किया। 
सवाल : उस समय आपको कितने रुपये मिलते थे?
जवाब : शुरुआत में मुझे 1200 रुपये मिलते थे लेकिन मैंने जयंत सर से बात करके 1500 रुपये करवाई। 
सवाल : उस समय स्कूल कैसी थी और वाईस प्रिंसिपल कौन थे?
जवाब : उस समय स्कूल में तीन ब्लॉक और दो कमरे थे, स्कूल 10वीं तक थी, 300 बच्चे थे और उस समय वाईस प्रिंसिपल वीणा मेम थे।  
सवाल : क्या उस समय बसें थी?
जवाब : हाँ उस समय 3 बसें थी लुणावा, सेवाड़ी, फलना, बीजापुर, सेला, बाली, कोट, मुण्डारा और रडावा जाती थी। 
सवाल : उस समय लाइब्रेरी कैसी थी?
जवाब : उस समय लाइब्रेरी बहुत अच्छी थी, जरुरत की सभी किताबे भी मिल जाती थी और उस समय बच्चे भी लाइब्रेरी में सही तरीके से बैठते थे। 
सवाल : उस समय एनुअल डे कहाँ पर मनाते थे?
जवाब : उस समय किसी भी जगह को लीपकर वहां पर एनुअल डे मनाते थे। 
सवाल : उस समय बच्चे और अध्यापक कौनसी भाषा उसे करते थे?
जवाब : मारवाड़ी भाषा। 
सवाल : आपने जयंत सर के साथ कितने समय  काम किया?
जवाब : 6 साल तक लेकिन मेरी सैलरी नहीं बढी। 
सवाल : आपके साथ और कौन काम करता था। 
जवाब : हम 4 लोग थे। बेबी बाई, राजारामजी, अमराराम। 
सवाल: राजारामजी के बारे मे बताइये?
जवाब : वो विकलाँग थे। उनके साथ उनका पूरा परिवार काम करता था। पर तँन्खा एक की मिलती थी। 
सवाल : उस समय स्कूल कैसी चल रही थी?
जवाब : उस समय स्कूल पूरी बाली मे सबसे अच्ची चल रही थी और आज गवर्नमेंट स्कूल के समान है। 
सवाल : उस समय गेम्स टीचर कौन थे?
जवाब : गजराज सर थे। 2005 में उन्होंने स्कूल छोड़ दी। 
सवाल : आप का नाम स्कूल के रजिस्टर मे चलता था। 
जवाब : हाँ, मेरा नाम स्कूल के रजिस्टर मे चलता था।                                                                                   
सवाल : जब स्कूल मे क्या वॉलेंटियर्स आते थे?
जवाब : हां आते थे। वो 6 - 7 सितमबर को वो आते थे।  
सवाल : जयंत सर ने स्कूल कब छोङी?
जवाब : 2006 में उन्होंने स्कूल छोड़ दी। 
सवाल : फिर मेम आऐ?
जवाब : हां, मेम अच्चे थे। 
सवाल : मेम के समय कितनीं बस थीं?            
जवाब : मेम के समय 2 बसे थी। 
सवाल : मेम के समय मे स्कूल क़ैसी थीं?
जवाब : स्कूल की कंडीशन अच्छी नहीँ थीं। रोड कच्चा था बरसात के समय बच्चे बहुत पेरशान होते थे। फिर मेम ने रोड को सही करवया। 
सवाल : मेम ने आप के लिए क्या-क्या किया?
जवाब : मेम ने हमारे लिए बहुत कुछ किया।प धन्यवाद।
जय भारत, जय हिन्दुस्तान, हम होगे कामयाब। 
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