The School Weekly 26th July 2021

News and Events
House Meeting was organized by each house on Saturday. It was conducted to do planning for the upcoming competition 'Sanskrit Shlok' for Classes I to XII. 
The school organised an IH Tattoo Making Competition last week. In this competition, students put their efforts on pieces of paper and created beautiful tattoos. This competition was like wings to their passion or creativity. This type of competition works like an ice breaking activity for children. Criteria for the competition
1. Originality : 10 marks
2. Aesthetic Value : 10 marks
3. Colour Balance : 10 marks
4. Presentation : 10 marks
Results of Primary Section
1st - Jaydeep Sompura(R) /Class III
2nd -Tanisha Chitara(R) /Class III
3rd - Gaurang Singh(T) /Class I
Results of Middle section
1st -  Tamanna Solanki(D) /Class VII B
2nd -  Tiya Sompura(R) /Class VII A 
3rd -   Daksh Rajpurohit(T) /Class VIII B
Results of Senior Section 
1st Mahendra Parihar(D)/Class XII Sci
2nd Khush Rajpurohit(D)/Class XII Sci 
3rd Kirti Suthar(R)/ Class IX
Judges for Primary Section
Meenakshi Choudhary Class XII Sci. 
Khush Rajpurohit Class XII Sci.
Judges for Middle Section
Mahendra Parihar Class XII Sci.
Soniya Vaishnav Class XII Com.
Judges for Senior Section 
Mrs. Usha Panwar
Ms. Richa Solanki 

On the occasion of Guru Purnima, there was a worship in Lord Hanuman Temple. On this occasion, kheer, puri and a vegetable were made as prasada and it was offered to everyone who came to visit the temple. A group of people were performing bhajans and little children enjoyed listening to them. It was like a small treat for the poor children who lived nearby. The children who usually expect sweet dish on some festival in their homes enjoyed there. 
This was arranged by my family. Many times to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasions, we spend a lot of money on parties and hotels. I feel great happiness giving small treats to the needy ones and seeing huge smiles on their faces. Further in future we will try to arrange these types of treats to have smiles on their faces. 
Ronak Devda 
Class XII
Trees: Our lifeline
by Yashashvi Ranawat 

Trees give oxygen to breath and it takes carbon dioxide. They purify the air. They give us flowers, fruits, wood and shade. Some trees are used to make medicines. We make beautiful furniture from wood. Without trees it's difficult for us to get rain. So, I would request everyone to grow plants and trees for themselves. Budh Kunwar/IV


मेरा प्रिय गांव: भोजपुरा कला
मैं गर्मी की छुट्टियों में मेरे ननिहाल  भोजपुरा कला गांव गई थी। उस गांव में मेरे परिवार के साथ बहुत मजे किए।
वहां पर काफी शुद्ध हवा और वातावरण है। वहां की सड़क कच्ची है लेकिन गाड़ियों का प्रदूषण नहीं है। वहां पर बहुत सारे पेड़ पौधे हैं और हरियाली हर जगह है। इस गांव में विद्यालय तथा अस्पताल एक या दो ही है। लोगों को जरूरत की चीजों के लिए जयपुर शहर जाना पड़ता है। गांव में ना ज्यादा शोरगुल है ना ही प्रदूषण है वहां बिल्कुल भी भीड़ भाड़ नहीं है और वहां का वातावरण काफी शांत है। शहर से अधिक गांव में रहना अच्छा लगता है।
समीक्षा चौहान/IV
I am Abhilasha Mension of Class VIII.I like to draw and colour paintings. When we make paintings or pictures, we put our imagination on paper. When we do this activity, we feel completely refreshed. According to me, the real thing which helps us to make paintings is our brain, our thoughts which help us to imagine beautiful sceneries. I love to make paintings. I never get tired of it, as much as I do I feel energetic.
Abhilasha Mension/VIII A

Art Releases Stress
It's very difficult when you are in a stressful situation, ill, in depression or not well. In that situation, you always need to divert your mind or stay positive. It will spread good vibes, staying positive makes you happy and stress free in every situation. Also you can divert your mind from a bad situation by doing some work like hobbies, the things that you like to do , all those things. As when I was going through covid and  that time was very bad for me, it is the time when you need some good vibes and positivity. you all know that Hindi quote that iron will melt by iron only so,  at that time when I was found COVID positive, I used to just hate this word, then I just remembered that quote & kept in mind positive test will kill by positive state of mind. I Started spending time on my hobbies and on art, which always diverted my mind from covid. I learnt many things in art that gave me so much knowledge, really the art work is no less than a therapy. If you don't know how to draw, still you should try to draw something , it really makes you happy and diverts  your mind and increases concentration power as well. My hobby really helped me to overcome my covid positive report to negative report.
In this pandemic, spend time on the work that you really like to do, it will make you best in that. I have decorated CDs with polka dot design. Here are some of my art work. Stay positive and stay happy! 
Richa Solanki/Educator
Tinkering Session 
We learnt about a new electronic component i.e Slide Switch. This switch can be used for ON and OFF purposes but we can have more than 1 component attached to it. We were also explained about the concept of Open Circuit and Close Circuit. It is really helpful to work on a simulator like 
Nikhil Vaishnav / XII Sci.
These days, when I can't play outdoor games how often I used to play.
I play ludo for one hour only with my parents at home. This is a very interesting game. By playing it, my mind gets sharp and we become very patient because we need to wait for our turn till our turn comes. It is too much fun. When you are bored you can play this with friends and family. Whichever digit falls is a surprise for us. It depends on your luck and if you play it wisely, you can win. It also has some rules to follow. I mostly play with my family members and have a lot of fun.
Himanshu Parihar/VIII B
Run, Run, Run
I love running. I run for my own happiness. Running makes me active throughout the day and it helps me to stay fit both physically and mentally. I run because it helps me to build strong bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise, strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness, burn plenty of kilojoules, and help maintain a healthy weight. It is one of the best exercises we can say. If we practice it every day, it improves our speed day by day. 
Meenakshi Choudhary/XII Sci.
 Work Hard and Dream Big
Hard work is the most important key to achieve success. Without hard work, it is impossible to reach your goal. An ideal person can never gain anything if they sit and wait for a better opportunity to come. The person who is working hard is able to gain success and happiness in life. Nothing is easy to achieve in life without putting effort into it. Edison used to work for 21 hours a day and sleep only for 2 or 3 hours. Hard work is a price that we pay for success in life.
Garima Rathore/V

Broken from Inside

Broken from inside Then too a smile on face,
Being Unknown about the result Then too fighting the race Slowly,
but going with my pace
I'm finding it hard to become an ace.
I think I have no one on my side,
It has now become extremely hard to hide,
Whether you agree or not but I'm finding it hard but
how to get out of this ocean which is too wide
Utkarsh Parihar/XII Sci


A major component for developing moral character is Honesty. Honesty helps in developing good attributes like kindness, discipline, truthfulness, moral integrity and more. Lying, cheating, lack of trust, stealing, greed and other immoral attributes have no part in Honesty. Honest people are sincere, trustworthy and loyal, throughout their life. Honesty is valuable and it is the habit of utmost importance. There are famous quotes, said by a great personality like “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”. It holds good due to its ability to build, shape and motivate integral values in one’s life.
First of all, Honesty promotes authenticity. Honesty reflects one’s own feelings and thoughts. Honesty certainly helps people in knowing who you really are. Hence, one must be honest in self-expression.
Honesty removes fear from the heart. It makes a person courageous and confident. It certainly takes a huge amount of courage to speak the truth. Speaking truth is a sign of bravery. The one who lies is a coward. Speaking falsehood is a sign of low self-confidence.
Another notable benefit of honesty is maturity. Honesty certainly reflects the maturity of a person. An individual is probably mature if he regularly speaks the truth. Furthermore, a mature person speaks the truth in a non-hurtful way.
Honesty strengthens and improves relationships between people. It certainly helps in bringing people together. Most noteworthy, it fosters a connection between individuals.
Rehan Raza /Xll Science
Self Awareness and Self Assurance
Exploring your hidden talents and competency is an indispensable facet of building self-confidence and courage. Challenge yourself, face your fears and do things that are most
dreadful to you. You will see a new face of your personality in the process. If you have some apparent fears, confront yourself with reasons for those fears and tell yourself that it isn’t that big of a bargain. You will develop to become stronger and better. When you understand yourself better in terms of your skillset and what precisely you expect from your life, you will have more conviction in yourself and what you can do. Confusion leads to confrontation, and when you, yourself, are unsure about your abilities and goals, you will not be able to channelize your energies towards a common goal. Therefore, self-awareness is central to self-assurance. Self Confidence and having a focused approach in life can do wonders to your ability to handle any situation. It can have a gigantic effect on your self-confidence levels depending on how comfortably you move along in your way to effective self-management. Therefore, you must plan to become more agreeable and certain. Swabhi Parmar/Educator

Be Your Own Motivation

Do not give up in any situation,
Fight with it and be your own motivation.
Accept the truth, accept what you are,
Then you will gain confidence every hour.
Life is always full of opportunities,
Start your day with little little activities.
Do not bother about what people say,
Do something that makes your day.
Value the life and make it meaningful,
Spread love and make it colourful.
Think positive and you'll find something new,
Your view will be changed for what you already knew.
Live the life the way you want to live,
Give happiness how much you can give.
There will be sorrows, there will be frustration,
Handle things the way you could become an illustration.
Forget the past, forget what have you lost,
Or else your future has to pay the cost.
If you try, you will definitely see a ray of hope,
God never gives troubles without giving a scope.
Break the mental walls and do what you want,
It's your life, you can write it with any font.
Work on making the best version of yours,
It's only your will power, no other cures.
Live the way, you can be an inspiration,
Listen to your heart and be your own motivation. Monika Vaishnav/Educator

Volume No. 476 Published by The Editorial Board: Ms. Monika Vaishnav, Ms. Urmila Rathore, Mr. Jitendra Suthar, Khush Rajpurohit, Ipshita Rathore, Vishal Rathore, Mangilal Dewasi, Jatin Tripash, Riya Vaishnav, Rahul Vaishnav,Tamanna Solanki, Khush Suthar, Komal Sompura and Kunal Rajpurohit


The School Weekly 19th July 2021

News and Events
This week Tattoo making competition has been organised for the children and they have to submit it by 19th of July'21. Results will be announced next week. Online classes are going on as usual.
Hi! Today I wish to share my farming experience with you.
Last week I visited my farm house. I saw that a farmer was ploughing the field. I saw a group of birds twittering and hovering on the field. I was moving around the field in the evening. Then the rain started. The farmer sat near the bullock and the birds flew away. When the rain stopped, the  farmer started  ploughing the field. I asked him to teach me how to do it.  I also ploughed the field. It was my first day when I ploughed the field. I really enjoyed it. I learnt one more thing that farming is not an easy task, it takes lots of effort and skills to grow crops. We must be thankful to all the farmers for the food we eat.
Tanmay Singh
Class VIII B

Save Trees Save Earth

1.The tree is our best friend. 

2. We see it all around us.

3.It gives us flowers and 🍎 fruits.

4. lt gives us shade and 🪵 wood.

5.We use some trees 🌳 for medicine.

6.Trees are 🏡 home to birds 🦅.

7.We must plant🌱 more trees.

8.We must not cut trees 🌳.

9.Tree gives us oxygen.

10.Trees are green gold 🌲.

Mahipal Singh Chandrawat

Class IV

Making Clothes for My Doll  
These days, when I get some spare time, I thought of stitching clothes for my doll.  I took two pieces of cloth, then I cut it into two shapes one for blouse and another for lehenga. I took help from my mother in cutting. Then sew it in a stitching machine. When I completed stitching, I made my doll wear it and it looked like a traditional Indian dress of lehenga and choli. After that I started to stitch more clothes for my doll. Stitching is a skill which helps us to prepare dresses 👗and to look more beautiful. I will also try to stitch my own clothes.
Pallavi Solanki 
Class VIII B

मेरा नाम भावेश चौधरी है। लॉकडाउन के दौरान मैंने अपनी सेहत को ठीक रखने के लिए व्यायाम और दौड़ परध्यान दिया। धीरे-धीरे मेरी रुचि बढ़ती गई और ज्यादा अभ्यास करने लगा। मैंने भारतीय सेना में जाने के लिए अपनी सेहत पर विशेष ध्यान दिया। मैं प्रतिदिन सुबह 4.30 बजे उठकर दौड़ने जाता हूं उसके बाद व्यायाम करता हूं। मैंने अपने घर में ही पोल्स लगाए और उस पर पुलअप्स निकलता हूं। साथ ही लंबी कूद और ऊंची कूद का भी अभ्यास करता हूं।

इससे मुझे ताकत, स्फूर्ति और सकारात्मकता मिलती है।

My Video Link

भावेश चौधरी

कक्षा - IX

Tinkering Session

Electronics is a great concept that makes us understand the logical sense of circuits. We

learnt about Resistance. How resistors work to hold the excess flow of current. Application of resistance, we connected a potentiometer to DC motor that control the RPM. This is because of the resistance that varies according to the waiver is turned around and the output can be seen on the screen. is really an efficient web app. 

Thank you 

Nikhil Vaishnav

Class XII Science
How to be a good player

Being a good player is about more than skills. If you want to improve your game and the games of your teammates, you can learn to fill the role your team demands of you, leading by example and being the best sportsman you can be. Teams need good players.

1.Develop your fundamentals. If you want to be a good team player, you've got to work first on being a good all-around athlete, spending time building the fundamental skills necessary to your sport. If you want to be a great basketball player, that means spending time dribbling, developing your defensive skills, and learning to make crisp passes. If you want to be a great soccer player, you've got to learn to control the ball, shoot accurately, and move to space.

2. Learn the responsibilities of your position. Playing a team means filling a specific role. Unlike being a tennis player or a golfer, playing as a part of a team means filling a role. It's not every football player's job to score touchdowns, and it's not every soccer player's job to shoot goals. Being a good player means learning the specific responsibilities and role of your position, and studying how best to fill that role.

3. Practice hard. Showing up to practice and giving every single workout your best effort is a critical part of being a good team player. Practice hard and you'll improve your skills and your knowledge of the game, setting you and your team up for success.

Rahul Kumar Thakur


पानी पानी पानी 

सुन लो मेरी जुबानी

जब से यह धरती है बनी 

तब से धरती पर है पानी 

पानी पानी पानी 

सुन लो मेरी जुबानी।

पानी से हमारी धुरी है

इसे बचाना जरूरी है।।

पानी पानी पानी

हमारा जीवन है पानी ।

पानी के है तीन रूप

ढोस ,द्रव और गैस।।

पानी पानी पानी 

सुन लो मेरी जुबानी।

जल है तो जहान है

बिना इसके दुनिया वीरान है।।

पानी पानी पानी 

सुन लो मेरी जुबानी।

पानी को बचाना है

जीवन को बचाना है।।

हरशिल परिहार 

कक्षा तीन

सहज मार्ग

जागते हुए भी

शीतनिद्रा से परे कुछ जानोगे

खुद को खो दोगे उस असीम दुरी में, 

जला दोगे स्वयं को उस रौशनी में 

जब जानोगे की क्या होता है ध्यान, 

गहरि एकाग्रता और उसके रहस्य 

तब जान पाओगे की ब्रह्माण्ड के परे भी एक दुनिया है 

जो असीम है, सहज है

 'सहज़' ही वहा का पता है

तब तुम संसार के रहस्य जान जाओगे !!

Name - Abhilasha mansion 

Class - VIII A

I think that I'm lost I just need a friend at any cost

I have a lot of friends!


I always find myself alone when Something ends just one!! only one true friend is all I need

it would be like a drop on the seed

Now I'm finding it hard. 

but then I'll find it easy! 

then in search of a good friend I won't be busy

I have lost many people! 

I still want to talk to them 

the heart says yes but the mind says No mind questions back "why did you let them go" 

It was because of their ignorance not I my ego

At the end I'm finding it hard

I'm alone yet strong like the joker card.

Rahul Vaishnav

Class XII Science

A Small Contribution to the Conservation of Environment
Generally we can't understand the genuine worth of the environment. However, we can
assess a portion of significance and can assist us with understanding its significance.  It keeps up the environmental equilibrium that will keep check of life on earth. It gives food, sanctuary, air, and satisfies every one of the human requirements whether large or little. So it is very important to conserve the environment.
As a student how can you contribute towards it? Think about it. For instance, I will share a few things that you can follow and practice which will be a small contribution to the conservation of environment.  
Shedding of leaves is a natural process. It is one of the methods of plants to get rid of their waste products produced and to prevent moisture loss in them. We are lucky that we have many trees in our surroundings which provide a refreshing and pollution free atmosphere to us. The fresh air and the greenery around us help to stimulate our mind. There is no doubt in it. But the problem then arises is to dispose of the dried leaves properly. Walking over the dead leaf layer on the ground is like walking over a spongy carpet. But it is not safe. Dumping of leaves at one place is also not safe. Dry leaf piles are considered dangerous because they shelter rodents and snakes. Burning of dried leaves is not at all a good idea because it creates pollution. Instead we can use other ways to utilise them in a useful manner. Compost making is one of the useful and profitable ways to dispose them.
As a solution we can prepare pits and these dried leaves can be put in them. Spread a net or mesh at the bottom of the pit. Instead of this we can spread about 2 cm. thick layer of sand. Put a layer of dried leaves and spread a layer of cow dung. Thus a few more layers of dried leaves and cow dung can be made. Green leaves also can be added. Sprinkle sufficient amounts of water to make them wet. Cover it with old cloth or gunny bag or grass. This will take five to six weeks for decaying. If we add red worms to it, we can prepare vermicompost. When the compost is ready it can be provided to the growing plants in the garden.
Dried leaves being a natural compost and the best soil fertility enhancer can be utilized free of coast. They help to retain soil moisture, help to protect against the temperature fluctuations, help to lessen the growth of other weeds, add provide much needed nutrients and fertilize the soil if used as compost. For this purpose simply we have to pile up the dried leaves and spread some soil over it in our garden. When it turns into a nutrient rich black soil we can use them for growing plants. In this way we can create our own natural fertilizer (manure) which is far better than chemical fertilizers. By this we are trying to save our environment because when we dump them, they produce methane, which contributes to global warming. 
Byju Joseph

सपने देखो

सपने हमारी आत्मा का पोषण होते हैं। सपने हमें आशा देते हैं , हमें अपने आप से परे एक उद्देश्य को आगे बढ़ाने की सुविधा देते है। इसके बिना, जीवन की चुनौतियाँ बिना किसी पलायन के एक दिनचर्या बन जाती है, जो हमारी जिम्मेदारियों एवं कर्त्तव्यों की निरंतर याद दिलाती रहती है। हालाँकि , केवल सपने देखना ही पर्याप्त नहीं हैं, बल्कि उन्हें साकार करने का प्रयास भी करना चाहिए। 

हर किसी के लक्ष्य और सपने होते हैं।आप अपने जीवन में जो हासिल करने का सपना देख रहे हैं , वह आपको अपने मास्टर प्लान में शामिल करने का भगवान का एक तरीका है। आपको सपनों और प्रतिभाओं के साथ एक सेट उपहार में दिया गया था, इस उम्मीद में कि आप इन जुनूनों को पूरा करेंगे, अपने सपनों का पालन करेंगे और इस तरह जीवन में आगे बढ़ेंगे। आपका सपना आपके होने का कारण है। 

आपका सपना कोई संयोग नहीं है। आपका सपना है कि आप कौन है ?आपको इसका पीछा करना चाहिए। आपका सपना आपको अर्थ और उद्देश्य की भावना देता है और आपको आपके चुने हुए भविष्य में ले जाता है। आपका सपना आपके जीवन का अर्थ है। यह वास्तव में एक बड़े अफ़सोस की बात है कि हमें बचपन से ही कहा जाता है कि हमें सपने देखना बंद कर देना चाहिए और “जीना” शुरू कर देना चाहिए।

परन्तु इस बात को पीछे छोड़ कर आपको अपने सपनों को पूरा करने में लगे रहना चाहिए। जब तक आपके सपने आपको आपके डर से ज्यादा आकर्षित करते हैं , तब तक आपको आगे बढ़ने की ऊर्जा और साहस मिलेगा। जितना अधिक आप सपनों का पीछा करते हैं,आपका जीवन उतना ही रोमांचक होता जाता है। 

Ayasha Tak

Volume No. 475 Published by The Editorial Board: Ms. Monika Vaishnav, Ms. Urmila Rathore, Mr. Jitendra Suthar, Khush Rajpurohit, Ipshita Rathore, Vishal Rathore, Mangilal Dewasi, Jatin Tripash, Riya Vaishnav, Rahul Vaishnav,Tamanna Solanki, Khush Suthar, Komal Sompura and Kunal Rajpurohit

The School Weekly 12th July 2021

News & Events
Monday - Saturday, 28th June-2nd July: The school organised an IH Poetry Writing Competition. In this competition, students wrote poems on their own. This competition was like wings to their imagination and creativity. 
Saturday, 10th July: Students of Classes V and VI had a  workshop organised by  Ignited Mindz Inoventures Organization. In this session, the students came to know about a different way to see the time used in ancient times. 
School Assembly was organised by the students of Class XII. It started with a prayer. It was virtually conducted the way we were in school. Results of the Poetry Competition were announced as follows:
Results of Primary Section 
1st - Shourya Jodha / Class I,
2nd - Kanishka Rajpurohit / Class IV 
3rd - Yugveer Singh / Class I. 
Results of Middle section
1st - Tamanna Solanki/ Class VIII B
2nd -  Hetal Vaishnav / Class VIII A 
3rd - Hardik Soni / Class VII A 
Results of Senior Section 
1st-  Khush Rajpurohit/Class XII Sci
2nd- Rahul Vaishnav / Class XII Sci 
3rd- Meenakshi Choudhary/ XII Sci
                Pankaj Singh of class XII Com 
                Kritika Rajpurohit of class XI. 
Judges for Primary Section
Meet Soni Class XII Com.
Khush Rajpurohit  Class XII Sci 
Judges for Middle Section
Khush Suthar Class XII Sci.
Rahul Vaishnav Class XII Sci.
Judges for Senior Section 
Mrs. Bharti Rao 
Ms. Swabhi Parmar
Community Service
Community Service is a path that connects us to different ways of happiness. It is a source of acquiring life skills and knowledge, being a social volunteer is a blessed opportunity in itself. It is also a platform to practice different skills like Leadership, time- management, communication skills, professionalism, critical thinking & problem -solving and many more. It helps a person to build connections mentally, physically and emotionally. Providing service to those who need it most will be the right way to follow this profession. 
Sanyogita Ranawat 

Importance of Taking Care of Animals
Animals are our companions, they need special care when they are brought home at an early age. During this pandemic being at home without going out was quite difficult. We bought a puppy and it was just twenty days old in June’2020. We felt like a new family member joined us. It was fun playing, feeding and talking to the puppy. It’s name is Jimmy. Responsibility of taking care of it was given to my elder son,  but everyone at home started caring for it just like a small baby. Whenever we go out for a walk it comes behind us wagging its tail. Everyday in the morning I go with it for a walk and in the evening both my kids go along with it.  We ordered chest belt, neck belt , mask, pedigree and calcium bones online as they were not available in medical shops. When I chop some tomatoes in the kitchen for making curry it just starts barking because it likes to eat tomatoes . 
So I will have to put some chopped tomatoes in the bowl and if I give a whole tomato first it will play with it like a ball and then enjoy eating it. In the evening we play shuttle badminton and it keeps watching us.  It also likes the ball rolling on the ground and moving forward with it. If we scold it for any mistakes then it becomes sad as if not loved or hugged. If we ignore Jimmy while gossiping it starts barking and even it wants to be a part of our gossip. It keeps barking if any strangers are seen near the house all the time. 
When Jimmy was seven months old it climbed up the stairs and hid there.  I kept on calling Jimmy and searched everywhere and then in a hurry it jumped from the stairs and got hurt in it’s right leg and was unconscious for an hour. We were shocked and then took it to a nearby veterinary hospital. I was worried about it and from then onwards we started caring like more than a little child. When it sees someone after a day or two it just bites, licks and hugs as if it is the one who missed the person most amongst other family members. It’s fun having a puppy and watching it growing up. 
Educator: Kavitha Devda 

Spreading Awareness about Corona Virus - Aarav Solanki

Cooking is Love...!!!
Cooking is a good hobby which I have. I cook many dishes at home, I also bake cakes of different flavours like chocolate, vanilla strawberry etc.
 I can show my creativity through that and  I really enjoy cooking. I love to try new dishes. In the beginning, when I didn't know how to make dishes, I started watching dishes from YouTube and tried to make it so.  I used to stand with my mother in the kitchen and watch how she cooked . It is a good activity to engage our mind.  I love it because cooking gives me a chance to be creative.  Cooking is one of the best ways to learn important life skills. I love to mix flavours and taste them. It's fun to cook. I bake a bake on the birthday of my family members. 
Kesar Sompura/ VIII B

Session on STEM activity by Ignited Mindz
Ignited Mindz inoventures organization work on STEM projects for students. "Knewton box" is a product where we can find all the Grade specific science experiments.
We had a session on 10th July,21 for class 5 & 6 students. "How to prepare Sundial" Activity was performed. 
Hear it from our young mind : 
Before the invention of the clock, the sundial was the only source of time. I have the oldest method to see the time with the help of the sun. This session was very interesting, I have learnt a very new concept of time. 
Rajveer Singh / VI

Yoga is a boon which heals our mind & body soon
Yoga supports our physical well-being. Yoga posture improves our body flexibility and strength. It increases breathing  and lung capacity. It gives us peace of mind and sharps our focus and concentration. It improves self regulation and builds foundation for life well being. My father is a Yoga teacher and I regularly do yoga every morning.
Kanishka Lakshman Rajpurohit 
Class IV

I am improving my sports skills by practicing the techniques taught by my teachers. I have been practicing to build endurance, alertness, and to increase running speed. I am also focusing on improving my football skills. I do work out to make myself stronger and increase my strength to make myself physically fit.
Vipul Rajpurohit
Class XII Com.
                          Our Poets

कोरोना को हराना है
मिलकर कोरोना को हराना है,
घर से हमें कहीं नहीं जाना है,
हाथ किसी से नहीं मिलाना है,
चेहरे पर हाथ नहीं लगाना है,
बार-बार अच्छे से हाथ धोते जाना है,
सेनेटाइज करके देश को स्वच्छ बनाना है,
बचाव ही इलाज है, यह समझाना है,
कोरोना से हमें नहीं घबराना है,
सावधानी रखकर कोरोना को मिटाना है,
देशहित में सभी को यह कदम उठाना है।
Name - Hetal Vaishnav
Class - VIII
पानी नीला 
समंदर का पानी नीला - नीला ,
कितना गहरा, कितना गहरा।
इसमें भी एक दुनिया बसती,
लाखों मछलियां इसमें रहती।
लहरें इसके कितनी प्यारी,            
डॉल्फिन की लगती है सवारी।    
मन करता है मैं भी इसमें ,
बसा लूं अपनी दुनिया प्यारी ।
नाम -जयदीप सोमपुरा 
कक्षा तीन

Water has no taste
Water has no smell
Without water there is no life
If we don't save water, all will die.
Water helps us to quench  the thirst.
Water helps plants to make the food.
Don't waste it, we can't make this mistake.
We must save water for everyone's sake.
Tanishi Chitara 
Class III

कहते हैं वो हमें भींगना नहीं आता
बादल की तरह कभी बरस कर तो देखो
कागज़ की कश्ती एक हम भी बनाएंगे
आंगन से कभी हमारे गुज़र के तो देखो।
कहते हैं वो हमें इठलाना नहीं आता
सर्द हवाओं सी गुज़र कर तो देखो
स्पर्श से तुम्हारे संवर जाऊंगा, मैं
सांसें हमारी कभी छु कर तो देखो।
कहते हैं वो हमें उभरते नहीं आता
सुरज के तरह चमक कर तो देखो
पलकें झुका कर हम सुनते रहेंगे
आंखे उठा कर कुछ कह कर तो देखो।
वो कहते है हम में बचपना नहीं है
बर्फ की तरह बरस कर तो देखो
मासूमियत ज़रा तुम्हें हम भी दिखाएंगे
अपनी गोद का सिरहाना बना कर तो देखो।
भींगना इठलाना हमें भी आता है
तुम मौसम के तरह उभर कर तो देखो
अंदाज हमारा ज़रा हम भी दिखाएंगे
ख्वाबों से हकीकत में कभी आ कर तो देखो।
रोज आते हैं बादल
छेड़ जाता है सूरज,
ये हवाएं भी अपनी सी लगती है
वो छवि जो सपनों में देखीं थीं हमने
वो शायद हकीकत में किसी से तो मिलती है
क्या देखीं होगी उन्होंने भी हमारी छवि
और सपने हमारे और हमारी शिकायतों को लेकर,
चलो अब मिल जाओ कहीं नींदों से परे
सपनों को हकीकत बना कर तो देखो।
मिल जाए कहीं तो जाने ना देंगे
खुद में उन्हें समां लेंगे हम
एक टक हमें बस सुनते रहे वो
और बस हंस कर बातें सुनाते रहे हम
और बस हंस कर बातें सुनाते रहे हम।।
Name :- Khush Rajpurohit 
Class :- XII Science 

विचारों की आजादी ही सच्ची आजादी है
" हो सकता है कि मैं आपके विचारों से सहमत न हो पाऊं । परन्तु विचार प्रकट करने के आपके अधिकार की रक्षा करूंगा।" - वाल्टेयर, एक प्रसिद्ध फ़्रांसीसी दार्शनिक
इससे मुझे आत्मविश्वास की अनुभूति होती है कि हां हम तार्किक या अतार्किक कोई भी बात कहे,  जो किसी को पसंद आए न आए परन्तु हमें अपने विचार प्रकट करने की आजादी है।
कहा जाता है कि पराधीनता सबसे बड़ा दुःख है जबकि स्वाधीनता अर्थात् खुद के अधीन होना सबसे बड़ा सुख है। इस धरा पर सभी प्राणी सुखी होने के लिए आजाद रहना चाहते हैं। आज़ादी का अर्थ है कि हम स्वतंत्र रहकर काम कर सके, बोल सके। स्वाधीनता मानव की ही नहीं बल्कि हर प्राणी मात्र की सहज प्रवृत्ति है।किसी पक्षी को सोने के पिंजरे में भी बंद किया जाए तो वह छटपटाने लगता है जबकि खुलें आसमान में रह कर वह प्रसन्न रहता है। पराधीन व्यक्ति हमेशा काम करने के लिए दूसरे का मुंह ताकता रहता है, दूसरा जैसा कहे उसी के अनुसार अपना जीवन धकेलने के मजबूर होता है।उसमें न तो आत्मसम्मान होता है न ही स्वाभिमान, हर वक्त लटका चेहरा, दूसरों के सामने गिड़गिड़ाने जैसे भाव बने रहते हैं। अब प्रश्न यह है कि आजाद देश का निवासी होने से क्या कोई आजाद कहलाता है या आजादी के सही मायने कुछ और है। यह सत्य है कि आजाद देश का वासी होना बड़े गौरव की बात है पर गौरवान्वित महसूस करने के लिए स्वयं को भी आजाद होना जरूरी है। युगों - युगों से अनेक जड़ परम्पराओं का दास बना मानव दासता की उन कड़ी बेड़ियों में जब्त है, अज्ञानता के घने अंधकार में कैद है और बंधनों की चादर कुछ इस प्रकार ओढ़ ली है कि आजाद देश का वासी होकर भी सही मायने में आजाद नहीं है। संकीर्ण ओर दकियानूसी सोच के कारण मानव जब तक पुरानी सोच के अनुसार जीवन यापन करता रहता है वह आजाद नहीं कहा जा सकता।  कहीं कुछ ग़लत होता देखकर उसका विरोध न करें, किसी सामाजिक समस्याओं के खिलाफ अपने भाव व विचार प्रकट न करे तो वह आजाद देश में रहकर भी परतंत्र और गुलाम है। विचार आजाद होंगे तभी मानव आजाद होगा और विचारों की आजादी के लिए प्रयास स्वयं करना होगा।
उर्मिला राठौड़/ Educator 
“स्वयं पर स्वयं का शासन कहलाता है अनुशासन 
यह कोई पराधीनता नहीं, ना ही है कोई बंधन
 यह है नियमों का अनुकरण,
 बनता है जिससे आदर्श जीवन।“
“अनुशासन चेतना का परिष्करण है,
अनुशासन सिद्धांतों का अनुकरण है, 
अनुशासन सुसंस्कारों का धरोहर है,
अनुशासन सफल जीवन का आधार है।“
अनुशासन को एकल शब्द कहा जाता है, जो एक औसत व्यक्ति को एक महान व्यक्तित्व में बदल देता है। इस दुनिया की सभी महान हस्तियों के बीच एक गुण है, जो सामान्य हैं वह है अनुशासन।अनुशासित दिनचर्या और उनके मन पर कठोर नियंत्रण ने उन्हें मानव जाति के इतिहास में अमर बना दिया। अनुशासन जीवन में सफलता प्राप्त करने में मदद करता है और सभी सफल लोगों की कहानियाँ हमेशा उनके जीवन में अनुशासन के महत्व को शामिल करेगी।
अनुशासन केवल दूसरों के बनाए नियमों के पालन करने को नहीं कहते, इसमें हमें स्वयं हमारे जीवन को सुव्यवस्थित व नियंत्रित ढंग से यापन करने के लिए नियमों का निर्माण करना व कठोरता से पालन करना है। अनुशासित व्यक्ति कभी जीवन में असफलता का मुँह नहीं देखता।सफल होने के लिए निरंतर प्रयास करने होते हैं। जिसमें अनुशासन एक महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका अदा करता है। हमें हमेशा प्रकृति की तरह अनुशासित रहना चाहिए। जिस तरह से सूर्य समय पर उदय होता है, पृथ्वी अपने अक्ष पर घुमती है, चंद्रमा अपने समय अनुसार निकलता है,मौसम अपने समय के आधार पर बदलते हैं। ये सभी अनुशासित ढंग से अपना कार्य करते हैं। ठीक इसी तरह हमें भी अनुशासन बनाए रखते हुए लक्ष्य की ओर आगे बढ़ना चाहिए।                                                                   ज्योति सैन/ Educator

Volume No. 474 Published by The Editorial Board: Ms. Monika Vaishnav, Ms. Urmila Rathore, Mr. Jitendra Suthar, Khush Rajpurohit, Ipshita Rathore, Vishal Rathore, Mangilal Dewasi, Jatin Tripash, Riya Vaishnav, Rahul Vaishnav,Tamanna Solanki, Khush Suthar, Komal Sompura amd Kunal Rajpurohit

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