John Bissell Scholars Fund
The John Bissell Scholars Fund (JBSF) was established in 2001 in memory of John Bissell, the visionary founder of Fabindia and one of the Fabindia School founders. Its purpose is to support scholarships for female students at The Fabindia School in Bali, Rajasthan.
Founding Members
Two individuals, Marie Prentice and Charley Todd, launched the John Bissell Scholars Fund in 2001 with the support of Bissell friends and family. After visiting the school many times and seeing the need to help female enrollment, Marie and Charley felt that a girls' scholarship fund would be a wonderful way to, honor John who passed away in March 1998.
Steering Committee
A small group of long-term supporters and advocates for the school form the JBSF Steering Committee. These individuals reflect the dedication and commitment to the school's mission and support for girls' education.
Cely Arndt, Bim Bissell, Dick Celeste & Jacqueline Lundquist, Jim & Mally Cox-Chapman, Subodh & Meena Chandra, Marty Chen, Aylette Jenness, Evie Lovett, Liz Moynihan, Phyllis Nauts & Hendon Chubb, Barbara Powell, Tim & Marie Prentice, Hector & Erica Prud’homme, John & Julia Scott, Kathy Sreedhar, Charley Todd, Sukey Wagner and Blaikie & Bob Worth. Katherine Allen is the Coordinator of JBSF.
JBSF Scholars 
Applications are invited from students for the year in March
The John Bissell Scholarship Fund (JBSF) was set up to provide affordable quality education to girls at The Fabindia Schools. 100% of the money set out by the Endowment Fund managed by BAT goes to Scholarships exclusively for the girl child. The JBSF Scholarships are given totally on a 'need' based approach and help overcome the challenge of lack of resources for families who want to send their daughters to The Fabindia School.
  • The local School Management Committee decides who should qualify for the scholarships and reviews performance periodically.
  • Number of full scholarships will be maximum 25% of total school strength.
  • The School will test existing and new scholars regularly, to ensure proper standards and quality delivery.
  • The performance scores of scholars (the marks in March Final Exams), along with a brief reports from the Class Teacher, as well as good conduct will be the criteria for acceptance.
  • Beyond the 'need' based support provided for girls by JBSF, the Scholarships Subcommittee may recommend to the Bhadrajun Artisans Trust (BAT) children of staff/boys, these children will only be considered as per resources available with BAT and provided for in the annual budget.
The break up of Scholarship seats:-
1. Need based = 75% 
2. Staff children = 25%
The primary focus is the girl child. 

  • Registration fee and the Form cost will be mandatory and is not to be reimbursed from the Scholarship money
  • The Scholarship Form is the key criteria for selection. 
  • Each Form is numbered, marked with date, issued with die signature in a Register. The full name, address, phone, relationship with ward must be provided at time of issue. 
  • Date of Form issue -  1st of March  
  • Date of  Form Acceptance -  15th of March 
  • Test for Admission  for Scholarship applicants will be on the 30th of March 
  • List of Scholars will be published on the latest by the 1st day of  April 
The SMC* (Socal Management Committee) consists of Parents, Staff, Local Community and Teachers, this body is required to meet regularly in the year and work to implement the development plans for the school. Under the Chairmanship of Brig K S Chouhan, the SMC as set up a Scholarships Subcommittee, this is headed by a parent and administers the Scholarships Programme. 

Scholarships Subcommittee 
Veena Solanki - Convener (Parent & LMC Member) 
Rajeshree Shihag - Principal, The Fabindia School
Katherine Allen - JBSF Coordinator
Bharti Rao  -  Senior Teacher,  The Fabindia School
Sandeep K Singh - Staff Representative, The Fabindia School 

Introducing the Convener
Veena Solanki, was born and brought up in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh. She is an alumnus of the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan (a Bhawanite) from her school days and hence is well acquainted with the Bhartiya Bhawan's culture. Her professional qualifications include B. Sc.and  B. Ed. from Regional Institute of Education (Under NCERT ), Bhopal. A Post Graduate in both English and Physics, loves teaching physics to high school students, simultaneously dispelling their physics phobia. With seven years of teaching experience, she has worked  in Carmel Convent Sr. Sec. School, Bhopal  and three other English Medium schools in the adjoining areas of Bali and is aware of the prevailing problems in these schools. Presently, working at Govt.  School, Sewari near Bali and teaching English.

Veena states “I admire honesty and am extremely fond of reading both English and Hindi. I enjoy influencing people socially and uplifting them to a state which facilitates knowledge sharing, as being a vital part of today's education system. I've been in a conservative environment regarding education, and this gives a reason that drives me towards addressing these challenges.”

* The SMC involves the larger community and invites members to convene groups and subcommittees to further the growth and development of the school. Such members for the subcommittees could be professionals and volunteers from anywhere in the world and who have the interest and proficiency to take ahead the agenda.
For applying, and help please contact: 
Mr Sandeep Kumar Singh
Member Scholarships Subcommittee
Call: +918595064394
  • Please submit your data on the printed form provided by the School Office only. 
  • The Scholarship Forms are provided on payment of a token contribution of Rs. 100.00 (Rupees one hundred) only.

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