Fab Alumnus!

Abhinav was at The Fabindia School from 1997-98 to 1999-2000. He joined the school in class VII. Son of Mr. B.N Jha who had come to Bali as a manager  at IOC(Indian Oil corporation) Kot. He left the school in 2000 as his father was transferred to Rajkot. Abhinav graduated from NIT (National Institute of Technology) Rourkela, with a B. Tech Degree in Mechanical Engineering.After graduation he worked for a company in Pune. Later he was selected for an MBA in Philippines.  As a Part of his degree in Philippines, he is now at Wharton Business school in the US.

‘Abhinav was an outstanding student’ recalls Mr. Dilip Vaidya, who had taught Abhinav at the Fabindia School. Abhinav was actively involved with cricket in school and took up the game even at college. He had attended the summer camp organized by Mr. Vaidya  to improve the mathematical skills of the students. He as well his parents were so impressed with the kind of things they did at the camp that Abhinav had come from Rajkot to attend the annual Summer Camp in Bali, even when he had left the school. Abhinav was also awarded the best student prize by the SDM of Bali in on 15th August 2000.

Abhinav is still in touch with Mr. Vaidya as he is assisting Mr. Vaidya  in a very important Mathematics project related to angle trisection. The project is a very close to challenge to the  Archimedes’s Principal of angle trisection. Abhinav  is still in touch with many of the alumni and teachers at Fabindia School. He  was recently married and his wife works with Larsen & Turbo while his parents live in Guwahati.

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