Celebrating 20 Years at Bali

The Fabindia School in Bali, Rajasthan. 20 years and the path breaking venture has given new hope to many young people. The first English medium school at Bali and now CBSE Affiliated, offers affordable quality education in the rural environment.

Thanks to Soumitro for making the photo shoot possible and bringing this alive for all of us!


  1. Fantastic slideshow which captures so many memorable moments from the 20th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday evening December 1st, 2012.
    The school staff, faculty and students really went all out to showcase their talents. A big CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who has contributed to the school's 20 year history. I was thrilled to have a front row seat and join everyone. Thanks to all who created a very special, memorable event! Best Regards, Katherine Allen, Co-ordinator of the John Bissell Scholars Fund, USA

  2. Big thanks to you Katherine ... Soumitro made this possible!


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