The School Weekly - 18th Nov 2013

14 Nov Children's Day was celebrated in the school. The students were given sweets and snacks and the other celebration will be organized after the annual function as the school is busy in the preparation of annual function.

16 Nov Parents teacher meeting was organized for the students of class four to six. About 40% parents attended the meeting.
 Point of View
Class Ten
This is the base 
That is the case
Study, study or leave the race
Can't live without mensuration
Because it wants some taxation 
Physics and Bio are easy
But Chemistry is cruel
Therefore first ornament is fuel
Maths has a good geometry
Before a tough trigonometry
Study, study or
Produce some paddy
And increase our wealth
Read Bio for health
In quadratic equation you have to settle
With the learning of some metal
Time is limited
When Democracy is permitted
Two years of time for college 
Time to gain more and more knowledge
This is my class ten. 
- Pooja Koratkar (Class X)

Be Careful
Be Careful
Be careful of your thoughts
For your thoughts become your words
Be careful of your words
For your words become your actions
Be careful of your actions
For your actions become your habit
Be careful of your habits
For your habits become your character
Be careful of your character
For your character becomes your destiny. 
- Mamta Chouhan (Class X)

Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.

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