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"Funds from my fundraiser will all go towards my Gold Award of installing a complete Reverse Osmosis water purification system at the Fabindia School located in Rajasthan, India." ~ Krystal Sung

Currently in India, 97 million people lack access to safe, drinkable water. At the Fabindia School in rural Rajasthan, India, they have an inadequate water system using multiple water coolers and inefficient filters that lack any guarantee on water quality. The school’s growing population and sanitary concerns stress the need for a safer access to clean water. With my project of installing a complete Reverse Osmosis water purification system at the school, it will not only provide the school and surrounding community with clean water, but also will be economically beneficial by eliminating expenses on purchased water and free up manpower for other tasks. It is also more environmental friendly since ground water will be taped and used for the new water system.
The Fabindia School located in rural Rajasthan, India, is a non-profit, private school founded to empower and educate the children, especially girls, in the area. Beginning with only eleven students in 1992, the Fabindia School has grown to almost one thousand students with a 45% enrolment of young girls. Fabindia School not only provides an educational opportunity for young girls in the area, but also subsidies tuition and provides scholarships for girls through the John Bissell Scholars Fund. The school ensures girls have the chance to become educated contrasting the local culture of educating the boys only.

"I thought you would enjoy seeing the video which Loomis Chaffee student Krystal Sung has created on the school to generate donations for the RO water purification system.  As you know, she is coming to the school in late July and is currently working on raising the $5,000 towards the equipment for her Girl Scouts Gold Award."
~ Katherine Allen - JBSF Coordinator and a great friend of the School

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