The School Weekly - 13th October 2014

October in Bali has begun with a pleasant nip in the air in the early mornings and late evenings,  the days comparatively are warmer. Students enjoy playing in the sun than indoors! Highest temperature recorded was 34°C and lowest was at 21°C. Temperature fell by 2°C while humidity was 48%. The school has a Weather Cock (wind wane) installed on Admin Block, to help note direction of the wind now!
Tuesday, 7th October: School reopened on 7th after six days of Dussehra holiday. Students looked happy and fresh on rejoining. Some students were unhappy, for they now would have to get back to studies, and get up early to get to school! Due to shorter days School timings have changed to winter timings. School starts at 8.30 AM and end at 2.30 PM.

The school is happy to receive Mr. Jackson Wagner, from Sacramento, who has volunteered to teach Physics and Math for Sharad Ritu Term i.e., from October to December. We hope he enjoys his term here and finds it rewarding to be with us! He will also help the Science Club to put up the exhibition on Annual Day. Kushagra Singh/XI and Bajrang Singh/XI introduced him to the school campus and the Principal introduced him in the Assembly. Thank You Jackson for your gesture!

Mr. Jayant Biswas, Ex-Principal (2000-2006), visited the school after six years. He is the former Principal of Khalsa Model Sr. Sec. School, Kolkatta. He is the Joint Secretary of the ‘Savodhya’ of the Eastern Zone. He also conducts CCE workshops. He volunteered to conduct a workshop with The Fabindia School teachers. He introduced ways of assessing students through Formative Assessments. A number of activities were assigned to teachers to perform, so that they understood assessed process. Thank You Sir for your generosity!
Mrs. Geetika Kapoor, (Ex-Principal Mayo and Lawrence School, an expert on Geography by CBSE) has volunteered to teach Class IX and X, Geography for two weeks. She, with her 30 years’ experience solved all the difficulties of students with rigorous exercises and teaching finished SA 2 course. Now students are left with revision alone! She will guide the students in doing projects and Formative Assessments. She has instructed teachers of both the classes as to how to do the revision. Thank You so much Ma’am! You have been a great help!

Saturday, 11th October: Students of Class VI, VII and VIII of the Social League did a great job in the school. They planted trees, cleaned the weeds, overgrown grass and garbage to make the campus look beautiful. The students dug and created new flowerbeds in front of the Admin Block. Thank you students!

Thursday, 9th October: Inter House Extempore Competition was for Junior as well as Senior section. There were sixteen participants in each section. Students spoke on different topics  which were given to them ‘on the spot’. They spoke appreciably and confidently.
Results Inter House Extempore Competition:
Junior Section:
Khushal Singh/Green House: I
Lokendrapal Singh/Yellow House: II
Anshul Choudhary/Red House: III
Senior Section:
Khushboo Rajpurohit/Yellow House: I
Shraddha Kansara/Green House: II
Radhika Singh/Green House: III
Silvi Mehta/Blue House: III

Friday, 10th October: Neha Parmar visited the school. Photography Club, escorted by Mr.Kanik Goyal and Neha Parmar visited a tribal village near Ranakpur Temple. The students captured beautiful photos of the weavers weaving their dreams through the intricate wrap and weft of the humble durrie (traditional carpets woven by threads).
My Pet Cat
I have a cat
Who loves to be wet
Her name is Cherry
Who loves to be merry
Her fur is white
She loves to be quiet
At times she snaps at others
When someone bothers
She is a daring pet of mine
Who stays with me all the time.
Anumesh Rao/VI B
Saturday, 11th October: Inter House Kabaddi Competition took place. First round was played between Yellow and Blue House, while the second one between Green and Red House. The game gives plenty of exercise and develops a quickness of eyes and limbs. Yellow House won the match while Green House came second and Blue House third respectively. Kushagra Singh/XI and Bajrang Singh/XI were announced best players.
Saturday, 11th October: Seven students escorted with Ms. Sharmila Vijayvargi have gone for an Exchange Program to MGD Girls, Jaipur. There they will attend the ‘SAHODHYA FEST’ which is being organized in the Exchange School. The girls will also participate in a number of activities according to their choice. It will be a new exposure for the girls and when they return back after a week will be filled with new experiences to share. The girls of the Exchange Program are : Aarzoo Qureshi/VIII, Kirti Malviya/VIII, Krishika Ojha/VIII, Muskan Rathod/VIII, Krishika Mansion/IX, Kushi Rao/IX and Varsha Solanki/IX.
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