The School Weekly - 9th November 2015

Sky was clear during the week. Students were seen wearing sweaters-indicative of approaching winter. School experienced moderate weather with pleasant mornings. Difference between day and night temperatures dropped to 15°C.  Highest temperature stayed at 33°C and lowest at 18°C. Cool winds blew SE at 11 MPH. Humidity fell to 35 %.
निमित्त मात्र
जान किसी की जागीर नहीं
ये तो कर्मवानों की दोलत है|
जिसने जानी जान की महिमा
पाई उसने शोहरत है|
वक्त किसी के हाथ नहीं
सब वक्त के साथ होता है|
'मैं' जो करता हूँ, वो मैं नहीं
वक्त जो करता, वही तो होता है|
मेहनत करने वाला मजदूर नहीं होता
मजदूरी करने वाला मजदुर नहीं होता
हर कोई पाता है परिश्रम से
वर्ना कोई कभी अमीर नहीं होता|
मतभेद भले हो, मनभेद नहीं
तकरार भले हो, नफरत नहीं
साधन बनाओ किसी को साध्य नहीं
नहीं बाध्य है कोई मजबुर नहीं
जो दिखता है, जानो, वो सत्य नहीं
तुम भी तो एक निमित्त मात्र हो
समझो सब कुछ, पर लेशमात्र भी नहीं
Jaswant Singh/X/RH
A message to disgracing youth,
Whatever, be ready to face the responsible oath.
Since the holidays are spent a lot,
So, submerged the enjoyment and all your sloth.
None gonna come to sort your living sums,
Neither past nor your blossoms.
The bounded time had came, how to mould your future,
So as to give relief to the elder tutors.
In any condition you has to serve,
Without it, you would having an emptied derv,
That doesn't seems to long last,
For which the world would be calling you a non- sensitive nerve.
For every living there would be no sympathy,
Since each youth has a sense of maturity.
And the coming world is so luxurious and digital,
That each has to function very hard for vital.

Nikhil Soni/X/TH
In the International year of the child, when the whole world is taking important steps to improve the life of children, India neglects its young and bright children. Child Abuse is much more in our country. Poor children are seen working in small factories, hotels, garages, etc. Many of them are seen picking garbage, cow dung. Some of them are begging at bus stand, in railway station and in front of temples. These children should be in schools but are abused. Poverty, Ignorance, Economic compulsions, etc. is some factors that make them work. Public awareness and total ban on child labour can only save this situation. So, stop child labouring because children are the future of the world.
Kirti Malviya/XI/DH
  1. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
  2. 'Rhythm' is the longest English word without a vowel.
  3. If Jupiter were about 80 times bigger it would have become a star.
  4. After Venus, Jupiter is almost the second biggest planet in the sky from Earth.
  5. African lung fish can survive without water for several months.
  6. The length of the day is gradually slowing down.
  7. The cabbage derives its name from an old French word meaning ‘head’.
For Class I to IV
  1. Which is the biggest continent in the world?
  2. How many states are there in India?
  3. Who is known as the father of India?
  4. How many colors are there in a rainbow?
For Class V to VIII
  1. What is the formation of blood cell called?
  2. Which continent have the highest number of countries?
  3. In which country did the game of Chess originated?
  4. Who is known as 360 degree in cricket?
For Class IX to XII
  1. Which animal has three eyes?
  2. Which state of India has a separate constitution?
  3. Name the founder of Pakistan?
  4. How many languages are considered as the official languages in the constitution of India?
Aryan Sirvi/VI/DH
Class I to V
1. New Delhi 2. Goa 3. Hockey 4. 365 ¼  days 5. Karnataka
Class VI to XII
1. Mumtaz Mahal 2. Bachendri Pal 3. 14th august 1947 4. Rakesh Sharma 5. 10th December 6. Sarojini Naidu 
7. Rabindranath Tagore.

When present is good past is repaired and future is prepared.
Set your goal first stay focus and then you'll succeed.
Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second,
more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck”.
Forgot the past, it's dead and gone. Live for the future, it's arrived and full of potential.
DR. APJ Abdul Kalam
Saturday, 7th November: After a long wait and practicing for a fortnight the day came when the students went on their cycling expedition to Ranakpur. It was 29 km run from School. They were flagged off by the Principal Ms. Deepika Tandon, with best wishes, tilak and sweets. They enjoyed a lot and had fun on the way. All returned to school at 2.30 PM safe and sound.

Cycling Expedition to Ranakpur - 2015-16
Posted by The Fabindia School on Monday, November 9, 2015

Report of Cycling Expedition
Class VIII-XII spent a considerable chunk of time since Dussehra holidays to raise their energy levels to cycle to Ranakpur. At last after a long wait the day came when they went on their expedition. This expedition was for pleasure and adventure. 29 km run started from school at 8.30 AM. School cheered the students by giving their best wishes for the trip. Ms. Deepika Tandon flagged off the Cycling Trip with her best wishes and sweets. She escorted and lead them cycling till Bali. There were about 25 students and 6 staff members on the trip. On the way they stopped at Kot, Mundara and Sadri for refreshments. The cycling students were given printed T-shirts and caps with "Cycling To Ranakpur 2015-16. A bus escorted them with refreshments, first aid box and drinking water facility. All the students cycled at normal speed. They reached Ranakpur at 11.30 AM. They took rest for awhile, then had lunch and visited the temple. After that all the cycles were put on the bus and students returned to school at 2.30 PM. It was for the first time that a Cycle Trip was organized in the School. Students enjoyed a lot. Students' confidence level has gone up as now they wish to cycle to Udaipur. Now they are eagerly waiting for their next trip to Udaipur as promised by the Principal. This expedition has motivated many other students that cycling is fun and good for health and all should participate in it.

Comments of students who went for cycling:
Cycling is the best exercise. I enjoyed a lot. It was my first experience to go cycling and covering 29 km.  I want my friends to practice cycling everyday because it is beneficial to us. If we want that our next generations to enjoy riding vehicles then use cycle and save fuel.
AdityaPratap Singh/X/GH
Thank You Ma’am for this adventurous trip I hope we get such more opportunity. I enjoyed a lot. It was a great experience.
Ichuchhuk Soni/IX/DH
I was very happy to go cycling to Ranakpur. It was my first time. I really enjoyed a lot. I am very happy that Ma’am included our class afterwards and gave us this opportunity. Thanks to Principal Ma’am and all the staff members who helped to make our trip enjoyable.
Mateen Tak/VIII A/RH
Today we went to Ranakpur on cycle. There were 23 students. I want to thank Principal to allow Class VIII for this trip. I enjoyed my trip. While cycling many people asked us that what school we were from. We indicated our T shirts to them. My first trip on cycle will always be unforgettable.
Raghvendra Singh/VIII A/RH
In my life, it was for the first time that I had cycled approximately 30km. I enjoyed a lot. This trip was something new for me. Our confidence level was doubled by the cooperation of my teachers. We did photography and the trip ended with a delicious lunch given by the school. I liked this trip to Ranakpur.
Devyanshu Yadav/X/DH
I was very happy to go cycling to Ranakpur and enjoyed a lot. I thank my teachers who supported me and, it was for this reason that I could go for cycling. I can never forget this day and I enjoyed with my friends.
Subhash Suthar/VIII B/DH
My first cycling trip is what I can never forget. I enjoyed a lot. I love cycling and I cycle everyday to Bali from Shri Sela to my friend’s house but I had never thought that I could go on a trip. I was very happy when I got this opportunity to go on a cycling trip. I will remember this day always and want to go for more trips like this.
Yuvraj Singh/VIII A/RH
Even in my wildest dreams I had never thought that I could go cycling to Ranakpur and travel 29 kms. I am really proud to be the only girl student out of the 23 students to go on a cycling trip. When I did not see any girl for cycling, I was a bit disheartened and wanted to quit but thanks to Principal Ma’am and my mother who kept on motivating me to go on this trip. I am grateful to all to give me this opportunity. It was for the first time in my eleven years in this school that I saw such a trip being organized in the school. I enjoyed this day and it was my most unforgetful day. Now my confidence level has boosted up and I can participate in this type of activities. I enjoyed a lot.
Vaishali Rao/XII/GH
Assembly was conducted by Dhyanchand House Whole week students were busy preparing for exhibitions and practicing for Annual Function.

Note: The School is closed for Diwali Vacations from 9th November’15 to 13th November’15.
"We wish all our readers a Happy and Pollution Free Diwali and a Prosperous New Year".
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