The School Weekly - 21st March 2016

The week saw weather change its mood once again. It was bright and sunny. Afternoons were so sunny that it had become difficult to go out in the sun. Maximum temperature has shot up to 36°C and Minimum temperature was at 23°C. Humidity fell down to 24%. Wind is blowing at 16 km/hr. If the temperature is so hot now in the month of March, then summer may out shine last year’s records.
My Dreamland is so big
Where I go very deep
My Dreamland is so tall
Where I play with ball
My Dreamland is so high
Where I touch the sky
My Dreamland is so best
Where birds make their hest
My Dreamland is so good
Where I eat food
My Dreamland is so strong
Where anyone cannot say wrong
My Dreamland is so long
Where fairy sing the song   
-Kamlesh Paliwal/ VIII B/ GH
अपना जीवन
अपना जीवन हो
शुद्ध सरल
जैसा है पवित्र
पानी तरल ,
मन हो दृढ़
दिमाग हो चंचल
जीभ रहे काबू में
कानो पर भी रहे पहरा।
अपना जीवन हो
तपस्वी ऋषियों जैसा
ह्रदय पावन हो।
मन में रहें परोपकार का भाव,
करना चाहें कोई उपकार
स्वार्थ छोड़ परमार्थ करें
बहती नदियाँ विशाल तरुवर।
मन में ना कोई भेद हो
विचारों में चाहे विभेद हो।
चलें अपना जीवन एक धार
जैसे नदी नाव का प्यार
जीवन का हो ये अंतिम सार। 
दिनेश भारती / Faculty 
God Gifted Science
The imagination we make
Are the discoveries we create
The dream of yesterday
Is the present of today
Nothing is impossible
Everything is possible
As the word impossible itself says
I’ m possible
Who says
There are no wonders
It is the science
The gift of God that made everything a wonder
And marvel
It made discoveries that are
Unable to believe,
Difficult to understand
And unique to create
So believe in Science
As it is the future of tomorrow.
Priyank Rathod /X A/ DH   
I was very happy, when I met an eight,
When I was seven.
When nine brought in ten,
My all counting fingers came alive.
I was very happy when I learn odd and even,
Oh! Really math taught me many things,
When and how we have to,
Multiply and have to gain or loss.
Math is my teacher, when I am student,
Math is my life, When I die.
Through math I became clever like a crow,
Learning math mean how to grow.
I start learning math from dawn,
And still awn and awn and awn.
I went into it so deeper, that I tangled in it like a creeper.
Like a god math give me a new life,
And my memory became sharp like a knife.
Shivraj Chouhan / XA/ TH
Art & Craft by Class I students
Saturday, 19th March: SA II of Class IX and X got over on 18th March. SA II from Class Nursery to VIII finally got over that day. The students were seen relieved after a span of fifteen days. The teachers are busy in correction work . The students of Class III- VIII, XI were shown their Exam Papers and the marks obtained in SA II on 16th, 18th, 19th March.School welcomes Mr. Ashish Kumar, Chemistry teacher to teach Class XI and XII. Hope he has a rewarding stay with us.
Solar Array is going on Surana Block from last week. It is 10 KW and will generate electricity to the whole campus. The school already has 3.5 KW Solar Array which generates electricity to two blocks, one on which it is installed and the other near by.
A very Happy Easter to all our readers!

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