The School Weekly - 25th December 2017

 The teacher is the source of classroom power, it sees that power as arising from the   interaction between students and teachers. If power is owned by the teacher, she is completely   responsible for events in the classroom, whether or not she chooses to share her power/control/authority with the students.  It takes more than knowing the content to be a good teacher. One of the most important aspects of teaching is building relationships with your students. Teacher-child relationships influence how a child develops. The relationship can relate to a wide range of school adjustment outcomes, including liking school, work habits, social skills, behaviour, and academic performance.
In order to be successful you need to know what pedagogical strategies work with your students. Not all strategies will work in every classroom or with every student. Teachers need to fulfil an important attachment by providing students with a secure base and surroundings. Teachers need to work together to better serve their students. Teachers must know about students prior experiences and build on them with new learning experiences. It is the role of the teacher to initiate relationships with students. Teachers need to actively engage and learn about the students. They need to learn likes, dislikes, hobbies, experiences, anything that will make a connection between the teacher and student. Teachers need to have enthusiasm and take a sincere interest in the child. Interaction with students also helps teachers to get connected with their children. It helps them to come  more closer to the children  and understanding them. -Krithika Rao/ Educator
(ED: Editor & RC: Rishita Champawat)
ED: What is your name?
RC: My name is Rishita Champawat.  
ED: Which was your batch year?
RC: My batch year was 2014-15?
ED: Who were your batch mates?
RC: My batch mates were Aditi, Silvi ,Dipendra, Rahul, Manvendra. 
ED: Have you ever participated in any activities, tournaments?
RC: Yes, I have participated in basketball, races, debate.
ED: What are your present qualifications?
RC: I have passed XII and am doing coaching in NEET.
ED: What was your experience at Fabindia School?
RC: It was wonderful, enjoyed school life with teachers and friends. I still remember my days when we would practice for Annual Day and had lot of fun
ED: Will you like to give any message to your juniors, school, or friends etc.?
RC: Yes, I’ll like to say that enjoy school life and work hard 
Monday, 18th December: Staff had PDP Session on that day. Mr. Ajay Vijaywargi read out a thought ‘Seeing with New Eyes from the book “Can We Teach a Zebra Some Algebra “by Debashis Chatterjee”. Staff then discussed their opinions, gave their views and uploaded a writ up with graphics and photo in Alchemy of Learning.  Mr. Ajay Vijaywargi have started uploading up these writ ups on the blog of Brewing Knowledge Newsletter.
Mr. Krishen Gopal read out a thought "पूर्णता पाने की कोशिश करें"from the book "आइसक्रीम  मेकर" से सुबीर  चौधरी I Staff then discussed their opinions, gave their views and uploaded a writ up with graphics and photo in Ice Cream Maker.
Staff bid farewell to Vimmy Rajpurohit and Vineet Kumar. May God bless them and have prosperous future.
Mr Bhairav Singh/ Grandparent of Vaibhav Singh/ HKG was selected as the Parent this Week. He related a motivational story to the students in the Assembly.
(ED: Editor & BS: Mr.Bhairav Singh)
ED: What do you do?
BS: I am a retired teacher.
ED: How many of your wards are studying here?
BS:: My one ward is studying here.
ED: Have you achieved your goal?
BS: Yes I have achieved my goal I wanted to become a teacher and I became so my goal is completed.
ED: What do you expect from your child?
BS: I expect from my child to be devoted to the country and be respectful towards his or her elders.
ED: What do you expect from the school?
BS: I expect from the school that students of this school would achieve their goal in future.
ED: What message would you like to give to the students?
BS: I would like to give message that they should always be respectful.
ED: How did you like  visiting the school back? 
BS: It will be a great honour for me to return back to this school.
The word discipline comes from the word disciple meaning a learner. Discipline means obedience to the established rules of conduct. If any of these rules is broken there is trouble and the society suffers, hence arise the need of discipline. Discipline is the very basis of progress in every sphere of life, public or private. Without it, there will be complete chaos and disorder everywhere in our society. Discipline in schools and colleges requires regular preparation of lessons and learning correct behaviour in the society. A family cannot run well if its member do not follow the rules of conduct. An army cannot win the battle if the soldiers do not obey the orders of the commander. So all need to live a disciplined life. -Ipshita Rathorel VIII A/ RH 
Monday, 18th December: The whole week was celebrated as Math Week. A number of activities were organized by the Math Department both in the Assembly and classes. Mr. Suresh Negi/ HOD Math told this week was celebrated as Ramanujan's birthday who was one of the famous mathematician. He told some special things about him. 
Monday, 18th December: Day 1 

Mahendra Parihar/VIII B/DH: Spoke about Ramanujan.
Archana Koratkar/VIII B/GH: Spoke about Arayabhatta.
Charu Vaishnav/VIII B/DH: Spoke about Pythagoras.
Vinita Sirvi/VIII B/GH: Spoke about Thales.

Aishwaryapal/VIII A/TH: Spoke about Euler.
Tuesday, 19th December: Day 2
Yukti kansara VI B/RH: Spoke on faces, edges, vertices of cube by the help of dice. 
Durgeshewari/ VI A/DH: Spoke on faces, edges, vertices of sphere by the help of ball. 
Dinesh Megwal/ VI A/TH: Spoke on faces, vertices, edges of cylinder by help of marker.
Meenakshi Sirvi/VI A/DH: Spoke on faces, vertices, edges of cone. 
Riya Vaisnav/VI A/DH: Spoke on faces, vertices, edges of cuboid by the help of duster. 
Khush Vaisnav/VIII B/DH: Spoke the define of face, vertices, edges.
Wednesday, 20th December: Day 3
Chirag Sharma/ VIII A/ RH: Explained the Euler's formula = F+V=E+2.
Uma Choudhary/IX/ DH: Spoke about Theorem of circle.
Diksha Choudhary/ IX/ GH: Spoke about sector of the circle.
Thursday, 21st December: Day 4
Manjeet Mansion/ IX/ DH: Spoke about parts of circles
Krisha Dave/ IX/ GH: Spoke about segment of the circle
Neetu Deora/ IX/ GH: Spoke about Theorem of circle. 
Friday, 22nd December: Day 5
Mr.Suresh Negi/ HOD Math told that day was celebrated as Ramanujan's birthday. He was one of the famous mathematician. He told some special things about him. 
Thursday, 21st December: After a long wait and practicing for a fortnight the day came when the students went on their cycling expedition to Boya, Sokra and Perwa. It was 20 km run from School. They were flagged off by the Principal Ms. Rajeshree Shihag. They enjoyed a lot and had fun on the way. All returned to school at 2.30 PM safe and sound.
The cycling students accompanied the students who took out an Awareness Rally in these three villages. Street Play was enacted by the students in these villages to educate people about the importance of having good health ways to keep the surroundings clean.. The students gave the message how the villagers can stay fit and healthy, keep themselves away from diseases.
Friday, 22nd December: Cycling, Awareness Rally and Street Play students went to other three villages Kot, Mundara and Sadri. They covered an area of 25 km from School. There too students gave the message to the villagers to stay healthy and fit and avoid eating junk food. The students told them to keep a healthy and clean environment. All their teachers, Principal and Swati Sood escorted the students. 
Saturday,23rd December: Class III-V put up a Nativity Tableau on Christmas celebrations. The school saw Christmas Father too jingle-a-ling while students sat watching the play. He hugged, shook hands and gave presents to wish all a Merry Christmas! After the skit the students gave individual dance performance. Then the students enjoyed the day by dancing with their classmates and teachers. Chocolates were distributed to all.

The School is closed for Winter Vacations from 24th December to 7th January, 2018. We will be back with more news and views on 15th January 2018. The School Weekly wishes its readers A Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year. Keep smiling and keep healthy.  

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