The School Weekly - 9th December 2019


STUDENT: Khush Rajpurohit/ X was selected as the Student this Week for his benevolent behaviour towards his peer group. He shared that helping others is beneficial to the learner as well. Helping people is important because it is good to help each other. It's good to help because it makes you feel good about yourself and will make you a better person.  Helping others can also help develop your mental and physical health. 

Last but not the least I would like to say that one act of kindness always turns into countless acts of kindness.  He quoted that “If you want to lead a pleasant life, be good to yourself; if you want to lead a happy life, be good to others; and if you want to lead an exceptional life, be good to everyone.”

EDUCATOR: Mr. Abhay Singh was the Educator this Week. He shared his views on 'Willpower'. He  shared that to achieve any goal one must have strong will power and determination. He quoted that “Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear.” 

यह बुरा भ्रष्टाचार 
इस देश का नाम डुबाएगा 
इस देश पर कलंक लगाकर
देश को नीचा दिखाएगा 

यह बुरा भ्रष्टाचार 
औरत की इज्जत लुटाएगा 
औरत को रुलाकर,
परिवार को बरबाद कर जाएगा 

यह बुरा भ्रष्टाचार 
मासूम की जान ले लेंगा 
उसका भविष्य खराबकार,
उस पर भी छाप लगा लेगा 

यह बुरा भ्रष्टचार 
उस गरीब को रुलाएगा 
उसका पैसा खाकर 
उसे कभी अमीर बनने देगा 

यह बुरा भ्रष्टाचार 
कलंक है इस देश पे 
इसको मिटाकर 
हम जिएँगे ख़ुशी से 
हिना सीरवी / IX 

Many of us take the stress of marks we have gained, but the word marks is nothing more than practice. We can obtain more marks by doing regular studies of whatever we have studied in our school. If we have scored less marks then there is no other option, but we can change things by practicing. So to overcome your depression like talking to negative people, eating too much, staying alone and cursing yourself is not a solution for your better result but instead of it build a company of like minded people around you who are better in studies and can help you. Every situation in life is temporary, only things will go as per time goes.God always takes you to low and helps you to reach the high. There is always a low before you reach the highest; so work hard to achieve the high. And the other main thing is to think in a positive way. Failures defeat losers but inspires winners. So, we should not be depressed or become sad but we should be ready to fight the failures to achieve success or gain better marks. 
Uma Choudhary/ XI

                                                                          NEWS & EVENTS
Thursday, 5th December: The institution believes that the alumni of the school carries immense potential and this potential can serve as the lifeblood to nurture the tree of education for future students of the school. We had a chit chat chai with some of our alumni. We are planning to host a musical event for our cherished alumni on the 21st of December 2019. It is a small step to harken to our Fabindians who have passed out of the school and have gone onwards with their journey of scaling new heights of excellence in their lives.
Monday, 2nd December- Friday, 6th December: The Week was celebrated as Math Week. A number of activities were conducted in Class I- IX the whole week by the Math Department. 
Activities and Learning Outcomes
Class - I
1-Numbers from 1-100.

2-Skip counting of 2,5,10.

3-Pattern(cut and paste using colour papers.

4-Showing things of 2D and 3D shapes and speaking about them.
Class - II
1.Skip Counting of 2,3,5,10,and 11 on the basketball court. We have learnt the tables by this

2.Cut and paste the 2 D shapes and explanation of 3 D blocks. We learnt about the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.
Class - III
1.Game on tables and patterns. We learnt many new patterns by our body movements.

2.Finding measurements of different objects. We learnt to find the measurement of different objects like length of a table, pencil, eraser,etc.
Class - IV

1. Magic triangles.

We gained knowledge of arranging the numbers. We developed our thinking ability by this activity.

2. Decoding the secret messages.
Through the alphabets and numbers, we learnt to write and read someone's secret message.
Class - V A
1. On 2nd December, we were shown a trick to make a Magic Square of 3x3 where sum of all line vertical, horizontal and diagonally is same. In Magic Triangle, we had to fill numbers in such a way so that sum of each line is equal to the number given in the center.
2. On 3rd December, we played a game in our Math lesson. It was on multiples and factors. We were given a number whose multiple we had to remember. We clapped while counting numbers starting from 1 and if we came across a multiple number then we had to snap our fingers and not clap or we would be out of the game.
We enjoyed a lot on both days.

Tanya Tripash and Tiya Sompura

Class - V B
1. Game on multiples and factors.

We learnt the multiples and factors of different numbers. We have increased our listening skills and concentration by this activity.

2. Magic Squares and triangles.

We developed our thinking ability and this activity was very interesting. We learnt the arrangement of class.
During Math  Week first day we had to make mirror images using poster colours.  All
students made their own  designs on half part of the A 4 size paper. Then we folded the paper from the middle. The design got printed on the other side of the paper. Then in second activity we drew mirror  images of word Math. Next day we had Quiz Competition. We were divided into two teams, Team A and Team B. Ma'am asked questions and  we students answered. In our quiz competition the score of both teams was same. We had fun loving activities and enjoyed a lot.
Devansh Rajpurohit /VI A
During the Math Week, activities were conducted in our class. First day, 2nd December "Figure Me Out" activity was conducted in which there was an answer and we had to form questions using two mathematical operations to get the correct answer. We had to make  questions for our age, birthdate, birth year and present year. It was very interesting and we enjoyed a lot. In the second activity we learnt the trick to make a Magic Square of 5x5 in which the sum of all rows, columns and diagonals should be same. We created two Magic Square of 5x5.  Second day we solved many maths puzzles and riddles. While solving riddles, my classmates and I enjoyed a lot and each one took interest to get the correct answers. It sharpened our minds. Both days we learnt and had fun too.
Ritu Parihar /VII A
Two activities were performed in the class with the students a) Two find square of numbers ending with 5 without calculations and b) a quiz on Chapters from the syllabus was conducted for the students by dividing the class in two groups(teams). The students participated with great excitement and performed well. We learnt to find square of a two digit number and a numbers ending with digit 5 without actual calculation.
The next day we played a quiz game. 
Meenakshi Sirvi/VIII A
Today we practiced the concept of chapter circle under the guidance of Ajay Sir and Negi Sir. We understood the concepts of circles with the help of Geo Board. Geo Board is a board used for geometry. With the help of that board we were able to understand theorems and concepts easily. It was great fun to study it practically otherwise it becomes a bit boring and also today we were curious to study Math. I was very happy because it helped me to understand the concepts so easily and now with the help of the Geo Board my concepts of circle chapter is clear.
Priyanka Deora/ IX A

Wednesday, 4th December: The students were awarded certificates who had participated in the 64th District Level Handball Competition. Those who were selected for the State level were Pushpendra Singh Ranawat/ VII and Harshit Rajpurohit/ IX

Saturday, 30th November: Inter House Kabaddi Match was organised on 30th November. There were interesting matches between various houses and a separate match was organized for girls.
IH Kabaddi Match:
Senior Section

I Teresa House
II Raman House
III Dhyanchand House

I Gandhi House
II Raman House
III Dhyanchand House

Junior Section (BOYS)
I Teresa House
II Gandhi House 
III Raman House

I Dhyanchand House
II Raman House
III Gandhi House

Saturday, 7th December
My Good School Saturday 
The day started with quizzing and map filling. Then Inter Class English Elocution was organised for students of Class I-VIII and Inter Class Hindi Elocution was organised for Class IX- XI. Sports Activities were organised for the Primary Section.
Inter House Lagori Match was organised for the Middle & Senior Section. The Students enjoyed a lot.

Junior Section
   I  Raman House
   II Teresa House
   III Dhyanchand House

Senior Section
   I Dhyanchand House
   II Teresa House
   III Raman House 
Artwork by Ankush Sirvi/ VII
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