The School Weekly - 12th August 2019

EDUCATOR: Mrs. Rajeshwari Rathore was selected as the Educator this Week. She shared her views on importance of hard work. She said an idle person can never gain anything if they just wait for an opportunity to come. The person who works hard will be able to get all the happiness of the world.Hard work is the key to success. A hard worker will never wait for opportunities to come. They with their  hard work will achieve their goals and be successful so always work hard. 

STAFF: School Executive Director Mr. Sandeep Dutt, Primary Section Coordinator Ms. Monika Vaishnav & Mrs. Bharti Rao participated in the ScooNews Global Educators Fest 2019 at The Ananta, Udaipur. It was a two days session 9th- 10th August 2019. Many Educationists,  Co-Founders, Executive Directors, Educators & Dignitaries from all over the Country attended the two days Conference. Global leaders from academia, public policy, government, spirituality, philanthropy graced the ScooNews Global Educators Fest 2019. The conference revolved around the theme of 'Education for Sustainability: Moving On from Conformity to Creativity'. There were discussions, debate, interactive participation on emerging trends, latest issues and new projects.
I learnt that Educators should create a culture of creativity and open a world of possible. I learnt that reading is the foundation and we should inculcate reading in students which should be fun for them. There is no end to transformation. It is limitless and infinite. You need to have a heart full of grace, patience, perseverance, hope, inspiration and you need to listen to learners as an Educator.
The sessions ended with awarding Teacher Warriors who being ordinary people are the real heores  and give a lesson in inspiration and hope. 
 - Bharti Rao
The Staff congratulated the newly wedded couple Mr. Priyank & Ms. Swati Sood, Mr. Sandeep Singh & Ms. Pooja Singh. May God bless them and best wishes for a bright & prosperous future!  
Monday, 5th August - Wednesday, 7th August: The School was busy with the preparations for the approaching Sanskrit Diwas on 14th August 2019. The School buzzed with Sanskrit Shloaks in the beginning of the day.
Why much importance to Sanskrit?
In present day India, Indians do not give and know the importance of Sanskrit in the present world. Sanskrit is an Indian culture but India is only lacking its importance. There abroad, NASA is using Sanskrit for coding in their researches and technology.
Other than that, if we chant Sanskrit Shloaks every day, it will positively affect our mind and health. It sharpens our memory. It is a miracle for speech therapy. If someone has speaking or pronunciation problem, it'll be definitely beneficial. It relaxes our mind.
Tamanna Solanki/V shared about the Life Cycle of Stars. She said stars are the most fascinating and strangest objects of the outer space.
Activity was conducted for Pre Primary students where they did Group Learning. Alphabets were given to them where they identified the letters and put it in the correct sequence A-Z.
Thursday, 8th August: That day an important announcement related to a quiz organized by the government on space and ISRO was made. Students of Classes VIII to X can participate and the top two winners from each state and Union Territory can get a chance to see the live landing of Chandrayaan 2 on moon.
Math Activity was conducted by Ms. Prerna Rathod for Class V A based on 'Symmetry'. The children learnt  how to create their own patterns with a drop of colour. They enjoyed learning the formal ways of creating patterns. While creating patterns, children developed and practiced their analytical thinking skills.
The Art and Craft department conducted poster making event in which students were quite enthusiastic about preparing posters with vivid ideas and vibrant colours. The theme of the event was- Nature. Students made beautiful posters and enhanced their art skills. 
Friday, 9th August: Bali area and its suburbs experienced heavy rainfall since morning and it continued throughout the day with some stops. So the School observed its first rainy day holiday.
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