The School Weekly - 14th October 2019

STUDENT: Meenakshi Choudhary/X was selected as the Student this Week. She shared her views about the Athletic Tournament in which she participated . She said that it was a great experience for her being a part of it. She reached till the finals and represented our school. She thanked the teachers for encouraging her for participating in the event.
PARENT: Mr Vinit Agarwal f/o Archi Agarwal/II and Tanya Agarwal/ VI was selected as the Parent this Week. He shared his views on importance of studies. He said we should keep balance between co curricular activities and studies for our overall development. 
(Vinit Agarwal: VA and Editor: ED)
ED: What do you expect from the school?
VA: School is doing a lot for the development of a child and I want that school should focus more on studies rather than activities. 
ED: What do you expect from your ward? 
VA: I want that my children should gain extra knowledge and do their best in life. And my child should be an all rounder.
ED: What have you achieved in your life? 
VA: I have not yet achieved what I wanted so I want to achieve more in my life. The thing that I want to achieve is that my kids should take care of us when we become older. 
My Good School Day
Friday, 11th October: Special Assembly was organised as Ms. Nikita Galphate, Ms. Juhi Mehta, Mr. Aman Gopal Surekha and Mr. Rajendra Pal Devgan visited our school as the special guests for the Retreat 2019. Ms. Rajeshree Shihag, the Principal of our school welcomed them and asked them to share their experiences. Ms. Nikita Galphate, Ms. Juhi Mehta, Mr. Aman Gopal Surekha  and Mr. Rajendra Pal Devgan shared their experiences with the young minds. There were exchange students each from Iconic School, Bhopal and Life Express Unschool,   
Dehradun. The Retreat started with the Message from Mr Fredrick Brown
Dy. ED Learning Forward and Inaugural Address by LFIN Chairman Mr R.P Devgan. My Good School was showcased. The guests and exchange students visited the entire school campus and clubs and societies. They interacted with the students. They captured memorable moments in their cameras. They visited the forest with their buddies. Later, they were interviewed by the members of the Editorial Board of the School.
Later, in the evening, they had several sports activities with their buddies. The activities were organized by the Sports Teacher, Mr. Rahul Kumar Thakur and Mr. Abhay Singh. 
Mr Aman Goyal Sureka visited Clubs & Societies and spent time with the students of Young Entrepreneurs Club. He introduced the ancient board games to the students. The students gave their feedback and learning. They said that their experience was outstanding and learning of moral virtues was fabulous. The games were interesting, amazing and different. The concept of these games helped to increase their thinking skills.
NG: Ms. Nikita Galphate & AK: Archana Koratkar
AK: Which classes do you teach and the method that you use to teach them?
NG: I majorly teach the Pre Primary classes, Class V & VI. I always try to develop the imagination and concept of the lesson which I would start next among the students. In the junior classes, we have a camera called 'snappy' which shows pictures on the board and then I discuss with the students what is shown on the board. I always try to develop the curiosity and interest of the students in the chapter before I start it. 
AK: How is your weekly published?
NG: The whole weekly of the school is published by me. It is sent quarterly. The students also help me in publishing it.  
AK: What are your hobbies?
NG: My best hobby is to listen to music, spend time with my children. I also like art and craft, sketching. I don't like cooking. 
AK: What did you want to learn more but you couldn't, due to lack of time?
NG: I always wanted to learn music. I have great interest in singing so I want to learn it.
NG: What do your parents do and what do you enjoy?
AK: Ma'am, my father is a veterinary doctor and my mother is a housewife. Now he is posted at Bijapur which is half an hour far from Bali. I enjoy with my junior friends during my bus journey. 
AK: How do you spend your day on Sundays?
NK: Mostly, I spent the day with my family. I have a 'me' time in which I see movies, mainly Marathi since I am a Maharashtrian. We go to theaters to see every new movie which are interesting releases. We have a discussion time where we discuss everyone's issues and try to find solution to the issues. 
AK: What difference do you see in this school?
NG: This beautiful place is set up in a rural area but it is providing 'n' numbers of facilities for the overall development of rural students and I like it very much. Here, the environment is very silent, children have less distractions. We have the setup of our school in an urban area so students are distracted by malls, theaters etc. But here, children participate more in activities because they are not distracted.
ED: Editor and AT: Arahant, ST: Samarth ( Life Express Unschool) 
ED: What are your hobbies?
AT: My hobbies are photography, painting and playing golf.
ST:  My hobbies are painting and playing the drum.
ED: What do you like most about this school?
AT& ST: We like most is the concept and greenery in your school.
ED: Have you visited any school apart from The Fabindia School?
AT &ST: Yes we have visited some schools like Fortson School and many other schools. As a teacher I feel that My Good School Program is beneficial and necessary for the student's development. Green Environment is also important for a child's development which I found at The Fabindia School, Bali.  I think that a person keeps learning throughout his/her life- Ms. Juhi Mehta/ Life Express Unschool.
(ED: Editor, IC: Iconic School Students)
ED: Do you see any difference in our school and yours?
IC: This school's infrastructure is unique and it is surrounded by greenery which we do not see in our school.
ED: How do you plan your activities related events?
IC:  Our activities related events are planned by the Student Council.
ED:  Do you think that there should be more activity lessons than academic lessons?
IC: I think there should be balance between academic and activity lessons
ED: Do you people work on Service Project?
IC: Yes, we also have Service Projects.
Learning Forward Day
Saturday, 12th October: The Retreat started with Ms. Nikita Galphate presentation. She shared The Iconic School PLP Journey. She shared her & her colleagues experiences of PLP Journey & how they implemented it in their classroom teaching.
Then Ms. Bharti Rao shared The Fabindia School PLP Journey which started from the year 2013. She shared the transition of teachers to educators. 
Mr Aman Goyal Sureka conducted a session in which he introduced the ancient board games. The Educators and students enjoyed playing the games along with a learning experience.
Ms. Juhi Mehta conducted a session in which she shared her own experiences of teaching life which inspired her to start unschooling.
The Retreat ended with a session from Mr. Pranjal Sharma on Tinkering and Innovation Lab.
Sunday, 13th October: Parents Teacher Meeting was organised for the students of Class I- XII. About 70% of the Parents attended the meeting to know about the results of their ward.
Volume No. 398 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal, Ms Swabhi Parmar, Mr Jafar Khan, Anumesh Rao, Ipshita Rathore, Archana Koratkar, Meenakshi Choudhary, Vinita Sirvi, Charu Vaishnav,  &  Ronak Devda.

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