The School Weekly 1st February 2021

Senior Section is working hard in covering up with all the lost time of not being at the school. Practical's have started off, revisions, tests are going on. Middle, Primary and Pre-Primary is enjoying learning experiences from the comfort of their homes.

My Good School Activities

Middle School's Virtual Annual Celebrations
Middle Section celebrated its Virtual Annual Day on 31st January 2021. Chief Guest of the evening was Mr. Yogendra Singh Mertiya, CEO at Godwar Farmers Collective addressed the gathering. SMC Members, School Chairman Mr. Sandeep Dutt, Board Members Ms. Prableen Sabhaney, Ms. Anjana Batra, Mr. Ravi Kaimal, Almuna Shaily Jain, Chartered Accountant, Educators, Parents & Students enjoyed the annual celebrations. The Cultural Program consisted of Sholaks, Parivartan – A Hope for the Earth, Art Display etc. Tinker Display was done by Dhawan Choudhary & Abhinav Singh. Mr. Rahul Thakur presented about Health & Fitness and the Art display . Ms. Bharti Rao interacted with Alumna Shaily Jain, Chartered Accountant.  Shaily shared beautiful insights of her journey and memories of school times.
Weekly Activities
Sports Quiz, GK Quiz, Personal Hygiene & Health Awareness Projects, live Tinkering sessions are the part of My Good School Activities.
Blended Learning Activities were organized for the students of Class IX - XII
Professional Development
Educators had their sixth session of PLP Cycle # World Ready on Anupam Sibal's book 'Is Your Child Ready To Face The World' Chapter 6 Making Mistakes and Accepting Flaws on Saturday, 30th January 2021 from 14.00- 15.30 PM by Ms. Monisha Datta, Director Learning Forward Academy.
Edthena: Educators are uploading their individual videos of Ch- 5 Handling Pressure on Edthena.
Posts from our Educators
Life is the greatest gift of God. It is a combination of happiness and sorrow. Everything happens for good in our life. It passes through good and bad times. You need to face bravely the bad times to know how the good times feel and to enjoy them sweetly.
Life is like a journey through a dark tunnel, but you should know that it has an end where you can find the light. You need to take up the hardships once to rejoice later. Don’t forget that you can get a wide view only after you have reached the top of the mountain. You need to feel the coldness to understand the hotness. You have to fall down once to know how it feels to stand up with your head above. There is nothing to worry about the hardships in your life. 
Be hopeful, everything will change and there will be a new dawn. You have to realise that your struggles are there to help you to be stronger than ever. Your strength comes out only through your struggles. These difficulties are required to survive in your life. Life can be full of challenges, but you should know only challenges create success. In life nothing goes waste, everything comes worth.
You should be thankful for everything. If you have hard times just know you need it to strengthen yourself, it was a blessing in disguise. You cannot control everything in your life, sometimes you need to let it happen in its own way, sometimes you need to make it happen in your own way. Learn from your life, survive those challenges, rise above and be a reason that others won’t give up in their lives just like you. You should feel blessed as you have got a life to live even if it is full of struggles, still, you can make it beautiful.
Byju Joseph
खुद को समय अवश्य दीजिए 
अगर आपको अपनी जिंदगी को खुशी से जीना है, तो आपको अपने लिए भी समय निकालना चाहिए। आजकल लोग पैसा और नाम कमाने की होड़ में इतना बिजी है की उन्हें दोस्तों और रिश्तेदारों के लिए तो दूर की बात, खुद के लिए भी समय निकाल पाना मुश्किल होता है। जब आप अपने कामों और जीवन में से बुरी तरह हताश हो जाएंगे इससे आपको खालीपन  लगने लगेगा और आप तनाव, चिंता आदि के शिकार हो जाएंगे, जिससे आप चिड़चिडे हो जाएंगे।
खुद को समय देने से होते हैं कई फायदे जब आप कोई काम खुशी से करते हैं तो उस काम में आपको जरुर सफलता मिलती हैं। जाहिर है जब आप खुद के लिए समय निकालेंगे तो ,आप दिल से खुश रहेंगे और जब किसी को अंदर से खुशी मिलती है तो उसके चेहरे पर अलग ही मुस्कान होती है। जीवन के लिए योजना बना सकते हैं अगर आपको अपने जीवन को बेहतर मनाने के लिए योजना बनानी हो तो उसका सबसे अच्छा तरीका यह है की आप एकांत में खुद के साथ रहो जाहिर है जल्दी बाजी में आप कई बार अपने लिए मुश्किल खड़ी कर सकते हो। इसलिए एकांत में रहकर और सोच- समझ कर योजना बनाएंगे तो जीवन सही दिशा में आगे बढ़ेंगे अपनी अच्छी बुरी आदतों को पहचान सकते हैं।
दुनिया में कोई इंसान परफेक्ट नहीं होता है। सभी में कुछ कमियां होती है। अगर आप में भी कुछ है, तो आपको  जानना चाहिए और उनमें सुधार करना चाहिए । इसलिए अच्छी बुरी आदतों को जानने के लिए अपने लिए समय निकाले और उन्हें समझने की कोशिश करें।
राजेश्वरी राठौड़
Technology in education and the right devices in students’ hands helps prepare them with the career and technical skills they need to be successful today and in tomorrow’s workforce. Relevant learning experiences in STEAM can inspire creativity, help students apply meaning to their learning, and prepare them for future career opportunities and jobs that haven’t even been created yet. 
Specific skills in coding, programming, physical computing, and computational thinking have become common requirements in the workforce. Though making, students can gain these skills and hone their problem solving and critical thinking skills for the 21st century. Learning by doing with maker mindsets and environments can be very engaging when designed and integrated with the right technology. teaching.html 
Shivani Rao
Exercise is a part of our daily life. Everyone should do exercise every day at a regular time. It reduces fat and increases the flexibility of our body Exercise improves muscle strength. Exercise can help you to maintain a healthy weight exercise. It improves brain function.  
It also reduces the risk of developing several diseases in our body, it improves your quality of sleep. Morning walk is the first and most common exercise and is suited in almost all constitutions. Diabetic patients should do morning walk regularly as a morning walk is very good for their health. 
If you will do the exercise you will be healthy, fit and fine. In most of the schools, teachers make students do exercise that keeps children fit and fine.
Courtesy Source:
Urvish Singh
Teaching Children Good Sportsmanship 
Parents and kids alike love sports, and it's easy to get caught up in a game and become focused on winning. Yet there is much more to be gained from the sports experience than a winning record. When children and teens are involved in sports, they are able to learn and put into practice values that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Good sportsmanship is one of the life lessons that children can learn from sports. You can help your children understand and value good sportsmanship while making sure they have a safe and fun sports experience.
Good sportsmanship may seem hard to define, but its hallmarks include being able to win without gloating, respecting one's opponents, and being able to lose gracefully. 
Here are some important principles to instil in your children:
If you lose, don't makeup excuses.
If you win, don't rub it in.
Learn from mistakes and get back in the game.
Always do your best.
If someone else makes a mistake, remain encouraging and avoid criticizing.
Show respect for yourself, your team, and the officials of the game.
Abhay Raj Singh
Posts from our Students
Happiness is defined as “the state of being happy". Happiness makes our life colourful or joyful. It helps us to obtain peace of mind. The most difficult task of life is to make someone happy. Happiness is the best medicine to tackle all problems. Happiness helps us to come out from depression. It is also the feeling of happiness. It also comes by helping people. Happiness lies within ourselves. We can be happy by cleaning our environment.
Now I would like to share an incident of my childhood when my father gifted me a new bicycle for the first time I knew that I didn't know how to ride a cycle .I went with my friend to  the ground . There I learnt to ride the bicycle and it was the happiest day of my life
Jaivardhan Singh/ IX B
Live a life without limits
Nick Vujicic was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. His videos on YouTube have inspired millions and millions of people with his message to love life and live without limits. He was tormented to such an extent that at the age of 10 he attempted suicide. After years of feeling alone and worthless, he had an epiphany one day while reading an article.
He read about a disabled man who refused to let physical limitations dictate his life. At that moment, Nick says, he realized he had the ability to take control of his life. Instead of looking at everything he lacked, he decided to look at everything he could have. Now a famous author and international speaker, Nick inspires the world everyday to live a life without limits. His message is brilliantly sobering and electric.
Sam Philip/  XI Humanities
According to me, happiness is the moment when I talk to my friends on various topics. The amount of happiness I get from here is uncountable and indescribable. Talking with friends is the most amazing experience of the world which never ends. We can't talk with family or relatives or anyone else more than a limit. But with friends, there is no limit to talking. Every thought from our mind comes to mouth when we are with friends. Like, we can talk about our personal life, our family life, our social life, on anything; we can talk.
I would like to share an experience of my life. Two years back, my school organized a night camp in my school. After every activity, we were sent to sleep and suddenly we started talking. As this goes on, there were many topics on which we were discussing and arguing. This whole talk went on for about one and half hours but after that it stopped because our teacher told us to sleep, which made us sad. This night camp was an amazing talking experience with my friends which gave me a kind of relief and happiness. At last, I would like to say that Happiness with friends never ends.
Mangilal Dewasi/ IX A

The sunshine is that covers the emptiness, 
The sunshine is that uncovers the happiness, 
The light is that hides the sorrow, 
And completely forgets the sadness.
It is the smile of the face, 
And the sparkle through your eyes and the feeling of embrace. 
It is you that shines, with the imperfect lines. 
The warmth through my skin,
That I can feel within. 
Lisa Soni IXA

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