The School Weekly 3rd May 2021

 Message from the Principal
Dear Students and Parents, COVID-19 pandemic has altered and disrupted our normal life, this is a collective crisis we all have to fight together. There are innumerable inspiring stories of Corona warriors, doctors, police men and volunteers fighting the pandemic. We too must do our bit to beat this challenging time. We must remain positive and educate people around us for wearing masks, maintaining physical distance and vaccination.
Stay positive, stay strong, be compassionate
Stay home, stay safe; this too shall pass.
Rajeshree Shihag
Message from our Vice Head Girl
My name is Vinita Sirvi, a student by profession and a' Fabindian' by heart. I am from Class 12th Humanities. I chose this subject with an intention of serving the country and to become a good human by helping the needy ones with power. Recently I have been chosen for the post of Vice Head Girl, this position allows me to work officially for the school . This is my 15th year in this school and I have seen my school changing and growing with new ideas. I am also a scholar since Class 4th and I want to thank Sir  William Bissell for creating a heaven for all of us .I will try my best to create more leaders instead of followers.
Thank you
Vinita Sirvi
Class XII Humanities
                                    Message from our Vice Head Boy
Being a Vice Head Boy is a huge responsibility but I am very happy too. l have got a chance to work with the Head Boy, Council Members and with the teachers. This badge will always remind me of my duties and responsibilities. I will always try to maintain discipline in my school by applying different strategies and help in setting up better systems. I am filled with passion to begin this fantastic journey of my life. 
Chirag Sharma
Class XII Humanities
News and Events 
CBSE has issued guidelines to constitute Class X Results, school is in the process of formulating the results as per the guidelines. While undertaking this task, four principles will be kept in mind; reliability, fairness, flexibility and validity. The process of evaluation will be explained well to all the stakeholders.
Corona Warriors
Two of our staff members have fought bravely to the virus, their piece of advice:
Stay Home, Stay Calm, Stay Informed, keep on the mask and maintain distance if going out. We send our love and best wishes to speedy recovery to a better and healthy life.
Frontline Warrior
Our Parent; an educationist, Ms Veena Solanki; her experience from the ground reality!
“When we go out of our homes for whatever needs, be it buying provisions or for any Frontline duty, there lingers a fear of getting infected. While talking to Covid patients,  one thing that was clear is that there is definitely a need to educate people and pull them out of their ignorance about their health conditions. People are panicking and what is really required is a strong positive will and patience to come out of a grave condition. You have to be really cautious about your body's signals about discomfort and ailment and maintain a very healthy, preventive, curative and promotive regime for your well being.
P.S: When I  come back from office and  have an itchy spot somewhere,  mind starts playing tricks and  starts developing symptoms   that's kind of psychological I guess..
Saturday - Sunday Dhamal
Yoga session was conducted by Abha Ma'am, a Yoga expert on Saturday, 1st of May. She taught us how to do different Yoga Asanas in a proper way. Yoga helps us get relaxed and increases our energy levels.
Physical Fitness Session was conducted by Mr. Rahul Thakur,  Physical education teacher.
Dance Classes were conducted by Mr. Tarun Sharma, children are learning steps to perform a dance sequence towards the end of May. In these crucial times, we all need to do some kind of physical exercise, breathing exercises, yoga, stretching etc. to stay healthy and fit.
The Virtual Assembly was organized by the Council Members. It started with the prayer as we used to do in the school. Many students participated  and got a chance to speak. Results of Extempore and Art Competition were announced. All the students were motivated to participate in upcoming activities and competitions. A vote of thanks was given by Khush Rajpurohit of  Class XII. House Meetings were organized on Saturday for all four houses to discuss and plan the upcoming activities and competitions. 
Yoga Enlightenment
The fitness sessions organized by school on weekends are tremendously enriching my everyday life. Abha Ma’am’s yoga has been a breather and changed my perception of yoga. Now instead of understanding it as an intense workout, it's actually an ecstatic, joyful and self-awakening experience. It has certainly helped to firstly wake up early and appreciate the natural morning beauty around. Secondly, it has aroused in me an urge to follow it every day experiencing its benefits like better concentration, activeness and flexibility throughout the day. Hence, I stand here much thankful to the school for introducing us to such a wonderful experience with our friends in such hard to endure times.
Tamanna Solanki
Class VII B
I am helping my mom and dad with their work. I also help people who are unable to get food .
-Diksha Meena/XII Science
I helped with distribution of Corona Kits provided by the government to the needy ones.Helped with data compilation of people who came from other cities to the village during the pandemic. I visit the temple every day for worship, over there I educate people to wear masks all the time.  Due to Corona and Lockdown, dogs are dying of hunger and thrust, so I arrange food and water for them. 
- Soniya Vaishnav/XII Commerce
During this lockdown period I am helping my sister with her online studies, I am taking care of my grandparents  and I spend most of my time with my family. I also work on my health, I am doing yoga and exercises regularly, I also try to make people aware of its benefits. Stay home,stay safe! 
- Himanshu Soni/VIII

GUVI, a virtual platform to encourage AI learning has brought AI-for-India Event to teach students of all age categories to build Face Recognition Application using Python Language. The session was worth appreciable and informative. The Guinness World Record Event was also accomplished simultaneously. Indian students have put their best and the new record was made to take online lessons in 24 hours. I have enhanced my Coding and App Development Skills. I learnt advanced python and how to appeal it for the development of AI technologies.
Learning Foreign Languages
Today all over the world people are curious to learn foreign languages. It is helpful for getting
a job in various countries. It has enormous opportunities in many fields like service sector, government jobs, translators, foreign embassy etc. Learning foreign languages has become very easy and popular through the internet. People can learn and know about foreign languages in a better way. Besides that some countries like China, Japan are not interested in learning English or any foreign languages. In the era of globalization it is very necessary to learn at least one foreign language. Some most popular foreign languages are French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian etc. In today's world many people are learning foreign languages for different reasons, for job or for exploring more about them. 
Divyanshi Upadhya
Class - VIII B
Tiya Sompura of Class VII with her sketching skills
I love to capture and save a moment .I started clicking when i was in class 8th as i grew up I learnt a lot and I am still learning.  Photography makes me more Creative and builds my Patience, dedication and attention to detailing. I love to click street, portrait, nightscapes  and travel pictures. I am also learning a bit of editing which can help me in enhancing the picture quality. I have recently created a page on my IG - @the_pixlated .You can follow me there. - Jatin Tripash XI.
My Virtual School 
Schools have been shut to prevent the spread of the virus and this has given a way to enhance online classes, a very new concept in India. It is commendable how easily some educational institutions have moved to virtual classrooms, all credit goes to tools such as Google Meet, Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams.
The school is putting extra efforts to engage students in classes by renewing timetables, having discussions online, taking feedback from parents and monitoring students constantly. All students are connected through WhatsApp and Google Classroom in their respective classes. Some students don't have mobile phones. So, they have some challenges to understand the concepts.. Nevertheless they can attend classes/sessions enthusiastically by taking help from their friends and connect together through a single device. The Fabindia School is doing a wonderful job to provide quality education.
Dakshita Sirvi, Class IX B
I choose to die
If death is only time when the people regret
                        and for the persons Loss they cry
                       then I definitely choose to die
                       If death is the only time
                         when I will get complete rest and peace
                        then I would choose to die
                          so then the soul get rest which is broken into piece
                         If death is only time 
                         when people will remember how they treated me
                        then choose to die
 to secretly see why they cheated me
If death is the only time
When people will accept their mistake
Then I would choose to die
To find out the reason yesterday why they were fake
If death is the only time
When for me my enemies will pray
Then I would choose to die
To hear the good words about me they say
I know during my lifetime I’ll be alone
The one who talked me rudely after dying will change the tone
Then too I choose to die
So that I would be in a peaceful zone.
Rahul Vaishnav 
Class XII Science
Humility means being humble. You respect others and are always down to earth. It is one of the important values which helps us to build our character. When a person is humble, he is loving, caring, helpful, patient towards others while dealing with them. He will always think of others and do what is good for them. He will never be angry with anyone or will never make fun of others or laugh at them. He will be empathetic towards others and will do what is best for them and try to understand others feelings. A humble person will never have an ego problem. He will always remain happy in good or bad situations. 
As educators, it is our duty that we should try to teach students to be humble and teach them its importance. This value will help them to be sensitive towards the society and environment. Thus, it will help to build a good society. He will be a good citizen of our country. This will help him to take the correct decisions in life and be successful. Humility helps us to build different values which are an essential part of life. Each one of us must be humble in our life to lead a better and happy life
Prerna Rathod / Educator
National Education Policy
NEP [National Education Policy 2020] is a policy formulated by the Government of India to promote and regulate education in India. The Policy covers elementary education to higher education in both rural and urban India. The NEP is the supreme curricular document. It forms the first tier of a two-tier mode of educational program. It defines the main principle and aims of the curricular policy of the state. 
Apps Curriculum in Alignment to NEP 2020
Pre-primary education helps the child in the following aspects as the curriculum prescribed by NEP 2020
Faster respect for the parents, cultural and national values and traditions, mother tongue and child’s own cultures. 
Activity Based Learning ( ABL) programme is an innovative, interesting and collaborated classroom transaction programme for students of one to four who have been introduced in the pre- primary schools world wide. 
The Activity Based Learning has the following objectives: 
To gauge the learning achievement of students of Classes K.G. to IV. 
To study the difference in achievement with regard to social groups, gender and location. 
To understand the factors of the learning environment offered to children before and after the invention of ABL pedagogy.
Pinki Chouhan/ Educator
Volume No. 470 Published by The Editorial Board: Ms Monika Vaishnav, Mrs. Urmila Rathore, Mr Jitendra Suthar, Khush Rajpurohit, Vishal Rathore, Ipshita Rathod, Jatin Tapish

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