The School Weekly 07th February 2022

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Schools have reopened for Class IX to XII students and staff is back with enthusiasm and determination to make for the lost time. 
Article writing activity was held in the school where the senior students worked individually or in groups to enhance their writing skills. It was great getting to know about the views and opinions of the students on various topics based on values. 
Happiness is the opposite of sadness .It is an emotion and a feeling of being happy. When our soul is happy we also will be happy. And it's pure vibes  naturally comes from our heart. Happiness is a source to live a life satisfying. Happiness can lead to strong mental health and physically fit. Helping someone makes us happy and refreshes our mind. Once in my colony I was standing in my house balcony and seeing people roaming here and there and a poor old man came. He was looking very hungry , sad and suffering from cold . I went and asked him, " What happened to you don't have a shelter to live a happy life. " He said " Child I don't have anything there is no one of mine in this world." I talked to him. He also talked about his sad story and I listened to him. Then I gave something like food and a sweater and some clothes and slippers too. He gave me lots of blessing and he got happiness.  If we will spread happiness we will also get happiness.
Lisha Soni  / X A
"Trust takes years to build,  seconds to break and forever to repair. "
We are living in a world where we can't expect that all people are honest. Being dishonest is always a cause of problem that can lead us to offend people. It is always seemed that in today's world there is something which someone can lie about. I think lying is wrong and one should always speak truth in whatever situation they are. Because one or the another day truth will come out and there will be many people in your life who will trust you and if you will speak lie than you will break someones trust one day. And of you will not lie people will easily trust you and they will never leave you alone in any situation.  If you will speak lie you are not only lying to someone else but you are lying to yourself. Lying will not give you something good . It will not resolve any of your problem. But if you are a good liar it will resolve your problem for sometime but the truth will come out eventually. But when truth does not come out than the situation get worse and so many problems arise. People sometimes get emotionally and even  physically hurt when we say lies to them. For example,  if you hurt your friend , than you may lose a great friendship that you once had. When someone comes out to confess what they were lying about,  than someone will end up hurting.  Nothing is more bad than losing over a lie . The most important reason you should speak truth is to have a clean personality. Having a clean personality is the best one can have. 
Meenakshi Sirvi / X A
Stillness of Mind
In this materialistic world we all run for money, we all are fighting to earn money, we are always busy in competition to be better. But in this race we are forgetting about all negative effects of it. We are continuously destroying our limited resources, hurting our Mother Earth. Woodcutters are destroying forest, fisherman are killing fishes to achieve their target and many more we are killing each other. Countries are preparing many harmful and dangerous weapons which can lead to end of the world.
So to overcome all the situation we should keep quiet and still are mind we should self analysis ourselves and for this self-introspection we have to keep quiet we used to stop all these activities for some time or at least slow down. We all should stop discrimination on the basis of caste, race, sex, etc for a time. We should stop talking in different languages.
"Don't fear the conflict fear the silence"
Tushar Diwakar/ XII
Friendship is fragrance of flower, friendship is purity of heart,
Friendship is flow of air ,
Friendship is a very beautiful part of our life. It is the second name of happiness. Whenever, we feel down or exhausted, there will be a person who will be patting our head with vibes of relaxation. It is difficult to describe this bond because it's is widely spread era of joyness. Having a special friend in life is like having heaven on the land. Friend is like a shield who protects us from this cruel world. If you are blessed with such a friend then you are the most luckiest person in the world. Never ever let go of your friend's hand, you are incomplete without them in your life.
Sayogita Kunwar/ XA
When we talk about love  always an image in mind of couples flashes and it is  human behavior but love is not like that .It is something that we feel from the core of our heart. But some science students do not agree  my view of love and they say that heart works to circulate blood. But it's not something to do with science, it is just a feeling of a person for another person and our ancestors say that in every person like there is someone special whom they don't want to hurt in any condition. It is something that two or three friends have in their life in relationship of mother, son ,father and daughter. Have you ever seen any animal they can even love better than the humans when we see a thread after we see a rope. Our love should be like the thread from which the strongest rope is made for whom you love or he/she loves you.  
I would like to end with the quote of Ann Landers 'Love is friendship that has caught on fire'.
Heena Sirvi/ XI Humanities
"The most expensive thing in the world is Trust. It can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose."
Trust is something that everyone wants to achieve in their life and also expects from others. Without trust, no relationship can exist whether it is love or friendship. But you know in today's world, people are no longer honest with each other and this is the main reason for fragmentation, conflict, and even sometimes war.
Some of us believe that lying once or twice does not cause any effect on our relationship. But no, it's wrong. We know that truth is never hidden, it is exposed some or other day and when it comes in front, the situation becomes worse and problems arise. People can get emotionally hurt. It is a great thing to be trusted by someone. But taking advantage of that trust in you is never a good thing and will only lead to conflicts. Trust should be valued highly; if broken once it takes years to build or even it never builds again. 
Without trust, there is no friendship and without friendship, there is no love.
I believe that if you and your partner are trustful to each other then your relationship becomes happy and excitable. Whatever problem is in your life, you never have to tolerate it alone, you can truthfully tell your partner and become mentally as well as emotionally relaxed.
At last, the sign of a healthy relationship is trust.
Harshit Singh Rao / X B
Priority can be defined as something or someone more urgent or important than any other thing. Every individual has different priorities such as keeping relationships healthy, being financially independent, staying healthy, and many more. But your first and foremost priority in life should be you. Not in a selfish and self-centered manner, but with self-compassion and understanding. Priorities are the things that give life meaning or a purpose. When it comes to top priority, we should not forget who we are and why are we born as human beings. For example, we have been hearing stories of whales washing up on shores with their entire bellies filled with plastics. In that particular time, as human being, our top priority is to consume less plastic and not to throw factory waste in oceans and seas to save Marine life. By this, we can figure out that top priority depends upon time and situation. Priorities are not all about one individual, it can be about countries, communities, etc. 
Some people say that everything has either a positive or negative impact. Likewise, someone's priority can be harmful to others. For example, the priority of terrorism is to create a general climate of fear by using violence. Hence, the most priority should be given to our life because it is the most valuable for us.
Yukti Kansara / X B
A poem on Tree
I shall never see,
A poem on a tree.
Trees which we see every day,
Under them, we play. 
Trees are the gift of God,
But we treat them as odd.
Life is impossible without trees, 
so if you want to live, save the trees
The poem is made by fools like me, 
but only God can make a tree. 
Abhinav Singh Chouhan/ IX A
The Giving Tree
Trees are very pretentious and noble
They are self denial and humble.
They give us their fruits to eat
And their wood to fulfill people's needs.
They give cool shed under them in the hot scorching sun,
And had never asked anything in return.
They are very kind hearted and full of generosity,
After that also we treat them with brutality.
Just cause they can't walk and talk,
We think they aren't alive.
Trees do have life
They are grown consuming earth's water, minerals and sunlight for years.
Their roots had radiated everywhere in the ground taking several years.
But some people kill them very easily
Without thinking what will happen if there will be no tree? 
O it's a humble request  to those please don't kill the giving tree.
Ritu parihar / IX A

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