The School Weekly 03rd October 2022

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28 सितम्बर 2022 को, हमारे विद्यालय 'द फैब इंडिया स्कूल बाली की, ऊर्जावान् और समर्पित प्रधानाचार्या, श्रीमती राजेश्री सिहाग का जन्मदिन मनाया गया। पूरे विद्यालय परिवार की प्रेरणापूंज आदरणीया श्रीमती सिहाग के जन्मदिन के इस सुअवसर पर दिन भर उमंग का वातावरण बना रहा। जन्मदिन को विशेष रोचक बनाने के लिए हरकोई उत्साहित था। विद्यालय के पूर्वप्राथमिक, माध्यमिक और उच्च माध्यमिक सभी सेक्शनों ने केक काटकर और उपहार देकर मैम के प्रति अपनी निष्ठा और स्नेह का परिचय दिया। ईश्वर से विनय है कि विद्यालय परिवार की यह स्नेहिल परंपरा अनवरत बनी रहें।
 हम लोग गरबा नवरात्रि के 9 दिन तक करते हैं इस बार मैंने गरबा द फैब इंडिया स्कूल में किया। गरबा में मुझे बहुत मजा आया । मिडिल सेक्शन के बच्चों और हमारी सभी अध्यापिकाओं के साथ मैंने एक साथ गरबा किया । सभी बच्चे बहुत अच्छे लग रहे थे। सभी ने अपने अपने ग्रुप बनाकर गरबा किया। बच्चों ने अपने पसंदीदा गुजराती गानों में भी गरबा किया। नवरात्रि के 9 दिन होते हैं जिन दिनों में माता जी की आरती करते हैं और रात को गरबा करते है। इस बार मुझे फैबइंडिया स्कूल में गरबा करने का एक अलग ही आनंद आया।
संतोष / Support Staff
त्योहारों का समय है। चारों ओर धूमधाम मची हुई है। कईं तरह के सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम आयोजित किए जा रहे हैं। उमंग  के इस दौर से विद्यालय अछूता कैसे रह सकता है। संस्कृति से जुड़े रहने में गर्व के साथ-साथ अपार खुशी भी मिलती है।नवरात्रि की धूम के बीच हमारे विद्यालय  में दिनांक 30 सितम्बर  को गुजराती लोकनृत्य 'गरबा' की थीम पर 'डाडिया' नृत्य का आयोजन किया गया जिसमें कक्षा द्वितीय से लेकर आठवीं तक के विद्यार्थियों और शिक्षक-शिक्षिकाओं ने बड़े ही उत्साह से आनन्द लिया। भागदौड़ और प्रतिस्पर्धा के वैश्विक दौर में जीवंतता का परिचायक, आनन्द का यह सिलसिला यों ही सदा चलता रहें। औपचारिक शिक्षा के साथ व्यवहारिक जीवन के यथार्थ से जुड़ी सांस्कृतिक गतिविधियों की यह मुहीम समस्त विद्यालय परिवार में नयी ऊर्जा का संचार करती है।
छतराराम चौधरी / Educator
(Reporter/RP: Ridhima Ojha, Meenakshi Sirvi)
(BRO: Ms.Bharti Rao{Vice-Principal})
RP: What was your experience in other schools you have been to?
BRO: I was a volunteer teacher at Sophia High School and St. Joseph's School Mount Abu while I was doing my studies. After marriage, I had a break of 12 years, and then once again I started my career in The Fabindia School. I have always enjoyed teaching before and now also. My experience has been enriching.
RP: How was your journey in this school till now?
BRO: My journey in The Fabindia School started in 2004. I have worked under four Principals, which has always been a new learning experience. Being a girl child I faced many challenges so when I heard about The Fabindia and its motto is to empower girl children through education. I thought that I could do something for the girl child and so I joined this school in 2004 as I wanted to work for my growth and work for the all-round development of the students. As time passed I groomed my personality and have also learned a lot. With The Fabindia team, I have also worked a lot in creating a healthy learning and quality environment for the students. I have also helped young minds to shape their perspective, opinions, identity and develop core skills in the students.
RP: What are your hobbies?
BRO: I love to travel, paint, explore, cook, and am passionate about reading books.
RP: What are your achievements?
BRO: In The Fabindia School I was selected as 'The Best Teacher of the Year for two consecutive years. I have completed my three years professional development program. I have achieved many trophies in my school time as a Basketball and Baseball player, House Captain, and  Speaker.
RP: What is the one thing that you would like to change in you and the school?
BRO: The thing that I would like to change myself is that I should learn to say 'No'. My habit of saying 'Yes' has made me suffer as everyone takes me for granted and I am burdened with work. I would like to develop English Spoken Skills in students and make it mandatory to speak in it.  The young minds are bubbled with fresh ideas and I want to bring that out.
RP: What message would you like to give us?
BRO: The message that I would like to give to the students is that you should grab all the opportunities that come your way. You should always be respectful, collaborate, and work in a team. You should work hard, never lose hope, keep trying and surely succeed.
RIMC Experience 
The Fabindia Team of eight students escorted by Ms. Bharti Rao went to attend RIMC FESTILITT from 21st September to 24th September. The students participated in the Hugh Catchpole English Debates, Kashi Naresh Hindi Debates, and RIMC Challenge Quiz. Twenty Schools from all over the country participated in the FESTILITT. The English Debate was held in the Modified Cambridge format, Oxford Format, and RIMC Format. Hindi Debate was organized in the Oxford Format. The English Debaters of the TFS were able to reach the Quarter Final Round.  The Hindi debaters were able to qualify for round two and the quizzers stood sixth out of the twenty schools. Topics were given one hour before the debate. The students had a great learning experience. They learned how to use logic to refute the arguments of opponents. They learned how to coordinate and be confident while answering their questions. This FESTILITT has given our children wide scope of knowledge and also the skill of debating. It was a great opportunity for the ones who want to develop public speaking skills, stage fear, team bonding, and self-confidence.
I too had an enthralling learning experience. I judged the Preliminary Rounds I & II, Quarter Finals & Semi-Finals of the Hugh Catchpole English Debate. All the debaters were outstanding, their voice modulation, clarity of speech, using logic, etc. We interacted with the other students and teachers and built our socializing skills. On the whole, it was an enriching and engaging experience.
Bharti Rao/ Educator.

The Rashtriya Indian Military College Dehradun is just like heaven on this earth for me, as it made me experience the best moments of my life. The green-covered campus the historic blocks made since the British period. We interacted with around 20 schools from all around India. Talking to the RIMC escorts was amazing as they made us explore the whole campus telling us the importance of every part of the campus. Their discipline and way of talking are awesome. I especially had a good time with Mayo girls Ajmer and Asian school Dehradun. The organization of the debates was very nice and we had some brainstorming debates with the brilliant schools. The Head commandant said in his speech that when the visiting schools are here they are like the ambassadors of their school and I agree with him completely as when anyone asks us about our school, we proudly introduce our school to them. I am grateful and glad that I got a chance to visit here with outstanding teammates and a lovely teacher escort Mrs.Bharti ma’am. I admire the structure of the Thimaya auditorium and Bhagat hall. We tried to live our every moment enthusiastically as these are lifelong souvenirs.
Nalini Kanwar Rathore / XI

My experience at RIMC for debate was great. As we learned many new things like formats of debate, how to represent our thoughts, and many more as well as we saw the military lifestyle from very close which have a positive impact on our mind the way they are connected with discipline, the way they are connected with hostility, the way they show unity doesn’t matter which region of India they belong to is fabulous. As the participants, we learned to overcome stage fear and manage our own words while having a debate. Interaction with students of other schools was also an important part of this program which taught us about the culture all across the country as well as helped us build our socializing skills.
Harshit Rajpurohit/ XII
“In a gentle way you can shake the world”
2nd October is the birth anniversary of “Father of our Nation” Mahatma Gandhi. To be the part of the wonderful occasion we went to the Gandhi Park at SDM Court ,Bali .Statue of Gandhiji filled me with sense of proud as a citizen of India .We were around 43 students and 4 teachers gathered from Fabindia. Program started with garland ceremony and then all the students of different schools and the officials of Nagar palika including SDM and BDO all sat for the prayer recitation. After that we had mesmerizing  songs played in the memory of Gandhiji. The event ended with the speech of SDM of Bali, Ms. Dhaigude Snehal Nana. We were all affected by her words as she motivated us to adopt the principles of Gandhiji. She also said that girls should work on their skills and do their best in every field . After the completion of the event Seema Choudhary, Sayed Ishan, myself and Bharti ma'am went to meet SDM ma'am and had a good interaction. We asked her about her UPSC preparation and got a lot to learn. She also told us that she had a great experience working in Bali and very much affected by the people living here.
Nalini Kanwar Rathore / XI
पहले और अब 
पहले सारे अपने से लगते थे 
अब अपने भी पराए लगते हैं ।
पहले जिंदगी से प्यार था 
अब सवाल है पर कोई प्यारा नहीं।
पहले खुद से भी अवगत न थे 
अब तन्हाई ही साथी हैं ।
पहले मैं मर - मर के जिया करती थी
अब जी - जी कर मरा करती हूं।
पहले आशा करते थे जीने की 
अब जीवन है आशा ही नहीं ।
पहले ना कहने पर भी हँसी नहीं रोक पाए। 
अब रोते-रोते भी हँस नहीं पाए।
पहले खुशियाँ गले मिल जाती थी 
अब खुशियों से दुश्मनी निभाई जाती है। 
पहले  कहानी सुनकर सीखा करते थे।
अब जिंदगी ही कहानी बन गई हैं।
पहले गम का अर्थ न था 
अब अर्थ हैं परंतु अंत नहीं| 
पहले खुद पे गर्व था, पर वजह न थी।
अब वजह है, पर गर्व नहीं ।
पहले काव्य की गहराई समझें,
जब समझ जाएँ तो 
अवश्य विचार कीजिएगा ।
तनीषा मालवीया / XI
मेरा अनुभव
गरबा एक ऐसा नृत्य है जो पूरे राजस्थान में प्रसिद्ध है और यह नृत्य गुजरात का लोकनृत्य भी है। नवरात्रि के शुभ अवसर पर सब लोग इस नृत्य का आनन्द उठाते हैं। नये नये तरीको से गरबा खेलते हैं। अधिकतर लोगों का मनपसंद नृत्य गरबा ही होता हैं। गरबा एक ऐसा नृत्य है जो सबके साथ मिलकर खेला जाता है।
हमारे विद्यालय में भी गरबा आयोजित किया गया और मैं भी उसमें शमिलीत हुई थी।सब लोग गरबा नाच रहे थे। सब के मुख पर एक प्यारी सी मुस्कान थी। सब लोग इस नृत्य का आनन्द ले रहे थें और हमारी अध्यापिकाऍं भी इस नृत्य का हमारे साथ आनन्द उठा रहीं थी। मुझे भी सबके साथ नृत्य करने में बहुत मज़ा आया। मैंने अपने मित्रों के साथ इस गरबा में खूब आनन्द उठाया। सब लोग बड़े ही मज़े से इस नृत्य का आनन्द उठा रहे थे।
वाकई में गरबा एक अनोखा और दिलचस्प नृत्य हैं।
कल्पना इंदा / VII
दशहरा हिंदुओं का प्रमुख त्योहार है । यह त्योहार पूरे भारतवर्ष में हर्षोल्लास से मनाया जाता है। यह त्योहार दस दिवसीय होता है। जिसका प्रारंभ नवरात्रा के प्रथम दिन से होता है तथा दसवें दिन दशहरा मनाया जाता है । ऐसी जनश्रुति है कि इस दिन भगवान राम ने एक लंबे युद्ध के पश्चात लंकापति रावण को मारकर लंका पर विजय प्राप्त की थी तथा माता सीता को रावण की कैद से छुड़ाकर अयोध्या के लिए रवाना हुए।इसलिए इस पर्व को विजयादशमी के रूप में भी मनाया जाता है। अर्थात विजय प्राप्त होने वाली दशमी भारतवर्ष में जो सैनिक जातियाँ हैं, उनमें शस्त्र पूजा की परंपरा है। आज ही के दिन शस्त्र अस्त्र शस्त्रों की पूजा की जाती है तथा उन्हें रक्षा सूत्र बांधा जाता है । दशहरे से पहले 9 दिनों तक माँ दुर्गा के नौ रूपों की अलग अलग-अलग दिन पूजा की जाती है। 
प्रकाश देवासी / III
ऊँट घरेलू जानवर हैl इसके पैर गद्दीदार  होतेहैं। जिसके कारण रेत में नहीं  फंसते हैं ,इसीलिए ऊँट को रेगिस्तान का जहाज कहा जाता है। इसकी गर्दन  और पीठ ऊँची होती है। यह हिलते डुलते चलता है। यह रेगिस्तान में वजन उठाने और सवारी के काम आता है। यह बहुत दिनों तक बिना पानी व खाने के रह सकता है।
हर्षिता कुमारी / ll

My favourite game is Football. It is an outdoor game. Football is also called soccer. I like to play this game with my friends. I always practice to improve my game. This game is famous worldwide. My favourite football player is Ronaldo. This game not only helps me be fit but also improves my concentration. Thank you 
Arvind Danesha / IV

Creative Corner

The only way you can conquer me is through indefinite love, and there I am gladly conquered. The art created by me of Lord Krishna and Radha. I am fond of painting such art. 
Raksha Soni/Educator

I drew this sketch on the occasion of World Environment day. 
I want to do some value addition in this world to save our nature, to inspire people to save trees and stop cutting them. I decided to draw a sketch that shows that there will be a bad impact on human life if we cut trees frequently. It will create a dangerous situation for all the creatures on this earth. 
Sahil Vaishnav/ 12th Maths

मेरा प्रिय त्योहार नवरात्रि है| लोग इस त्यौहार में मां अंबे की पूजा करते हैं| माता जी के नौ रूपों की नौ दिन पूजा की जाती है| लोग नवरात्रि में उपवास रखते है| इस त्योहार में बहुत धूमधाम से गरबा करते हैं|
सरस्वती / III

In a world of constant change and streaming technology, I find solace in the forest where a tree remains a tree.

Nalini Rathore

Class XI Math

Gossip Time

  • Jatin ka hua Samman Kyunki usne Kiya Nahin Koi kam.

  • Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Humko samajh Nahi Aata hai.  Aapko Samajh Mein Aaye To kripya Karke hamen bhi batae. 

  • One Dabba of lunch is good enough to party 

  • Two beautiful ladies, just working...

  • Boys gossip...?

  • Exams too away the bus fun!

Relatives: Aur beta kese aana hua? 
Me : Jabardasti *man to bilkul nahi tha *😂😂
Uncle: Beta padhai kesi chal rhi hai.
Harsh: Bas uncle chalte chalte bohot dur chali gyi hai mujhse.
Teacher:  Hide your answer sheet, the one behind you is copying.
Student:  Sir, let him do it. I don’t want to fail alone
Teacher:  Suno Raju tumare bohot kam marks aaya hai me kuch notes bhej raha hu ye dimag me baitha lo.
Raju:  Sir par mere dimag me koi kursi ya dari nhi hai kese bethau 😂😂😂
Learning Diaries 
Science -  A question arises out of my mind: what will happen if we pour stomach acid on our body ? My bio teacher Mr. Urvish Singh replied that our stomach produces HCL hydrochloric acid. If hydrochloric acid comes into contact with your skin, it can cause: chemical burns, scarring, redness, itching, irritation. Also I was aware of some of the functions of stomach acid. 
Priyanshu Adha / VII 

Maths -  How I learnt factors and multiples,  I and friends played a game, everyone was asked to stand in a circle. And one of my friends calls out one. The next player says two and so on. Rule was  that  whoever has to call out 5 or a number which can be divided by 5 has to make animal sounds like meow instead of the number. The  one who forgets to make sound is out of the game. The last player left was the winner. My best friend and I reached the final round. It was tough competition but then the bell rang, period over. Let's see who wins  in the next round.
Arvind Danesha / IV 

Fun Facts and Riddles
What goes up but never comes down?
ऐसा कौन हैं जिसके पास शब्द बहुत हैं लेकिन बोलता नहीं?


Science : The tongue of the chameleon is twice the size of its body length. It is used to catch prey. It can hit the prey in less than a second and draw its tongue back.

SST :The ocean covers about 139,000,000 square miles, or 70.6 %,  of the Earth's surface. There are about 290 million, million, million, gallons of water in the seas. The Pacific is the largest ocean in the world. Its average depth is 14,000 feet. The highest known submarine mountain was discovered in 1953 near the Tonga Trench, between Samoa and New Zealand. It rises 28,500 feet from the sea - bed and its summit is 1,200 feet below the water's surface .

Sports : Major Dhyan Chand has a statue with 4 hands and 4 sticks in Austria known as the Wizard of Hockey, the legend was honoured by Austrian citizens in Vienna. They made a statue of him with 4 hands and 4 sticks to depict his magnificent skill and control with the ball. 

Answer of the Riddles from the last weekly
यदि 5 खरगोश 5 मिनट में, 5 सेब खाते हैं तो 10 खरगोश 10 मिनट में कितने सेब खाएंगे?
उत्तर – 20 सेब, क्योंकि एक खरगोश एक सेब 5 मिनट में खाता हैं तो 10 खरगोश 10 मिनट में 20 सेब खायेंगे।
What has to be broken before you can use it?
Answer: An egg

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