The School Weekly 28th August 2023

 News & Events 
The hard work of the whole year and determination to pursue this position led us to the prize-giving ceremony. Those who performed the best during the 2022 to 2023 session were awarded the top three positions in the class. The subject toppers were appreciated with certificates. 
 Inter House Kavi Sammelan 
We had an Inter House Kavi Sammelan where Krishna Gopal managed brilliantly by narrating Shayari and poems. Everyone was amazing. The winners of the Kavi Sammelan were:
First position - Sayogita Ranawat/ XII / Dhyanchand House 
Second position - Yograj Singh/ XI / Gandhi House 
Third position - Vinayak Singh Charan/ XII / Teresa House
 Professional Development 
School collaborates with Learning Forward for the Professional Development of it's educators. Educators attended their first session on Happiness & Tolerance from 'The Little Book of Values'. After the session, educators discussed The school's real examples and ways to find happiness for themselves and their students. The value of Tolerance was discussed with deep concern as everyone felt that acceptance could be the value that will hold paramount value in the book of values. Educators worked on an assignment to showcase their learning outcomes from the session and the discussions.
Rajeshree/ Principal
Everyone wants to achieve their specific goals which they want to be fulfilled. Goals are like special places we want to get to. They help us know where to go and what to do. When we have a goal, we have a reason to work hard and learn new things. Big or small, goals make us excited and remind us that we can do things if we try our best. It's like finding a treasure on a map – we follow the path and feel proud when we reach the 'X.' Sometimes goals take time, but that's okay because each step we take gets us closer. Imagine goals as magical roadmaps guiding us on adventures. They show us exciting places to reach and things to do. Goals make us brave explorers, teaching us new skills along the way. Whether it's climbing a tall tree or becoming a space scientist, goals help us imagine and achieve. Remember, even if the journey is long, every step counts. So, let's set sail on the sea of goals and enjoy the wonderful ride of reaching for the stars. Finally, I would like to end my words with a quote -"Setting a goal is the first step to making the invisible visible".
Vinay Raj /  XI
I hated news channels, communal gatherings, congruency, drawing circles, school assemblies, the color yellow, non-fashionable clothes, old people, negative numbers, mornings, uniforms, reading newspapers, and most of all labeling diagrams in biology. Now, I like most of these things as I have come to terms with my labyrinthine feelings. As I grow, my thoughts are also changing, and my heart doesn’t beat the same way it did. My emotions are only individual to me. My cries, My Ebullience laughs, My Incandescent anger, My Serendipity meet-cutes, and My unparalleled bliss are something that cannot be replicated by someone else. No matter how much I scream my thoughts, no one can understand them the way I did. Those hours of overthinking about the smallest details and those stress-induced stomach pains will always be unfathomable to everyone except me. The war in my mind is only for me to fight. I was told not to give much thought to my emotions but those emotions were as serious as they could be. I guess this is what it’s like to be a teenager.
Anshuman Singh /  XI
 Interview with Dhawan Choudhary (Student of class Xl) 
Reporters/RP - (Tiya Sompura and Aaradhya Champawat)
RP: How many years have you been in the school, and how has your experience been so far?
Dhawan: I have been in the school for 14 years, and this is my 14th year. It has been a marvelous, adventurous, and beautiful journey, and I believe it will continue to be the same in the future.
RP: What is your hobby, and why do you enjoy it?
Dhawan: My hobby is dancing, and I love it because it relieves me from stress and tension. It energizes me; I'm like a mobile, and dance is my charger. It's simply great to dance.
RP: What is your favorite sport, and why do you like it?
Dhawan: My favorite sport is football because I enjoy running, and I've been playing it for a long time. It's a great sport that enhances stamina and agility. It's also interesting for the audience to watch.
RP: How did you achieve a 93% score in your board exams? What were your thoughts before the exams?
Dhawan: When I was younger, I aimed for a 75% score, but as the exams approached, with only two months left, I set my sights on achieving 85% to 90%. I dedicated 3-4 hours a day to studying, and my hard work paid off.
RP: Why did you choose the science stream?
Dhawan: Upon transitioning from 10th to 11th grade, you suddenly find yourself grounded after being in the air. Everything changes rapidly. As for my interests, I discovered a passion for science and mathematics. Additionally, I chose this stream because I knew that with science and math, I would have better job prospects and opportunities.
 Interview with Nalini Kunwar (President of the school) 
(NKR: Nalini Kunwar)
(RP/Reporter: Prachi Kunwar and Mohita Solanki from class X)
RP: How did you feel when you became the school President?
NKR: I had a fascination with leadership duties since childhood. I was on cloud nine when I heard my name announced as the school president. It was indeed a moment of pride.
RP: What new changes have you brought about since becoming the school president?
NKR: I believe that voicing opinions, careful listening, deep thinking, and arriving at valuable conclusions are changes in themselves. I always strive to connect with people around me, listen to their thoughts, and motivate them to speak. While I haven't yet implemented major changes, I continuously work on improving myself as a council member.
RP: What challenges have you faced since becoming the president?
NKR: I am fortunate to have a supportive and cooperative team of council members and teachers. There haven't been significant challenges while working within the team. However, personally, I understand that leading by example and being punctual, obedient, and disciplined can be a challenge at times. Wearing the badge symbolizes our duties and responsibilities.
RP: What inspired you to become president?
NKR: School has provided me with incredible exposure through inter-school events. Representing our school in different areas fills me with immense pride. This prestigious role of president makes me the official representative of the school. Moreover, my mother was a school leader in her time, motivating me to nominate myself for this post.
1. Why don't scientists trust atoms? because they make up everything!.
2. Why don't skeletons fight each other?  Because they don't have the guts.
3. Why did the computer go to the doctor? because it had a virus.

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