The School Weekly 18th December 2023

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Annual Day Around The Corner
Annual Day
So basically what I’m experiencing from this annual day preparation is that it’s going to be the best and everyone is putting in their whole efforts whether it is the student or the teacher. Even it seems like a whole team is on its mission to make this annual function the perfect and the best. The thing I like the most is that each student is getting a great opportunity to overcome the fear of going on the stage, this can help them build their confidence and be able to face the audience. So, Let’s hope for the best.
Tiya Sompura / IX

Parents-Teacher Meeting- Nursery
"Exploring Animal Movements: A Fun Path to Learning and Growth"
PTM was held on 9th December for the class Nursery. All students were engaged in a vibrant activity mimicking various animal movements, fostering not just fun but also crucial developmental skills. This interactive session encouraged children to imitate different animals, from hopping like rabbits to crawling like caterpillars promoting concentration, coordination between limbs, and physical fitness.
Jyotsana Mali / Educator
Time is one of the most important things in our life. It is very precious for humans. The past does not come back. Time is very crucial to every person in life. The hard work we do in the present decides our future it is more precious than money. Over time we learn about our mistakes and we can gain experience about our mistakes. A human life is very short about sixty years in that we waste our time. Time is one of the best teachers in life. It teaches us patience, consistency, perseverance, hard work, etc. No matter how hard you try to push some things, they will only happen in time. Perseverance requires time and dedication for a person to persevere. When we waste our time it gives nothing and takes all those things that we have. The use of time is a very good thing in life. To be successful, and grateful, etc in our life takes time but when we give time to hard work, goals, our aims, etc. It gives a very big amount of success, enjoyment, learner and helps in future. Give time for your goals. It will give you success.
Rudra Singh / VII
Unsung Heroes of the Annual Day
So, for the last two weeks, we have been having our annual day preparation, and l have noticed how much the teachers are pushing us to develop our skills as well as explore our knowledge. They are making great efforts for us, and the appreciation is just the happiness of our parents. Teachers want every student should get equal opportunity as well as enjoy the upcoming event. We are also trying our best and fulfill the needs of parents. At last, a heartfelt thank you to our teachers for being such a positive influence.
Jeenal Meena / XI
Events of The Week
Annual Function Preparations
How are the rehearsals progressing?
In my inaugural annual function at this school, I derive immense pleasure from orchestrating the dance for the event. Teaching brings me great joy as these students quickly absorb my instructions. Acknowledging their hard work, I earnestly guide them, aspiring for the finest results. With confidence in the dedication of these children, I anticipate yet another outstanding performance from them this time.
Nazmin Sheikh / Dance Educator

Tell us about your experience with singing for this program?
I find immense joy in teaching music to children, and the highlight of my experience is witnessing their unwavering dedication. The support from the staff adds to the positive environment, making every moment enjoyable for all of us.
Rishi Raj Rajpurohit / Music Educator
Annual Day Participation
At the upcoming annual function, I am taking part in the dance. We are very excited and happy about the special annual day. I enjoy dancing with my friends and having fun with them. Even our dance teacher, Mr. Arun Sharma is so talented and motivating. I'm really thankful to the teachers and my school that I got this opportunity and my parents will be able to see me on the stage and I'm sure they'll love it too.
Yashi Soni / IX
Every school organizes an annual function, and I want to share my experience with the ongoing preparations in the middle section. This includes two dance performances, a play, and a song, with all teachers, including dance and subject teachers, playing crucial roles. Teachers are maintaining discipline, and this year, the exhibition format has shifted to resemble an exam for UT-3. In addition, there are two plays performed by middle and senior section students. A noteworthy innovation is the recording of students' voices for the play, allowing for lip-syncing during performances. This clever use of technology helps students overcome nervousness and ensures a polished presentation. Overall, the preparations are going well, and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful school.
Maheshpal Singh / VIII
Interview with Abhimanyu Singh Chouhan
(Reporters/RP: Tamanna Solanki and Aaradhya Champawat)
(ASC: Abhimanyu Singh Chouhan)
RP: Are you excited about the Annual function?
ASC: Yes I'm very excited about the annual function because There's going to be a lot of fun during the cultural program It's going to be the best as always.
RP: What do you like the most about the Annual Function?
ASC: I like the preparations before the program it is so good to collaborate with everyone and I enjoy collaborating with my classmates and teachers. 
RP: What are you participating in?
ASC: I'm participating in dance because I feel my dance is very nice and I love doing it and the school management is teaching really nicely.
RP: How are teachers helping you to be better?
ASC: They help me in all the things, If I'm doing anything wrong they correct me and they're also helping us learn new skills.
Interview with Arun Sharma
(Reporter /RP: Bhumika Rathore)
(AS: Arun Sharma)
RP: Tell us your experience with dance for this cultural program?
AS: It's truly a delightful opportunity to spearhead the cultural program for the school's annual function. The inherent talent and fast-paced learning of the kids promise a rewarding experience. Your dedication and hard work are poised to yield a remarkable cultural showcase, creating lasting memories for both you and the talented youngsters. Embrace the journey, and may the annual function be a resounding success!

1. I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I?
Answer: A map
2. What English word has three consecutive double letters?
Answer: Bookkeeper.
3. What is black when it’s clean and white when it’s dirty?
Answer: A chalkboard
4. If you’re running in a race and you pass the person in second place, what place are you now in?
Answer: Second place
5. What word is pronounced the same if you remove four of its five letters?
Answer: Queue
1. Why did the music teacher go to jail?
Because she got caught with too many sharp objects!
2. Why did the scarecrow become a famous pop star?
Because he was outstanding in his field!
3. What's a computer's favorite music genre?
Heavy metal!
4. Why did the tomato turn red?
Because it saw the salad dressing!
5. How does a penguin build its house?
Igloos it together!
1. The word 'Library' has a Latin origin
2. The longest title of a book contains 3777 words
3. There's a word for the fear of running out of reading material!
4. The oldest operating bookshop in the world is in Lisbon, Portugal
5. Alice's character from 'Alice in Wonderland' is based on a real little girl

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