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 Summer Camp Special 
 Mehendi and Nail Art Activity  :
Mehendi and Nail Art Activity at our Summer Camp aimed to provide campers with an opportunity to explore and express their creativity through traditional Mehendi designs and modern nail art techniques. Campers were shown demonstrations of basic Mehendi patterns and were encouraged to practice them on paper before attempting to apply them on their own hands. In nail art, they learned nail care, basic manicure procedures, and various nail art techniques such as painting, stamping, and embellishments. The sessions were open to both boys and girls, and everyone showed eagerness to learn and engage in creative expression.

The second day of the summer camp focused on enhancing creativity through the art of Mehendi and Nail Art. Participants engaged in interactive sessions, learning techniques and designs from skilled instructors. The day was filled with excitement as campers explored their artistic flair, creating intricate designs and mastering new skills.
Mehendi - They learned about different types of Mehendi designs, including traditional and contemporary styles. Basic techniques such as preparing Mehendi paste, filling cones, and creating intricate patterns were demonstrated. Participants practiced applying Mehendi on their hands and each other's hands under the guidance of instructors.
Nail art - In the nail art segment, campers learned about different nail art techniques, tools, and materials. They explored various nail art designs including floral patterns, geometric shapes, and Ombre effects. It is exciting to see boys participating. They are curious to learn mehndi and nail art.

Nail Art : As the day progressed, excitement filled the air as campers prepared for the nail art competition. Armed with nail polish, glitter, and creative tools, participants showcased their talent in transforming nails into miniature masterpieces. 
We extend our gratitude to the organizers, instructors, and participants for making the summer camp a resounding success. Their passion, dedication, and enthusiasm contributed to creating an enriching and memorable experience for all involved.
Richa Solanki / Educator
 Art and Craft Activity  :
The Summer Camp Art and Craft activities aim to provide children with a creative outlet while fostering their imagination and artistic skills. Through various projects and mediums, campers had the opportunity to explore their creativity and develop a deeper appreciation for art. By immersing themselves in a world of colors, textures, and forms, campers not only created beautiful artworks but also cultivated a deeper appreciation for the arts and their own creative potential.

The second day of our summer camp focused on igniting creativity and fostering artistic expression through various art and craft activities. The aim was to provide campers with opportunities to explore different mediums, techniques, and styles, while encouraging collaboration and individuality.
1.Bottle Painting - Reuse the waste bottles and make them into beautiful decorative showpieces.
2.Warli Art - Making our ancient art on pieces of cardboard for wall hanging and frames .
3.Earbud Painting - Making a painting by using earbuds .
Through this activity , they not only honed their artistic skills but also developed important values such as teamwork, environmental stewardship, and self-confidence.

Art and Craft: The day commenced with vibrant art and craft workshops where campers unleashed their imagination and creativity. Group 1 enjoyed making paper dog crafts , Group 2 enjoyed making moving leaf caterpillars and Group 3 had learned to make bottle art and warli painting.
Usha Panwar / Educator

 Dance Activity 
Students positively participated in the session and learned new dance forms like Freestyle, Classical and Semi-Classical. I feel they enjoyed the summer camp.
Nazmeen Banu / Educator

 Summer Camp Music Activity :
During the first day of our music workshop, students enthusiastically delved into guitar lessons, learning chords and melodies to kickstart their musical journey.

Continuing the momentum, the following day saw an eclectic mix as students explored the rhythms of Congo drums and the harmonies of piano keys under guidance.

On the third day, participants delved into the theoretical aspects of singing and music, gaining insights into vocal techniques and the fundamentals of music theory.
Overall, the Summer Camp Music Workshop provided a diverse and engaging experience, nurturing musical talent and fostering a love for music among participants.
Rishi Rajpurohit / Educator
 Tinkering Session 
Students of all age groups participated in the Tinkering session. In total, 36 students were engaged in fun learning activities. Students designed open circuits using breadboards, LEDs, and resistors. Another group worked with Arduino programming, and one group worked with mechanical connection kits. Day 1 was executed with full enthusiasm from the students.

Day 2 was exciting with more number of participants. All the students experienced hands on Digital Circuit designing on They created a virtual circuit using LEDs, Ultrasonic Sensor, Servo Motor.

The concluding day of the summer camp proved to be significantly more engaging. Students explored  3D model designing online with Tinker CAD and also crafted virtual circuits for distance measuring.
Jitendra Suthar / Educator

 Language Development Session 
I started by introducing 20 basic sentences commonly used at home and in classrooms, which the students found engaging. Building on that, I incorporated self-introduction activities, which the students thoroughly enjoyed. Additionally, I facilitated sessions on personality development, where I taught techniques for confident walking, sitting, and standing.
Tejal Soni / Educator

 Sports Activities 
Team Sports: Soccer, basketball, and volleyball tournaments promote collaboration and healthy competition
Physical Health: Engaging in sports enhances cardiovascular fitness and motor skills.
Social Development: Team Sports cultivate communication, empathy, and cooperation.
Personal Growth: Overcoming challenges fosters confidence and resilience in campers.
Sports activities in summer camp enriches the camp experience, promoting physical well-being, social connections, and personal development among participants

The annual summer camp, held in The Fabindia School was a hive of energy, laughter, and spirited competition, with children from ages 8 to 15 participating. The sports activities were thoughtfully curated to include a mix of traditional and modern games, focusing on team spirit, individual skill development, and, most importantly, fun. This report highlights the key activities: Tug of War, Snatch the Cone, Karate, and Dodgeball.
Tug of War
The Tug of War was a testament to teamwork and strength. Held on the camp's second day, the activity saw the highest participation, with teams divided by age groups. The intense effort and coordination among team members were palpable, with every participant giving their all. The final saw a nail-biting finish, and emerged victorious in a closely contested pull.
Snatch the Cone
A new addition to the camp activities, Snatch the Cone, tested agility and strategy. Players, in a circle around a cone, had to dash and snatch the cone whenever the whistle blew, but with a twist—only when certain conditions were met, like calling out their name or when a specific color was mentioned. The game was a huge hit for its unpredictability and swift changes in fortune, fostering quick thinking and reflexes.
Karate sessions were introduced as a non-competitive, skill-building activity, emphasizing discipline, focus, and self-defense techniques. Conducted by certified instructors, the sessions catered to various skill levels, ensuring that every child learned and progressed. On the final day showcased the impressive skills learned, highlighting the camp's emphasis on mental and physical well-being.
Dodgeball, always a favorite, was as action-packed as anticipated. The game's simple premise—dodge the ball or be knocked out—belied the intense strategy and teamwork involved. Matches were played in a best-of-three format, with teams rotating to ensure everyone played against each other.
The Summer Camp's sports activities offered a rich palette of experiences that were both challenging and enjoyable. Beyond the thrill of competition, these activities taught valuable life lessons in teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship. As the camp concluded, participants left with not just medals and certificates, but memories and friendships that would last a lifetime.
1.What do you call an ant who fights crime? A vigilANTe!
2.What’s the smartest insect? A spelling bee!
3.How does the ocean say hi? It waves!
4.What is a room with no walls? A mushroom.
5.How do you make a lemon drop? Let it fall from the tree.
1.What disappears as soon as you say its name?
Answer: Silence
2.What is stronger than steel but can’t handle the sun?
Answer: Ice.
3. I’m full of holes but strong as steel. What am I?
Answer: A chain.
4.What is it that given one, you’ll have either two or none?
Answer: A choice.
5.What can go through glass without breaking it?
Answer: Light.

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