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 Movie Time 
On May 9th, 2024, The Fabindia School's Pre-Primary Section hosted a spectacular Movie Day, bringing the magic of cinema right into the heart of the school. With creativity and enthusiasm, the teachers and staff transformed the school into a vibrant theater scene, captivating the imaginations of students from Nursery, LKG, UKG, and Class 1.
The highlight of the event was the screening of The Jungle Book 2, a timeless classic loved by children of all ages. As the lights dimmed and the movie began, the excitement in the air was palpable.
But the fun didn't stop there. A ticket counter, adorned with colorful decorations, welcomed eager students who exchanged "duplicate money" for tickets, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event. This immersive experience allowed the children to feel like they were stepping into a real movie theater.
As the children entered the theater, they were greeted by a popcorn corner, where they could indulge in this quintessential movie snack. With popcorn in hand, they settled into their seats, ready to embark on an adventure with Mowgli and his jungle friends.
The entire atmosphere was meticulously crafted to resemble a real theater, complete with dimmed lights, comfortable seating, and of course, the big screen. The attention to detail ensured that every child felt like they were part of something special.
Throughout the movie, laughter, gasps, and cheers echoed through the theater as the children were enthralled by the adventures of Mowgli and his friends. It was a joyous occasion, filled with wonder and excitement.
The success of Movie Day wouldn't have been possible without the dedication and creativity of the teachers and staff. Their tireless efforts to create a memorable experience for the students truly paid off, as evidenced by the smiles and laughter that filled the room.
In conclusion, Movie Day at The Fabindia School was a resounding success, bringing together students and teachers alike for a day of fun and entertainment. It was a testament to the school's commitment to providing enriching experiences that foster creativity and joy in learning. Here's to many more memorable events in the future!
Dimple Kanwar/ Educator
 Mother's Day Celebration 
The Fabindia School Bali organized a heartwarming Mother's Day celebration on May 11, 2024, inviting all mothers to participate. The event was a delightful blend of students' performances, including dances, songs, and a kavi sammelan. The students showcased their talents and expressed their love and gratitude towards their mothers through various creative presentations. The atmosphere was filled with joy and appreciation as mothers enjoyed the heartfelt performances. The day ended with a vote of thanks by our Officiating Principal Ms. Bharti Rao. It was a memorable occasion where the bond between mothers and children was celebrated with enthusiasm and love, leaving everyone with cherished memories to treasure.
 Discovering Your Authentic Self 
Authenticity is the journey of peeling away layers to reveal your true self. It's about understanding what truly matters to you, embracing vulnerability, and living in alignment with your values. This journey requires introspection, self-awareness, and the courage to break free from societal expectations. By embracing authenticity, you pave the way for a more fulfilling and meaningful life, where you can truly thrive as your genuine self. Furthermore, practicing self-compassion is essential on this journey. Acknowledge that it's okay to make mistakes, to falter, and to change. Be kind to yourself as you navigate the complexities of self-discovery. In essence, the journey of discovering authenticity is not just about finding ourselves ; it's about creating ourselves. It's about embracing the uniqueness that recipes within us, honoring are truths, and daring to live authentically. As we traverse this path, let us remember that authenticity is not a destination to reach but a way of being to cultivate each day. So, let us embrace the challenge, for within the deaths of authenticity lies the key to unlocking the boundless potential of our being.
Himanshi Rajpurohit / XII
"No pain, no gain" is a saying that means you have to work hard and face challenges to achieve success. It's about pushing yourself beyond your limits and stepping out of your comfort zone. Whether it's in sports, academics, or personal growth, putting in effort and persevering through difficulties is essential for growth and improvement. Let us take an example of GYM like when you're going there and working hard until and unless your muscles ache, but that pain is a sign that you're pushing yourself and getting stronger. So, embrace the challenges and remember that the harder you work, the sweeter the rewards will be. Keep pushing yourself forward!
Tiya Sompura / X
 Determination Moves Mountains 
River water can cut the rocks not only because of its force but because of its perseverance. Extra-ordinary intelligence or charismatic behaviour is not at all mandatory for becoming successful in life. The only thing which matters here is your determination to overcome difficulties. Once the target is set, continuity of efforts is needed to get the results. Problems would arise, but problems look tiny in front of a person who is standing like a rock for his/ her mission. Frankly speaking, determined people would always find innovative ways to overcome any difficulty.
Let's take the example of fields such as sports, politics, films, industries or agriculture, success has been achieved by each and every person who was determined for his/ her cause. The most gifted tennis player does not become a champion, but the most determined and dedicated one does. The most intelligent person does not become the most successful entrepreneur, the most determined and dedicated does. Take any field; if you have determination and dedication, it can overcome any weakness.
Divya Chouhan / XII
 Technology and gadgets 
In today's fast-paced world, technology and gadgets have become an integral part of our lives. From smartphones to smart homes, these innovative devices have revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and entertain ourselves. One of the most significant advancements in technology is the smartphone. These pocket-sized devices have become our constant companions, providing us with instant access to information, communication, and entertainment. With their powerful processors and high-resolution displays, smartphones have transformed the way we connect with the world. Another exciting area of technology is wearable gadgets. From fitness trackers to smartwatches, these devices have made it easier than ever to monitor our health and stay connected on the go. They can track our steps, heart rate, and even analyze our sleep patterns, helping us lead healthier lifestyles.Smart home technology is also gaining popularity. With devices like smart speakers, thermostats, and security systems, we can control our homes with just a few taps on our smartphones. From adjusting the temperature to playing our favorite music, these gadgets make our lives more convenient and efficient.Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have also made significant strides in recent years. VR allows us to immerse ourselves in virtual worlds, while AR overlays digital information onto the real world. These technologies have applications in gaming, education, and even healthcare.In conclusion, technology and gadgets have transformed the way we live, work, and play. With constant advancements and innovations, these devices continue to shape our future and make our lives more connected and convenient.
Kesar Sompura / X
 Interview with Himanshu Sirvi (Student of class XI) 
REPORTERS/RP - Mohita Solanki XI and Vijita Solanki XI)
RP: What was your experience when you joined the school?
HSI: When I joined the school, I had an amazing experience due to the helpfulness of all the teachers. In the beginning, I thought that it would be hard to interact with the teachers and make new friends, but as I talked to the classmates, they interacted with me and helped me.
RP: What unique thing did you see about the school that you didn't see anywhere?
HSI: The school's uniqueness can be explained by the way it has a block system for classes and a green environment. That thing was something I had never seen before.
RP: What is your hobby and why do you enjoy it? 
HSI: Learning about technology is what I enjoy doing as a hobby. Technology is a vital aspect of today's society as we all know. I always have a good time with it because it's my favorite.
 Interview with Gunjal (Student of class UKG) 
REPORTER/RP - Vijita Solanki XI
RP: Which lesson is your favourite?
Gunjal: Hindi is my favourite subject.
RP: What is your hobby?
Gunjal: Drawing is something I enjoy doing the most.
RP: What is the best thing about school that you like?
Gunjal: The thing I like most about the school is the environment and playing games.
 Interview with Sidiksha (Student of class UKG) 
REPORTER/RP - Mohita Solanki XI 
RP: Which school activity do you find the most enjoyable?
Sidiksha: l love playing games very much.
RP: Which lesson do you like the most?
Sidiksha: My favorite subject is mathematics because I enjoy playing with numbers.
RP: What is your hobby?
Sidiksha: Dance is something I enjoy doing when I have free time.
1. What do dentists call their x-rays? Tooth pics!
2. Did you hear about the fire at the circus? It was in tents!
3. What kind of shorts do clouds wear? Thunderpants
4. How many tickles does it take to get an octopus to laugh? Ten tickles
5. Why don’t blind people skydive? Because it scares their dogs.
1. Which month of the year has 28 days?
Answer: All of them
2. A man who was outside in the rain without an umbrella or hat didn’t get a single hair on his head wet. Why?
Answer: He was bald.
3.You walk into a room that contains a match, a kerosene lamp, a candle and a fireplace. What would you light first?
Answer: The match
4.If you’ve got me, you want to share me; if you share me, you haven’t kept me. What am I?
Answer: A secret
5.What can you catch, but not throw?
Answer: A cold
1.The longest river in the world is the River Nile, clocking 6,853km in length. Its water resources are shared by 11 different countries.
2.The Earth is 147.2 million kilometers away from the Sun, and it’s about 4.5 billion years old. 
3.Russia is the most forested country in the world, with 815 million hectares.
4.Scientists say tears tell you the reason for someone crying. If the first drop comes from the right eye, it’s tears of joy. Otherwise, it’s because of pain.
5.Brazil boasts the most biodiversity of any country on the planet, with more than 50,000 species of plants and trees.

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