Good to Great

The Good to Great Workshop - 13th Oct 2012

How we will move ahead and make our school from good to great!
The staff team shows the way...

Learn new things , we can do new for children and ourselves - Awdhesh Kumar

It is not tough as atomic research, but to execute is the challenge - Dinesh Bharti

How we do things is important - Gajender Kumar

How to make a lesson interesting is a challenge - Suresh Kumar

Planning for good teaching - Kavita Devda

How we communicate with students matters - Om Rathore

Always remember you mentors - C P Singh

Learn innovative ideas to communicate with students - Bharti Rao

Have a good and friendly relationship with the students - Monika Vaishnav

Make good infra-structure with modern technology - Usman Gani

Teachers can make school great! - Surender Singh

Create a friendly environment in class  - Meenaz 

More love and affection towards students - Daksha jain

It is important to follow what ever we learnt today - Krishan Gopal

Moral education is necessary - Ritu Rajpurohit

We can give best rewards in any subject or topic - Bhavika Ozha

Learn interesting ways to make a school from 'good to great' - Prerna Rathod

Content knowledge should be upgraded - Nikita Rajpurohit

Be communicative with parents - Usha Panwar

Come for education and go for service - Suresh Singh Negi

A positive approach towards positive teaching - Prakash Arya

Group discussion is important to make a school grow from good to great - Jagdish Suthar

Learn the technique of teaching - Neelam Malviya

Identify our own ability - Byju P Joseph

Teachers mould the school - Bhawna Arya

How we can create interest in children - Himani Chauhan

Teaching in easy way - Kusum Dangi

The workshop proved one thing that there are many new teaching techniques but they all are useless in the absence of a good teacher, a teacher is the main guide to society. - Bhaarat Sundhesha Parihar

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