Good to Great

The Good to Great Workshop - 13th Oct 2012

How we will move ahead and make our school from good to great!
The staff team shows the way...

Learn new things , we can do new for children and ourselves - Awdhesh Kumar

It is not tough as atomic research, but to execute is the challenge - Dinesh Bharti

How we do things is important - Gajender Kumar

How to make a lesson interesting is a challenge - Suresh Kumar

Planning for good teaching - Kavita Devda

How we communicate with students matters - Om Rathore

Always remember you mentors - C P Singh

Learn innovative ideas to communicate with students - Bharti Rao

Have a good and friendly relationship with the students - Monika Vaishnav

Make good infra-structure with modern technology - Usman Gani

Teachers can make school great! - Surender Singh

Create a friendly environment in class  - Meenaz 

More love and affection towards students - Daksha jain

It is important to follow what ever we learnt today - Krishan Gopal

Moral education is necessary - Ritu Rajpurohit

We can give best rewards in any subject or topic - Bhavika Ozha

Learn interesting ways to make a school from 'good to great' - Prerna Rathod

Content knowledge should be upgraded - Nikita Rajpurohit

Be communicative with parents - Usha Panwar

Come for education and go for service - Suresh Singh Negi

A positive approach towards positive teaching - Prakash Arya

Group discussion is important to make a school grow from good to great - Jagdish Suthar

Learn the technique of teaching - Neelam Malviya

Identify our own ability - Byju P Joseph

Teachers mould the school - Bhawna Arya

How we can create interest in children - Himani Chauhan

Teaching in easy way - Kusum Dangi

The workshop proved one thing that there are many new teaching techniques but they all are useless in the absence of a good teacher, a teacher is the main guide to society. - Bhaarat Sundhesha Parihar


  1. Thank you very much for the opportunity to be with you on this journey from good to great!

  2. In the context of Fabindia, the school is serving the community towards education since 1992 in an honest and effective manner. The team of Fabindia is coordinated and well organised in this purpose but the sad part is that the community/ parents are not helpful. Illiterate and business class people think that going to school and after that going to tuition classes is the education and spending money is the utmost liability on their part. If we will be able to get atleast 50% support from the parents then the journey from GOOD to GREAT is so smooth and easy to achieve.

  3. Yes Rahul we need a good parent and teacher interface and this indeed is a challenge with most institutions.

  4. it is easier said than done. love for your work,the training of years to perfection,dedication and devotion towards your work,passion,right attitude,no facade are the qualities we must instill in us to achieve good to great.

  5. Teaching in Fabindia school has been one of the best experiences of my life. It was when I started volunteering for the school that I realized how much I loved teaching. The children have not just been my students but have been my friends and with them I have felt like a kid. Their love, involvement and eagerness to learn is pleasantly refreshing.Not to sound all dramatic, but when I entered the school campus for the first time I felt this flow of positive energy and this absolute sense of happiness. The kids and the school hold so much promise. The school would soar sky high if the teachers would make a little effort in nurturing the kids to their fullest potential. All said and done I miss the students and the school. I wish the school all the best for all their future endeavors.

  6. Thank you Parineeta for leading us and dream from good to great. Am certain this dream will become a reality with you at the helm!


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