My Mentor

(original writing - produced as-it-is, this is in spoken Hindi and transcript is in English, a good effort and from the heart)

Aj mere life me agar thode se bhi improvement ki bat ki jaye to uska sidha sreya mere pitamaha (Father) ko jata hai. He is a SI in PAC force with very great personality . Because muje aj bhi acchi tarah se yad hai ek din tha jb papa se najar milakr bat karne ki himmat nhi thi qki vahi o eke se insane the jo hamesa koi bhi kam pr acche aour bure ki pahchan dilate,aour bachpna ke hisab se unse muje bahut hi dr lgta. is liye hamesa e n nighe unse door bhagti,muje mere life ki o sacchi ghatna aj bhi bahut hi acchi tarah se yad hai jo ek din achank hi mere life me hua, jb mai 5th class ka student hua karta tha,tb padhne me bahut hi kamjor tha , papa muje ghar pr hamesa padhate, pr phir bhi padhai me jra bhi man nhi lgta, ek din papa ne muje pure sptah ki speling yad karne ko diye , muje sam tk o sunana tha pr main nhi suna ska ,mai dr gaya tha papa ke bar – bar puchne pr mai kuch nhi bolta, is bat pr papa ne meri gal pr ek tamacha de mara jo muje aj bhi yad hai aour pure jivan bhar yad rahegi, qki vahi ek esa tamacha tha jiski vajah mai aj apse seyar kr rha hu. Mai unke us behavior pr bahut roya ji to krta tha ki unse kbhi bat nhi karu, pr ma ne dusare din muje akele me bulaya aour sir me hat pherte hue bola beta apke papa rat me apko marne ke bad bahut feel kr rhe the , agar o apke liye itna sb kuch kr sakte hai, to kya ap unke liye nhi, apne liye sahi ek acchi padhai nhi kar sakte ese karoge unko kitna talkleef hoga, phir mera us din se aj tk ki padhai me hamesa first ata rha, jiska karan vahi unka ek tamacha tha . sayad papa ne muje vahi thappad us din nhi aj mara hota to aj mai khi ka nhi hota. isliye aj mai jo kuch bhi hu, us thappad ke liye papa ko dil se hamesa thanks bolta hu. 

Papa ek acche artist to nhi the pr kbhi kbhi drawing banate, mai unke drawing ko dekhkr pagal sa ho jata, phir vahi se mere life me ek artist paida hone lga, jo aj apke samne hai,unke o lotus ke flower, hut, pond.swan aj bhji nhi bhoolte jise papa aksr banaya karte, mai bhi unhi ki nakal karta, unki vahi activity mere life ke liye bahut imp lgti , mai unhi ko follow kiya phir age art stream me BFA, MFA, & Bombay Art bhi kiya. Papa ke hr o smjaye hue phande aj mere liye prerna srot hai, aj pta chalta hai ki aj mere papa na hote to hamari life na jane kha hoti, hr pl hr chad jivan ke hr mod pr mere papa ke margdarshan aj hamesa kam ate hai, papa ki o di hui energy aj bhi mere liye ek vardan si mere sath me hai, jiske dam pr aj mai apne pair pr stand hu, aour aj bhi kuch sikh kr age badhne ka try kr rha hu, aour jivan ke antim pl tk sikhta rahunga jo mere papa mere se chate the, ki mai sirf sikhu, sikhu aour sirf sikhu.

So aj bhi mai papa ke vicharo pr chal rha hu chalo sikho aour goal ki taraf age badho. Aour bhi papa ne as a great teacher jivan ke bahut hi imp chapters padhaye jo ki muje acchi tarah se yad hai, pr kha tk batau.

Thanks papa (as a my GOD Father and a good Teacher also)

- Awdhesh Kumar Chaurasia (MFA)
TGT as a Art & craft in FAB INDIA SCHOOL BALI (RAJ.)

We are inspired in life from so many persons but I inspired from my father Mr. S.P.S Negi. He is a government servant. He is not much educated but he took his transfer from Ambala to Dehradun for my education. He never enjoyed his childhood because he lost his father when he was one and half years old but he gave me  full facilities. He always says to me "work while you work and play while you play". He faces so many problems in life but he never looses his temper. So, I think he is a good father for me.
- Suresh Singh Negi

My father is my strength and inspiration, He is a kind and caring father. When life gave me a problem he proposed a solution. He was the one who always listened to my ideas even though they were stupid sometimes. He did not have the best of childhoods, so he made a promise that he would never let us grow up the way he did. I feel immense proud to call this wonderful man my dad. He always treated me as a friend, not like a father....................
Though he is no more, but i will cherish the moments that i had spent with him throughout my life and i will always miss him..........

- Usman Gani 

In my life there is a lady, PARINEETA RANPAL whom I met 7 years ago. She had the biggest impact in my life and kept a feeling of hope inside me. She has given me advice to get through the toughest situations that have kept me distracted during school. She made teaching look so easy that I decided that I could follow her foot steps and I did. As a boss, she expects the same level of dedication that she has demonstrated. She's the most selfless person I have ever met, she's has been through so much recently, but does she let it show in her work. She is incredibly strong. I could go on for ages but in basics, she is it. She is my idol. 
Daksha Jain

My mentor is my Principal, my boss, Mrs.Parinita Ranpal.She is very affectionate, loving and  caring person. She teaches with a lot of interest to her students. She always looks for the positive things and helps me to grow both personally and professionally. She is very supportive towards her staff. She handles the problems with great persistence and courage. She is always ready to help me whenever I face difficulty in any school work. She always wants her teachers to work hard and do the best for the school. She does a lot for the school. All her qualities above qualities greatly impress and I want to be like her.

Nikki Purohit

My elder brother is an ideal for me and there inspiring light in my life.I follow him as well because when i recall my memory a suggestion makes a click in my mind. That is when  I was in 10th standard he said to me "we are not able to understand an importance of a time in our daily life, we waste our usual time in enjoyment, but we realize what we have lost in amusement and it affected me greatly and i make-up mind to follow views of my brother. 

 - Bhawna Nagoda

- Himani Chauhan


In my life I have got inspiration from my parents, relatives and teachers. One of them is Prof. Mathachan who was our Physics teacher.Ialways remember him because his talents in teaching. He was an expert in Physicsand has written some books in Physics So I like him and respect him very much.
- Byju Joseph

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