English Language and Teaching Skills Workshop

Workshop conducted at Bali from 24th June to 29th June 2013, by Ms Brinda Ghosh and Mr Suhhasish Ghosh. Ms Ghosh is a specialist in English language skill development. Subhasish's focus is on teaching through art, developing imagination and creativity in children etc. 
Conducted in the brand new AV Room, the event was a great way to start a new term. The focus was on the pre-primary and primary sections. They have done several short and long term training programmes for Montessori and primary schools from reputed institutions. Established  teacher trainers and conduct workshops at several schools. The workshop content varies as per the need of the institution but mainly centres around developing English language using Montessori, Froebel and progressive methods of teaching.
The Fabindia School Workshop was designed for the primary and pre-primary teachers and focused on building literacy and numeracy skills from the earliest classes. This was incorporated with age/class specific sensory and motor development activities. The sessions were largely inter-active and dwelled on building the four skills of language learning - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The methodology introduced was not from a particular school of thought , but an amalgamation of best practices in progressive schools. Mr. Ghosh's sessions focussed on developing imagination and creativity in children from the earliest stage and incorporating art/ craft in the classroom.

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