Flash News from Bali, 2nd July 2013

The Fabindia School re-opened on 01.07.2013
I. Preprimary section started in the new campus.
II. We welcome Class XI
  • 15 students in science stream for Class XI
  • 4 students in  Commerce stream for Class XI
III. 8 new teachers have joined
  • 3 science teachers
  • 1 commerce teacher
  • 3 primary teachers
  • 1 preprimary teacher
    We welcome Mr Atul Bhatt, as Manager Training and Development.
    The School Weekly will commence from the coming week and we will keep you updated.
    Information shared by the Principal Ms Parineeta Ranpal


  1. On behalf of the John Bissell Scholars Fund, we send many congratulations to Mrs. Parineeta Ranpal, all of the school faculty and staff, Mr. Sandeep Dutt and the BAT Board for all their dedication to launch so many new initiatives and get the new school year off to a great start.

    They have clearly worked very hard to initiate so many new positive programs based on the vision and joint planning, which will surely generate a lot of excitement and wonderful momentum for the faculty and students.

    We also welcome all of the new faculty members and Mr. Atul Bhatt.

    We look forward to following the updates on the BAT Blog.

    Katherine Allen
    John Bissell Scholars Fund
    PO Box 1
    Collinsville, CT 06022 USA

  2. we wish to have your support and good wishes,
    atul bhatt


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