The School Weekly - 14th April 2014

7th April '14:  In today's world of technology, enjoying reading is losing its charm in students. They have lost the patience to relax and read and empower their minds with knowledge. Keeping this in mind the school has started with a new programme called DEAR (Drop Everything And Read ). This takes place every Monday, right after Assembly for 20 minutes where teachers and students are expected to sit and read either their favourite book or story or even read the newspaper. But it is compulsory for all to read. DEAR is a way to increase vocabulary; improve pronunciations; be able to read better and increase one's comprehension.

Students looked hesitant initially on the first Monday but after two Mondays gone by, this is being seen as a tool to help improve school's campus language.
10th April '14: School started yet another new programme for parents- Open House. All parents were sent invitation to attend Open House from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM but it went on till 7:30 PM. It was but obvious to see this happen as for the first time in the history of school parents were invited to voice their suggestions and feedback on the development of the school. About 200 parents attended the Open House. First the New Principal Ms. Deepika Tandon was introduced by the Chairman of the Local Managing Committee Brig. K. S. Chauhan; then school Chairman Mr. Sandeep Dutt briefed the parents of the purpose of Open House and the vision we wish to work on with parent's help. It was followed by Principal speaking about her vision of the school.

Thus the house was announced open for all to discuss, ask and give feedback for all that concerned their wards. The discussions went on till late but one could feel very positive vibes and bonding between the parents and the school. Through this issue the school would like to tremendously thank its parents for giving inputs, ideas and help for the upliftment of the school. 

To take ahead the agenda and connect more with the parents, the Principal announced that the second Saturday of the month would be an open day, all are welcome to meet the Principal and the management team.
11th April '14: The school has been witness to a number of visitors including our own Chairman, who was on campus from 10th April to 13th April. Brig. K.S. Singh Chariman of the Local Management Committee to attend a meeting with the school Chairman, Manager Development and Training and Principal. Ms. Neha Parmar a entrepreneur photographer on 10th April, who will visit us during the year to help build a strong photography club; Ms. Vijaya Sethi and Promil Pande on 10th April from Sushant School of Design, who came to explore possibilities of employment and encourage our students into exploring options for their college and invite our students to a workshop to be held on 16th and 17th April; Ms. Vaishali Agarwal on 12th April, who is trainer in pastoral care. She sat through a staff meeting to observe responses and reactions of teachers on daily issues of a school life.

Escorted by Ms. Deepika Bhatt and Ms. Prerna Rathore, Class IX, X and XI students were sent on a surprise visit to the famous Ranakpur Temple & its nearby places to shoot birds and other animals.  The trip helped students discover their trust in photography. Students came back rewarded as they were given to handle the camera and to take their own shots. They were then shown those shots and explained how they could have done better.
12th April '14: Primary section students participated in English Calligraphy Competition. But the most interesting part came after the competition when all classes were given material to decorate their classes with their Class Teacher for the new session. One could see a lot of creativity in small ways. On the other hand students were seen excitedly hide their creations so that other classes did not copy them!

Principal held a staff meeting in the Resource Centre to discuss the calendar for the year 2014-15. Each teacher was given ideas as to how to carry out the competition or activity. Many teachers shared their ideas to make the activity more challenging and how to bring out the best from students.

Ms. Praveena Jha, Principal Vidyawadi School, visited the campus. She has been invited to the Local Management Committee as a community member. We look forward to her contributions towards both the schools.
Point of View
Education with a value system
The best part of the person is her learning period during her childhood. The prime learning environment is from a child's fifth to sixteenth year. Most of her time during the day is spent in preparing school's homework, studying, eating, playing & sleeping. These hours are not boring as they help one find out their potential and qualities, which otherwise were not discovered.

School hours for children are the best time of learning and the best environment to inculcate value system. During this stage they need value based education in school and at home to be good citizens.

For parents and teachers the school campus and home should have an integrated mission- education with a value system. If the child misses the value based education in the school campus then no one can lead the child to be an enlightened citizen. If the child misses the period of teaching for any reason the nation loses an enlightened citizen so education should have a value system.
- Vishal Singh (Class - XI)
Compiled by Bharti Rao for The Fabindia School. Thanks to Ms Deepika Tandon for her support.

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