A day in the school forest

Hello Everyone,

I thought I'll just share some photographs that were taken by the students on our first foray into the school forest. It's a great effort and quite a good attempt at their first shots. The images are all by the students.

Best wishes,
Neha Parmar
Photography Club Mentor
The Fabindia School
Trustee and Co Founder Mr Ravi Kaimal writes:
Hello Neha,
Thank you for sharing this. These are beautiful photos. It is wonderful to see the students enjoying the "wild zone" in the school. This was exactly the idea behind keeping some part of the school land in a natural, wild state so that the students would enjoy and appreciate having some natural environments near by.

In fact, sometime soon after the "wildzone" started becoming green ( because of the rainwater collection pond which we created at the lowest point in the land) and filled with trees, a Nilgai (large Asian antelope) came there and gave birth to a baby Nilgai. It was very exciting for the students, and everyone at the school.

Hope there will be more beautiful natural experiences at the school. Perhaps a birdwatching routine could be started , and list the birds seen at the school .

with thanks and best wishes,

Ravi Kaimal

Barbara Powell 
Varied and imaginative photographs. Is there commentary? Who is the student photographer for each picture? Why did they chose that particular image? What were they working on?

Neha Parmar
Hi Barbara. Thank you for appreciating the work. These photographs were our first experiment with the children and were shortlisted from over 500 photographs that were taken during the visit. Unfortunately due to the experimental nature of the exercise we didn’t really keep track of individual shots. Honestly the idea was more to get them motivated and gauge their interest levels to begin with. The images were taken, keeping in mind some basic principles that I had introduced them to and asked them to experiment with. Maybe that helps explain why they are so varied !

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