The School Weekly - 14th July 2014

7th July 14: Rains are here. Monsoon has arrived. The happiness can be felt in the high pitched tones of students and their wish to study outside the class! Lowest temperature was 35°C and the humidity is 59%. Sudden bursts of showers drenched the whole Bali. Fields could be seen filled with rain water.

DEAR has fallen in place but teachers are still struggling to create interest in students. In order to help create this story telling will be part of DEAR  for Classes I to III.

The Campus this week was overcrowded with parents visiting the Admin Block to deposit fee, admissions and buy uniforms. Big thanks to the Admin staff who handled everything with ease, especially Mr. Bharat Ojha for his patience with such demanding parents.

10th July 14: A workshop was conducted by Ms. Anez Katre from Doon School. Anez has established Doon School’s Teacher Training Centre. She came to assess areas of learning among teachers, which will help her further plan training modules. She conducted activities that entailed creating emerging student profile of TFS and then creating need based training requirement for teachers that would help to create such students out of TFS. Once she receives these suggestions, she will return in December to build this further.

Ms Anez Katre of The Doon School with the school staff

12th July 14: Saturday saw regular activity day with a new introduction to embroidery classes for girls of Class VI to XI. 

A Disciplinary Committee has been formed with six members: Mr Atul Bhatt the chairperson and members as Mr. Surrender Singh (representing sports section), Ms. Prerna Rathod (representing Middle Section), Ms. Raj Ranawat (representing Senior Section) and Ms. Kavitha Devda (representing Pastoral Care) in it. They had their first meeting, where they discussed students who had been under the scanner for indiscipline for some times now. This committee will be responsible to create reformatory ways for its students and parameters for improvement. Committee’s decision will be deemed final.

We are very thankful to our donors and supporters who help us to make the scholarship program a great success and support us to offer affordable quality education in English medium to the people of Bali! The BAT Website ( has the update about the scholarships programme. 

Compiled by Bharti Rao for The Fabindia School.

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