The School Weekly - 7th July 2014

1st July 14: Welcome back readers! School reopened on 1st July'14. Campus once again buzzed with activity. This time it was new classes, new teachers and of course newly painted classrooms! So, excited students could be seen trying to figure out their classrooms; exchanging information on their visits to hill stations or relatives and finding new additions to their campus. All in all every single student looked fresh and cheerful; ready for a new term!

Weather in Bali has become a wee bit pleasant, due to cloud presence and showers in the surrounding areas. Monsoon is ultimately here! Temperature is 39°C and humidity is 36%.

We welcome the new staff who has joined The Fabindia School family. Mr. Ajay Vijayvargi for Science and Math; Mrs. Sharmila Vijayvargi for Primary classes and Mr. Sarvar Khan our new PTI have joined from Tuesday, 1st July 2014.

School has started a new facility for students, called Remedial. This session will help average and above average students to improve in their studies. Remedial is a session of one and a half hours that will deal with basic knowledge of each subject. Teachers will take up basic lessons in subjects so as to develop concepts for students who are average and take up more challenging lessons for those who are above average to increase their level of performance. This will specially help with better understanding in the classroom. In order to give this facility to students school’s new timings from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM with two breaks, one a fruit break at 9:50 AM and the second one a lunch break at 11:20 AM. 

Classrooms have undergone an overhauling. Parents may note their ward’s class
        CLASSES (Left Wing)
CLASSES (Right Wing)
X A, B

V A, B
IV B; Bio. Lab: XII Science
Chem. Lab: XII Commerce; Phy. Lab: XI Science
I A, B
Library & Staff Room
Computer Lab & Language Lab
A new niche has been created for primary section behind Block 5. Old labs existed in this block. Hence, slabs of these labs were used to make benches in this little area for Primary section. Now there is more space in classrooms as well. The area is being developed for outdoor class activities and an area where teachers can have lunch with their students and teach them table manners or enjoy class picnics. Class activities have already started here from day one! Such was the welcome change! The area will be developed with flower beds and a separate washroom for this wing so that the little ones don’t have to walk all the way to Block 1. Teachers were found saying “What a relief!” “Vow” “I am happy” on spotting this little space that has been created for their students.
Elections for Staff Club and Staff Representative were held during summer training. We would like to congratulate Mr. Dinesh Bharti as the Secretary for Staff Club and Ms. Sonal Punmiya for being elected for Staff Secretary.

4th July 14: Old students batch of 2010 visited the school to meet the new Principal. They also went around the school to see new changes and meet their old teachers. They are on a month’s college break. Girls promised to return to school and lend a helping hand in activities. Details of students are as follow:
1. Shaily Jain – Pursuing CA and B.Com
2. Shefali Jain – Pursuing CA and B.Com
3. Prasann Vaishnav – Pursuing CA
4. Ashish Sehrawat – Pursuing Hospitality Management in New Zealand
5. Mayank Ojha – Pursuing B. Com 

5th July 14: Saturday activities were carried out in all the classes from Class I to IX. Class X to XII attended regular classes.
Inter House Football tournament was organized. First match was played between Rani Laxmibai House and Chanakya House. Second match was played between Pratap House and Shivaji House.
Rani Laxmibai House won the match while Shivaji House was the runner up.
We are thankful to Mr. Sandeep Dutt for donating camera, video cameras to help us run the Photography Club; books for the library and the club; label printer and barcode scanner for Admin Office.

Compiled by Bharti Rao for The Fabindia School. Thanks to our Principal Ms Deepika Tandon for her support.   

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