The School Weekly - 13th April 2015

Bali saw inclement weather once again in the week gone by. Nimbus clouds would cover the sky every day by late afternoon and brew up a storm to shed rain. Mornings remained clear and sunny while late afternoons and evening rained with lightning and thunder scaring people with its abnormal behaviour. Temperatures dropped to 4°C to 5°C. Highest thus came down to 29°C and Lowest remained at 19°C. Humidity shot up to 31% and wind blew at 11 Kms/hour.

Monday, 6th April: After two weeks the School was abuzz again with student life. All students went to their new classes and the Book Store was crowded with parents to buy new books and uniform.
छोटी सी आशा
अपने मन में कुछ भरने की आशा है ।
उज्जवल हो जीवन सबका ,यह छोटी सी आशा है ।
देश से मिटे भ्रष्टाचार ,
गरीबी पर हो प्रहार ,
काला धन आए देश में ,
सोने की चिड़िया कहलाए
घी दूध की नदिया बाह जाए ,
ऐसी ही आशा है ।
नेता तो बन जाए जननेता ,
लगे न उनको वो है, विजेता ,
देश में लाए विकास की गंगा ,
एक परिवार लगे उनको जनता ,
परिवार का वो मुखिया बन जाए ऐसी ही आशा है ।
Bhanu Pratap Singh, Jaswant Singh/X B
Tuesday, 7th April: IH Handwriting Competition was held for Classes I to V. Results awaited.

Two mentors from Welham Girls’ School visited the school. Ms. Paramjeet Kaur the Librarian, who holds 30 years experience inspected the school Library and guided our new Librarian Mr. Lalit Joshi in updating the library. She worked hard for three days and set up the School Library all over again. We are thankful to her for such close guidance. The School Library now looks very welcoming with lots of new space created. Miss. Kaur will visit us again in October now.

Mrs. Julie Bahuguna, HOD Hindi Welham Girls’ School, held three days workshop with Hindi and English Department on Mind Mapping and innovative teaching in classrooms. Teachers were given some task to follow up while she is away. Now the HODs will carry on the follow up. Mrs. Bahuguna will do monthly Skype calls to take briefs from HODs and visit the school in October.
The School thanks the Principal Mrs. Jyotsna Barar for sending help to school and for teachers who have really made a difference.

A special Assembly was organised for World Health Day. Since it was Class XII’s turn to take Assembly, Kushagra Singh/XII/TH and Bajrang Singh/XII/TH spoke on tips to keep healthy with food and exercise; develop habits that kept their minds ticking and their bodies nourished.

Wednesday, 8th April: Ms. Julie Bahuguna was invited to address the Assembly, where she spoke of the importance of language in student life. She spoke on commonality between the two languages and how if students refined these two languages they would do well and make fewer mistakes. She also gave few tips on how to spell words though sounds.

Saturday, 11th April: Ms. Barbara Powell, an old associate of the school, who mentors leaders and has good will of the school close to their heart visited the school for three days. On Saturday, she went around the school, escorted by the Principal to see changes that have taken place since 2011, when last she was here. She found the changes developmental and pleasant.

On the same day she met the staff over lunch, followed by a short meeting on introduction of new teachers and a feedback by teachers on their new assignments.

Amid thunderclaps, roaring clouds and nimbus cloud cover school hosted its 22nd Prize Giving Day. Winners and achievers were seen excited mount the stage to take their trophies and medals. Ms. Barbara Powell was invited to do the honour as the Chief Guest. She was gracious enough to give away the awards for the evening. Heaven held their good till the last award when sudden rains chased the whole school indoors. But students were happy as they were really “Showers of Blessings!”

School  welcomes Mr. Hitendra Singh Chundawat (English Dept), Mrs. Kusum Sharma(SST Dept), Swati Sood (PA and HR), Mr. Rajendar Sharma (Estate officer), Mrs. Rakhee Bhatnagar (PRT), Mr. Lait Joshi (Librarian) and Mr. Taun Mishra (PTI) to The Fabindia School fraternity. We do hope they all have a rewarding tenure and contribute their strengths towards building the school to a higher level.

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