The School Weekly - 29th March 2015

Weather in Bali is becoming increasingly hot. The days are bright and sunny.  Afternoons are so hot that it is difficult to go out in the sun. Maximum temperature is at 37°C and minimum temperature is at 23°C. Humidity is at 24%. Wind is blowing SW at 10 km/hr.
Fabindia School
Name of my school is Fabindia,
Because it is in India.
Meaning of Fab,
Is just like a web.
My school is the best school,
Where all the teachers are cool.
All the students get knowledge more and more
From our school’s door.
All the students hold their head with pride
As all the teachers are guide.
Fabindia School is popular
Because there are all activities of co- curricular.
Fabindia provides all the facility
So all the students have ability.
All the students have equality
So there is no partiality.
Our school is like a sun
Where all the students have fun.
In all the meeting
It calls parent by the card of greeting.
Students are like flowers
That grow with many colours
Fabindia is like a family
Which lives happily.
There is so much land
In our School’s hand.
Aditya Pratap Singh/IX A/GH

मातृभूमि का सम्मान
देश की हिलती बुनियाद आज
उलझ रही है सत्ता कहाँ कहाँ
 हो रहा है पतन चारों ओर
पहले जैसी देशभक्ति का उन्माद कहाँ
हम कहते है आज़ाद है । कहो
आज़ाद होकर भी आज़ाद कहाँ
कौन सुनता है आवाज़ सत्य की
उलझ रहे है सब ,कहो !
निर्विवाद कौन यहाँ
सम्मान तो छोड़ो मातृभूमि का ।
अभिमान भी नहीं,
गौरव और गरिमा का,कहीं आभास भी नहीं
गया कहाँ वो प्रकाशित करने वाला
मातृभूमि के नाम पर उदित होने वाला
स्वदेश प्रेम का वह 'दिनेश ' ही कहाँ
पुकार है सबसे सचेत हो जाने की
हमारा कर्म हमारा धर्म
हमारा स्वाभिमान है वतन का
कहीं विरोध यह अद्धैत सा
कारण न बन जाये पतन का
Dinesh Bharti
Monday, 23rd March: After a span of twenty five days of  hard work and studies, SA II from Class Nursery to VIII are finally over.

Wednesday, 25th March: Students of Class I-VIII, XI attended the School. They were shown their Exam Papers and the marks obtained in SA II.

Thursday, 26th March - Saturday, 28th March: The teachers busy doing corrections, making results and tabulation sheets. Results will be announced on 31st March.

Sorry readers! Since students are off post exams, the Weekly doesn't have much to offer to its readers, 6th April issue will be abuzz with campus news as school starts its new term.

A very Happy Easter to all our readers!

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