The School Weekly - 6th July 2015

Weather in Bali has become a wee bit pleasant, due to cloud presence and showers in the surrounding areas. Highest temperature recorded at 37°C and lowest recorded at 27°C. Humidity is 41%. Wind blew at 24 km/hr.
Saturday, 4th July: The Investiture Ceremony was conducted with the morning Assembly. For the first time in the history of The Fabindia School, Investiture Ceremony has been conducted, office bearers for the school, the houses and  societies took the oath and were presented their official badges. 

Report of the Investiture Ceremony
The Fabindia School held its first prestigious Investiture Ceremony on 4th of July with great gusto, enthusiasm and pride. The Investiture Ceremony marked a significant beginning of the new Academic Session 2015-16. It was a solemn occasion where the young students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted to them by the school. The Ceremony began at 8.30 AM. Mr. Sandeep Dutt, Chairman BAT had kindly consented to honour us as the Chief Guest for the occasion. He was escorted by Principal Ms. Deepika Tandon, Academic Dean Mr. Byju Joseph and Bajrang Singh Rajawat to the OAT where the ceremony was to be held. The Chief Guest was welcomed with a bouquet. The Principal declared the inception of the Investiture Ceremony. After it the Oath Ceremony of the Student Council took place. Their names were announced by the Principal. Each student marched smartly to the stage with her/his respective School/House Flag to take the Oath. The Students Council willingly and positively promised to do their best to represent school. After the Oath Ceremony the Chief Guest presented the Student’s Council with sashes and badges. The Secretary and Joint Secretary of the Clubs and Societies were also presented with badges. The Investiture Ceremony concluded with lot of hope and aspirations for our future leaders. It was a memorable occasion for the young leaders as they looked forward to a new and enriching Academic Session. The event was a great success with the participation of all students, teachers and admin staff; without whom it would have not been so impactful.

For the first time in the history of The Fabindia School, Investiture Ceremony has been inducted, where office bearers for various societies, school level and houses took oath.
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The Student Council
Head Girl: Vaishali Rao/XII Com.
Head Boy: Kushagra Singh/XII Sci.

Teresa House
Captain: Khushboo Rajpurohit/XI
Vice-Captain: Nikhil Soni/X
Joint Secretary: Lokendrapal Singh/IX

Gandhi House
Captain: Pooja Dutta/XI
Vice Captain: Khushi Rao/XI
Joint Secretary: Pradhuman Singh/IX

Dhyanchand House
Captain: Blessy Maria/XI
Vice-Captain: Priyank Rathod/X
Joint Secretary: Kirti Malviya/XI

Raman House
Captain: Manvendra Singh Champavat/XI
Vice-Captain: Jaswant Singh/X
Joint Secretary: Krishika Ojha/IX

Office Bearers
English Literary Society
Secretary: Yash Soni/XI
Joint Secretary: Shivani Rao/X

Hindi Literary Society
Secretary: Bhanupratap Singh/X
Society Joint Secretary: Dushyant Choudhary/X
Math Society Secretary: Radhika Singh/X
Math Society Joint Secretary: Suryaveer Singh/XI
Science Society Secretary: Adityapratap Singh/X

Science Literary Society 
Joint Secretary: Divanshu Bhati/X
Eco Club Secretary: Rajveer Rathore/X
Eco Club Joint Secretary: Amrut Choudhary/X

Page to Stage Club
Secretary: Yaksha Kumawat/XI
Joint Secretary: Muskan Rathod/IX

Computer Club 
Secretary: Pradeep Singh/XI
Joint Secretary: Ahmed Raza/XI

Social Service League
Secretary: Chandresh Choudhary/IX
Joint Secretary: Gourav Rajpurohit/IX

Philately Club 
Secretary: Priyal Dave/VIII
Joint Secretary: Harshita Chouhan/VIII

Electronics Club 
Secretary: Shashank Singh/X
Joint Secretary: Suryabhan Singh/VIII

Quiz Club 
Secretary: Kapil Bansal/X
Joint Secretary: Anirudh Singh/VIII

Photography Club 
Secretary: Tanvi Parmar/IX
Joint Secretary: Prahlad Rawal/XI

Editorial Board
Chief Editors: Krithika Mansion/X, Neha Bhati/IX

Heartiest Congratulations to the Student Council and Office Bearers for the session 2015-16. The School was excited to unveil the House Trophies for SERVICE, SKILL, SPORT and STUDY at the Investiture Ceremony.
After the Investiture Ceremony students went about their regular routine of an activity Saturday.
Wednesday, 1st July: Welcome back readers! The School reopened on 1st July’15. Campus once again buzzed with activity. This time it was new classes and new teachers. So, excited students were seen trying to figure out their classrooms and exchanging information about their visits and what they did during their vacations. All in all every student looked fresh and cheerful, ready for a new term. All classes are given their new time-table. Teachers welcomed the students back to school, asked them to submit their Home Work.

Since the SURANA BLOCK is still under construction the classrooms have undergone an overhauling for 3 months:
Classes ( Left Wing)
Classes (Right Wing)
X A, B
XII Commerce, XI
Under Construction

VI B, XII Science (Bio. Lab)
Physics & Chemistry Lab
V A, B
Library, Staff Room
Computer Lab, AV Room
Class I A, B shifted to Junior Campus till construction work is over

School has fallen back to their daily routine

The Editorial Board has chosen its new correspondents after the promotion of the correspondents to editorship in the month of May.

Our Congratulations to:
Chief Editors: Krithika Mansion/X,  Neha Bhati/IX
English Editors: Priyank Rathod/X, Adityapratap Singh/X
Hindi Editors: Bhanupratap Singh/X, Jaswant Singh/X
Art Editors: Khushi Rao/X, Nikhil Soni/X
New Correspondents:     Blessy Maria/XI, Pooja Dutta/XI, Khusbhoo Rajpurohit/XI, 
                                        Radhika Singh/X, Suryaveer Singh/IX.
We welcome Mr. Hitendra Singh Chundawat to the Editorial Board.

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